These Books Were Made for Talking

Written By: Jackie Weger - Sep• 24•19

Audible Books are Telling Stories That Enthrall from First Word to Last

My first experience with talking books happened  about thirty years ago when my four-year-old grandson had a seriously broken leg. I took a few of evening shifts in the hospital  to allow his mother to get some well-needed rest. I took his favorite books to read to him. He only wanted to hear The Cat in the Hat—over and over again.  Mercy. I read  that book until I was hoarse. Next day, I took my recorder and head set, and as I read to him, I recorded the story. Next time he wanted hear it, I clapped that head set over his ears and hit play. Worked like charm. Plus he went soundly asleep the entire night. Now there’s an audible edition.  It doesn’t take the place of reading to your kids, but, Oh Joy! You can snuggle while they listen to the audible or keep them occupied while in their car seats.

More and more people are enjoying audible books downloaded to their iPhones. Some books come in CD format so the entire family can listen. We can listen to our  favorite genre when  running errands or sitting in the wait room of doctors and dentists or enjoying an audible while sunning  on a beach or  hiking a trail. Best of all we can fall into our imagination–hands free.  I’m going to start you off with a handful of audible books to choose  from  and the end, by sharing codes for FREE audible books courtesy of Audiobook Creation Exchange [ACX], an Amazon affiliated company.

What’s up with the missing and misguided daughters of wealth and privilege in Dr. Carr’s care? Jessica Huntington and her friends go toe-to-toe with more well-heeled heels in A Dead Daughter by Anna Celest Burke, a NYT and USA Today Best selling author and newest member of #eNovAaW.  Getting to the bottom of things Jessica-Huntington-style sets off a whirlwind tour of fashionable enclaves, upscale rehab clinics, shops, restaurants and other haute hangouts. Behind all the glitz and glam: secrets, lies, corporate wheeling and dealing.  Jessica and her friends must outwit and outlive “la creme de la crud” wreaking havoc from Palm Springs to Beverly Hills.  Series. Each audible is stand alone story. Murder. Mayhem. Romance.

Take two stubborn fools, mix a touch of fate, stir in some desire, and you have the recipe for a Crazy Little Thing Called Love by Jacquie Biggar.   Sophia Shaughnessy left her beloved home in order to prove once and for all she was more than a pretty face. She also left behind boyfriend, Tony Morrison who has been in love with the Sophia for as long as he’s been employed at her family’s ranch. Trouble is, he has secrets. Things he can’t tell anyone, especially the beautiful Sophia.  Now she’s returned, bringing the winds of change to the Texas ranch, and Tony isn’t sure he can protect her from the fallout. Romance with a touch of suspense.

Next up is Players, a police procedural mystery by #eNovAaW member  Mike Markel. The death of Lake Williams, a former football player at Central Montana State, in his squalid tent in a homeless camp looks to Seagate and Miner like a routine heroin overdose. Soon they discover that someone hired a courier to deliver the uncut heroin, knowing that Lake would shoot up and die instantly. When a second body turns up, and then a third, the evidence points to the head coach and the other leaders of the football program, who appear to be covering up a secret that would destroy the program. When a man comes forward, claiming to have committed numerous felonies on behalf of the program over many years, the detectives don’t know whether he is the killer or merely a decoy in an elaborate misdirection play. In a heart-pounding final confrontation, Seagate and Miner confront the killer—and realize they have walked right into the trap. Detective Seagate is one of my favorite female sleuths. Once you’ve listened to Players, you’ll want to read all of Mike’s books. Each is a stand alone.

Here’s  The Mannequin, by one of eNovel’s best Victorian Romance authors, Suzanne G. Rogers. When  she was a poor country girl in a hand-me-down dress, Rosamund saved the Duke of Swanhaven from the brink of despair, only to fall in love with him. Now a celebrated mannequin for an exclusive London dressmaker, her glamorous life is empty without the man to whom she gave her heart. Can a beastly duke and a beautiful mannequin ever find a fairy tale ending?


Now here’s a real treat for you. Two Josie Tucker Mysteries by EM Kaplan.  The first two snarky Josie Tucker mysteries, The Bride Wore Dead (number one) and Dim Sum, Dead Some (number two), in a single nifty bundle.  Josie Tucker is in a pickle. She’s a rising food critic in the blogosphere, but she can’t eat. Her testy stomach is always in knots—is it anxiety, a food allergy, or something else? With a Boston blue-blood matron funding her adventures, and a trio of loyal friends, Josie finds herself in scrape after bizarre scrape, barely escaping by the skin of her neck.



Let’s not forget Finding Home. A fan says: “Awesome! So funny I snorted my drink out of my nose because I was laughing so hard.”   The  ebook has above 390 reviews. Phoebe Hawley, an out-of-work mill girl, is on quest for everything in life that is good:  A home for her family, honest work and a good man to love.  On the road with two persnickety siblings, Phoebe is out of money, out of gas, and out of patience. A collision with Gage Morgan puts her mission in even worse jeopardy—until Phoebe discovers the man owns the perfect place for the Hawley clan. Unfortunately, Gage Morgan is the unlikeliest man on earth to surrender to her vision of a perfect future.

All of the above Audible Books can be had for signing up for a 30 Day FREE Trial with ACX. Cancel Anytime and keep your books. If you already own the ebook, the audible is seriously discounted. 

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Indie Authors: Are Your Sales Flat. Thinking of Quitting? Read This.

Written By: Jackie Weger - Jul• 11•19

Are Your Sales Sucking Mud? Are You Feeling Dejected? Think It’s Time to Quit?

You are not alone. Every forum I visit is rife with authors whose sales have flat lined and thinking it’s time to quit. What makes it worse, others are saying how fine their sales.  I never suggest a writer quit. Here’s why: You may quit writing, but your writing never quits you.  And there’s this:  Forty years ago when I began my writing career, not a single one of my colleagues thought they’d make a grand slam and be able to retire from their day job.  A few of us managed to get contracts and could write full time–but we still had to budget and save our pennies.  We all had husbands with jobs with benefits.  What we didn’t have was the Internet. To network, we’d gather a few writers and have a retreat or meet up at small conferences.  We shared notes and experiences, but I don’t recall any of us feeling pressured to keep up with best selling authors. We enjoyed ourselves.

If you are finding yourself envious of writers who are earning thousands like CeeCee James, Marie Force and Carmen DeSousa, hit your reset button. I love these writers, among many others, because they are keeping romance readers in the fold.  Those readers are our readers, too.  It’s our job to tap into them.

Get this: Nothing says you can’t take a break. For a dozen years I had to stop writing. I had to see my elderly parents on their last journey. I spent two years searching for a safe haven for a fifty-five year-old  handicapped brother.  That was a hoot. He was a schizophrenic off his meds.  I had to chase him down all over the South.  I spent another seven years helping a son burned in a fire until his heart gave out.  Worn to a frazzle, I took a long break living on the cheap in a foreign country. Next, I went to university. All through this, when I was asked: What do you do for a living? I answered, I’m a writer. When this era of my life came to an end, indie authorship was available and I jumped in with both feet.  Mercy me. I made mistakes hand over fist. I prob’ly am still making mistakes, but I trust my judgment now.

