eNovel Authors at Work is a group of indie authors

1) Who believe in paying-it-forward…

2) Our goal is to get our books visible and in the hands of readers….

Our mantra is WRITE. PROMOTE. SELL.

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We are dedicated to helping one another understand the challenges facing writers in the digital universe. Everything we discover finds its way into these pages to help authors and readers alike to navigate the universe of indie publishing. Our Author pages are filled with an array of well-written and entertaining books across all genres, from sweet romance to edge-of-your-seat thrillers. We do not promote erotica or gratuitous violence. eNovel authors are scattered about our good earth: USA, Canada, New Zealand, Australia, France, Greece, Scotland. Africa and the United Kingdom, but we all come together right here.

We are all about THE BOOK. We help each other to get our books noticed and expand our audiences. Indie Publishing is constantly changing. We do our best stay informed. Whether an author has published one book or ten, success requires diligence, dedication, and focus. We don’t know all the answers, but we are learning who to ask, who to listen to, and how best to use the tools available to sell BOOKS in today’s market. What worked last year or even last month may need tweaking. We’ve tried everything: Blogging, Interviews, Tweet Fests, Newsletter swaps, Raffle Copters, Facebook events, Amazon Giveaways and promoting our titles free and discounted. Read the blogs to discover what works for us–or doesn’t.

Accent on Romance is a newsletter  for  fans and readers. Published when eNovel has something wonderful to offer you such as free and discounted books, new releases and often:  Rafflecopters offering Gift Cards/books and other swag.  eHow for authors is posted on our blog pages right here. 
eNovel is free. No dues. If you’re interested in membership, message any member or Jackie Weger. Email us at enovaaw@gmail.com   eNovel Authors at Work is not for every indie author. We know it. We also know from our collective experience that it takes a new indie author at least a year to learn the ropes of indie authorship. It is not easy and it is a ton of work.  Please visit our blog often.  Every page offers tips and our experiences. Most of our members are exclusive to Amazon. Some savvy members publish wide, but most of us have found it is easier to learn the ropes of indie authorship by working within Amazon Select before moving a book on all other sales venues.  A fact few won’t admit or tell you:

No book sells without promotion.

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I’m Jackie Weger, Founder of eNovel Authors at Work. In June of 2013, I was new. I didn’t know any indie authors. By the end of the year, I formed eNovel Authors at Work, invited colleagues whose books I enjoyed to join me and here we are~networking like fiends with an aggregate of above 500,000 Twitter followers and learning from one another. Every author brings some talent, some knowledge to the table. It works. eNovel does not teach aspiring authors how to create. We get the word out about our books and promotions.  We do not trade reviews. We are NOT a review site.

We have learned to vet promoters. If you see a mention of a promoter on this site, some, or all of us have used it with success. Promoters cannot buy a mention on eNovel.  Nor can service providers such as editors, cover artists or  formatters find their way onto our Useful Links page unless a member has used the service with success.

P.S. I never like to sign off without sharing this: The single loudest lament one hears from new indie authors is a lack of  book reviews. Here is how savvy eNovel Authors at Work gathers organic reviews.

We put this gentle plea after THE END in all of our books.

Thank you for taking the time to read [title]. If you enjoyed it, please consider telling your friends or posting a short review. Word of mouth is an author’s best friend and much appreciated. Thank you, [author name].

Yes, it works. In the past four + years readers have kindly posted above 13,060 organic reviews on eNovel Authors at Work  titles.

Before you leave our site, do take a few minutes to  click on our drop down menu: Blog. Read an article or two and browse our author pages. If you become a member, these writers could one day be your colleagues. How nice is that? Have questions? Ask. I’d like to add a little common sense goes a long way. When you email eNovel Authors at Work , tell us your name; include link to your Amazon author page. A query that says: Hey! How do I join? gets deleted. Sign your name! Otherwise, I may just email right back and ask: Who are you? Or, I might not.  


©Jackie Weger 2016 Updated August 2018. Comments Welcome. Be nice. If you can’t be nice, be articulate. We are always learning. Love for you to add to the discussion.


  1. Thank you, Carolyn Steele, for making eNovel Authors at work such a beautiful website! Your talents and your efforts are much appreciated.

    Proud to be here,

    • Susan Tarr says:

      I agree totally with Linda. This is a glorious website. So very interesting! I could spend hours on here. I am grateful to be a part of this wonderful group, enovels.

