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Lorrie Farrelly

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A Navy brat and graduate of the University of California, Santa Cruz, Lorrie is proud to be a Fightin’ Banana Slug. Following graduate school at Northwestern University, she began a career in education that included teaching art to 4th graders, drama to 8th graders, and finally, math to high school students. She’s a three-time winner on “Jeopardy!”, has shepherded wide-eyed foreign exchange students along Hollywood Blvd, and has happily curried and shoveled as a ranch hand at Disneyland’s Circle D Ranch. And always, she writes.

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MOLLIE cover

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Mollie: Bride of Georgia – 4th in the unprecedented 50-book American Mail-Order Brides series.

Set in the last decade of the 19th century, Mollie is a story of courage and hope as a young woman, answering an advertisement for a mail-order bride, confronts an unknown and very challenging future.

Years of brutal warfare have left the South with far more women than men. What, Mollie Winters worries, could be so wrong with Dr. Nicholas Avinger that he was forced to advertise for a wife?

Despite her misgivings, Mollie takes a desperate leap of faith. Arriving in Atlanta with little more than a few pieces of clothing, two pairs of shoes, and the manuscript of her wildly melodramatic, romantic adventure novel, she prepares to start a new life with the attractive but irascible Dr. Avinger.

A haunted man who prefers animals to people, Nick Avinger has driven away more than one assistant, as well as his latest fiancée. Mollie Winters might just fill both bills, if only he didn’t want her so much. And if only he didn’t fear how much he would hurt her.

This unforgettable historical romance is an emotional and riveting story of the healing power of love.


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Christmas Treasure

Short Fiction.

Ex-Union Army Captain Will Blackburn has tried to put the loss of his Georgia home and the fierce alienation of his family, who consider him a traitor, behind him. His fresh start on a Nevada cattle ranch has given him renewed purpose, but making peace with the trauma of civil war is not so easily done.

When Will receives word that the only family member who never turned against him, his beloved younger sister Mattie, has died, he must deal not only with his past, but also with a starchy, stubborn young woman who has traveled more than two thousand miles to fulfill Mattie’s last wish: that her cherished Christmas treaure be hand-delivered to her brother.  But will that unexpected gift bring Will peace or even greater pain?


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Cowboy Kisses – A Kiss in Time

Lorrie Farrelly’s tale of love and fate is one of eight stories by some fabulous authors who share their romantic stories of the Old West. In “A Kiss in Time,” a tattered old diary sends a young woman into the arms of a long-ago Texas Ranger.  Here’s a short excerpt from this heartfelt, suspenseful story:

“As long as I can remember,” Cady said, “folks have been telling stories about the old Carter place being cursed. Or haunted.”

Colin laughed, a short, incredulous bark. “Hah! Cursed, I can see, devil that the Ole Man is, but haunted? Who’d haunt a lonesome ol’ spread like Pa’s?”

Scoffing, the Ranger cocked his head.

Cady swallowed, decided to tell him flat out. “Well, according to the legend…” She gave him a meaningful look. “…it’s you.” © 2015 by Lorrie Farrelly


A Cowboy Celebration cover

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A Cowboy Celebration – The Longest Way Home

Accompanied by mouth-watering picnic recipes, every story in A COWBOY CELEBRATION is bursting with Old West flavor and tasty romance!

In Lorrie Farrelly’s “The Longest Way Home,” little Maddie, her mother dead and her father presumed killed in battle, is sent west on an orphan train. Adopted by a devoted young widow, the little girl begins a new life at Fort Laramie. But her father is hot on her trail, very much alive and determined to reclaim his precious daughter. Nothing, and no one, had better stand in his way!

Here is a short excerpt from “The Longest Way Home”:

Luke blew out a breath. “It wasn’t ’til I finally made it home, going into the end of ‘65, that I found out my wife had passed and Maddie’d been sent to the Children’s Home. Seems everyone had thought I was dead, too.”

His eyes hardened. “But she’s all I’ve got left now, Mrs. Harmon, and I won’t be leaving Fort Laramie without her. You understand that, ma’am?”

Lily met his eyes, drew herself up as straight and tall as she could. “I do understand, Mr. Cullinan. And while my heart goes out to you, Maddie is now legally my daughter, and I love her with all my heart. I promise you I won’t give her up, to you or to anyone else. And you can stick that in your pocket and take it to the bank.”  © 2015 by Lorrie Farrelly


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Cowboys, Creatures, and Calico – The Sheriff of Hel’n Gone

Halloween is here along with some romantic western-y ghost tales to share around a campfire! Cowboys, Creatures, and Calico, Vol. 1 is guaranteed to make you wonder what in the world–or in the “other” world—is going on. But are you sure you really want to know?

“The Sheriff of Hel’n Gone” by Lorrie Farrelly is a supernatural tale of a western lawman who must live one hellish Halloween night over and over, until a young woman from the future finds her way back to save him.