The heyday of Kindle Unlimited was soon in it’s prime and I earned decent royalties. Now, things have changed as they always do in this business.  For the first time in a couple of years Amazon is pushing Kindle Unlimited subscriptions.  First three months free. Perhaps that will give Select authors a new readership.  I love Amazon and Bookbub, but keep in mind, we indie authors helped build those entities.  For years, until the Big Five cottoned to discounting their books, we indie authors were the only writers offering free and 99c  books.

I decided to push that reset button. I spent the first half of 2019 moving my list wide.  I’m taking the summer off.  I have two books ready for revisions and when the mood strikes, I’ll get those published.  I’m not a techie and never will be, so I’ve hired a Virtual Assistant to edit my books, create memes and introduce me on Instagram. Otherwise, I’m sitting on my wallet and doing other things such becoming a Twitter Ninja, blogging books by my colleagues and running one giveaway a month via Accent on Romance to build my newsletter subscribers.  I count those as positives. If a few dollars trickle in, I’m good. If not, I’m still good. I’ve always lived close to the bone, so know I can manage.

I’m well inside my octogenarian year and a bit frail, so I know I  can’t go out and get a part-time job. But if you need a break, do that. Or go on an adventure with a friend even if it’s only to a beach or a lake or a nearby park.  There are times when body and brain need a rest.  That doesn’t mean you have to quit writing.  You don’t have to write a book a month to be successful.  One good book at a time at your own pace will do just fine.

However, once I started going to large writing conferences, I did hear grumbling. so I created and professionally produced, Fiction Focus.  It works. I used to gather a dozen writers in my home, passed out pillows and we laid on the floor listening to the tape.  When it was over, everyone had a good sense of self as a writer. Next we ate and went out for drinks, talked writing, explored plots and went home ready to  hit those keys. Now Fiction Focus is on digital and CD.  Only  $3.95 on Blackstone site.  So. If none of my suggestions work for you, try Fiction Focus.

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Written By: Jackie Weger - Jun• 11•19

Now I do have author envy and I’ll tell you about it in a minute.

In the distant past I went to writer’s conferences; international, national, regional and local. I often went to writer’s retreats where we talked about our work. I sometimes even set up conferences myself for a group of writers in my home or a local venue.  All it takes for envy to seep in is one successful writer in the group, or a chat in the lobby at a conference with an author who has ten books to your none or one. You’re not there yet so you start feeling bad, perhaps a little depressed. Next, you get all dressed up for the banquet with the featured speaker who has 50 or 100 books~all best sellers. Later perhaps you’re in the lounge for drink with your friends and roommates. You’re thinking you are less than as a writer. Your feelings start spilling out on the way home. Envy and depression set in until you have some distance from the meet. You get back to your own work with a sense of uncertainty.


First know this: A major conference is gonna have a household name as the keynote speaker to draw writers, readers, book buyers, agents, editors and publishers to the meet. It’s nothing on you. Two. You  cannot replicate the keynote speaker’s success because he or she has been writing and producing longer.  Keep in mind those writers also had a first book before they had the second or fiftieth. They also have assistants, some have researchers, some have typists, some have a half dozen proof readers. And very often, someone is bringing in  a pay check to keep the household going while those first few books are in the works.

While under contract I still had to do all of the mommy chores. You probably do, too. I also once had to cope with a husband who wanted attention and didn’t give squat about my writing.  As an indie author I didn’t have a virtual assistant until 2019, a long seven years after I set myself up as an indie author. Learning the basic ropes took above a year. I still don’t know the tech stuff and have to hire it.  Am I envious of an author with thirty or fifty books to my ten or so? No, I am not. Here’s why: I know my limits. I also only type 30 words a minute. I’m soon to be in my eightieth decade. If I live long enough, I might publish two or three more books. Another thing I don’t do is compare my work output with another writer. I’m composing my books the way it suits me and my lifestyle. It ain’t about the number of words typed a day–it’s all about what those words say and if they move the story along.

Having read thousands of books in my lifetime, I know what a hook is. Every agent and editor is gonna tell you, you gotta have a hook to grab the reader in the first 10 seconds. Guess what: The actual hook is the book description. Write a terrific book description and your reader will stick with the story as it unfolds. I loathe those false hooks that start: Henry didn’t know it, but today was his last day on earth. I am so not interested in Henry.  I mean, golly, he’s gonna be D.E.A.D. Better hook: The killer stood on the sidewalk watching through the window as thrice-married Henry ate his last breakfast on earth. Now I’m interested in the killer and perhaps I’ll learn poor Henry had a secret life. I do know as the investigation unfolds I’m gonna meet all of his ex-wives.

So what is my writer envy? Every single author who writes about food or puts recipes in her book.  Or blogs about food with beautiful depictions of the plate in a blog.  Shame on me because in another life I was the Food and Beverage Director of a major hotel chain.  More shame, because I know food and I’ve known executive chefs. The only few tips I can offer, is once opened, such as cottage cheese,  store the container upside down in the fridge. It will last days longer.  If you burn beans or rice in a pot, boil the burnt junk with a cup of vinegar for five minutes.  And always keep a Phillips head screw driver in your cutlery drawer to tighten those loose handles on pots and pans. If a knob on a lid splits or breaks, buy a wooden drawer pull and screw that to it. Don’t forget a rubber washer between the top of the lid and the knob. Lasts for years. That’s it.

Now a treat. Just click on the OWL to claim a FREE gift code for an array of complimentary books from eNovel Authors I hope you will enjoy. First click gets the gift code. Help yourself.











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Book Talk ~ Why Some Interesting Things Never Get in a Book

Written By: Jackie Weger - Apr• 19•19

Why is it That an Author May Know a Dozen Interesting Facts He or She Does Not Put in a Novel?

The short answer is: Those facts may not move the story along.

French Market. Early 1800’s New Orleans. Also known as the Spice Market. The view shown here faces the Mississippi River.

More over, the book may end up being a travelogue. A for instance: In Count the Roses a main part of the story took place in New Orleans, Louisiana. I love New Orleans.  I found  a way  to mention the Old Spice Market, the Cafe De Monde, the Cathedral-Basilica of St. Louis, King of France situated across from Jackson Square and a few other sites; a favorite book store and the St. Charles Street Car.  Also, Peter O’Neil’s Gallery on Royal Street. Peter was the artist who I fictionalized as painting the picture of the hero’s first wife. Got that in the story because I’ve known Pete since he was a street artist, long before he became famous. He creates the most fabulous Giclee editions of his works.  Buy them online.

But I could not find a way to mention the filles a la Cassette or ‘Casket Girls’ that the King of France sent to the French Territories of Mobile, Alabama, Biloxi, Misissippi and New Orleans, to become the wives of French soldiers on deployment in France’s territory. The early young girls sent had to be virgins of very good families and some were orphans.  Each were given a small wooden or leather box called a cassette to store their few belongings, later translated to ‘casket.’

The Casket Girls were housed in the Ursuline Convent on Chartres Street next to the Cathedral where they were educated by the nuns until old enough to marry, if they could find a suitor. Many did not. Upon debarking the ships, the Frenchmen did not like their pale looks. Thus, soon there was rumor that these girls became the first Vampires to populate New Orleans.  Some did become coveted  prostitutes when marriages failed or no suitable husbands could be found and they were turned out or left the convent. What a fascinating bit of  true history with a stunning rumor. I just could not find a way to make it work in Count The Roses, a romance.  But if I ever should turn my pen to a vampire tale, those Casket Girls girls are  IN.

