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Written By: Jackie Weger - Nov• 11•14
Jackie Weger

Jackie Weger


Last month’s column was so popular, I decided to do it again. Usually our blogs on eNovel are all about  eHow best to manage an indie career, effective  ePromotions, and talking about what works best for us and what does not. But November is shaping up to be another stellar month for eNovel Authors at Work members.  I will tell you straight out: When I first stepped into the digital universe, I fell flat on face. What actually put me on the path to success is networking. Aligning yourself with like-minded indie authors is essential for any success that comes your way.  Once aligned you must give as well as take and that is the foundation of eNovel Authors at Work. It is called paying-it-forward. Since we are an all volunteer group, and FREE, some members give more than others of their time and talent. Tech talent especially. I have NONE. We are so fortunate that every member in eNovel brings something to the table. So! Let me introduce you to some members who pay-it-forward, write wonderful books, answer every email and offer support to any indie author in need.


Effrosyni Moschoudi lives in Greece and is our eNovel Authors at Work  Twitter Wizard. While we on the American Continent  sleep, Frossie is several time zones away managing our Twitter and making certain we follow and RT our  members and fans.


By Effrosyni Moschoudi

By Effrosyni Moschoudi

Not a week goes by that Frossie does not reach out to an eNoveller to interview and put our books in front of her fans here. Frossie’s books are unique to Greek Mythology, time  travel and beautifully written. English is not Frossie’s native language. You will be astonished at her command of English and the magical poetic way she layers words on a page.

By Amy Vansant

By Amy Vansant


Amy Vansant is eNovel’s WordPress magician. Amy uploads and designs our Author pages. We drive her nuts insisting every new release get puts on the slider, that every mention of a book links to the buy page on Amazon and please! We misspelled a word in a blurb. Can you fix it? NOW! Amy performs instant magic. She writes it, too. If you haven’t yet read The Angeli, The Pirate, the Angel & the Irishman, you are missing some of the funniest characters you will ever come across. Mom Are Nuts  is so full of belly laughs, I snorted my coffee through my nose. Amy tweets our books to her 30,000 followers.



Donna Fasano is an original member of eNovel and a USA Today, Amazon and B&N best selling author. A real one. Go look. Amazon tags her books as Best Sellers. Donna is one of the savviest authors in our indie universe. We are both former Harlequin authors–but those years do not compare to what we must do as indie authors. She is a superb mentor. Donna has more irons in the fire than woodchips. But every single Friday she invites eNovel authors to post

The Runaway Bride

by Donna Fansano

a book here and introduces our books to her followers. You do not want to miss Sweet Christmas Kisses, a boxed set for  99¢ featuring books with a whole raft of best selling authors. Donna is on that raft because she networks and pays it forward.

Rebecca Dahlke is one of eNovel’s newest members and is already on board teaching us the ehow in creating boxed sets. Writing as RP Dahlke she produces mystery and suspense novels with a sharp edge. You won’t know how sharp until you get to the denouement because you think you know who did

by RP Dahlke

by RP Dahlke

the dirty. You won’t. Rebecca is the owner and administrator of Dirt Cheap Mystery Reads. She pays it forward by posting FREE mystery and romantic suspense books by indie authors for FREE, introducing new authors to her followers and fans. All 12,000 of them.



Carmen De Sousa is one of eNovel’s savviest promoters. Carmen is tireless and astonishing. She promotes our titles across the spectrum for FREE. We find our books on her Pinterest boards, on her blogs here and here. and Facebook pages. Mercy! Carmen has a Twitter team that puts out the word on our titles whether on sale or not to thousands. Carmen writes mystery and suspense and a magical vampire series that introduced me to a new genre. Now I want to own a gorgeous vampire. If I ever find one on eBay, I’m going to be the highest bidder.


Every member of eNovel Authors at  Work contributes to one another’s success. I invite you to visit our Author Pages, tick those SOE icons on the left to Follow us on Twitter and Facebook and Google+. When you are on Amazon,  we would so appreciate it if you took a minute to visit our author pages and tick Favorite beneath our photos.  We follow back and we will do the same for you. That is networking.