  2. Rich Meyer says:

    Great looking buncha books you got there!

    And what a wonderful job Carolyn Steele did on this website! That’s how a pro makes ’em look … slick and easy! 🙂

  3. Mary says:

    Great website, Carolyn, well done. It looks really good.

  4. Carolyn, I am so proud to have my book presented on this wonderful website that you have produced. To say thank you for such a visually stunning website hardly seems enough. Your technical skills are amazing to me!
    Thank you! Thank you!

  5. Julie Frayn says:

    The site looks wonderful! Thanks, Carolyn Steele, for all your hard work and talent. 🙂

  6. Donna Fasano says:

    Carolyn, you do beautiful work! Bravo!

  7. Lisa says:

    Thanks so much Carolyn. As usual you work is meticulous!

  8. Wow! You’ve done such a beautiful job, Carolyn! I’m honored to be here. Many, many thanks!

  9. Joanne Hill says:

    I love it, Carolyn – thank you so much! So pleased to be part of this gang and this website.

  10. Sarah Lane says:

    Pulling together a website can take an enormous amount of time and energy. So, thank you Carolyn–your efforts are most appreciated!

  11. Carole McKee says:

    This site is wonderful. Really nice job, Carolyn. Thank you.

  12. ?wazithinkin says:

    Very nice looking website! 😀

  13. Carole McKee says:

    Very nice looking! Those book titles are pulling at me.

  14. Wendy says:

    I am so happy to have made it finally and the site does look absolutely gorgeous. I am double privileged i have to tell you, to also be representing some you the brilliant minds of eNovel Authors at Work. I must say…that March Book Frenzy banner looks supper fierce up there. Great minds!!! xo

  15. Carole McKee says:

    Thank you for this terrific site, Carolyn. It’s a great place to visit and a great place to be part of. Loving it!

  16. The site looks great! 🙂

    And what a great collection of books! Thank you, Jackie, for pointing me to it!

  17. Maria Behar says:

    I’m very happy and excited to be participating in this hop. Also, I’m VERY glad that some of the books are available in print, as well as in Kindle editions. (I wish ALL of them were available in print.) That’s because I’m a diehard bibliophile! To me, printed books are SO special!

    Your novel, “Flaps Down”, is now on my Amazon contemporary romance wish list, as well as on my Goodreads TBR shelves. Of course, I’m referring to the paperback edition!

    Thanks for stopping by my blog and commenting on my March Book Frenzy post. I especially appreciate your compliment about my blog! Since my favorite color is blue, I decided to spread it all over the design! Lol. : )

  18. Wonderful group of authors – I am delighted to be apart of your tour. May you experience increase and abundant blessings with your work now and in the future.

  19. Jackie Weger says:

    Stacy! Thank you so much for stopping by. We are all excited to have our books featured on <a href="Victorious Reviews and Promotions

    Jackie Weger

  20. Thanks so much for making my books shine, Carolyn – and for the pointers. I’m excited to be a part of this group!

  21. Jenny Harper says:

    I came across this site when a friend posted the link to your recent tour. I love the concept! I go to a writers’ retreat with exactly the same philosophy – pay it forward. We all need to support each other – I’ve found that really useful since becoming an indie. And the books are delightfully varied!

  22. What a wonderful way to wake up on a Sunday morning, to find myself on this website with other authors.
    Hope we can share a few tips along the way.
    And it’s wonderful to be amongst different people. Not that I’m complaining about the authors I already know but it seems we follow each other about and don’t meet new people with new followers.

    • Jackie Weger says:

      Kristine! We are happy to have you. Every new author friend expands our readership. It is the key to putting our books in front of new readers. ‘We love having you on eNovel Authors at Work. Stop in often!
      We like to hear from our authors.

      Jackie Weger

  23. Neil Ostroff says:

    So happy to be a part of this group.

  24. Jenny Harper says:

    I’m really excited to have joined this group – thanks for making me feel welcome! I’m already enjoying looking through the varied books you all write.

  25. Joe B Parr says:

    Jackie and gang,

    Thanks for allowing me to become part of this team. I look forward to getting to know each of you and your books.