This is the City Guide written by writers during the WPA. Find all you need about local New Orleans at Librairie Book Shop 823 Chartres St. (504) 525-4837.

The story I wrote moved from New Orleans to Bayou and Cajun Country. I wanted to mention the Atchafalaya River Basin. If you’ve driven across that River Basin Bridge on Interstate 10, you know it.  3rd longest bridge in the USA. I was on  an excursion with an editor from way up North  as we drove across the bridge heading for Old Hwy 90 down to 87 to drive levees,  find some great Zydyco music, a cantina or two and go on a swamp tour. She asked me how to pronounce Atchafalaya. I told her but she couldn’t get her tongue around it.  I thought, “uh, oh, it’s gonna stump my readers.” So I  didn’t use it or Houma, where I met up with trappers and lived with them for part of a winter. Didn’t use any swamp above or below the bridge.

I had earlier written a book about swamp trappers, but we got so many letters that ‘real’ people didn’t do that in America any more.  Broke my heart.  Now we have a popular Reality shows about Swamp trappers and loggers. My book was before its time. Do this: Google the The Fish and Game department in your state. Go to “trapping licences.” Follow every link and you will soon come to where the fur buyers will be every season in today’s USA. It’s an ongoing and long established industry.  I was once in Dahlonega, Georgia, gold panning and there was a notice in the gold buyer’s window the dates the fur buyer would be in town.

Say it: Ahh-cha-faa-lie-yuh. That’s Southern pronunciation. Get off I-10 on any exit South and go visit. Get a taste of Gumbo and a crawfish boil, a Cajun Mardi Gras and you’ll never want to leave. I always start my trek to the swamp in Henderson. You’ll see the exit on both sides of I-10.

Now, there’s far more to New Orleans than Bourbon Street, though I love to stroll it.  Nor did I mention the Casinos and gambling in my book. Get this: New Orleans has  right at 130 Festivals every year. The juggernaut  is the New Orleans Jazz and Heritage Festival. Once was enough for me. Music was great, food supercilious, but I couldn’t get to every concert I wanted. Do this:  Click on  New Orleans Festivals 2019 and find one that suits you and your budget. For Cheap housing don’t over look YMCA Hostels in N. O.

Now, to wrap this up. I just want to say, I still wrote a decent book with the zen flavor of New Orleans and  Cajun country. It is what it started out to be, a Sweet romance with a delicious hero, a strong, witty heroine and enough side characters to give the book a little oomph.  Well, I’ve sold you New Orleans now I have to sell my book. If you’ve just got have it right this minute, it’s free on all sales venues. Amazon. Nook. Google Play. Kobo. Apple iBooks.  One last thing: Louisiana Cajun Country is known for Lagniappe ~a little something extra. So, click on the cute alligator and snag your little something extra. It’s a code for a gift book from me to you on Amazon.  First come, first get it. Enjoy.







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The life of a Writer ~ Amazing Adventures in the Face of Adversity

Written By: Jackie Weger - Apr• 15•19

Some Writers do astonishing things ~ Surprising herself and  the rest of us, too.

In eNovel our members are usually talking about writing books, publishing books and trying to find the best way to market books.  Every once in a while a member will drop a side note in our forum that catches my eye or our attention. Our members live on three or more Continents so we often learn of mud slides right up to their front door or fires engulfing their whole neighborhood or earthquakes that leave them stranded.  Those are adventures in themselves. Not happy ones and first thing we want to know, is everybody safe? Thus, emails are flying around the World until we’ve touched base with all who were in danger to find them alive and well.

One of our authors  who found herself in the path of a tsunami and an earthquake lives in New Zealand, an utterly magical land if you’ve ever watched National Geographic.  But she also found herself facing a different kind of life event when her husband walked out of her life one day. A Woman’s emotional peril many of us have suffered.  So, I want to introduce you to Susan Tarr, who was in the midst of planning her beloved daughter’s wedding when the hub took his walkabout. Here’s her story.

Cows stranded atop hill when NZ earthquake dropped all the pasture around them.

Susan says: When life serves you lemons, you make lemonade, right? At least that’s what I’ve heard said by quite a few wise people, and it’s what I tend to do. A year ago, down here in New Zealand, I was busily celebrating the marriage of my only child, Anna Elisabeth. My life was putt-putting along on its own path, and I could not envisage it changing. I was, and still am, an author managing a book every couple of years. Little was I to know that one full year later my whole world would be completely different; I would climb a whole new mountain, taking a route I had never before contemplated.

Adventure has always been my game although I will make it clear I’m a follower not a leader. Like when I sailed to Kenya in a 28 ft yacht just because someone invited me. I’d never sailed in my life and didn’t even know if I’d get seasick or not. And I couldn’t swim. Not that I’d need that skill way out there on the ocean. But an invitation was an invitation, so I accepted. I think that was a courtesy drummed into me by my mum at a very young age. So we made it to Kenya and that’s where I married and had my two daughters.

But years on and life served me lemons…After my girl’s wedding I found myself alone. No one could have been more surprised than me. This was not what I had even considered, let alone planned for.

So I joined a conservation group in their efforts to rid New Zealand’s national parks of rats, stoats and possums. As recently as yesterday I was using a lathe to thickness wood ready for more kitset traps. Each Friday, regardless of the weather, teams of us would trek for four  hours up into the mountains clearing and setting traps. Every kill counts.

Soon I had acquired tramping boots, thermal gear, a back pack, water bottle and all manner of other necessary gear.  Next, in October 2018, I headed for Marlborough Sounds at the top of New Zealand’s South Island. Over 60 kms I tramped up and down hills, around bays, evading seals and deep holes, rocks and slips. I learned how to pitch a tent and eat the most basic of food, because it weighed less in my pack.

My next adventure was anti-fouling a 40 foot yacht. It took me a couple of days to finish that job and my reward was a two month cruise around the north of New Zealand, visiting the Great Barrier Reef, and the Bay of Islands. I fished and ate oysters off the rocks, got a great tan and weathered a pretty violent storm. Having hooked a good-sized king fish, I then had to share part of it with a shark before it could be brought into the boat. I learned a lot about myself that trip.

Hard on the heels of that adventure, I made my way to the deep south of New Zealand to trek the Kepler Track, 60 kms round trip. Mount Luxmore at 4829 feet  was my goal, and amidst miserable, out-of-season weather: snow, sleet, hail, rain and chilling wind gusts that blew me right off the saddle, I did it.  Yes, the satisfaction of knowing that in my advanced years, I did it. I’m a 40’s baby.

Add into that horseback riding on a remote West Coast New Zealand beach. I hadn’t ridden in 25 years, and I don’t think I need to do that again. Not.

Perhaps my next adventure will be somewhere with aqua seas lapping, palm trees waving and a sunny mild climate, cocktails and fizzy drinks with umbrellas. It’s a year on since  I was served sour lemons and I think I made the best batch of the sweetest lemonade I’ve ever tasted.  Moreover, it’s getting sweeter:  I’m celebrating the imminent arrival of my first grandchild. I’m thinking that being a first time grandmother is an adventure in itself. End.

