How Do I Get Visible & Sell Books?

Written By: Jackie Weger - Jul• 26•17

Not a day goes by that this question is posted in community Forums and Facebook rooms…

How do I get visible and sell books?

You know, and every savvy indie author knows the above is a post from a new author. We also see: “I published my book this week on Amazon. Now what do I do?

Donna’s hot New Release. One of her best books yet.

I hear that lament. We were all new at indie authorship at one time. I asked so many stupid questions I was sneered at by an editor who was actually publishing my book. Woot.  I read a blog on indie authorship by Donna Fasano.  I noticed we had both shared the same publisher so I emailed her and Donna very kindly put me on the right path. She recommended Let’s Get Visible by David Gaughran. I did NOT understand half of what I read. I’ve since reread the book a half-dozen times. Now I get it.  Donna also got on Skype and walked me through uploading my first ebook.  Yes, I thanked her and have since supported all of her books. And Donna supports my books.  We network.

On Amazon and all other sales venues

As I’ve learned our indie industry, I’ve called on others far savvier than I am. Melinda Clayton has saved my neck by repairing a cover, plus recommending a formatter. [see eNovel’s Useful links].  When learning to promote and how, I downloaded Martin Crosbie’s list from Indies Unlimited, always a wealth of indie author information–all FREE. I also devoured Martin’s How I Sold 30,000 eBooks on Amazon’s Kindle

Not to be unkind, but there is no way I or any savvy author can mentor the authors who posted: “How do I get visible and sell books:” or  “…now what do I do?” We don’t have the time to teach them the industry.  We can direct them to paths~books, promo lists, blogs on ehow.  We have to learn to do it ourselves or hire it done. What I don’t know, I hire.  Just to start: New indie authors must network with authors in their genres. And read everything inside Amazon KDP. Click on every thing that surrounds your book. You can’t kill it!

Now, I’m gonna answer those two questions that opened this blog:

  1. Price a book at 99c and engage in an Amazon giveaway. You can giveaway up to 50 books.  You get the royalty. I use “follow me on Amazon.” Here’s why: When you have a new release Amazon sends out a dedicated notice to your followers. That moves books. Amazon also sends a notice to those who have bought one of your books in the past.  This is new and I am only certain of that happening in
  2. Engage in an Amazon sponsored ad campaign. Find the link in Reports on your  KDP Dashboard. Keep it simple and inexpensive $3 a day limit until you learn the ropes. Google Amazon ad Campaigns and read all about it. Here’s an active Giveaway:   Click on the link. See how it works.  Try your luck.
  3.  Your book is listed on all 10 Amazon book venues. U.S., Canada, UK,  Germany, France, Italy, Spain, Japan, China, India.  Tweet your book using that venue.  Yep, I used Google Translate. Click on the link just for fun! Once there, type your name into the search bar. i.e:
    #Xīnlàng cháo. Yīngwén bǎn 售价: ¥118.60 #eNovAaW #asmsg
  4. Use these starter inexpensive sites to promote your book: BookDoggy. AwesomeGang. BookScream. ebookaddict. BookLoversHeaven.  There are hundreds more sites, I like and use: But as I said, these are  terrific starter sites for a new indie.

Find Me on Amazon

@2017 ‘Til next time. I’m Jackie Weger, Founder of eNovel Authors at Work. We pay it forward. Want to know an inexpensive way to get your books visible?  Read these marketing tips on eNovel and the surprising comments from authors who have used them.

Comments Welcome. Would love to hear from new indie authors. What do you want to know?  Ask your question in the comment section. If we know the answer, we’ll tell you. If not–we can suggest others who do. And Good Luck with your books.  P.S. The savvy indie will click on all of the links in this blog. Tick the back arrow in the task bar to come right back here.



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  1. dalefurse says:

    Great info as always, Jackie. I think new authors don’t always know what questions to ask so reading and listening to other’s questions is a good way to learn. Looking forward to more questions and answers in future posts. 🙂

    • Jackie Weger says:

      You nailed it Dale, We have to know the right question. I was taught there are no stupid questions.
      Now I know better. So I ask Google all of my stupid questions. Google never accuses me of being a fool.

  2. Straight talk as always for the novice.

  3. laurieboris says:

    Great place for our new authors to start! I’ll share this along…

    • Jackie Weger says:

      Hello. Laurie. Appreciate the shares. Every time I compose a blog, I start checking things. Guess what? I had no idea our print editions are on Amazon China.
      Fun to tweet them. Work on our trade imbalance.

  4. Vickie Britton says:

    Good advice. It’s not enough just to publish a book on Amazon and wait for readers to find you. You really have to work at it. These are good suggestions!

  5. You still say it as it is, Jackie. Thank you for constantly sharing .

  6. Who is behind BookScream, Jackie? May I suggest a new promoter. who are a great place for Lesbian themed books. Run by two authors who I respect and admire. Don’t work for them or affiliated with them. Just used their service.