  26. Jackie, I love the new cover of THE RELUCTANT HERO! It’s an 11 out of 10! 😀

    • Jackie Weger says:

      Thank you, Lorrie! That poor book has been through the wringer, trying to get title and cover right. Our indie universe is a massive learning curve. I love the bit where we are not stuck with something that doesn’t work.

  27. Just finished reading my first book for RaveReviews, three days too late! Really must remember that the world has a timetable and that I am part of the world. Now I work from home I never know what day it is!!
    Good book, though. Ambien Ligh by Lorraine Adair.

  28. Great looking site. Very professionally done. I look forward to being an eNovel Author at Work.


  29. I’ve been trying to give myself a break, but I woke up this morning with ideas crowding my head so I guess a writer never really switches off. So come Monday I will stop pretending I’m on holiday and get on with some work.

  30. Love this website already. Can’t wait to do my part in paying forward. Hope to meet readers and writers here. Wishing everyone luck and success.

  31. What a beautifully presented site and a wonderful concept. Glad I stumbled on you here 🙂 I’m sure I’ll learn a lot and discover some great authors. xx

  32. Shawn Reilly says:

    I am so glad I found this site. The books represented above look awesome. The concept is wonderful. I am excited to se if I can get involved. So you’ll probably be hearing from me soon.

  33. Great idea, I’d love to belong. But you only promote books that are free or 99c. There are a lot of sites willing to promote authors who are happy to give away something they’ve worked years to create. I would love to see a group dedicated to helping authors who actually believe their book is worth something.

    • Jackie Weger says:

      Thank you for stopping by and having your say, Jane Ann McLachlan. Actually, eNovel Authors at Work is a by invitation only group. We do have a submissions page with a list of tasks applicants must complete before we invite them and promote their titles. This group is first and foremost all about the BOOK and Paying it Forward–whether a book is priced or not. New indie and novice indie authors must complete those tasks, otherwise they are not in a position to Pay it Forward–all they can do is take. Members of eNovel Authors at Work decide to price their books or not–that is author’s choice. We educate, provide tools, and try dispel myths. As far as starting a group dedicated to helping authors who actually believe their books is worth something–YOU do it. Nothing is stopping you. I saw a need, and started this group six months ago. That is how it came into being. Every member is a volunteer from our Webmaster to our Resident Reviewer and Publicist. Unpaid. We volunteer hours upon hours of our time and talents. We reach out to our indie community.

  34. Jackie I can’t tell you how right you are!!! You nailed it. I can’t add anything more to that. What an awesome group of people here. Trust me authors… I only write reviews, but I wish so badly I had someone that would have taken me under their wing and given me some sage advice that came from vast experience and didn’t charge me for it. You are blessed, really! That is what this group is all about. The pitfalls and mistakes you are avoiding by being here are priceless and the advice on what works best will follow you all through your career as an author. I love the pay if forward motto!! If you don’t like it… well, it’s your loss.
    Forgive me, but since I’m not an author I can tell you that comment came off as very arrogant and it turned me off. Everyone thinks their book is worth something. Yes, much time was spent writing the book, but indies aren’t backed by big money. If you are a household name then maybe you can put the high price on your book and let it sell itself, but if your name isn’t on the tip of everyone’s tongue you might want to tone it down a notch. For the record the sites and groups dedicated to helping authors “who think their books are actually worth something” are called publishing houses. Just sayin’

    • Jackie Weger says:

      Julie! I love how you are just sayin’… My self worth is ingrained. Promoting my books on FREE does not diminish that one whit. I haven’t seen anything that says an author cannot promote a priced book. They just don’t do it. Mary Jane McLachlan has one fiction title priced at $2.99. She could promote it all over the Web. All of my fav sites are in Useful Links. Those sites are available to any author with the sense to tick the link. JackieWeger

  35. Hmmm . . . I can only speak for myself. And what I know is this: tonight I’m finishing up the most successful book promotion I’ve ever had. This is due to the tools and mentoring I gained here at eNovel Authors at Work. (Will post stats tomorrow.) I was floundering before. Now I know what to do and how to do it right. You can price a book from a buck to well, the sky’s the limit, but if those books aren’t selling? You do the math. If you’re willing to learn and put in the hard work, pay it forward (so important), you won’t find a better group of writers to support you. I’ll be paying it forward when a friend from “across the pond” has the first promo for his latest release in a few weeks.

    Meanwhile, I’ll keep on learning.