Weger says: Actually that is not the end. I wanted maps and more from Susan, but she’s an off grid Kiwi and actually only has intermittent  Internet or none at all where she calls home.   You can Google New Zealand and find the land is two small islands in a very big ocean.  I’ll warrant you know more than you think of NZ because of Wellington’s dramatic Mt. Victoria, along with the South Island’s Fiordland and Southern Lakes, stood in for mythical Middle Earth in Peter Jackson’s “Lord of the Rings” films. If you’re a fan, pick up The Lord of the Rings Location Guidebook.

However,  I can share with you a pair of  Susan’s most well loved books. The first of which is heart-wrenching about abandoned children in a psychiatric hospital. Susan not only worked in psychiatric hospitals, she did  a phenomenal amount of research.  Phenomena is a must read.  At the other end of the spectrum is a joyful fun read: Jack, just an ordinary dog who keeps a journal while housed in a kennel while his ‘parents’ are on a voyage.  Both are Read Free with Kindle Unlimited and both will tug at your heart.

I do hope you’ve enjoyed meeting Susan Tarr. Writers often share bits and pieces of the good stuff in our lives with our fans and keep our heartbreak tucked into a corner of our lives.  Romance writers, more than any other group I know live ordinary lives until we’re challenged by divorce, death of a child,  caring for our elderly or handicapped family, or some other unforeseen disaster.  Next, without giving it a thought, our moxie comes forward in a force we didn’t have a clue we owned to meet a challenge and make it our own.

@JackieWeger, 2019.  Comments Welcome. Join the discussion. I know you have a story to tell. We all do.

Have you noticed…? Talking Book Marketing

Written By: Jackie Weger - Apr• 04•19

The first quarter of 2019 is coming to an end.  Are you reaching your goals?

First, have you noticed Amazon is not pushing KDP subscriptions?  This is the $9.99 a month program that readers may download ten books for free and rotate those ten books for unlimited free reading. Written Word Media suggests there are 2.5 million readers subscribed to Kindle Unlimited.  Do read Written Word Media analysis of a 1000 reader/author survey [2017].  But many of us who were enrolled in KDP Select saw our KENP pages read drop like a stone into nether regions after the article was published.  I’m one of those authors. Even with two new releases, I haven’t been able to get my KENP reads into the hundreds of thousands from mid-2017 to present. What Amazon is pushing in 2019 is Amazon Prime.  I dropped my KU subscription and instead subscribed to Prime.  I love Prime. Free shipping on everything I buy on Amazon.

Next, I notice many of the author blogs I follow have gone silent.  Few are posting results of promotions, successful or not.  Now what shows up in my mailbox are offers or beggin’ letters to spend my money on two or three author-driven sites that guarantee fabulous sales, if only I will fork over $$$ for this virtual seminar or that podcast.  Authors who took those courses in the past and came out gushing how much they learned are quiet now, too.  Yes, there are indie authors and blended authors doing well. They write smart and fast. I love seeing those books with terrific stats.  That tells me book buyers are active.

I also subscribe to Bookbub, where I can download Free and discounted books and I do,  sans Kindle Unlimited. My colleagues and some of my favorite authors often have books Free or 99c. I grab those up.  But what does it mean for the author whose KENP has gone flat? It means fewer royalties.  I looked at my downloads for all of 2018 and decided upon publishing my books wide on all sales venues. Something I never considered doing.  My writer colleagues warn that it will take a year or more to enjoy a readership across all venues. Patience counts.  Thus I’ve dedicated 2019 to publishing my books on Nook, Apple iBooks, Kobo and Google Play.

Amy Atwell. Skilled at uploading to all sales venues.

It’s not easy because I’m no techie. Though I have to hire the formatter and a service to upload to those venues, it’s an opportunity to review my list, repair any mishaps and have each title proofread again because once uploaded to those venues, correcting mishaps is a pain the lower regions.  It’s also an opportunity to revise back book matter, update it and add excerpts which is another thing I didn’t consider because the “Look Inside” feature met my needs. The first two units I published wide I ran back to back FREE to help build an audience on the wider venues.  Outside of Select, putting a book Free doesn’t earn a royalty. but now I’m set up to release the next units at 99c for up to 90 days, perhaps longer if that’s what it takes to generate   a new audience.  The service I use is Amy Atwell of Author E.M.S~which stands for Electronic Manuscript Service.  Amy uploads to all venues. She formats books, too.

But I also work with Charity Chimni who indulges my special formatting requests.  She’s tops. Lots of patience with demanding authors.

Virtual Assistant, Krystallia Papadimitriou

I could be Eating Stupid for Breakfast in how I’m managing my books, but I’m learning more about our industry, plus I love a challenge.  I’m not a household name so I know well my books must help define the challenge. In addition to not being a household name, I’m O.L.D.  I want my books to stay live in my absence so I’ve done the smart thing and contracted with a team to keep my works in the public eye. I’ve also hired a Virtual Assistant, Krystallia Papadimitriou who is an utter whiz. She designs memes for my books,  produces ads on Bookbub and Instagram.  She helps create my Mail Poet newsletters, setting the schedules and activates the resends.  Krystallia also helps design my book blogs. Yes, she’s for hire and her fees are perfect for an author in transition. Moreover, she edits and proofs my books before going wide.

Author Nicholas C. Rossis

Nicholas Rossis

I have two WP  Web pages and that means design and maintenance. My go-to guy is Nicholas Rossis, who answers no less than a dozen questions a week for me.  I also have Mail Poet through Nick. He keeps all updated and in compliance. You won’t pay in the thousands for his service. Think $600 for WP Web page design and $100 a year for maintenance.  No charge at all for guidance that will save you $$$. You can contact him by email.

Twitter Guru Bridgette

Now you may be wondering how I pay for all of the above. I joined hands with another member of my book team, Carmen DeSousa. I design one,  ten-or-twelve author promotions a month. We each pitch in $25  to cover expenses of running the promotion, creating the memes,  the Rafflecopter and buying the gifts for winners. We often have a commercial sponsor that features our books at no charge in exchange for promoting the commercial site. Which means with the participating author’s newsletter and the promoter, our books are in front of not less than a 200,000 subscriber audience.  We also hire a Twitter Guru and book promoter,  Bridgitte Lesley.  You may also hire Bridgette for $30 a month. Or if you have a five-day promo on a book, she’ll Twitter boost it for $7 payable via Paypal.

I’m focusing resources to get exposure for my books on all venues though I’m not riding the usual route to promotion. I’ve also pulled my sponsored ads off Amazon AMS. They just seemed to stop performing on a dime,  or earning a dime.  I  don’t have an answer to why the bottom dropped out of KENP for so many of us. But it’s not in my nature to stand back and watch my career collapse.  And I ain’t quitting. The single unremitting event in our publishing universe is that it is always changing.  Your mileage may vary, but my best idea is, go with the flow and keep trying things until one or more gets the job done.


@Jackie Weger  2019.  Thanks for stopping by. Comments Welcome. Everybody knows something I don’t. If you have a tip, do share it.

