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3 Easy Tasks You Can Do for Author Exposure

These 3 easy tasks are often overlooked by indie authors   How many people LIKE you on Facebook? I can tell you this. In two years, less than a 1000 people have liked my Facebook page. And most wanted me to trot right over and like them back. I don’t know most of those people. […]

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#eNovAaW ~ Movers & Shakers

  Last month’s column was so popular, I decided to do it again. Usually our blogs on eNovel are all about  eHow best to manage an indie career, effective  ePromotions, and talking about what works best for us and what does not. But November is shaping up to be another stellar month for eNovel Authors at Work […]

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How to send your book cover to a website

Hello all. It’s your friendly tame geek here, you know, the one who bugs you for bits of stuff to put on your author page on this website. I’ve received a lot of information over the few months this site had been up and running and I’ve decided that a lot of us need a […]

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