    Sharon Pennington

    • Jackie Weger says:

      Thank you! Sharon. I can’t wait to learn how successful your promotion was and you were. And always will be–because you worked it. Readers and book buyers are out there–we just have to let them know our books are available.
      The single thing I have learned in the past year is that indie authors are often their own “gate keepers.” They hoard their books and their grievances, keeping safe harbor against the reading public–who may or may not believe those books are “worth something”.


  36. Nate Fleming says:

    Great website! It’s a tough row to hoe, this self-publishing business, and it does seem like the best way to succeed is by working together. Thank you for being a great place to do that!

    Nate Fleming

    • Jackie Weger says:

      Hello! Nate–you are welcome and thank you for stopping by. You don’t have to be a member to take advantage of the info in the articles and our Useful Links. You will also find info in the comments on our Author pages. What we know and learn–we post. Where we promote our books, we post. There is no trick or secret to our authors successes. We work it!

  37. Whew! I’m feeling a little attacked, here. I started my comment with “Great idea! I’d love to belong” and end up being sneered at for having one indie book and told, “YOU do it” and an implied accusation that I don’t help others, I just want to take without giving anything.

    C’mon guys. You don’t even know me. I read a lot of books, indie and trad, and enthusiastically review all but the rare book I don’t care for – and those I don’t mention at all, because I don’t want to hurt another author. I’ve critiqued books free for new writers, given free writing workshops to small writers’ groups, and donated all the proceeds from my first trad pub book to Third World Relief. I help anyone I can in any way I can, and I don’t do this because I’m “paying it forward” in the hopes it’ll pay off for me later – I do it because helping others is just the right way to live.

    This looks like a great site and a great idea – as I said before getting slammed here – and I still think so. Anyone who tries to help others is good by me. But the first thing I saw on your welcome page is: “eNovel Authors will only land in your mailbox when a good book is free, 99 cents or a special deal.” And I sighed and thought, why doesn’t any site promote books that are priced to at least give the authors their 70%, just because they’re good books? Is 2.99 too much to ask for a 100,000 word novel, edited and polished over years?

    As for Julie’s comment, “the sites and groups dedicated to helping authors “who think their books are actually worth something” are called publishing houses.” Isn’t that sad? Do you really think indies should only expect to be treated like their book is worth something if they go through a publishing house? (her words not mine). I think publishing is changing. I think indies have a right to be be proud of what they do. I know there are lousy trad pub books out there, and great self-published books that are as good as anything published by a publishing house.

    Jackie, I’ll say it again: Great site, great idea.
    I’m truly sorry all you saw in my comment was a personal criticism. None was intended, I assure you. I appreciate all the time a project like this takes, and your willingness to do it to be of help to others. Best of luck in your writing.

    • Admin says:

      Hello Jane Ann, Carolyn the webmistress here. If you have a look at the books on the slider, and browse some of the author pages, you will find books marketed at all manner of prices. We offer authors a free shop window here at eNovel and their decision to discount on not is a personal one. There was recently a discussion on our blog about the value or not of offering books free and we came to the conclusion that it can be great for visibility…but we are not a site that only promotes these. Our authors sometimes join together to work blog tours and they can discount their books then, or not. Our newsletter alerts subscribers to deals however, since we don’t want to bombard people with emails, we prefer them to read the website. After the many many hours of work to make this site as efficient as possible and to garner a terrific amount of traffic it does bug us slightly when people appear to criticise without reading it. We have had a misunderstanding maybe, but we are not a site that promotes discounted books. We are a site that promotes authors.

    • Jackie Weger says:

      Jane, I’m laffin’ because you nailed it. You said: “You don’t know me.” One of the things I encourage eNovellers to do is to “know who you’re talking to.”
      Thus, before I responded to you I Googled you. Had to do that because you don’t have any SOE links in your Amazon author page. Another little gem I insist eNovellers do. So! I know you wrote college text books. I know you have a fiction SciFi series titled Walls of Wind. Book 1 is 76 pages, Book 2 is 98 pages and Book 3 is 129 pages and you priced them at 99¢, $1.99 and $1.99.

      So, yes! You did strike a chord. You don’t know me or our authors. But–you could have. All of my indie titles are priced at $2.99. I sometimes promote them FREE and at 99¢. Right now, I’m promoting them at $2.99-and have sold $4000 worth in 28 days at that price. Readers do not fall into our laps. I encourage authors to promote their titles as far as their budgets will allow.

