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With more than 30 years of lawyering under her belt, and now retired from the practice of law, Anne Kennison describes herself as a “recovering attorney.” Anne’s unique plot twists come from a fertile imagination honed by those years of experience. When Anne’s not writing, she dabbles in photography, makes scrapbooks for her two granddaughters, travels with her husband, and spends time with the grandkids. Anne lives in Richmond, Virginia, with her husband Dale and two Ragdoll cats, Grady and Elliott.

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Named best new Thriller. Review rate: 4.8/5.0. Folks~That’s a book!

Death by Romance

Dubbed Best New Mystery & Thriller author 2015 by  Best

“[T]he final twist made perfect sense when it happened but at no point did I see it coming. I was as confused as the detective, wondering if he had the right guy or if it was this guy or maybe that woman….it was great!” Geneva Handleman,  on Amazon

“This is a well-written mystery novel that will stump even the most dedicated armchair sleuths. Death by Romance is expertly crafted with each chapter heightening the suspense and intrigue. As the suspect pool deepens, so does the entertainment factor. Some may be tempted to cheat and skip to the end. Don’t. Enjoy the mysterious ride all the way. Maybe you’ll solve the mystery before Detective Hamlin.”  T.B. Markinson, SPR Reviews

A dead businessman and philanthropist . . .

When Gordon Taylor is murdered, it falls in the lap of soon-to-retire Detective Ryan Hamlin to find the murderer. But he has no clues and no leads.

A “perfectly legal” scheme that goes terribly wrong . . .



Second stand-alone Thriller in the “Death By…” series authored by retired lawyer Anne Kennison.

Detective Ryan Hamlin, a favorite sleuth,  just can’t  catch a break in his retirement. Murder happens and this time, it’s close to home.

“Another winner by talented indie author, Anne Kennison. The twists and turns keep you on the edge. Never mind about trying to guess the culprit. You won’t.” ~ reader.

“Love this guy!…[Ryan Hamlin] hope the series just keeps going.” ~ reader.

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