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David Wind loves to write Sci-Fi Fantasy and Suspense Thrillers and has published thirty-five novels.  He lives and writes in a small village outside NYC, and shares his house with his wife, Bonnie and dog Alfie. When he’s not writing, he’s either cooking, researching or meeting his readers via social media.

David’s novel, Angels In Mourning won the Amazon Reader’s Choice Book Award for book of the month.  Queen of Knights, a historical Fantasy, reached #2 on the Amazon Historical Fantasy and Medieval Fantasy best seller lists. His 36th novel and the first in a series, Born To Magic, will be released in February 2015.

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A Better Place to Be

“I doubt there’s a person alive who cannot relate to this…it’s like nothing I’ve ever read or am likely to read again.” J.L. Redding

“It’s a good story of a life that goes off the rails…” Big Al, Books & Pals book blog

John and Claire Edghes have a wonderful marriage. John is a sweet and likeable man, whose love for his wife is unquestionable, as is her love for him. But when life deals John a devastating blow, as happens to far too many people, and his wife is taken from him, John’s life corkscrews into an overwhelming and agonizing journey to the bottom of life. There, in the darkness of his despair, a homeless drunk in trouble with the law, he wakes up one day in a rehab center, where he is pushed to look at what he has become.

Forced to face both his past and possible future, John must find the path to rise from the despairing quicksand and somehow manage to find a way to survive. The question is, without Claire, can he?


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Born to Magic – Tales of Nevaeh, Volume 1

Welcome to Nevaeh: a world where technology no longer exists, but magic does.

Long ago, a mythical nation known as ‘America’ died in the violence and radiation of the terrorist wars. Now their descendants dwell in a world of ritual and magic where ten dominions struggle for supremacy while a dark power rises to threaten them all. In Nevaeh, where men are blessed with great strength and women have both strength and psychic abilities, one woman has been chosen to be Nevaeh’s savior, Areenna—the only daughter of the King of Freemorn.

Barely eighteen, Areenna’s psychic abilities—her magic— are already stronger than that of most women. But when Areenna is called to The Island, a place where all women of psychic power must go, but from where only some return, she soon learns the fate of her world is in her hands. Accompanied by Mikaal, the son of the High King of Nevaeh, the two undertake a perilous journey to a place of great power, in an effort to save Nevaeh from the oncoming darkness, and these dark and evil forces will do everything in their power to stop Areenna from reaching her destination. Areenna’s journey is filled with unimaginable dangers as they cross through three of Nevaeh’s ten dominions, and through the haunted wastelands and badlands filled with the mutated survivors of the nuclear holocaust to fight their way to what will either claim both their lives or give them the powers to save their world.

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The Whistleblower’s Daughter

“…brilliant – I couldn’t put it down. What a cracking ending – one of the best suspense-thrillers I’ve ever read.” Anna Jacobs, best selling author of ‘Heir to Greyladies’ and ‘In Search of Hope’

Was it a Cure for Cancer, or Drug Company Greed?

Thousands are dead! Now the questions must be answered about the drug that was called the great cure for cancer! Two years after its release, thousands of cured patients inexplicitly died. The drug was recalled. Then came the questions, was it terrorist sabotage? Was it greed? Or, was it outright murder by an insane research scientist in retaliation against the pharmaceutical giant he worked and to avenge the death of his wife?

Only Kira Brockman, the whistleblower’s daughter, knows the truth about her father, and about his mysterious disappearance.

Everyone wants the Whistleblower: The FDA, Homeland Security, the Lawyers, and the FBI: Only Kira Brockman can prove that her father is not a murderer.



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Queen of Knights

“Historical fiction and fantasy… Outstanding!” Science Fiction Grand Master Andre Norton

Gwendolyn of Kildrake, a woman born with mystical powers and Miles DeLong one of England’s mightiest knightsbattle across the world to the Holy Land.   Betrayed by another knight, Miles is imprisoned by the mighty Saladin.  It takes all her mystical powers for Gwendolyn, in the guise of Sir Eldwin of Radstock, to lead the fight through the bloody Crusades and into to the very Court of Saladin.



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Angels in Mourning

“It takes a lot for a work of fiction to impress me but Angels did just that. David Wind has much respect for his readers and it shows.” Kelly Davis, reviewer, bookideas.com

Can a dead man tell a tale?

Early one morning, investigator Gabe Storm is summoned to an apartment by the NYPD. Storm learns his best friend, Scotty Granger, a Broadway producer, is dead. Police suggest Granger died in a botched burglary attempt. Unwilling to accept the NYPD’s take on the murder, Storm pursues the illusive killer into the underbelly of Broadway’s high finance, the dangerous world of pimps and gangsters and through the halls of the U.S. Senate where he learns how even a dead man cannot keep a secret.


  1. Jackie Weger says:

    Welcome David Wind to eNovel authors at Work. We are so happy to have you and your books. I read Cured and it is stellar! Five stars all the way.

    Pick up my newest release, No Perfect Destiny , on special for 99¢

  2. A warm welcome, David! We are now “connected” across social media as well as on Amazon.

  3. David,
    Welcome to eNovel! I’m so very impressed with your body of work. Great titles, wonderful covers. I’ve just Liked and Followed you everywhere. Look forward to getting to know you in the coming months.

  4. Dale Furse says:

    A big welcome to you, David. You books look sooo interesting. I’ll look forward to having a look as soon as I can. eNovel has a great bunch of friendly supportive humans. Have fun. 🙂

  5. Welcome to eNovels. You have an impressive array of titles.

  6. I’m very glad to meet you, David, and welcome to eNovelAuthorsatWork! Your books look terrific!

  7. Mimi Barbour says:

    Hi David, looking forward to getting to know you better and working with you in the future 🙂

  8. Welcome to eNovel my dear friend! Cured sounds amazing, well done for the blurb on that, made me want to dig in right away. Having had the honor to beta read your next gem, I am sure you’re going to make an even greater impression when this is out. I bet it is the one that makes the biggest splash. Keep an eye out, folks. It’s a scifi fantasy and it’s ENCHANTING!

  9. Welcome to eNovel, David. Just added your books to my Twitter feed. Sounds like great reading!

    Sharon Pennington

  10. Mike Markel says:

    Welcome to eNovAaW, David. You’ve written 34 books? I don’t think I’ve read that many. Be sure to tell us how it’s done.

  11. David Wind says:

    Thank you all for the warm welcome. Life’s been crazy these past few weeks so apologies for taking so long to respond


  12. David Wind says:

    Tomorrow is the day when Born To Magic is released and I want to thank all the ‘EnovelAuthorsatWork’ for their encouragement and support during this process, so…..


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