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Here is how to make the most of your giveaways

We indie authors love our giveaways. We engage in Rafflecopters and blog tours and contests in which we give away books, swag, gift cards, and sometimes even Paypal $$$. eNovel Authors at Work tasks Book Partners in Crime Promotions (BPiC) to design our Rafflecopters and arrange our book tours in which we offer books and Amazon Gift Cards to winners. When the tour or Rafflecopter is completed we get a winners list with names and email addys and what the winner has won. Next, each author gets busy and sends those winners their prize. Most of us send a quick email congratulating the winner, and let them know the prize is on its way.  However you can dress up that email to make it a a bit more than a Plain Jane notice which will help the winner remember you and your book. Call it branding.

First insert a winner badge. Next, after congratulating the winner, and letting her know the gift book or gift card is on its way, insert the cover of your book into the body of the email. Just tick the camera icon at the foot of your gmail task bar and upload your cover. With your cursor on the cover, you can choose a size. I always choose ‘small’ and center the cover in the email body.  If I have a new release that will soon be in promotion, I ask the winner to put it on her Amazon Wish list and I mention the general time frame and if the book will be FREE or 99¢.

So the body of the email will look something like this…

Giveaway winners badge 2

Dear Crystal: Congratulations! Your name was chosen in the eNovel Authors at Work regularly scheduled Last Saturday of  the Month Rafflecopter. You have won a copy of No Perfect Secret by Jackie Weger.  Do watch for the Amazon notice. Enjoy!

100+ 5* Reviews

Just Released: Setting up House, a collection of my three most popular books. Put it on your wish list.  It will be on sale for 99¢ soon.

"All three of these books have original and unique plots, great dialogue, sweet romance, and wildly funny characters. Highly recommended!" - Amazon Reviewer

“All three of these books have original and unique plots, great dialogue, sweet romance, and wildly funny characters. Highly recommended!” – Amazon Reviewer

Again, Congratulations! from Jackie Weger

This is a colorful email and will catch the reader’s attention. I do the same email for a Gift Card. However, when one buys a Gift Card on Amazon, you are given a choice to upload your own photo for the gift card. Upload the cover of one of your books! You may have to resize the cover. Do. But how nice is that for Amazon to send a gift card with your book cover? I say fab. Do notice in the body of the email, titles and sites are live linked.

That is it!

I don’t task the winner with doing anything else, because she already had to perform a number of tasks to enter the giveaway. Use this opportunity to say congratulations and offer something new down the road.  I also mentioned the ‘regularly scheduled’ time frame in the email. She had to sign up for our newsletter or follow the authors in the Rafflecopter on Amazon or Twitter. So. I’ve got her. I am going to do what I can to make her a regular fan. If Crystal reads my book and writes a review, I’m the all around winner. And Crystal just might return for the next Last Saturday of the Month Rafflecopter and find herself introduced to a new array of six authors and their books.

Yes, it takes a few extra minutes to compose an email with graphics, but one of an indie authors most difficult tasks is building a readership platform. Sometimes we must do so one-by-one…the old fashioned way.

I’m Jackie Weger, Founder of eNovel Authors at Work.  While you are here, do take a few minutes to visit our author pages. The array of books is JackieWeger-BioHeadShot (1)stunning and every single one entertains. And because not a day goes by that I don’t hear: “My book needs reviews,” I encourage all indie authors to install this golden gem at the foot of every book after THE END: 

Thank you for taking the time to read [title]. If you enjoyed it, please consider telling your friends or posting a short review. Word of mouth is an author’s best friend. Thank you, [author name].

P.S. Summer is on its way bringing with it a plethora of insects, bees, wasps, flies and mosquitoes. Spray your screens and door frames and especially, cook stove exhaust fan outlets with WD-40 to keep those pests at bay. Yes, it works. WD-40 is an old Alabama firm.  I’m an old Alabama gal~who just happens to be a writer. I know stuff like that. Y’all have good one.

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  1. Mike Markel says:

    Very good suggestions, as always, Jackie. I know that taking care of your readers, one by one, might seem like a lot of work, but I have found that getting to know them–and what they think about the books–is a very valuable experience. Thanks, Jackie, for the useful advice.

  2. Julie Frayn says:

    well crap – wish you’d posted this last week! I just informed my two winners in the most blah fashion possible. I’ll bookmark this for next time! Thanks, Jackie.
    Julie Frayn

  3. Susan Tarr says:

    I think I shall just go spray my shower with WD-40. I read somewhere that it takes care of water marking? And who better to ask than the old Alabama gal! Thank you!

  4. That’s a lovely presentation, Jackie. Your books are always well received! Thanks for sharing with the rest of us.

  5. Lovely suggestion, Jackie. Will keep in mind for next time 🙂

  6. Pete Barber says:

    Thanks, Jackie. I had no idea about the image on the Amazon gift–but I do now!

  7. Once again, great advice and new information. Thanks Ms. Jackie, a fellow Southern Gal!

  8. Dale Furse says:

    I didn’t know about the gift image either. Love learning new things, thanks, Jackie. 🙂

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