Book Talk. My Favorites and my Recommendations

Written By: Jackie Weger - Mar• 03•19

Word-of-Mouth is the best advert a writer can have. Yet, as a Reader, I’m not considering the author, just the story.

Sharing with you I once had a three-year stretch of time in which all I did was lounge in a hammock under a thatch roof in a tiny mountain jungle village and feast on books. I had duffel bags of them.  My day started at dawn. I lit the fire on my native stove of rocks and sand to perk coffee. Once that was going, with machete in hand against lurking beasts,  I harvested fruits for breakfast, usually bananas and mandarinas, and in season, mangoes. Breakfast over, I put a huge pot on the embers filled with pato de res. Translates to cow foot, but really it was marrow-rich leg bones which made the best tasting soup. Took hours to boil it out. Next I took my companion dog to the river for a swim, stopped by the counter at the tienda for an ice-cold bottle of Coca Cola (25c),  fifty cents of chicken parts and a fresh yucca root to add to the soup. The remainder of the morning and afternoon, I devoted to reading while my dog lay beneath my hammock gnawing happily on a cooled pato de res.  Lucky me.

Here are my all-time favorites that I never traded at the Boat Club where books in every language were always in demand by sailing enthusiasts.

Cross Creek by Majorie Kinnan Rawlings. This book is one to savor. It’s old. It’s a classic. Cross Creek is in Alachua County, Florida. Pure Florida Cracker Country.  Crackers are the early cattle folks who settled the area. I have an affinity with Cross Creek and Majorie. I’ve been twice to the tiny cottage she lived in when she wrote Cross Creek and The Yearling. I picked ripe oranges off the ground in the back yard and sat on the two-step wooden stoop to soak up the aura that seems to surround the property. I sat in the same ladder-back chair Marjorie sat in to write her books on an old Remington Rand portable typewriter. She later moved to St. Augustine, Florida [as did I] and bought an old hotel which is now the site of a Believe It or Not attraction. When I hold Cross Creek in my hands I can smell the keen tang of orange peelings and feel the dust of the tiny road in front of the house. You can find a copy used on Amazon, along with Rawling’s classic The Yearling, a young adult tale you’ll want to read to your five-year old once the toddler has out grown The Cat in the Hat.  If you haven’t read these books, buy a set for yourself and another as a gift. There’s no harm in sharing a used book that just happens to be great read.


For animal and nature enthusiasts put Farley Mowat‘s books on your buy list. Most are non-fiction and jaw-dropping. The reality shows featuring Alaska, Canada and the Louisiana Swamps have generated interest in trapping and wildlife as we know it today.  Farley Mowat’s books take us back to beginnings. Often coming up against the Hudson Bay fur buying company chartered in 1670. I once spent a New Year’s in Montreal where I attended midnight mass at the Notra-Dame Basilica, a stunningly beautiful example of Gothic Revival architecture.  The next morning I visited The Hudson Bay Flagship building  on Sainte Catherine Street West, which now now houses shops of all descriptions. Walking through the vast spaces, I felt the ghosts of old. Those fur trappers who trekked all of Northern Canada and our own Northwest were often the first white men indigenous natives met. There’s magic in those tales.  Start your addiction to Mowat with  Never Cry Wolf,  followed by People of the DeerAlone among the howling wolf packs, Mowat expected to find the bloodthirsty beasts of popular conception. Instead, he discovered an animal species with a remarkable capacity for loyalty, virtue, and playfulness. Readers from nine to ninety will enjoy Mowat’s true tales. On Amazon. Also ebook and Audible.


Moving on to more contemporary works. Who doesn’t like a romantic ghost story? Allow me to introduce you to Mia Fox, an eNovel Author member who has written a two-book series featuring Nate, Ella’s husband who after a tragic event is now a ghost, yet he can’t leave Ella’s side.  In Believe, their passion for one another endures even as Ella tries to heal from the grief of his death.  Ella’s struggle begins anew when another man, Nathan, enters her life.  In Trust, both man and ghost strive to save Ella during her reckless journey into a wilderness. Nate suffers the angst of saying good-bye to the woman who  has held his heart in thrall as both man and ghost, while Nathan fears crossing the boundary of doctor-to-patient while guiding Ella to love and trust once again. Both books are packed with passion and drama. The writing is superb. The denouement perfect and wonderfully satisfying. Believe Print Edition on Amazon. ebook. Trust Print edition on Amazon. ebook.

Mysteries, thrillers and police procedurals have long been my favorite reading. I’m recommending three that will keep you enthralled and then some. First up: Ready or Not by A B Plum, a psychological thriller that moves as fast and sly as a tsunami to threaten Karen Sullivan’s life at every turn.  The plot turns on family secrets that Karen never wants revealed.  ebook on Amazon. Not for the faint of heart. Lock your doors before you start this book.  Next, I recommend: Scream For the Camera, a new release by Colleen Connally. A Facebook Live Killer  cold-bloodedly kills vibrant, beautiful young women in front of the whole world.  The murders throw Mason Conrad and and Ettie Harwell  together, plunging them into a Dark World and a darker cyber web. Fans of cyber horror will not be able to put this book down. Print edition on Amazon. ebook, read FREE with Kindle Unlimited.  Here’s my favorite police procedural: Big Sick Heart, a Detectives Seagate and Minor Mystery.  I love Karen Seagate, the most flawed. sarcastic and toxic detective you’ll ever meet. Thus far Markel as created eight books in the series. Every one earning five stars from the premier indie reviewer Big Al. Read FREE with Kindle Unlimited.

Big Sick Heart
Buy on Amazon Buy on Amazon Buy on Amazon


Now, I sort of have my own little Ghost story, The House on Persimmon Road. But it really should’ve been titled The Ghost Who Wouldn’t be. Readers say: “Delightfully Delectable Read! Quirky, funny, and real.” ~ “Zany people live in this book.”  That’s prolly because a zany author wrote it.  Print edition perfect gift for Mothers, sisters, aunts and cousins. ebook. On all Amazon venues.

@JackieWeger 2019. Comments Welcome. If you’ve read a great book recently, do share in the comments. We authors love word-of-mouth books, too.

[“Book Talk. #eNovAaW Sharing with you My favorite Classic reads and contemporary books too. Look ’em over. You may have missed a few.”]

Oh. I almost forgot. We have a March Madness promotion happening right now. Go look over the books and enter the Giveaway. Our sponsor eBookBetty has some great gifts on offer. Click on the Leprechaun to go there.

It’s Live! All Tomorrow’s Memories Released Today ~ 99c

Written By: Jackie Weger - Feb• 12•19


Good Day, everybody. Excitement abounds. I didn’t think this day would ever get here. For more than a year, every sneaky, mischievous gremlin in the Universe got in the way of bringing All Tomorrow’s Memories to publication.  I got smart and turned to a great team: A skilled editor, several proof readers, a top notch formatter and a talented cover artist and together we got it done.  The ebook is available across all sales venues. Amazon. B&N. KoboApple iBooks. Google Play.  The print edition is on Amazon.

All Tomorrow’s Memories is not the only book I’m sharing with you today. Here’s a handful of my favorite reads by my close colleagues. Since I was ill most of 2018 and confined to bed and home, I read most in one sitting. They are charming, witty, funny, heartwarming or dramatic adventure. Highly recommended page turners.