In Tanya Hanson’s The Bridesmaid, a bridegroom is doomed to marry a woman he becomes terrified of…but finds her bridesmaid is the love he’s been dreaming of. But will his sleeping or waking hours become his true nightmare?

Sarah J. McNeal’s The Beast of Hazard is a story about a predator that stalks the small community where veterinarian Joey Wilding practices. But is the vicious animal-killer on the loose of this world, or another?

Author Shayna Matthews makes a riveting debut with her tale of The Legend of Venture Canyon, about an exotic young woman who dances in the circus…where the show must go on—at all costs—and love survives everything.

Cher’ley Grogg’s story, Wild Injuns, Wicked Trains, and Cerulean Blue is an unforgettable tale of a young woman who comes west to get a sensational newspaper article and pictures, but in doing so, finds out that she will never leave.

Veteran author Linda Carroll-Bradd’s story, Wanderer, Come Home, is a poignant tale of the discovery of true love and trust amidst some strange Samhain happenings on a small farm.


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Terms of Surrender

“When I first bought this book, I was prepared for a pretty love story, with some basic plot investments. What I got was a heart melting, pulse racing, beautiful piece of literature.” Miss Heidi AVP

The War Between the States not only destroyed all Michael Cantrell loved, it left the young, former Confederate cavalry officer without faith or hope, a solitary, haunted man trying to escape his demons. Then, one spring day along the Wind River in the vast western frontier, he finds himself suddenly in the thick of another life-and-death struggle–Annie Devlin’s war. Desperate to hang on to her ranch and her life and waylaid by gunmen hired by a powerful rancher who covets her land, Annie and her young brother, Robbie, fight a furious, losing battle for their lives. When all seems lost, into the fray steps a cold-eyed, steel-nerved stranger, Michael Cantrell. Cantrell saves Annie and Robbie, but is himself wounded. Though for years Cantrell has known only loss, he allies himself with Annie who takes his heart by storm and tests the limit of his honor, his mettle and his passion.

Terms of Engagement

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Terms of Engagement

“Very exciting! The author has blended danger, romance, thrills, and excitement to make a fast paced romantic thriller!” Readers’ Favorite

A wonderfully suspenseful, emotional, and exciting story, Terms of Engagement is a Readers’ Favorite 5-star novel!

Wyoming Territory, 1885. On a train in the middle of nowhere, a young woman suddenly collapses. Fellow passenger Dr. Robert Devlin, a widower traveling with his five-year-old daughter, responds immediately to the medical emergency. What he finds when he examines his new patient both shocks and outrages him, and soon he is tangled up in her no-way-out, life-or-death plight. Teresa Rutledge has taken her toddler son and run for their lives. Fleeing her wealthy, cruelly abusive husband, knowing there is nowhere they will be safe for long, she is at the end of her strength and at the end of her rope. Determined to protect Tess and her child, Rob takes them home to his sister, Annie, and her husband, former cavalry Captain Michael Cantrell. As Tess regains her health, she and Rob fall passionately in love. But she is trapped in a brutal marriage, and on a desperate flight from a powerful, violent man determined never to let her go.
Terms of Temptation

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Terms of Temptation

“Passionate, emotional, adventurous, Terms of Temptation is an adventure in romance that will hold the reader spellbound!” Readers’ Favorite

A story of passion, adventure, and suspense, Terms of Temptation has been awarded Readers’ Favorite 5-stars.

“I swear, Miss Cantrell, you would try the everlovin’ patience of a saint!”
Deputy Game Warden Bram Killoran is certainly no saint, and he has wanted headstrong Kinley Cantrell since the day he first saw her outside Crowheart’s Paradise Saloon – backing a burly drunk three times her size up against a hitching rail and giving him a truly inspired and colorful upbraiding for mistreating his horse. Kinley’s determination to defend herself and the animals she loves will make her Bram’s unlikely ally. They are irresistibly drawn to one another, but when her passion and spirit clash with his tangled conflict of duty and desire, not only their hearts will be in danger, but their very lives as well.

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“A gripping, involving read from start to finish, (it) stands out from the crowd!” Midwest Book Review

Exciting, emotional, full of twists and turns, is a Readers’ Favorite 5-star novel!

The accidental death of his beloved wife sent Alex Morgan into a numbing world of suppressed grief and rage, eased only by a profound bond with his son. Suddenly his life is shattered again when a chance discovery propels him into a world gone horribly, terrifyingly wrong. Piecing together clues in this new nightmare, Alex suspects a colleague of taking a few, meddling steps back in time, changing the course of history – destroying Alex’s family and all he loves. Desperately clinging to his sanity, he searches for any evidence his young son still exists. Jessica O’Neil is fighting a nightmare of her own, captured and facing execution for freedom-fighting heroics in her grim, oppressive society. When Alex rescues the feisty young rebel, she resists her dangerous attraction to him – a man who’s clearly crazy, literally in a world of his own. Bound together first by chance and desperation, then by growing purpose, respect, and emotion, Alex and Jessie must depend on each other to survive. More than that, they must find a way to prevent a terrible crime from taking place – a crime that plunged both their worlds into nightmare – over a hundred years before. To have a future, they will have to find their way to the past.