      We are not being unkind or sneering at you–we just wanted to set the record straight because we hear the lament all the time that readers won’t buy a priced book. They do. But they don’t buy them if they can’t find them. We have to take our books to the reader. In Useful Links on this site you will find many sites that promote books at $2.99. I use them all. And, many more that would be happy to promote your 99¢ title. Go for it!

      And as our Webmaster mentioned, Do take a few minutes to read the article on Authors Spew Vitriol about FREE books. It’s well researched and an eye-opener.


  38. Thanks for responding, Carolyn & Jackie.
    “Hoist by my own petard” as Shakespeare put it. I claim you don’t know me, but I sent off a comment about you before fully checking out your site. You are right, I was mistaken and apologize. I’m under deadlines right now, which is why I didn’t take the time, but that’s no excuse.

    Let’s start over. I obviously have a lot to learn (like SOE links on my authors’ page) And you obviously know lots about being successful at this.
    So for now I’ll follow you, and if there’s anything else I can do for you, you have my email, so let me know.
    Jane Ann

  39. First off, I was afraid that my comment about publishing houses could be misconstrued. I probably worded that wrong, but that is not the way I meant it to sound.

    All I meant was the folks out there with big money behind them have someone out there doing the leg work for them. Indies rarely have that luxury. Indies often make massive mistakes by being scammed etc. So, this site takes those folks under it’s wing and helps them sidestep pitfalls and gives advice on how to market their book to sell. But, in this climate all authors are having to do a little self promoting. Still, with millions of books out there the reader can be overwhelmed with choices.

    Personally, $2.99 is a great bargain for a book and I don’t mind paying that at all. But, if I come across an author I have never heard of I might decide not to risk it if the price is too high. In fact the other day a more established author had a 57 page book on Amazon for 2.99. I passed. However, promos on books are done by everyone now, even well established authors with big publishers offer books as low as $1.99. I’ve purchased books priced over 5.00 and have been disappointed and then purchased a book for 99 cents and loved it. Just because the book is on sale doesn’t mean it has to stay that price. You can get a few reviews going that are positive and try raising the price a little to see if your sales continue on a steady pace after you do. So, the point I wanted to make was that publishing houses do a lot of the promo work for authors that command a higher price. A contracted author isn’t in the same boat as an indie.

    I think we all learned something from this. Have your ducks all lined up in a row before you go off on a rant. Often we rush to judgment without all the facts and this is how opportunities are missed and work relationships are broken and feelings get hurt. I think I’ll file this experience away and remember to practice what I preach! LOL!

    • Jackie Weger says:

      Julie: This has been a fabulous learning experience for all of us. I like a good discussion or debate. What happens is indie authors cry foul when their books aren’t selling. They spread that message. However, the book isn’t selling because it isn’t promoted. And if it is promoted and not selling–something is wrong with book: The blurb often, the cover usually. And oft times, formatting or badly composed text. Reviews tell that tale as you well know. Savvy authors repair their books. I have promoted two titles successfully and a third–not. The cover held it back–twice. I’m hoping the third cover adds the magic. I’ll know in a couple of months.
      Mary Jane graciously folded and she won’t be taken in by the next indie author who spews complaints about no sales, books and prices. We’ve put that baby to bed.


    • Yes, I agree Julie, every author has to promote his/her books these days, whether trad or self published. And often that does include offering free samples so people will try you out. I did a 3-day free and it did boost my sales. Now I have to try other things. The Kindle countdown deal didn’t work at all. My current focus, however, is to get more books written and published. When I have 9-10, then I’ll go more seriously into promotions. Always balancing time.

      • Jackie Weger says:

        That’s it! Time! Kindle Countdown Deals have to be worked harder and with more lead time than a Bookbub promo–no lie. KCD can run 7 days and the author has got to be dedicated to those seven days. Okay! I’ll have to write an article on that to give our authors a head’s up. Sharon Pennington just came off of a successful KCD. She’ll post what she did and the results on her Author page soon. Keep an eye out.

        Follow me on Twitter: JackieWeger

  40. So nice to find this site (thanks to Jackie). I hope to learn and share what I can with the rest of the gang.

    Peter Palmieri
    The Art of Forgetting

  41. It is so awesome to find a site like this. I just recently self-published my first novel, so it is phenomenal to find a place where other authors come to congregate. I’ve been stumbling upon answers to questions I didn’t know I had until a week ago, so to find a place where others have had similar experiences and questions is great. Can’t wait to meet everybody.

