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51KWPtrF+RL._UX250_C.B. Pratt moved to Orlando, Florida two years ago after living in every quarter of the USA. A life-long interest in fantasy fiction has flowered into the adventures of Eno the Thracian, Hero for Hire. So far, she’s had careers in fine jewelry sales, politics, writing professionally, and motherhood. “One of the best things about life is that you never know what’s coming next.”



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Hero for Hire

“If you’re a fan of humor, adventure, or a story that’s loaded with Greek mythology, this is the perfect book. Even if you DON’T like those things, this is a fantastic read. Great pacing, wonderful humor and wit, and we get to meet a character who instantly goes into my pantheon of people to watch.  Highest recommendation.” Terry Maggert, Author of The Fearless series

Eno the Thracian – Swift Sword, Reasonable Rates

If you liked Clash of the Titans or The Odyssey, you’ll also love traveling with Eno as he hires himself out to help a young king whose kingdom is plagued by misfortunes of mythical proportion. – Jennifer Malin, Author of The Five Day Dig.

When you live in Ancient Greece, monsters and gods are just part of the scenery…until they run amok. Then you need to hire a hero. There’s nobody better at out-witting a sphinx, charming a goddess, or swinging a sword than Eno the Thracian. Armed with a dry sense of humor, a body like living rock, and a wide experience of love, death, and olive oil, Eno is just what the philosopher ordered…if you can afford him.

In the first book of the series, a king hires Eno to rid an island of a harpy. He never expects the mission to turn into a mystery that shakes the throne of Zeus Himself. An undead army is about to arise under the banner of a witch queen which will destroy everyone and everything in its path. Eno must fight against it or join it as Hekate’s general…and lover.


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The Stone Gods

A best-selling action adventure fantasy, set in an Ancient World where the mythology, the monsters and the Gods are real…and a mortal’s only hope lies in a hero who can command both sword and sorcery. Book Two in the Eno the Thracian alternative history series.

Eno the Thracian is a hero for hire, solving other people’s problem for a profitable fee. Having angered the great god Pan, Eno must leave Greece until the goat-footed one cools off. The High Priest of Amun in Thebes, Egypt, needs his help but is fuzzy on the details, except that several heroes have already perished after taking on the job. A job offer in Egypt seems like the perfect opportunity to escape but no assignment is ever as simple as it seems. Family issues, a depressed pharaoh, and a girl who claims that she and Eno are fated to be married are the least of his problems. The lion-goddess Sehkmet has a score to settle and she’s not about to let a mere possible demi-god get in her way!



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Dark Mountain

The third novel in the well-reviewed action adventure fantasy series, set in an alternative history of the Ancient World where the mythology, monsters, and gods are real, scary, and meddling.

As the sign says: All monsters dispatched from carnivorous geese to Minotaurs…special rates for multiples.

In the new adventure, Eno sets off to find the truth about himself and his possible descent from the gods themselves. Instead he becomes involved with a race of people kidnapped from their homeland, set to toil endlessly by the will of a mad philosopher. Facing his own fears and doubts and the curse of the Great God Pan, Eno also finds a woman worthy of his love, danger around every curve, and mushrooms…lots and lots of mushrooms. Meanwhile, a hidden menace from the very dawn of time threatens the civilized world and only Eno the Thracian, Hero for Hire, can stop the inevitable destruction.



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Rivers of Sand

The fourth title in the best-selling alternative history fantasy adventure series that began with Hero for Hire.

All monsters dispatched from carnivorous geese to minotaurs. Special rates for multiples. Eno the Thracian at the sign of the Ram’s Head, one flight up.

When Eno is transported by the whim of a god to the desert lands of Mesopotamia, he promptly stops an attempted murder. Dropped into the middle of a demon’s vengeance on a Babylonian goddess, Eno must help the endangered citizens of the most infamous city on earth. Soon he has too many clients, none of whom seem willing to pay him even as much as a shiny stone. But when an all-powerful queen and the Goddess of Desire both demand his services, the fee is surely the least of Eno’s problems.

With a foolish prince and an incompetent sorcerer by his side, Eno must defeat the demon, stand off an Assyrian army, and escape from his most dangerous predicament yet – being King of Babylon. Monsters he can handle but politics? That’s a beast of a different breed.


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Eno and the Dragon

“Superb character building and descriptive writing puts you in the action, and I walked alongside Eno effortlessly as he told me his tales.” Barbara Garcia, reviewing for Reader’s Favorite

The fifth title in the best-selling alternative historical fantasy adventure series that began with Hero for Hire. All monsters dispatched from carnivorous geese to minotaurs. Special rates for multiples. Eno the Thracian at the sign of the Ram’s Head, one flight up. Eno has fled from his meddling gods to travel to the far-off land of Ch’in, a country without gods, though with plenty of chatty ancestors. But in the kingdom of Yin-Shang, the ancestors have stopped talking just as horrendous demons have begun to invade. Eno’s rescue of a small prince drags him into a world of intrigue, both supernatural and human. Despite his distaste for the military, Eno joins the army to lead the fight against the demon scourge, only to find that this is not the simple matter it seems. Ianna, Babylonian goddess of desire and Eno’s eternal enemy, is back, eager to become the only goddess in town. Eno also discovers his true love and learns why getting paid in garlic isn’t such a bad deal. Rather than allow Ianna and her secret ally to overrun the land with her designer demon-army, Eno must achieve his destiny, however reluctantly. He must find the source of the gods’ power and destroy it, no matter the consequences to himself and those he loves.


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