    • Jackie Weger says:

      Thanks for the shout out to It’s a weekly newsletter. We have several members who write LGBT novels. Well written and powerful stories of same-gender couples facing trials, tribulations and heartaches as we all do.

    • Jackie Weger says:

      Mary DEE. I have not been able to tease out who owns BookScream. I think it is some indie authors. But I like Bookscream. They work it. And they worked for free until they got up some buzz. At $15, BookScream is not overpriced for delivery.

  7. Great advice as always Jackie. We’ve used the Amazon giveaways a lot to gain followers. You don’t know how many followers you have but you can tell how many signed up when the giveaway finishes. Great for getting your name out there.

  8. Donna Fasano says:

    Jackie, when I first slogged my way into this crazy Indie market, I met two types of authors: those who were willing to offer help and those who weren’t. I will be forever grateful to the authors who were willing to impart their knowledge and hold my hand. I decided early on I would much rather be the type of author who helped others in this chaotic, ever-changing business. We have to stick together and help each other if we’re going to survive. Thank you for posting the cover of my newest book! And thank you, too, for giving me a shout out!

  9. Amy Vansant says:

    Thanks for the shout out! Amazon ads have been great for me so far — that’s definitely good advice. Especially since this might be the “golden age” of Amz Ads, before everyone starts to do it, prices go up and ROI goes down…

  10. Thank you for sharing! You make sound so simple 🙂

  11. The UK’s Romantic Novelists’ Association is currently running a series of Indie articles in their magazine, ‘Romance Matters’. Recently they asked for indie members to give top tips for marketing. I replied, naming this website as a great resource for indies. I hope they use it.

  12. Great post, Jackie, packed full of good information! (And thank you for the shout-out!)

  13. EM Kaplan says:

    Excellent post! 🙂

  14. P. C. Zick says:

    Thanks, Jackie. Good advice as always.

  15. Jackie, as always I learn so much from reading your resource-filled blog. I, for one, find it hard to believe you weren’t born knowing all that you know about indie publishing. But, I take comfort that you didn’t spring to bestsellerdom overnight–a line too often thrown out there by too many authors. Thanks!

    • Jackie Weger says:

      Barbara Anne Plum ~ you make me laugh. I can right this minute direct you to a dozen editors/authors who believe I grew up Eating Stupid for Breakfast. I was living off grid for years. Didn’t own a computer. Didn’t have a clue there was such a site as Amazon, much less a digital universe. I confused Microsoft Word? Huh? Is that a dictionary? Blog? What a ugly word. What is that? You write blog on a blog. Both a noun and a verb. Hey! I write articles. Geez.

      I am so NOT a best selling author. No ma’am. I did something I learned years ago working for corporate America. Make a list. Set a goal–one within my ability to reach–which does NOT include the moon or stars, but is grounded in common sense. Selling 400 books per 90 days is a goal. When in promotion I sometimes sell 400 books a month. For me that is high cotton.
      For another indie author, that just might be stalk stubble. I’m good with it. It’s a no gimmick, stick to basics and what I know or have learned.

      Love it that you came over to comment. Nice of you to take the time. Best, Jackie

  16. Jackie, one more comment. Thanks for posting the link to Amzn China. I clicked it (and my computer didn’t blow up). What an idea to pursue for my books. I appreciate that “pass forward.”

  17. Julie Frayn says:

    I’m not a new indie author. Will publish my 5th novel this year. And I still am unsure how to get visible, even though I’m leaps and bounds ahead of where I started. Maybe it’s partly lack of confidence or anxiety in addition to the fact there is a slew of info out there and so much advice to sift through (which is why I mostly stick to enovel – I trust the info). And the ever-changing book promo landscape with new sites coming online and old, once-trusted ones failing. The learning never stops, no matter how many times you publish.

    • Jackie Weger says:

      Julie Frayn: I hear you! I suffer angst, too. I didn’t go loud with The Sheriff’s Woman because I was uncertain of its reception. Thus far, new readers are saying they like it. I just lived with the book so long…two years–I wasn’t looking at it objectively. Live and learn. I am trying to keep up with our fav promoters and at what price we can afford them. Some, who haven’t been delivering really need to stop a minute and do some reflection. Perhaps start offering discounts and specials that we can take advantage of. I’m starting to think: I’m not going to pay a commercial promoter with 100K subscribers $25 or $40 if that promoter does not move as many books as my own newsletters with 15K subscribers. Plus, I have the option to resend my Mad Mimi again in 72 hours to those who accepted the newsletter, but did not open it. I picked up another 300 downloads on the resend. To me, that’s Golden.

      I’m so looking forward to your new release. You write stories that resonate with readers. Just tops.

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  21. Thanks for this thorough and helpful post, Jackie. 🙂 — Suzanne

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