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Author Alexa Dare, with the oversight of the Jellicle Three (Jasmine, Lightning, and Stormy of feline persuasion), pens time travel and paranormal romance the way she likes to read them: sensual, adventurous, memorable. Along with spending time with her happily-ever-after alpha outdoorsman, Alexa cozies up at home—when not devoting her time to writing and bringing sexy romances to readers—with movies, popcorn, and triple-chocolate cupcakes, not necessarily in that order.



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Knight’s Journey: Vampire’s Quest Prequel – Knight Fever Series

Journeys to knighthood and to womanhood conspire to bring a vampire knight and a touch healer together. Troubled pasts lead to a passionate present.

Ryderholt, Son of Jud, faces a great honor and a most dire curse. In a ceremony performed by Merlin, he and his other knights are turned into something not human. Something other. As a Dark Knight, his new existence leads to dire consequences that will forever change his immortal destiny.

Jess Willowbrook grows up in the Appalachian mountains. With her grandmother, she lives a secluded life where she learns to use her supernatural healing powers. Loss, trials, and anticipation fill her life to bring her to a time when all is possible. If only she chooses to accept what’s offered.

What desires might their future hold?

Heat up the night with Knight Fever in this glimpse of what’s to come in this prequel novella to Vampire’s Quest, a captivating one true mate paranormal romance.

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Vampire’s Quest – Knight Fever Series, Book 1

“Medieval dark knight becomes modern day vampire biker meets modern day witch. Add a taste of old prophecy and you have a taste of both old and new worlds. Non stop action from start to finish. You won’t want to put it down until you get to the happily ever after.”

“Knights from days gone by, new age sorceresses, demons, and even dragons fill this adventurous romantic tale. Full of all the paranormals,this is a great book for those who enjoy a fantastic tale set in modern times.”

A Healer’s Destiny. Her beauty rivals the glow of the sun. To a vampire, elusive, desirable, forbidden.

A vampire’s quest leads him to his greatest challenge, a defiant traveling Appalachian nurse targeted for her supernatural healing abilities. In the middle of his final mission, Ryderholt Judson’s desire for the sexy healer burns deep and fierce. Yet, as his duty to the Dark Knights comes to an end, the last person he wants anything to do with, despite a centuries-old prophecy, is a potential fated mate.

Hidden away in the Appalachian mountains, Jess Willowbrook shares her supernatural abilities. No time for romance, she struggles to stay under the radar as the news of her success in healing supposed untreatable illnesses spreads. Danger on her heels, she encounters an injured man whose true nature defies reality.

Passion entwined with peril, Jess must join forces with Ryder to battle the unexpected evil that plagues the mountain community in Vampire’s Quest, Knight Fever Book 1.

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Wolf’s Pursuit – Knight Fever Series, Book 2

“Great read, it is well described as an edgy shifter romance. A standalone that flows well with an interesting plot, plenty of action that kept me engaged to the end.”

“I enjoyed the creative storyline. Different than other shifter paranormal novels.”

A Wolf’s Pursuit. A Seer’s Path. A wolf on the prowl. A clairvoyant in the know. Yet can anyone truly discern what surprises desire might bestow?

A wolf’s pursuit to lay claim to the ruby from Merlin’s staff and to end an ancient curse once and for all leads him straight to a local seer. Never would Dark Knight and wolf shifter Gideon Saint-Valeri court a sorceress, yet his yearning for her surges with the approach of the Mage’s Moon. Wronged by the greatest soothsayer of them all, both drawn to and repelled by the modern-day enchantress, he battles his inner beast. Can he and his wolf nature accept this woman as his potential fated mate?

Harboring the weight of hidden investments a too many secrets, Olivia Trudeau uses her clairvoyant abilities to raise funds and gather resources for her Appalachian community. Always burdened by the need to control, which comes with her gift of knowing, she faces her greatest revelation when destiny delivers a shifter—not true boyfriend or one true mate material at all—to her in the form of a shifter.

Danger on their heels, together, Olivia and Gideon fight both supernatural and local forces bent on collecting those of her kind and capturing the Dark Knights in Wolf’s Pursuit, Knight Fever Book 2.

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Sorcerer’s Conquest – Knight Fever Series, Book 3

A sorcerer returns to the stage for what might be his final act, while a medium is haunted by more than just her past.

