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Written By: Admin - Apr• 12•14
Carolyn Steele

Carolyn the pet geek

Hello all. It’s your friendly tame geek here, you know, the one who bugs you for bits of stuff to put on your author page on this website.

I’ve received a lot of information over the few months this site had been up and running and I’ve decided that a lot of us need a little tutorial on making life easier for web-persons. Not for me, you understand, I do this for love (and the free marketing of my websisterly wizardry) but if you are submitting material to other marketing sites it is really important to make life as easy as possible for the recipient of your files.

They may spend the time to tweak, resize, reshape and compress your book cover image. Or they may decide that you are too much like hard work and not feature your book.

So here goes…

The image file your cover designer sent you is likely to be HUGE. This is important for uploading to Amazon but it can break a website. It will take forever to upload and take up expensive server space. Sometimes it will even be too big to email successfully, so we need a way for you to make it smaller. Not just smaller height-and-width wise but smaller in terms of compression as well.

There are two ways to do this.

  1. Learn how.
  2. Cheat.

If you want to learn how there is a terrific resizing images tutorial on Indies Unlimited but if you want to cheat, here’s how to steal the perfect book cover image, all compressed for web pages, from your Amazon listing.

First, go to the Amazon page for your book and click the tiny image below your main book cover. (If you click the cover itself, you’ll get an image with the ‘look inside’ logo on it. Yes, someone sent one.)


You will see a big popup with your cover image. Right click the image and then select ‘Save image as’.


A box you will recognise pops up. It’s where you save all your files. Navigate to (or create) a folder for your cover images. Then change the Amazon gobbledegook file title to a name you will be able to interpret later on. Something like ‘Image from Amazon-web ready’ would do fine.


Then next time you want to submit your book to a marketing website, not only will you know that you have a cover image sized perfectly, you will be able to find it!

More nuggets of joy from the engine room another day…

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  1. Jackie Weger says:

    Whoa! I needed this! Now I can stop bugging Rich Meyer to resize my book covers for promotions. Boy! Carolyn, what an informative post! I understand the step by step instructions.
    Nicely done!

    Jackie Weger

  2. Mary Smith says:

    Brilliant, Carolyn. Life just got a whole lot easier.

  3. I really needed this post and will use this info tomorrow. Thanks!

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