Indie Authors: What’s Your Plan to Sell Books in 2018?

Written By: Jackie Weger - Dec• 08•17

In eNovel Authors at Work we’re looking at what has worked for us and what has not in 2017.

The past in review counts. Since mid 2014 promotions have not been as successful in the past.  Yes, our members have sold books. But we’ve also noticed our favorite promoters are not moving books as they did in earlier years. Part of this slow down is that indie authors are actively building their own newsletters and subscriber lists, and I believe siphoning subscribers. Read about it HERE.

Still in the $$$ after 3 weeks. 269,840 KENP pages Read. Over 250 sales. Earning about $100 a day. 57 new reviews ranked 4.8/5.0. Offer: Read Free with K/U.

Then there’s this: Authors, indie or contracted have stepped into the sales arena. I have right this minute an email offer from an author who promises to put my books in front of 5 million readers. You read that right: Five million–for a nice bit of change of course. I say, honey, sell your own books to those five million so I can track your stats in KND ebook tracker and I might believe you.  The author has two fiction books–the rest are ehow to sell books–info crabbed from other sites and blogs, because with a track record of two fiction books–neither  in best seller status. I ain’t buying.  The ehow units are sucking mud in stats. The author is making her money off of indie authors.  Telling you, I did one early promo with this author on the suggestion of a colleague and it was a magnificent DUD.

KND ebook tracker is free. Smart authors use it.  When in a forum and an author is spouting off about sales, or how awful Amazon. I can track that author’s books. Learned this: When we’re all in promotion, my units often out sell their’s. So much for best selling know-it-alls–which I ain’t. And don’t pretend to be. Who cares? My books earn enough to pay my investment in them and a little extra. Dog, food, cat food, a new sofa. Hello #Wayfair!

Still selling at a nice clip. 99c. Eleven new Reviews Ranked 4.7/5.0

Start up promoters appear to be over charging. I came across a new promo site touting  it will put your book in front of 9,000 readers/subscribers for $20. Huh? I have 9,000 + newsletter subscribers. Some eNovel members have 30,000 subscribers. They’ve been working hard at growing their subscriber list, not to mention nurturing their fans. Many of us bought into those grow your subscriber list for a fee–newsletter swaps. What I discovered: Authors lie about subscriber numbers. Some don’t have newsletters–they simply send out a notice to their email contacts.  We live to learn and above all be cautious.

Here is what eNovel is doing: We’re engaging in coordinated newsletter sends.  A dozen of us did our first coordinated newsletter send November 15-19, 2017.  We found we had an aggregate of 92,000 subscribers among us. Next, I got a flaming idea and asked Michael Gallagher if he would consider promoting our books at N/C in exchange for eNovel promoting his Monthly fkbt Rafflecopter. Plus members offered six signed print editions.  We provided above above 15k entrants to fkbt Rafflecopter.  We also invited Bookdoggy to join us. That’s Martin Crosbie, another great friend of indie authors. He did and we pumped his giveaway, too. All together we put our books in front of 242,000 readers. We sent out Tweets that reached an aggregate of 400K + followers.

Yep, we were putting our subscribers in the way of fkbt and Bookdoggy, but indie authors need our fav promoters with a healthy list of subscribers. I consider it a fair exchange.  How did this work? It was a grand success. Every single author moved books.  Some saw the best sales and downloads since published. List of eNovel authors below.  Those of us,  who in addition to the Send, stacked a few promo slots, free and paid, did exceptionally well. We also had help from authorsXP.comPeople Reads owned by Van Heerling, a promoter eNovel has adored since our beginning.  Plus our good colleague, Carmen DeSousa  lent us a hand. As an aside, sharing this: Networking and lending a hand to another author or a promoter can pay big dividends. We like fkbt because his prices are steady on. Hasn’t raised them in years. Same with People Reads. 

eNovel Authors at Work is  doing another coordinated send December 13-17, 2017.  Watch for us! We’re breaking new ground.

Here is a list of our hard-working eNovel participating Authors who made this promotion a success: Aurora Springer. Jerri Hines. Traci Hall. Patricia Zick. Piper Templeton. E M Kaplan. Amy Vansant. A.J. Lape. Rebecca Dahlke. Alexa Dare. Donna Fasano.  All of these authors are interesting beyond measure. Just click on their name to meet them on Amazon. Their books are wonderful.

We’re plotting a coordinated send for January, too. This one with our own spectacular Giveaways to build and add to our own subscribers lists. These sends are work and must be planned far in advance. Most of us are  seasoned indies. Some in our  group are not, but everyone pitches in to do something; send out the tweets, post the Rafflecopter on blogs, and we all create well-designed newsletters to interest our fans. That’s the key.

Thank you for being here. We wish all of you a safe and pleasant Holiday, which ever one you celebrate with family and warm friends, good food and lively conversations.

@Jackie Weger, 2017

Comments welcome. We’d love to hear what you’re doing, what plans you have to market your books. As always, How can we help?Ask us in comments. We’re glad to answer your questions.  Wishing you and yours the best life has to offer. Don’t take any chances. Save all of your pennies in a kitchen jar for good luck all year.


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  1. Aj says:

    Thanks for organizing Jackie! It was a great sale. Met a lot of new readers!

  2. Alexa Dare says:

    I so appreciate being able to participate in this amazing adventure. Thanks, Jackie!

  3. EM Kaplan says:

    Thanks for your hard work on coordinating the November promos! With all of us pitching in, we each got a nice boost.

    author of Full Slab Dead

  4. Thanks for organizing our promotion.
    Indie authors must keep ahead of the “trends” and make $-savvy decisions.

  5. I’m so glad I was part of this coordinated newsletter send, and I plan to participate in future ones. Thanks for all of your hard work, Jackie.

  6. Donna Fasano (@DonnaFaz) says:

    I’m looking forward to the Dec campaign! Let’s do this!

  7. P. C. Zick says:

    I’m still seeing a boost. It was a great success, thanks to Jackie’s leadership and the dedicated push by all the authors involved as well as other members in eNovel. Great job!

  8. Indies work wonders together! Well done to all. Delighted to share 🙂

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  10. What a great idea. How do I join this wonderful group? I’m willing to work hard,and I need help.

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