    – JB Von Preysing

    • Jackie Weger says:

      JB! Thank you for visiting. If you have tie to read the articles archived, you can pick up a lot of info that is helpful. Sometimes the gems are in the comments!Do make use of our Useful Links Pages. We like to know who we are doing business with. You will find the promoters we trust and do what the say. “Soe offer exposure, some sell our books.
      Don’t be a stranger!
      Good luck with your book.

  42. Dale Furse says:

    This is a fantastic site. Looks great, easy to navigate and full of information. Congratulations to everyone who contributed. Will now wander off and read more. 🙂

  43. Hi to all – Administrators, Authors, and Readers
    I just found this site, have bookmarked it and will be checking in again.
    Expect to be hearing more from me.

  44. Jackie Weger says:

    Hello, Bronwyn: I’m Jackie Weger, the founder of eNovel Authors at Work and our lovely site is kept together by Amy Vansant. Now–you know who you are talking to–which is always important in our indie universe. You can meet our authors by checking their pages. Many of us post the results of our promotions, FREE and paid in comments. You can learn a lot by just checking our submission guidelines–all of which has to happen for an indie author to be successful. Thank you for stopping by. Don’t be a stranger.

  45. Marcha Fox says:

    What a wonderfully informative site! I’m an Indie author who is still stumbling through the marketing labyrinth and welcome all the help I can get. The article on book blurbs was helpful but I’d love to hear about what we should do as opposed to not do. For me it’s easier to write the book than the blurb! I would love to get involved since your group looks like what I’ve been looking for. I love helping other authors and interview them for my blog all the time as well as do reciprocal reviews. I’m pretty good at grammar and editing. I’d love to join!

  46. Lathish Shankar says:

    Glad that I’ve found this site! Hoping for a wonderful experience here… thanks a lot!

  47. Jeff Shear says:

    My friend, author Pete Barber, put me on to the webpage. (Thanks Pete!) Like everyone else who’s commented, I find the blog invigorating. But, I’m also commenting a bit impishly, because I think I’m the 80th commenter and I love round numbers. In any case, the site is delightful and useful to have available in this gold rush of ink and pixels!

  48. It’s a pleasure and a privilege to be part of eNovel Authors at Work!

  49. Ian Thompson says:

    Just discovered your website via twitter. Really interesting and well-designed.

  50. Such a great website. Glad to be part of the team.

  51. Tonja Drecker says:

    A lovely site with such a wonderful purpose. Congrats!

  52. eNovelAuthorsatWork has made such a tremendous difference to me! Thanks to amazing suggestions and input from so many gifted and experienced authors, especially Jackie Weger, I’ve found promo sites that have brought excellent returns: Bookbub, eReader News Today, Choosy Bookworm, The Fussy Librarian, PeopleReads, and more! On May 3, 2015, the day Bookbub promoted my book The Guardian’s Angel, here were the stats:
    Amazon Best Sellers Rank: #210 Paid in Kindle Store
    #1 in Kindle Store > Kindle eBooks > Romance > Paranormal > Psychics
    #8 in Books > Romance > Paranormal
    #77 in Kindle Store > Kindle eBooks > Romance > Contemporary
    By May 5, when some of the other promos had begun and several days were still left in the Kindle Countdown Deal (99¢ US), I had sold 765 copies of The Guardian’s Angel. This more than paid for the promotions, and I’m very happy indeed!

  53. Kristen Pham says:

    Just found this site after you visited mine and love the mission here. This is a great resource and I will definitely be back. 🙂

  54. Millie Corle says:

    I can’t wait to read some of these books, whether I win any ,or not. Thank you for the honor of at least trying to win. Thank you!

  55. Nick Tory says:

    So glad to be connected with the enovelauthors group. Such a genuine and talented group of people!

  56. IPamela says:

    Good I was linked to this site. Really love the work done here…it motivates me as an indie author.

  57. What I consistently learn from Jackie and this group is priceless.

  58. Just found your group. You sound amazing! Hubby is taking me out for lunch, but when I get back I’m going to read all about enovelauthors.com.

  59. This sounds like a great resource for people new to indie publishing. Thanks to all who make it work.

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