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Written By: Jackie Weger - Feb• 27•19

What I’m reading now. All time Favorites, and books piling up in my TBR list…

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Like many of you, I adore my eReader. I own four Kindles and recently was gifted with a fifth that I have yet to register.  Still, there are times I want to read a book that just screams to be read in print. Easter is coming, as well as Mother’s Day and Father’s Day. So, I’m sharing with you books that can be stuffed in Easter baskets or gifted to those special people in our lives. Too, print editions make nice ‘Thank yous’ and birthday gifts year round. In the past, I’ve often ordered flowers as a ‘thank you’ for a kindness shown to me.  But blooms droop and die. Books never die.  Not that I want to put a dollar value on a kindness, but books are more cost effective and with Amazon Prime, there’s never a delivery fee, making print editions budget friendly. Note to self: The flowers I sent as a ‘thank you’ last month cost $108.38 with taxes and delivery fee. Works out to seven print books @ $15 each. Wow.

I just finished reading Where the Crawdads Sing by Delia Owens. This book is stunning. I’m now rereading the last third of the book. A must to get my head round the perfect denouement. It’s also an Audible Pick. My granddaughter, Courtney, bought the Audible edition, and says the narrator rendered it perfectly. She loved it. While the book has above 5,000 5* reviews, it has it’s critics. Most of which say the story is unrealistic. So. Sharing this: I’ve spent time in the Okefenokee swamp in Georgia, part of a winter with trappers in Louisiana swampland and many years in a tiny jungle village. I related to how the author created the story and the character, Kya. Yes, Americans are well traveled via plane and Interstate highways, but seldom take those exits that deliver us into tiny communities where we often find time has stood still. In the mid-seventies, while the rest of America had push button phones, I had a wind-up battery powered phone and my phone number was 37.  When away from home, I could not convince even a phone operator that was my number.

Next, I recommend All My Love, Detrick by Roberta Kagan. The book is the first in the saga and is an excellent historical opening  to the pre-WWII era with the Holocaust as background.  History fans as well as romance fans will enjoy this saga. As a History major, I’m gonna step out on a limb and suggest this book is a must read for college students as a compliment to their curriculum. Thus, if you own one of those creatures, gift them with this book.  The writing is superlative and authentic. Roberta has first had knowledge of the era as her parents were of Jewish and Romany decent. She grew up with a dark cloud of  her parent’s Holocaust memories hovering over their everyday lives.  She’s spent years researching and writing about the subject in order to try and make some sense of what happened.  The book has above 1,250 well earned reviews. Also on Audible.

To lighten the mood a bit, add Unhappily Ever After ~ a Fairy Tale for Grown-ups by Lucinda E. Clark.  This hilarious satire is a must for your grandmother, because she, like me,  not only grew up on these fairy tales, we read them to our children and grandchildren.  Here’s a hint of what’s in store for you: Cinderella has had enough of Prince Charming and is desperate to get a divorce.  Snow White quarrels over Prince Charming’s philandering.  The Green Giant is tapped to foment a rebellion which falls on deaf ears.  This book is a sleeper and perfect for a grown-up Easter basket or Mother’s Day gift. Order it on Amazon.

I’m sharing this pirate and high seas tale, Deadly Misfortune by Dianne Greenlay because when I was young and mothering five babies my escape was reading every pirate adventure on the shelves of our mobile library~none of which were as well written as Deadly Misfortune. Nor did they have the kind of suspense that keeps you turning pages.  In addition, the story has a paranormal touch with the magic of three rings Tess Willoughby has acquired. The male lead, William Taylor does everything right to appeal to the guys. No wimp, he.  You can put this print edition in the hands of your teenager, girl or boy and each will be enthralled. It’s the perfect book for when your youngster outgrows Harry Potter. On Amazon.

The Man Who Invented Florida by Randy Wayne White is the single best book to give your guy for birthday, Father’s Day or that rainy day he can’t get out on the golf links. I guarantee you this book, my favorite and my own Keeper’s favorite of all the Doc Ford novels, will keep your man from grumbling about the weather, or anything else.  Here’s the blurb: “When solitary marine biologist Doc Ford focused his telescope on the woman in the white boat, he didn’t know his life was about to be capsized: that his conniving uncle, Tucker Gatrell, would discover the Fountain of Youth, that the National Enquirer would write about it, and that the law would beat down his door in search of three missing men.”  All of the Doc Ford novels start on the Gulf Coast of Florida, an area that hugs the Everglades and one with which I am familiar.  It used to be a poor man’s paradise and with five kids in tow, we used to take our cheap vacations on Cedar Key Island where we fished on a rickety pier and our entertainment was to watch the Portuguese sponge divers wash the sponge and hang their colorful clothes on boat rails and booms. Also on Audible.

Well, phooey. You didn’t think I was going to sign off without suggesting a couple of my own books did you? The problem is none of my books are equal to the exalted company of books above. Choosing a pair that might entertain as well as those I’ve recommended is scary as all get out.  The first one I’m gonna mention is Finding Home, about an out-of-work mill girl on a mission to find her family a home. Kind readers write the book is laugh-out-loud funny. The locale is Bayou La Batre, Alabama, a tiny fishing village on the Gulf Coast and one I know well. I crabbed many a day in the estuaries off Mobile Bay. Critics say: Bleh.  Nothing exotic about the book. No Billionaires, no glamour. A Southern story, a Southern heroine by a Southern writer.  Also on Audible.

Here’s my second offering: The Sheriff’s Woman. A small town romance that takes place in the hill country of Arkansas. I love that area and the friendly people. Drove through there often to visit once-upon-a-time in-laws. The story is about a widow with three small children who moves her family to the hard-scrabble homestead on which she grew up. She soon discovers the move from town to mountain to save her pride was not the right choice. The man who insists upon helping her is the man she blames for her fall from pride and livelihood. He won’t take ‘No’ for an answer. Again, no glamour, no billionaires, but drama, humor and, of course small town gossip. The characters in this book wrote the story for me. I was just along for the ride. It’s the first book I got up the courage to publish on all sales venues. So while I hope you’ll chose a print edition as a gift or for yourself,  I’ll mention it’s available as an ebook on your choice of venues.

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  1. Robyn M Ryan says:

    Jackie, such wonderful and diverse books! I need to distribute copies of this blog for this mom’s Mother’s Day gift hints. Definitely ordering The Man Who Invented Florida for Father’s Day! Thanks for sharing these books!


  2. I loved the Book “All My Love, Detrick.”

  3. A wonderful selection! Thanks for sharing 🙂

  4. Thank you so much, Jackie!!!! I’m truly honored. Your books are wonderful so a recommendation from you is really something special!

  5. What a fabulous array of books! And I agree, books make such better presents than flowers! :)))

  6. srmallery says:

    I agree. A lovely mix of genres! Thanks, Jackie 🙂

  7. I’ve been wanting to read Where the Crawdads Sing- thanks for the recommendation!

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