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Aurora Springer was born in the U.K. of Irish and Polish parents, which makes her a good American. She lives in Atlanta with her husband, one dog and two cats. She is an avid reader and has been composing Science Fiction and Fantasy stories since childhood. She has a doctorate in molecular biophysics and a day job in academia where she works with crystals. Her ambition is to boldly discover the secrets of life and create new worlds. In her spare time, she enjoys hiking, boating and painting.


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Grand Master’s Pawn – Book 1 in the Grand Masters’ Galaxy

One young woman challenges the secret rulers of the galaxy and finds an impossible love.

Young empath, Violet Hunter, dreams of exploring exotic planets as a Grand Master’s pawn. Breaks in the teleportal network threaten countless lives, and suspicions point to the twelve Grand Masters. Violet must penetrate their curtain of secrecy to identify the culprit. Her challenges escalate when she meets the enigmatic man behind the griffin avatar. She plunges into a world of deadly intrigues and risks a perilous love. Armed with only her erratic powers and a mishmash of allies, she must battle the most powerful beings in the galaxy.

Science fiction adventure and romance. Explore space and meet alien creatures that slither, rattle and fly. Enter a universe where psychic powers are real. Teleport across a galaxy ruled by the mysterious Council of contentious Grand Masters.

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Super Starrella – Book 1 of the Secret Supers

Teen superhero, Starrella, and her flying horse combat vicious killers in the skies of Atalanta.

The quiet summer before her freshman year turns frighteningly weird after Estelle Wright trespasses onto an Army base. Blown into the air and knocked unconscious, she wakes with a nascent superpower. Not to mention a winged horse with a snarky attitude and a mind of her own.

Back home in Atalanta, a serial killer is targeting the students at Goldman University. Before long she must juggle college classes with sneaking out of the house after dark to battle alien monsters. Estelle’s life is in danger, but who can she trust: handsome Captain Copper from military intelligence, or hunky Toby, the tough gangster with a motorbike? Both men have secret agendas, but falling in love is not in their plans.

Young adult superheroes, quirky animal sidekicks, and a dash of romance enliven this thrilling adventure.

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The Lady is Blue – Book 1 of Atrapako on Eden

What color are your scales? Intrepid scientist solves mystery of scaly aliens.

Dr. Lucy Stannis leads a quiet life as the chief biologist in the remote human colony on Eden, until an alien vessel makes first contact with the colonists. She is thrilled to meet the spaceship captain, the impressive Blue, Sa Kamizan Veedak, despite the scaled bodies and sharp claws of the formidable Atrapako. Conflicts arise, threatening the whole colony as well as Lucy’s tenuous friendship with Sa Kamizan. Lucy must employ all her skills to discover their secret and save the colony.

If you like feisty heroines and mysteries where deceptions abound, then you’ll enjoy this science fiction adventure with a surprise twist at the end. Start this tale of culture clash and sweet romance today.

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Europa – Book 1 in Taxyon Space

What alien creatures lurk under the icy surface of Europa?

Dr. Nikki Bell’s plan to discover intelligent life hits a rocky start when her spaceship crashes on the icy surface of Europa. Seconds before she blacks out, she spies a man’s face in the water beneath the ice. When she wakes on the submarine Station, nobody believes her story. Convinced the mysterious stranger saved her life, Nikki searches for him while she explores the ocean and its alien inhabitants.

Kiron Arqin Ramis chose exile as a Watcher on a remote outpost to redeem his family’s honor. He never expected to find an attractive Earther woman close to death. He violates the prime policy by rescuing her. Despite suffering the penalty, he strives to warn her about his hostile leaders.

Nikki’s unexpected meeting with Kiron triggers a chain of disasters in Europa’s perilous oceans. Can the daredevil scientist and scarred Watcher forge a new alliance despite their people’s antagonism?

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A Tale of Two Colonies

Fight for freedom. Fight to survive – For refugees from an overcrowded Earth, dreams of a better life on an alien planet transform into a terrifying battle for survival.

Nothing will stand in the way of Tiger Lily’s dream of escaping the subterranean slums of Terra and visiting the stars. She enters the fierce competition for a place in the scout team on the next spaceship to the remote planet of Delta, where an earlier colony disappeared. Before the ship departs, the arrival of a mysterious message from Delta suggests that the descendants of the first colonists may have survived.

A risky mission to seek the lost colony exposes the scouts to unexpected attacks, and they encounter a grim warrior in the isolated valley. Has Tiger Lily met her match in the tortured man? Is he leading them to safety or further danger? And who are the real rulers of this strange world?

Do you enjoy exciting adventures with alien encounters? Do you like your science fiction with a dash of romance? Read A Tale of Two Colonies, a story of betrayal, survival and hope.

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Captured by the Hawk

Spaceships crash across the galaxy in the comic mishaps of spy Grey Kat and pirate Black Hawk – A Science Fiction Novella.

Intrepid spy, Grey Kat, is escaping though Hassam Space Port with key codes stolen from the Emperor’s Revenge when she is trapped by the notorious pirate, Black Hawk. He persuades her to assist in his next piracy attempt, and they are thrust into a series of mishaps, dashing across the galaxy to avoid the Emperor’s ships. While dodging pursuit, Kat struggles to uncover the secret hidden behind Black Hawk’s mask before she suffers the tragic fate of his unfortunate wife.

If you enjoy space opera with fast-paced action, mystery and sweet romance, grab a copy of Captured by the Hawk.

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