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Writers! Are your characters staying within the bounds of reality?

Places and Activities ~ Story Location and Character Behavior How many times have you come to a scene in a book and said: That can’t happen? Or you stop reading a story placed in a location you know well and the author has it all wrong? Telling you up front I get reviews that say […]

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How’re You Keepin’ in Hard Luck Times?

On the surface of our lives, all seems well… But! That’s only if you and yours have not been in the path of a flood, fire or hurricane. I’m looking now at the devastation of Panama City and Mexico Beach, which was flattened by Hurricane Michael. Places I know well and have family and friends. […]

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FEED Your listening Pleasure Addiction ~ Enthralling Audio Books

What books are you listening to these days? In the not so distant past, if we wanted to listen to books while driving cross-country,  while sewing or doing dishes, we bought old radios shows on CDs. My family loved ’em. Now we have audibles. I’m telling you about a few favorite audible books that readers […]

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