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“A beautiful romance, full of heart wrenching insecurity and doubt, but it is also a gripping thriller that keeps you on the edge of your seat!” Amazon UK Review

Dangerously burned-out, ex-LA cop Cam Starrett imagines his new job in a small, central California town will be a haven from the tragedy, grief, and anger that have shattered his heart. His battered soul cries out for peace and quiet and merciful boredom. Instead – during his very first day in the new town – he fires a gun, delivers an unusual baby, and hauls a passionate young woman into his embrace for a kiss of pure, scorching hunger. Shaken, he’s left stunned, perplexed, extremely hot and bothered – but not one bit bored. Despite her training as a school guidance counselor, Meredith Hayden secretly admits that people – especially men – baffle her. Confused and embarrassed by her reckless abandon in the arms of dangerous-looking Cam Starrett, she resolves to keep him at a distance, tempting and torturing them both all the more. But when they uncover an escalating pattern of bigotry and violence that threatens the lives of everyone in the community, Cam and Merry face an ordeal that will test not only the limits of their courage and trust, but also the true depth of their passion.

The Guardian's Angel

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The Guardian’s Angel

“A thriller that leaves you on the edge of your seat from the first page to the last!” Paranormal Romance Guild

When nobody knows what to do with a troubled, damaged kid, it’s time to call Elizabeth Driscoll. A wary, vulnerable, unusually intuitive young woman, Libby has a knack for helping children that others have given up on. Certainly nobody knows what to do with Tommy Madden, least of all his fiercely devoted guardian, Seattle Police Detective J.D. McCammon. McCammon believes the autistic little boy witnessed a double murder: his mother and his father, the city’s District Attorney. J.D. is determined to help and protect Tommy at all costs, and somehow, find a way to communicate with him. When Tommy’s life is threatened by the corrupt organization that killed his parents, J.D. and Libby take him on a desperate and dangerous flight to safety. They must place their trust in one another to escape a relentless evil that threatens not only their lives, but that of the child they’ve both come to love. On the run, Libby and J.D. are tested to the limits of their courage and resolve. They discover an intimate and mystifying psychic bond that will either drive them apart, or become their greatest source of strength and passion.


  1. Donna Fasano says:

    Those reviews are excellent, Lorrie. Congrats!

    • Thank you, Donna! Very much appreciated!

    • Thank you, Donna, and everyone! Whoo! I just did a Kindle Countdown Promotion for Western historical romance TERMS OF ENGAGEMENT (sold for 99¢ for a week) and the results were (to me, anyway) amazing! I also promoted the book on eReader News Today, Choosy Bookworm, Fussy Librarian, and Author Shout, and did a one-week post boost on Facebook. I posted on lots of Facebook groups, like Western Historical Romance Book Club and Romance Junkies, promoted the book on Google+, and was VERY grateful for all the help of eNovel Authors at Work on Twitter and Facebook. The eNovel Authors ROCK! My usual monthly sales are around 50-80 books – so far this month, I’ve sold 769 books and have had 28 borrowed (which Amazon pays a couple of dollars royalty for). 😀 The biggest spike was the day eReader News Today came out. It’s not a free site, but considering the payoff, it seems to be worth the fee. So now I’m hustling for next month!

  2. Mary Smith says:

    Wow, some pretty exciting sounding books here, Lorrie.

  3. Julie Frayn says:

    That’s a lot of titles! Good for you…

  4. A great thanks to all the readers who visit here! I appreciate you all so much, and I do hope you will visit all the gifted authors at eNovel Authors at Work! 🙂

  5. Lorrie, I am compelled to read your books – just can’t resist those excellent blurbs! Well done. 🙂

  6. Looks like you’ve woven a nice mix of romance and intrigue into your tales, Lorrie. Spent a few moments perusing your books on Amazon. You’ve also received some vey nice reviews. Cool! Series books are always fun – but sometimes difficult to write. Can’t wait to get into your TERMS OF . . .

    • Thank you, Sharon! I didn’t start out intending to write a trilogy, but people asked me what happened next. (I wanted to know, too!) The hardest part for me was the idea of an adult Robbie. I really struggled with that, as well as with what he did for a living. Fortunately, he’s a patient and compassionate kind of guy, and he waited for me to work through all the things he wasn’t! 🙂

  7. Abby says:

    Hi Lorrie, I’ve got Timelapse on my Kindle and will read it soon. I love time travel novels. Can’t wait to read it.

  8. Hi, Lorrie! You, too, have quite an array of books…and all of the stories sound intriguing. Happy you’re part of our group!

  9. Popped over to YouTube to get a peek at your trailer for TERMS OF TEMPTATION, Lorrie. Very nicely done. Just enough to tease the reader.

    Sharon Pennington

  10. Mimi Barbour says:

    Decided to come over to your page also and check out your books….and I quickly came to the conclusion. oh yeah! My kind of entertainment. 🙂

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