Nick Tory


61nyh1GUl1L._UX250_Nick Tory is a dirty recluse who lives in a shack in the mountains and whose only contact with humans involves hollering angrily at the mailman. While not much is known about him, there are a few existing stories. One is that he wrestled a bear. Another version of the story is that the bear was actually just his own shadow as he rolled around like a maniac in a hallucination induced rage. He spends his time writing Johnny books and shaking his fist in the air.

” I am an instant fan. I’m going to download the rest of the series for when I need to cheer up. “

Johnny 12 Steps:

The first book in the series introduces us to Johnny Tee, a wandering vagabond with a troubled past and an even bleaker future. A fighter, gambler, and liar Johnny Tee has lived a life that has been one misstep after another. He makes a decision to go the straight and narrow that is going to be harder than he thinks due to the fact that he is a complete idiot. Navigating the city’s dirty underbelly should be no problem for a guy who is a magnet for trouble, and he’s going to need the help of some unwilling friends and the power of unrequited love to save the day.



“It’s rare to find a follow up that is as good or perhaps better than the original.”

Johnny Vegas:

With $120 dollars in his pocket and his life back on track, Johnny heads out to the one place in the world where absolutely nothing can go wrong: Las Vegas. It isn’t long before the good-hearted Johnny is involved with the city’s most dangerous criminals. The clock is running and the race is on. Johnny has 24 hours to be a hero.


“They should hand these books out at hospitals: it is impossible to feel bad when you’re reading one.”

Johnny Driver: 

Fate and idiocy has brought Johnny to Maui. In the final book of the first Johnny Trilogy, Johnny in Maui, working for an international crime organization against his will. Johnny is finally valuable because of his natural born ability to drive. He will have to drive anything and everything in order to save the world. It’s too bad for us that he is a complete moron.


“Ridiculous, absurd, surreal, exaggerated, unbelievable. To summarize, I loved every bit of it.”

Johnny Real Estate:

Trouble has a way of finding Johnny Tee. That’s why after years of consorting with organized crime types, he is set on finding a legitimate job and making a go of it as a functional member of society. He will fail miserably.
As a new trilogy begins, Johnny is off to join the world of real estate. It’s escrows. It’s liens. It’s a bunch of other terms he doesn’t know and isn’t learning. That’s okay because Johnny is a born salesmen. But it’s also not okay because he’s a born idiot.


“I laughed so hard people thought I was deranged.”

Johnny Zookeeper

Johnny continues his quest to find a spot in the working world and thinks he has finally found the solution: clientele who are in cages and verbally refuse his service.
But when Johnny is given more responsibility than he should have, the animals, the customers, and the entire city are in for trouble.

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