When an evil spirit takes up residence in a modern-day psychic, Sorcerer Maddox Chadwick is forced to kidnap her to keep the rest of the world safe. Although attracted to the supposed witch, the Dark Knight refuses to fall under any sort of spell. As the Mage’s Moon nears, his chance of freeing himself from the bonds of knighthood and maintaining his power eludes him. With her possessed by a being of pure evil, he struggles to accept the medium as his fated mate.

Ashlyn Bartholomew doesn’t only see dead people, she serves as a vessel for the dearly departed. Which made her the perfect target for an evil soul in search of a host. While the medium bears her possession with as much grace as possible when dealing with an entity whose taken up residence and refuses to move out, her fascination with and passion for

Maddox takes over. Always, she’s found comfort in the company of the dead. As her inner struggle rages, she must open herself up to connecting with a sexy, living sorcerer to survive.

As a sorcerer and a psychic medium struggle to join sorcery and the power of the dead, they unearth a haunting passion that threatens to destroy them both. Can they battle a vile threat to mankind, fight to close a Netherworld gateway, and embrace one another as one true mates?

Heat up the night with Knight Fever in this steamy, suspenseful, thrilling, adventurous one true mate paranormal romance.

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From the Mist – Hidden Cove Trilogy, Book 1

“If you love the Outlander series, then you will love these books! Instead of standing stones taking you to the past it’s the thick mist formed from a witch. Great love story, can’t wait to read more!”

“This book was intense and thrilling!”

From the mist and into his arms. Present to past, fortune—uncertain and askew—dares to confront their burgeoning desire.

When a reality cooking show host, Megan Forrester, steps into an unnatural fog in the present, she stumbles into the arms of a sexy pirate turned supply runner, Everett Quinn, in 1811. From a career so busy she misses out on heating up things in the bedroom and where she spends most of her time in a TV-set kitchen, she ends up cooking in a ship’s galley and enjoys a journey into sensuality no decadent, triple-chocolate dessert, or even a modern-day man, could offer.

An adventurous timeswept romance in which true love tests the boundaries of time and fate.

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Of the Deep – Hidden Cove Trilogy, Book 2

“The second time travel from Alexa Dare that I have enjoyed and this is a second in her trilogy. If you love time travel and miss it, check this author out.”

“Sometimes when you least expect it a good story comes about. This is the second of a trilogy. Lot’s of mystery, suspense, action, and yes of course romance.”

Of the deep, she dives into his life. Destiny, despite their building passion, demands the past and present be brought into balance.

The provider of a safe haven for teens, former teacher Abigail Gray goes on a coveted vacation. During her first getaway in five years, Abigail intends to visit as many lighthouses as possible to bask in the romance. After all, no one of the male persuasion has come courting to kiss her in she doesn’t remember how long, and she can’t even share about potential, or otherwise, sexual romps with her best friends from childhood. Perhaps she still has a thing or two to teach, because chance intercedes when she falls into the sea and dives into the passionate embrace of a ship figurehead carver, Luke Morlander, in 1811. To keep her at his side, he must face town leader and arch enemy Captain Donovan, the consequences of the risks taken by his and his ex-pirate mates’ ward, and, possibly, even the boundaries of time itself.

An adventurous timeswept romance where love struggles to survive through the ages.

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On the Edge – Hidden Cove Trilogy, Book 3

“Loved the trilogy. I was so engrossed in the story, very well written with all the right elements of intrigue, suspense, action, and of course romance, with a twist of magic.”

“Usually by the end of a trilogy the story begins to get monotonous. Not this one! Action packed to the very last page.”

On the edge, she plunges into a lighthouse keepers adventure. A trip back in time challenges their depths of fortune and pleasure.

Photojournalist Joanna Ellis, on a lighthouse tour misadventure, tumbles toward the jagged rocks along the Maine shoreline. Too busy with travel and documenting natural disasters, Jo doesn’t have time to even think about romance. Unable to live life vicariously through her childhood friend’s stories of sexcapades, she falls onto a treacherous rocky ledge and into the life and caresses of hot-blooded lighthouse keeper, Nathan Blakely, in 1811. A tinker as well, Nathan, creates gadgets and lives a simple life at Rock Island Lighthouse. But when a luscious woman arrives, she tells him tales beyond belief. Future or past? Past or future? Nathan struggles to figure out where and when his purpose resides.

A revealing, adventurous, and passionate timeswept romance.


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