 The Dolan Girls. It’s 1800 Old Nebraska, where whorehouse madams, ladies of the night, a schoolmarm, a Pinkerton detective, a Shakespeare-quoting old coot, brutal outlaws, and a horse-wrangler come to life. Added to the mix are a colorful land rush, Buffalo Bill and Annie Oakley, bank/train robberies, small town local politics, and of course–ROMANCE. Read .  Also on Audible: FREE w/subscription.

Grade A Stupid An Amazon #1 best seller in teen thrillers, yet a great classic read for any age. Fifteen-year-old Darcy Walker’s name means “dark walker.” Whether her parents’ choice was a stroke of genius or smacked of stupid, they definitely nailed the irony. Darcy lacks direction. Distracts easily. And despite a high IQ, her grades stink.  Darcy cuts class and stumbles upon a corpse in a dumpster.  And the fun begins. 99c or FREE w/Kindle Unlimited. Own it on Audible for $7.49 or  FREE w/subscription.

Gigi’s Island Dream. Gabriella Gill-Martin ditches her privileged life in London’s fast lane, to live on an island, in her dream house, where she will build beautiful sculptures and grow vegetables. But she soon learns life in the fast lane is not all she has to give up when dreams become nightmares. FINALIST in the 2017 Maggie Awards for Excellence. Read FREE w/Kindle Unlimited.


The Lady is Blue.  Science fiction adventure.  Dr. Lucy Stannis’ quiet life as the chief biologist in the small human colony on Eden is interrupted when she meets the formidable Sa Kamizan. But, arrogant scaled Atrapako plans to subdue the puny humans. Conflict threatens the peaceful populace. Lucy must employ all her skills to discover the alien’s secret and save the colony. 99c on Amazon. 


Rain Clouds and Waterfalls. Inspired by the artistry of the Beatles. Follow Ellen’s journey from her beloved brothers’ disappearance, an event she carries with her throughout her life. Humor and drama are rife as Ellen takes charge of her life and reality prevails. Fans of the Beatles will enjoy Ellen’s insight and wisdom in hindsight. Composed as slice of life stories. 99c for Read FREE with Kindle Unlimited.  Own the AudioBook for $6.08.

American Haunts. The Pit StopHomicide detectives Gino Canale and Mark Waters don’t believe in ghosts. Not yet anyway. When a reoccurring dream implies that Detective Canale’s grandparents’ deaths might actually have been homicides, he realizes he’s either connecting to the other side or going crazy. And he’s not sure which thought scares him more. bonus book included: The Depot. When life and death Cross Tracks. FREE on Amazon.



I’m not finished. Here are two fabulous February giveaways for you to enter.

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@JackieWeger 2019.  Okay. All Done. We hope you’re having a lovely February. Stay snug and warm. That photo is of old me and my granddaughter who takes me on play dates. I write romance novels, but she lives romance.


Written By: Jackie Weger - Jan• 18•19

All Tomorrow’s Memories going Live February 12, 2019

On  All Sales Venues.

Suspicions abound when Willa Manning receives a request from her adopted daughter’s biological grandparents. Wary of deceit, Willa nevertheless accepts the invitation and pulls out all stops to give her daughter a family before her own health fails.

Small Town Sweet Romance. Drama. Humor. Witty Dialogue. 

Here’s  one of our giveaways. $25 Gift Card and lovely extras for two winners~ Coffee Mug and print editions.   Easy entrant tasks: Even if you’ve already Followed Jackie on Twitter  or Signed up for Accent on Romance newsletter.  Enter again for more chances to win.

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Meanwhile,  browse this fine array of books that entertained me. They will you, too.  

By Phoebe Matthews

Looking for Love. Chicago in the 1890s was a time when the Columbia Exposition opened and all the little boys in the neighborhood first saw and fell madly in love with Lillian Russell. Then they grew up and found more suitable loves. Except Rudy. He grew up but he missed the next step. While Rudy stumbles, his cousins, Leona and Florrie, each search for love in different directions. Print edition on Amazon. ebook.

Next up: A New e-Release by P.C. Zick. Love on Board. A sweet romance. Rock Crandall returns to the Rival in Love series as he contemplates why he can’t find a lasting relationship. Sabrina Holiday has never wanted to be anything but a pilot, yet many obstacles stand in her way, including the handsome pilot who takes her for the flight attendant on his international trip to Paris. Sabrina manages to forgive Rock after a romantic dinner on the Seine, but the peace is short-lived when Rock attempts to control her career. On Amazon. Print Edition

These Islands Here. Enjoy these 32 tales are based on events and conditions in Aotearoa-New Zealand, aka Land of the Long White Cloud, Down Under, Kiwiland, and other islands of Polynesia. A wonderful presentation of the varied facets of living in these islands: pleasure, pain, calamity, comedy, fun, misfortune, loss, triumph.  FREE w/KindleUnlimited.

Ready or Not. A Twisted psychological thriller to keep you up all night. Don’t miss this one. Events crash around Karen Sullivan like a tsunami. Fans say: “Very good cat and mouse game thriller.” FREE w/Kindle Unlimited.

NEW! Episode one. The Raven Witch of Corfu. A young woman returns to Corfu to search for her brother stolen by a witch. An  utterly delicious and enchanting tale of all things Greek. 99c or Read Free with Kindle Unlimited. Four part paranormal series. 

Celebrity: A Bookish & Sexy novel comes to you from eNovel’s newest member, our first rate USA Today Romanian author. Chick-lit/romantic-comedy available on all sales venues. Enjoy this journy of a young writer who trades her simple existence in Chicago for the exciting Hollywood  life full of luxury and scandal. And where the general motto is ‘Live fast. Die Young’. On AmazonOn Nook.

NEW RELEASE! The Kitchen BrigadeIf an army marches on its stomach, can a cook find a way to win the war? The general’s mansion proves a prison of a different sort. The head chef has a mysterious past, the Russians have a more insidious agenda than what they’ve promised, the resistance wants her on their side, and one of the guards wants her dead. Dystopian. Free w/Kindle Unlimited.

 Holiday Special 99c now through February 28, 2019. Almost Perfect: Three Volume collection.  Three men, seductive as sin and living single meet three strong women passionate about life, love, and family who will change their lives forever. Humor, Wit and Grit on every page. Amazon Exclusive. Save $5 off regular price.


Old me with my granddaughter, Courtney, on one of our ‘Play dates’.

@JackieWeger 2019. Here’s a bonus/treat. We call it Lagniappe down home. Pronounced: Lan-yap.  Leave a comment, just say “hello!” I’ll draw a name from those who comment to receive a gift print edition of All Tomorrows Memories once it’s live on Amazon

Holiday Horror Story

Written By: Jackie Weger - Dec• 27•18

The grinch who stole my writing career

As an experienced indie author I know two things: 1: How to write a book and take it to publication and 2: Marketing 101. Up until 2017 I thought I knew what I needed to know to market my books. I adjusted to every twist and tweak the market threw at me and all other indie authors. I stayed positive, rolling with the industry, but things changed. I can’t tell you what changed, I just know the results. Mainly what I noticed was well-planned promotions that in the past always showed a halo effect i.e. that promotions continued to work their magic of  KENP pages read, sales and borrows of books in Select of one’s stable of books continued for days and often weeks.  That stopped.

