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AB Plum writes cross-genre books exploring the dark side of families. She throws in murder, mayhem and just enough variations on F**k to keep her books true to life. Her overwrought imagination, plus first-hand knowledge of monsters walking among us, will judder the most placid psyche. She writes everything from romantic comedies to twisted psychological thrillers. Haiku intrigues her while writing her bio melts her mind.


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The Broken-Hearted Many – The Misfit Series, Book 6

In this standalone novel, fifteen-year-old Alexandra Romanov goes into a downward spiral following the murder of her father. Is she simply being an adolescent? Or does her disintegration stem from living with a psychopathic father and an abused mother? Or has she discovered the darkest secret in the Romanov history of lies and deceits?  How many hearts will get broken when the past collides with the present?



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The Dispensable Wife – The Misfit Series, Book 5

“The Dispensable Wife is one of the most intriguing books I have read in a long time. It sucks you in without you realizing it …” Desiree Holt, USA Bestselling Author

“Brilliant writing from a thoroughgoing professional. She just gets better as the pages turn.” Grady Harp, Amazon Hall of Fame Top 500 Reviewer

Eyes are everywhere. And Michael Romanov, Silicon Valley legend, runs his household as if all eyes are watching his family. Like so many men currently in the headlines, he knows how easily a rumor or whisper can topple him from the power ladder. His wife—with no friends, no money, no escape—believes implicitly he will take their children in a divorce and cut off all Alzheimer support for her father. When she becomes convinced he has murdered a young woman, she must finally face that he is a psychopath and that she is dispensable.


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The Early Years – The MisFit Series, Book 1

“Five-plus stars to The Misfit, The Early Years. If you like your stories dark and deep — yet eminently readable — you’ll love this one.” PUBLISHER’S DAILY REVIEWS

What if a child grows up believing he is unlovable? What if his older brother bullies him mercilessly? What if his parents ignore the bullying? What if the perfect opportunity for the perfect murder came along? Would you jump at the chance—even if you were only ten-years-old? This is Michael Romanov’s first step on the slippery slope toward becoming a psychopath.


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