Fabulosity Reads March Book Frenzy

Written By: Admin - Mar• 11•14

The rafflecopter is now live!


We’re well into March now and things are ramping up fast for the March Book Frenzy blog hop, masterminded and guided by the fabulous Wendy Eruwum at Fabulosity Reads.

Each day is getting just a little more exciting and today the eNovelAuthorsatWork Rafflecopter went live on Wendy’s site.  Rafflecopters are a win/win for everyone so dash over there now and sign up for great stuff.

Wendy also has all the details of the upcoming blog hop live at Fabulosity Reads now, so for full details of who, what, where and when, check the detailed and helpful instructions on her website.


In advance of the March Book Frenzy Wendy has also been hosting guest posts by our eNovel Authors, there are more to come so sign up and follow Fabulosity to read the remaining posts but here is the sage advice she has published from us to date:

How to meet deadlines and remain sane
by Dianne Greenlay

A funny thing happened on the way to getting published
by Joanne Hill

Sneaky Sunday: Flaps Down the Reluctant Hero
by Jackie Weger

Writing on a Wing and a Prayer
by Lorrie Farrelly

Why blog? 4 great blogging tips
by  Donna Fasano

The March Book Frenzy will be upon us soon.

Check out the books and authors participating here.


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  1. Wishing everyone the best of luck! I’ll join you the next time around, fellow authors. In the meantime, I’ll help promote eNovel Authors at work in the March Book Frenzy.


  2. Yes, I’m getting caught up in the excitement too, might hsve to join the next one. 🙂

  3. Joanne Hill says:

    I’m looking forward to taking part in this Book Frenzy! Should be great fun.

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