#Indie Authors~ Finally! A Library for your Print Editions

Written By: Jackie Weger - Jul• 03•18

Finally! A Library that won’t refuse your book…

Yep, all across America and Canada are Little Free Libraries~Take a book. Return a book. I first learned of these tiny street kiosks of books from a granddaughter, Jennifer,  who lives and works in Philadelphia. I gave her a few of my print editions to put in the Little Library in her neighborhood. Two weeks ago, granddaughter Courtney introduced me to Uber to get me off of my tush and out into the world–or at least to her home. Once there we piled into her car and she took me to a Little Library in the Woodlands. Texas. We put a few of my sweet romance print editions in the kiosk.

I mentioned Little Library in our eNovel Forum and la…encouraged members to find a Little Library in their neighborhood. Julie Frayn, author of the amazing Mazie Baby, found one near her in Calgary. Now, I learned Free Little Library(s) are all over the world.

Here’s the great news. You can sponsor a Free Little Library in your neighborhood. The kiosk come in a kit. Want to know more? Keep up with Free Little Library on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/LittleFreeLibrary/.

This one is in Philadelphia.

I love Free Little Libraries. For me they fall under paying-it-forward. I have sent above 100 books to libraries around the USA, donated my books to my local library and nary a word of thanks. They’re prolly being used for doorstops. But our books for all ages are welcome in Free Little Libraries.

Find a Free Little Library near you using the Map/Search Tool:  https://littlefreelibrary.org/ourmap.  Don’t find one? Get a few writers together in your community and install one, perhaps where you have your chapter meetings or where you meet for lunch. A Free Little Library is family friendly. No porn or explicit erotica.

Where else can you donate your books? My granddaughter and hubby rented a vacation house in Hawaii. Every beach vacation house has a book shelf. She was kind enough to add a couple of my books to a shelf in a cottage on Kihei Beach in Maui, right there next to a James Patterson. When my nurse, Noreen, vacationed on Padre Island, Texas, she left behind two of my print editions in the motel library.

There’s more: You can register to donate books to Operation Paperback which provides books to Veterans and their families, Wounded Warriors and  VA Hospitals. It’s tax deductible.  So are the books you donate to a Little Library under promotion/public relations. True, we are not making sales when we donate a book. But, we are touching lives, entertaining readers and participating in our communities. You can’t go wrong paying-it-forward however much or little you do.

©2018. I’m Jackie Weger, Founder of eNovel Authors at Work~A resource for Indie Authors. Is there a Little Library near you?

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  1. Julie Frayn says:

    All five of my books I put in my little library (well, not MINE, but a few blocks from my house) have been snapped up. I put “local CM author” (CM being the initials of my community) on post-its on the covers. Think I’ll refill it!
    Julie Frayn
    Author of Mazie Baby

  2. Laurie Boris says:

    Excellent idea! I found one near my local YMCA and I’ve donated a few books through there. And they keep circulating!

  3. What a fabulous idea. My first thought was: Oh, that’s in America, I don’t suppose we have one in the UK. So I googled, and it seems The Guardian newspaper did an article about this in 2014. THEN I discovered it’s worldwide. THEN I looked at the world map and YES, there’s one a few miles from my home. Waddya know?! I must research this further.

    Thank you, Jackie, for bringing this to my attention.

  4. Wonderful idea – thank you, Jackie.

  5. I believe they’re popping up all over – seen pix of some in New Zealand too. I’ve left unwanted books around as part of the BookCrossing scheme – never heard back about any, so I’ll look for these in future.

  6. P. C. Zick says:

    Thank you so much for this information! I have some backlist titles taking up closet space and would love places to donate. Great information.

  7. I’ve seen those little libraries, Jackie! Never thought I could install one in my neighborhood, though. I’ll have to check into sponsoring one of those.

    I always drop off my books on vacation. Nearly every hotel or B&B where I stay has a book swap, so I always swap away.

    • Jackie Weger says:

      Smart you! Carmen DeSousa. As indies, we need to keep our eyes open about where we can share a book. Every country I’ve visited has a boat club with a library and often a nearby tavern with a wall of books in a dozen languages traded by seafarers and boaters. Take one/return one. My nearest library is 54 miles round trip. My nearest Barnes and Noble, over 70 miles round trip. My nearest new and used bookstore is closing. The reason: She cannot restock her shelves with used books, especially romance/fantasy/thrillers and mysteries. She can’t trade ebooks. She got into the used book store when our books were $1.65. She’s had a good run. Authors get to sell a print edition once. A used book dealer gets to sell it a dozen times over-no benefit to the author. Nada. Zap. She refuses to stock indie print editions.

  8. Traci Hall says:

    What a great way to donate some of my print books! I hate to throw them out so you’ve given great solutions. I’m off to check the map!

  9. Linda Lee says:

    Thanks for sharing, Jackie. Did the same! 🙂

  10. dalefurse says:

    That is a neat idea. I’m going to look at doing one at the Roadhouse near us. There’s lots of properties around where I live. 🙂 🙂

  11. Jackie, I love everything about Free Little Libraries! We have one in downtown Lawrenceville nearby….Would love to get more in the Atlanta area. I try to leave books everywhere I go…next time I go the eye doctor, I’m leaving several since the wait times are atrocious…and I know assisted living homes would love more books! Thank you for planting seeds….a wonderful way to pay it forward!

  12. These are so wonderful. Only now in Greece, thanks to the Internet, the Greeks are starting to do this. I saw one on the news the other day, set up in a bus stop! Thankfully, free libraries exist in all hotels and guesthouses, big or small, around Greece and I often visit the odd one to leave old volumes and find new gems 🙂

  13. Julie Frayn says:

    We have a book swap right in the building I work in. I am going to put all my books in there tomorrow… Why didn’t I think of that before?

  14. There’s a little library I pass on my bike rides, and it never occurred to me to place any of my novels in there. Thanks for the idea!

  15. What a wonderful concept! Most hotels have something similar over here (Greece), and I love that.

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