eBook Promoters ~ The Best & The Worst Part 2

Written By: Jackie Weger - May• 25•15

What makes a good promotion service?

Here is the answer: Results.

This the second in a series of articles about book promoters and promotion services for indie books.  In eNovel Authors at Work we tell it like it is. marketing-strategy-planIf you see a book promotion or author service on this site–we like it. We know who administers the site, we talk to them and we engage with those owners. We rate our promoters. We have a Preferred list. Some promoters are Above the Fold. They consistently perform. Some are Below the Fold. That does not mean they are second tier. We promote with them when our budgets allow in small promotions and always when we are Shooting the Moon. Some promo sites are super for  books priced FREE. Some are less so for books priced 99¢ in Kindle Countdown deals. When we promote a book priced FREE, we are looking for exposure and volume downloads. When we promote 99¢, we expect a Return on Investment (ROI).

Some promoters arrive at the bottom of our list and then fall by the wayside. Here is why: A site may charge $15 for a promotion and we see results for that price. But if a few weeks later the promoter doubles the price to $30 and has not grown its subscriber list to warrant the increase, the site may slip off our list.  We let you know. A few of our members will run beta tests, promoting with a single site and track the downloads in our KDP accounts. Easily done.

In eNovel, we don’t listen to authors who say, “Oh, I used that promoter, I sold a ton of books.” Huh? How many is a ton? We report actual figures. Here is a recap of a recent successful promotion by eNovel member Mary Smith in her very first FREE run. She snagged a Bookbub slot the first time

No More Mulberries

You will feel you have really got to know these people and will want to know what happens in their lives long after you’ve read the last chapter. ~ Joseph King AVP

she submitted No More Mulberries. Category: Literary.

How successful was this promotion? Once it returned to priced, Amazon tagged No More Mulberries a #1 Best Seller. Woot!

Snip it No more Mulberries

So, how does an author earn $$$ when a title is in a FREE promotion? Kindle Unlimited subscribers start borrowing the book. Some Amazon readers opt to buy. Some subscribers even tick borrow while the title is on FREE. No More Mulberries is gathering dozens of borrows a day and reviews are coming in. Mary Smith told me today, she already sees enough borrows to pay for all of the promotion she bought. Since the book is #1 Paid in Kindle Store, readers will continue to download the book for several weeks. That equals profit and a tidy royalty check.

Are you wondering how those reviews are starting to be posted so soon? Because Mary has this gem at the foot of her book right after The End:

Thank you for taking the time to read No More Mulberries. If you enjoyed it, please consider telling your friends or posting a short review. Word of mouth is an author’s best friend. Thank you, [author name].

Now, we know very well there are indie authors who will not put a book on FREE. Their reasoning: A book is an intellectual property and it has value. Here is what I say: An author can price at book for 99¢  or $4.99 or even $10.99.  But the book has NO $$$ value until somebody buys the thing, however one values one’s intellect.  Most members in eNovel Authors at Work are exclusive to Amazon. Some are not. Established authors are often successful selling across all venues. But! No indie book sells unless promoted, somewhere, somehow at some cost and reaches a reading audience. At last count, Amazon has  278 million active accounts. Globally, Amazon sells to 65% of the reading public. Just sayin’…

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All of the book promotion sites mentioned in this blog are Above the Fold. 

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ehow tip: For the neatest and cleanest link to your Book’s buy page to post on FaceBook pages and submit to promoters, do this: Visit your book page on Amazon. On the far right hand side you will see SEO icons for Twitter, etc. One is an email icon. Tick it and a perfect short link pops up for you to copy and paste.

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  1. Brilliant that Mary Smith did so well. Certainly pays to go free. You get great reviews, new readers for your other novels and fabulous exposure. Great work Mary Smith.

  2. Susan Tarr says:

    Wonderful news, Mary. I am following your meteoric rise closely. Fabulous that you went FREE!

  3. This is such a great article! Thank you – I’m always hesitant about claims someone has sold a “ton of books”. I would love to get actual figures and you did. Most helpful. One of my favourite book promotions for my books has been Bookbub and Choosy Bookworm.

    Thanks again!

    • Jackie Weger says:

      Mary DEE: We love Bookbub and Choosy. We use Bookbub’s pricing pages as a guide. For instance, one can submit for a Regional Bookbub/UK promotion [romance] for 99c unit for $50. Subscribers: 110,000/average downloads 100. However, I submitted for a Bookbub/UK slot and saw 751 units sold, plus borrows with KENP pages read above 100,000. That is a 1K paycheck between Nov 14 to Nov 30, 2015. I bracketed the Bookbub slot with other promo sites to the tune of $140. Thus I see right at an $800 ROI.

  4. Mary Smith says:

    Thanks, Jackie. I’m so pleased you could use No More Mulberries as an example of what works in promotions. The borrowings came as a complete surprise. Can I add that as well as the paid-for promo slots I also spread the word through Facebook and Twitter, etc, sharing and re-tweeting and thanking people (as much as I could) for their tweets and RTs.
    Something else I like about BookBub – they contacted me afterwards to ask how the promo went. They will use info from authors to further improve their service.

  5. Traci says:

    Thank you for sharing!! Congratulations on your success!

  6. Mike Markel says:

    Congratulations, Mary, on your success. And thank you, Jackie, as always, for clearing away some of the brush. You provide a very valuable service for all of us indies trying to figure out how best to promote our books. In my experience, your suggestions about free promos are absolutely accurate.

  7. Rosie Dean says:

    Well done, Mary! Both on the results and making it onto Bookbub.

    Good luck with future sales.

  8. Mary, you did a fantastic job of making FREE work ~ congrats! And Jackie, thanks once again for laying it all out for us indie authors. I wonder how many you’ve helped over the last year? Countless!

  9. I’m so happy for Mary, I’m singing and dancing! She had a great BookBub promo and should be extremely proud of herself. Congrats, Mary!

  10. Congratulations Mary! And thank you for sharing your numbers and sites with us. And thank you, Jackie, for spearheading all of this. When I’m lagging in motivation to finish writing my next novel, posts like this get me going again. enovelAuthors and its members are, hands-down the BEST thing an author could ever access for success.

  11. April Wood says:

    Wow! Great job, Mary!

  12. Dale Furse says:

    Thanks for an informative post, Jackie, and thank you so much for sharing, Mary. Great stuff and congratulations on a successful promotion.

  13. Very impressive results, well done, Mary! I am still dreaming of a slot with Bookbub. So far, the best results I have had with a paid promotion were with ENT and Booksends, this is why I regard them the big guns – after Bookbub of course 🙂

  14. Liv Fox says:

    Hi Jackie. I think it is wonderful of you to promote Amazon eKindle books. I agree exposure of indie authors is slow, and one has to struggle continuously to be seen. Well done to Mary. I would have loved to take the free promo unfortunately, at the moment I am unable to do so as I have chosen to stay out of the Free Promotion to enable me to promote my book on other venues. Good luck Jackie. Us indies need people like yourself.
    Liv Fox.

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