In 2018, I adjusted again. I designed monthly cooperative promotions with eight to a dozen authors. We worked and we moved free and 99c books.  A few of us saw short halo effects, but most saw our books drop into the gutter in stats within hours of the closed promotion. After five years indie, I started plotting and planning for a more successful 2019.  I got one book ready to go into pre-order and started the work on another for a mid-year drop.  But I didn’t expect the rug to be pulled out from under me from out in left field.

Just the thing for a writer who gets distracted from writing those wonderful stories. It works. 3.95 on Google Play.  20 minutes and it will boost your energy and creativity for hours.

This happened.  In late August 2018 I ordered an item off a sponsored ad on Amazon. Paid for it via Paypal which is connected to my checking account.  The item never arrived. Email to the order site’s support kept referring me to tracking numbers. Most of which gave me a 404 Error. The last tracking number had more characters than the English alphabet and said the item had been delivered and showed which USA Post offices it tracked through. Printed them all out took them to 3 local post offices. All of which had no record whatsoever of the package in their systems.  Mmmm.

Next, recurring charges from a company I did not know kept showing up in my checking account. In late November I called the number my bank provides to handle things like this. Fraud department of Wells Fargo. Telling you up front I’m severely hearing impaired. Phone conversations are a witch.  I understood this much: We’ll cancel your Visa and issue you a new one. Those charges won’t get through. Did that while on the phone with the guy. I gave him the name of the company to search for so I could cancel that order that never arrived. I told the guy, “Keep me in the loop.” He said: “Sure will.” He didn’t.

But he did this: He filed unauthorized Paypal disputes with every vendor I used via Paypal as far back as August 14, 2018. That included 35 of my favorite promoters/vendors and service folks. My formatter. My cover artist. The aggregator I hired to upload my books to iTunes and Google Play. The company that prints my swag.

I woke up to my mail box filled with people I’ve been doing business with for years asking what’s going on? Some were irate beyond measure. Holy smokes. I went on Paypal to withdraw every dispute and Paypal told me I couldn’t. The dispute was filed electronically by Wells Fargo and had to be withdrawn electronically by Wells Fargo. Not only did Wells Fargo file 35 unauthorized disputes, it added an insult by charging my vendors $20 or $25 per each dispute. Whoa.

Over two days in December I spent more than ten hours in front of my banker trying to get this mess cleared up. For many of those hours, we used my iphone and were kept on hold for up to an hour as each person we spoke with shunted the call up the chain of command. I insisted my vendors were reimbursed for those insulting fees. Well Fargo said it had no mechanism to do that. Really? I do. So the bank made that $790 available to me and I returned those fees to my vendors.  Now I’m told it will take thirty days to withdraw those unauthorized disputes that only took some guy five minutes to initiate.

Here’s the snag: While those disputes stand my vendor’s money is in limbo.  Until Wells Fargo/Paypal withdraws the disputes and returns their monies, I cannot put my new release in pre-order because I don’t own my cover. I don’t own my formatting. Unpaid, my aggregator can unpublish my books.  I can’t buy promo slots. Many of the slots I had purchased for a December promotion were canceled. Killed the promo. Done.

I’ve emailed each promoter to let them know what happened. I sent an update. Some did not want to wait. I sent them their  original fees. Now Wells Fargo says, the entire issue was not handled right to begin with, so debited my account for the $790 insult fees I reimbursed my vendors.

Courtney: The Master Negotiator in our family. She gets the job done.

Many of my favorite vendors are upset. IMO they have every right to be annoyed. I’m annoyed for them. When things like this happen my goal is to resolve the issue. But, I’m old. I’m deaf. I’m emotional. And I can’t get traction, so I’ve called in the one person who Wells Fargo cannot ignore. My incredibly intelligent granddaughter who is a master negotiator. She spent less than an hour with the bank president, stated the issue and how it needs to be resolved.  He listened. Meanwhile, until the people I do business with who are beyond helpful to my success are made whole, my indie author career is on hold. But, not my life. Good things still happen. The government forgave my school loans. I won $60 in a Lotto scratch off I got for Christmas. I found hungry homes for the three 18# turkeys I got for the holidays. 2019 beckons. Bring it!

Weger ~ an old lady author having a coffee in the Woodlands, Texas

P.S. Lesson learned: Do Not Shop sponsored ads on Amazon that are not fulfilled by Amazon. Else one can end up being scammed by a China Holding company.

@JackieWeger 2018. Thanks for visiting. Comments Welcome because everybody has a story to tell.

What the heck? Sales and KENP Sinking Like Treasure Ships of Old.

Written By: Jackie Weger - Oct• 29•18

Amazon Sales and KENP Sinking Like Treasure Ships of Old

FREE to October 30, 2018

My sales and KENP have flat-lined. I’m not the only indie author asking: What’s happening? I’m hearing all kinds of reasons, but no facts. And I don’t deal in rumor. There are a plethora of tech things I don’t know ehow to do. I hire it done. I do know how to design promotions and move books.  I’m coming off of a coordinated promotion with eight other indie authors. We’ve all moved books. My unit was Free and I see above 10,000 downloads.

What many of us are not seeing is the ‘halo’ effect in which a free unit or a discounted book draws readers to buy or borrow our list. We are not seeing a bump in pages read in Kindle Unlimited. Now, not all authors are seeing shrinking sales.  Smart, established Indie authors, and often those who are hybrid are doing fine.  Some not. Many of us saw glitches when we moved our books out of Create Space into KDP Print. I’ve ordered books from KDP print and have been waiting weeks, though I’m told they’ve shipped.  I’m wondering if they’ve shipped from Mars.  One proof I ordered came rumpled, looking like a flag waving in the wind.

Looking at my own data, I see a drop off across the board starting in January 2017 that has continued into 2018. I’ve done smart things to compensate. I’ve joined with another author to do a monthly Rafflecopter; engaged a favorite promoter to sponsor our books at no charge.  I’m promoting my colleague’s best books. I hired a Twitter Guru to retweet certain hashtags.  I have a newsletter in the thousands, up from the 58 subscribers I started with. I work towards keeping subscribers in the fold and always do a resend to unopens.

Now available on Kobo, Apple, Google Play and Nook.

No, I don’t think there are ‘too many’ books on offer.  Yes, I believe hurricanes, floods and fires put a crimp in sales. If one is in promotion and 600,000 people don’t have electricity or Internet, I expect to see a drop. A family living in a shelter, a tent or temporary housing who must drive two hours for a gallon of water, gas or food, is not in the mood to buy books. People forced to evacuate don’t grab their eReaders. They grab their kids, car keys and wallets. I have colleagues and family members deployed by FEMA or Red Cross. They step outside their lives to help others.

Last month I pulled two books out of Kindle Unlimited Select and published them wide. That’s a new learning curve for me that I’m taking into consideration. I love Amazon Select, but I’m seeing a need to expand my audience onto other venues. Colleagues who publish wide tell me it takes a year or so to get traction on Google Play, Apple iBooks, Kobo and Nook. Thus, I’m not starry-eyed.

