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Written By: Jackie Weger - Sep• 24•18


eNovel Authors at Work has a plethora of authors, all accomplished, all writing stories from the depths of their souls, whether the books are sweet romances, cozy mysteries, stories full of wit and humor, or books that sometimes delve into the shadows of life. Some books will make you happy, some make you cry and a few will make you say: Whoa! I’ve picked a few favorites to share with you.  You might call these hidden gems, or buried gold. Not gonna find them unless you dig ’em out from beneath the surface.  I’m starting you off with Barbara Plum’s The Dispensable Wife.

Three children. An ailing father. No work history for the past fifteen years. No friends. No money. Despair keeps AnnaSophia shackled to a charismatic wolf in designer clothing. She has no hope to escape his hold. In a divorce, he’ll take the kids and let her father die. Every day, she lives in dread of igniting Michael’s short fuse. When he shows up at the coffee shop, she fears for her yoga instructor’s life as well as for her own. His revenge is surprisingly mild. Then, she learns of the murder of the girl in the coffee shop . . . Read this noir mystery FREE with Kindle Unlimited.

What readers are saying…

Too bad Alfred Hitchcock is no longer alive. He would have made a great movie based on this cat and mouse game.

Who is gonna win? Based on adultery and domestic violence written in a witty tone.   Interesting to see the wit game engaged by both husband and wife. When the theme started getting darker and more intriguing, I was eager to find who outwits the other.

Now, introducing you to Cynthia Pratt and a completely different kind of novel.  A Fantasy of  Greek Myths and Monsters with a charming, funny and witty hero for hire, Eno the Thracian. The king hires Eno to rid his kingdom of a harpy ~and I’m not talking about the endangered eagle of Central America. You won’t skip a page in this book.  99c on Amazon.

What readers are saying…

A highly entertaining, cracking good story! Eno escapes one peril only to be greeted with another.

Witty, chock-full of pithy, wise sayings and observations, and inventive in both plot and subplots, Hero for Hire is an extremely well-written novel of Greek-hero style adventure. For grown ups.


Now I’m taking you to meet Phoebe Matthews. Here’s the odd fact. Until I gathered together this great selection of authors, I had not read fantasy, gothic, noir or vampire. I got through about five pages of Interview with a Vampire, shuddered, and never opened the book again, because I love New Orleans, spend a lot of time there and I don’t want to be looking over my shoulder while I’m having cafe au lait at the Cafe Du Monde in the old spice market. No! Phoebe does me the kindness of creating her vampire series, Mudflat Magic at the ‘corner of Seattle and Otherworld.’  Phoebe writes wit and humor. Have a cutie character who’s gonna die soon but wants to live? Hey. Go Vampire! That works. The first in the series Tyrant Trouble is free.

What readers are saying…

To stay alive Claire goes camping  to hide from her boyfriend. But something happens and the people she meets are not your everyday people. She thinks they do reenactments. Umm, no. The clothes are strange. The food is strange. Claire is not home.

Absolutely enjoyed every page of this book and gladly took the journey of page flipping to see what conclusion faces Claire and Tarik. ~ A great little book! Fast paced, tight plot and complex characters! It is such a unique and different story that I just had to give 5*s.

In Texas we have a few signs and sayings…one is Keep out. Dog is friendly. Owner Ain’t. Another is: Don’t give fools the bullets to shoot you with. So, I’m just gonna add the titles of books I especially like here in the space I have left with links to buy pages. But I could easily list a hundred.     A Better Place to Be: Based on the Harry Chapin Song. In The Blood of the Greeks. Donkey Boy and Other Stories. Count The Roses.

Weger books in rented cottage Kihei-Beach, Hawaii

Count The Roses at a Seaside Restaurant in the Greek Isles. Food looks great

Getting Fed

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  1. Alexa Dare says:

    Great selections! Thanks for sharing!

  2. Robyn M Ryan says:

    Many more for my TBR! Thanks, Jackie!

  3. Donna Fasano (@DonnaFaz) says:

    Wonderful books from wonderful authors!

  4. Looks like a great choice! Thanks for sharing 🙂

  5. Gee, eNovelAuthors really work hard – it’s difficult to keep up with their books. And they’re all good.
    Bronwyn Elsmore, author of Every Five Minutes, and more

  6. Some great fall reading choices. Thanks for the recommends!

  7. P. C. Zick says:

    Nice! My list to read just grew longer.

  8. Awesome picks! Thank you for the recommendations, and I love the photos at the end 🙂

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