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Chris Lowrie was born in the middle of a blizzard on December 21, 1948 in Albany, New York. She’s been living a novel ever since.

She was published for the first time at age eight. It was an award winning poem called, “The Cowboy” and it was published in the Herald Journal newspaper in Syracuse. Her first fiction story, written a year later, was the story of an alien invasion. She’s now created a new genre she calls “true fiction”; that is, stories that read like fiction but are straight out of her life experience.

After graduating from Hobart and William Smith College in New York’s Finger Lakes region with a degree in English and creative writing, Chris trained in marketing management with the Sheraton Corporation and moved to the Boston area. After 15 years in the for-profit industry, graduate studies in social work changed her perspective on the world, and she has spent the last 25 years as the executive director of various nonprofit organizations that offer assistance and resources to low and moderate income families.


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The Promise of Protection

In this memoir, Celeste tells the true story of her life in the Federal witness protection program. On the run from the mafia, this mother of two must choose a new name, a new identity, even a new career, and cut all ties with her past.

Written in an engaging and witty style, “The Promise of Protection” details the author’s life and romance with a man tied to the Irish mob, the dark days living under the threat of death and her subsequent escape from Boston. It showcases a woman’s courage to give up everything, and remake a life anew.


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