Meet Carmen on Amazon

Meet Carmen on Amazon

I never like to sign off without giving you some NEWS YOU CAN USE. We’ve found a new site we love: Riffle . Our authors have books on Riffle. We have some lists you can follow: Here  and for an all star romance book list, Here.  Then, build  your own list and let us know. Tweet to eNovel: @eNovAaW.         I  need to add a caveat~while we respect an author’s choices in topic and text, as a group we  don’t follow or promote erotica.

Best tip of all time! Use this hallowed gem at the foot of your book RIGHT after THE END to keep reviews toting up on your books: Thank you for taking time to read [title]. If you enjoyed it, please consider telling your friends or posting a short review.  Word of mouth is an author’s best friend and much appreciated. Thank you, [signed] your name. 

Here is a household tip I had no intention of sharing, but while I was composing this blog, I burned a pot of butter beans to a hard, black crisp. Pffft.  Scrape the beans into your compost bin. Add one cup of plain vinegar and a half cup of water to the pot. Bring to boil. The crust will lift off the bottom of the pot. What little does not is so soft, you can get it out with a plastic scrubbie.

I almost forgot! Check in here tomorrow.  Our #eNovAaW Ladies of Mystery, Murder & Mayhem are on Tour with BPiC–our favorite Tour directors. eNovel is hosting the tour as well as Jackie Weger.

P.S. If you think Networking does not work, consider this: A single Tweet by a member of eNovel Authors at Work retweeted by every member and our groups reaches an audience of not less than 150,000 fans and followers and readers. Our Tweet groups include @book_tribe, #asmsg, #IARTG,

@MasqCrew  and #amenl—just to name a few. We thank you all.






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  1. KJD says:

    Excellent words – thanks for sharing, Jackie.

  2. Laurie Boris says:

    I feel honored to be among such prolific and generous company!

  3. Julie Frayn says:

    This is a wonderful group. Happy to be among you 🙂

  4. Donna Fasano says:

    Jackie, you have me blushing! Thank you for your kind words of praise! You forgot one FABULOUS pay-it-forward mentor…YOU! You work tirelessly to shove eNovel Authors into the lime light. You’re wonderful, and I thank you!

    Donna Fasano
    Author of An Almost Perfect Christmas
    Join my Street Team: Prima Donnas

  5. Delene Yochum says:

    As I get to know more authors at eNoVaW I agree, great work for each other ladies! Thank you Jackie for mentioning BPiC

  6. Dale Furse says:

    What a great bunch to be associated with. Definitely Movers and Shakers. Hugs to you all and of course another tireless worker, Jackie. 🙂

  7. Jackie, I am deeply honored that you included me on the list in this article and with such praise. I am indebted to you for introducing me to your wonderful group of authors and helpful friends. As a member, every single day, I enjoy the amazing camaraderie and bask in your wisdom and unprecedented altruism. Thank you so much 🙂

  8. Jenny Harper says:

    What a fab team of movers and shakers! I already knew it – and am indebted to many of you – but it’s great to have it spelled out here. I have no technical expertise or large media profile, but do what I can by way of tweeting and posting for others. Also, I try to read and review where possible and have just beta read Kerry’s latest (it’s going to be brilliant by the way!). And it’s great just feeling part of this team – thanks for having me!

  9. Oh, wow! Thank you, Jackie. One, for all the info and help! Two, for the constant prodding to keep us all on track with your snake gun. What you supposedly lack in ‘tech talent’–which I haven’t noticed–you make up for with stamina and determination, my friend! I now call you the Energizer Bunny! You are amazing! Thank you for all you do!

  10. Amy Vansant says:

    Thank you jackie for the mention! Moms are Nuts hit #1 today in two Amazon best seller lists and it is all thanks to your tireless work teaching us!

  11. Mary Smith says:

    As always, Jackie, a great post and it feels good to be part of such a wonderful team.

  12. Jackie you have built an Indie Writer Empire for us. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

  13. Jackie, I’m in awe of everyone in our group…and proud to be counted as a member. It’s true that you’ve helped build an “Indie Writer Empire” for all of us. Now, it’s up to us to do what needs to be done!

  14. I’m so happy I have gotten to know all of you!!

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