What can you or I do to generate sales in this hard-scrabble climate?  Yes, lack of sales could be your books or mine. Yes, a new cover might help. Yes, review your book descriptions. I’ve done all of those things. So. I’m not thinking, “it’s me or my books,” because even a bad book often finds a home. I’m going to keep doing what I know how to do and what I’ve always done: Hang in there. I don’t know enough to point my finger at Amazon and say the problem is with Amazon. I know two things to do: Keep writing and market smart and hope for the best.

Adding~one thing that kept me going year in and year out, no matter the disruptions in my life, changes, or the climate in our publishing industry is Fiction Focus. First I had it professionally produced in a cassette, wholly useless in today’s digital universe. Now Blackstone Audio has published Fiction Focus in digital. I love it. So do many of my writer pals, because it works.  It’s published on all venues, but is inexpensive [3.95] on Downpour, Blackstone Studio’s Retail outlet. Self-help for writers.

All of this depressing talk of flat sales has moved the discussion away from Reviews. But I like to wrap my blogs with this gem that I put at the end of my books. If one’s book resonates with a reader, this gentle plea will encourage a review.

Thank you for taking time to read [title]. If you enjoyed it, please consider telling your friends or posting a short review.  Word of mouth is an author’s best friend and much appreciated.  Thank you again, (author name).

@JackieWeger, 2018. Thank you for stopping by. Comments Welcome. Please do add to the discussion. If you’ve run into any publishing snafus recently, please share. Every little bit of information helps us to make better decisions.






How’re You Keepin’ in Hard Luck Times?

Written By: Jackie Weger - Oct• 12•18

On the surface of our lives, all seems well…

eNovel Authors at Work…a group of indie authors sharing our experiences and ehow.

But! That’s only if you and yours have not been in the path of a flood, fire or hurricane. I’m looking now at the devastation of Panama City and Mexico Beach, which was flattened by Hurricane Michael. Places I know well and have family and friends. Across Florida one million home are without electricity. No Internet. Cell towers down.  A few short weeks ago storms and floods across five states wiped out communities, filled their homes with mud and debris and those folks are still trying to get their lives back together.  It’s more than Shock and Awe,  these events make for lasting trauma. I have friends who just won’t watch bad news or any news.  I miss my favorite newspapers that I could read in the privacy of my home, which have gone the way of Do-Do birds.  I don’t get my news on the Internet because it comes slanted one way or another and it’s filled with pop up ads or I’m forced to watch an ad before I get the news. Forget it. I’ll go without.

Like many of you, I’m a writer. I’m an indie author. I’m affected by events. I’m wondering how many of my newsletter subscribers are suffering loss, of homes, jobs, or family. We market our books world wide on Amazon and other venues such as Google Play, iBooks, Kobo and Nook.  So, there are book buyers and readers wholly unaffected by USA local news. No matter what happens in our lives those on-line entities are still pushing product. To stay in the game, I must promote my product, too.  I’ve decided to take off the entire month of November. Relax, and perhaps learn something new, or do a week-end excursion. Some little something to renew my psyche. Call it a cleansing and plot my work for the coming year.  Yet, today I’ve still obligations to meet with my colleagues and with those businesses with whom I’ve contracted. So, I’m putting on my game face and sharing with you some fun stuff and good books that will entertain you, perhaps inspire you or make you laugh. Laughter is always a cure for a sad moment.  Atop that, is a grand giveaway. We joined with one of our favorite promoters eBookBetty to bring you a treat bag of Halloween goodies that you and yours can enjoy for weeks to come.

Go right here to see the wonderful selection of books on offer FREE or 99c plus all of the useful and fun gifts for Mommies and Kids and enter to win. Take Me There.

THIS SPECIAL FOR WRITERS who may be feeling blah, discouraged, struggling with plot, characters or a general malaise, not to mention trying to find time to write while juggling family chores and children atop a job, all of which happens, as I well know. Use this. It works. I know because I designed it for myself and used it for years. Fiction Focus kept me creating and writing through every single thing that can happen to a writer from death to divorce and all life events in between.  Not just me. I loaned it out to colleagues. We had Fiction Focus parties laying about on my living room floor. An audio publisher recently learned of it. I sent him the master tape, he decided to publish. A little bit of a back door success story.  It won’t teach you to write. That’s on you. But Fiction Focus will help you get to your keyboard and get your story on page.

Oh. This just in, a bonus giveaway with a huge selection of books.

Snag a kindle Fire 7 Tablet and Godiva Chocolates. Do not give those away to Trick o’ Treaters! Take Me There.








That’s it. All done.  Comments Welcome. Be nice. If you can’t be nice, be articulate. Add to the discussion if you can. We often learn from every comment.  Do mosey over to the giveaway sites and download some of the wonderful books we have for you. Books can take us into our imagination where happiness can reign.

Wishing you all good things in life ~ Jackie Weger



FEED Your listening Pleasure Addiction ~ Enthralling Audio Books

Written By: Jackie Weger - Sep• 29•18

What books are you listening to these days?

In the not so distant past, if we wanted to listen to books while driving cross-country,  while sewing or doing dishes, we bought old radios shows on CDs. My family loved ’em. Now we have audibles. I’m telling you about a few favorite audible books that readers have shared they enjoyed immensely. Audible Membership on Amazon is $14.95 a month and comes with perks. But you may buy these audibles to own if you wish. Starting you off with an audible by a beloved author, Kathleen Brooks.

This is the first in the Bluegrass Brothers series.  Cade Davies is an ex-Army Ranger and the new head coach of the high school football team in Keeneston. He has yet to adjust to all of the changes in his life before he runs into the school’s fiery new guidance counselor and a new threat to the peaceful town of Keeneston. DEA Agent Annie Blake goes undercover to bust a major drug ring preying on high school athletes across the South.  Annie looks to make her career by solving the biggest case the DEA has open. But  unflappable Annie has a snag~coping with feelings for Cade Davies. 1014 Reviews On Amazon.

Charlotte police officer Jordan Monroe is used to being in control. On a business trip, he meets the one person who throws his life into a whirlwind: Jaynee. Jaynee has lived a tragic life and has sworn off  men ~ until a rugged southern man lands in her seating area, refusing to take no for an answer. Jordan sweeps Jaynee off her feet. Five years of happiness later, Jordan finds Jaynee on their back porch with a gunshot wound to the head. While Jaynee lies in a coma, Jordan goes back to their beginning to figure out what went wrong. 1004 Reviews on Amazon.

Mazie Reynolds has moxie from the top of her bruised face to the tip of her broken wrist. She married a man she adored and who adored her in return. But over 14 years, her happy marriage soured with each new beating. When her husband’s attentions shift to their 12-year-old daughter, Mazie knows that it’s time to get the hell out. She hatches a plan to escape. It’s game on to outwit the man she vowed to obey until death they do part.  589 Reviews on Amazon.

Twenty-four-year-old Phoebe Hawley is on a quest to find her family a home. On the road with two siblings, 12-year-old Maydean and five-year-old Willie-Boy, Phoebe is out of money, out of gas and out of patience. Now the only things she owns in abundance are Hawley backbone and Hawley pride – neither of which she can trade for food or gas. A collision with Gage Morgan puts Phoebe’s mission in even worse jeopardy~until Phoebe discovers Gage Morgan owns the perfect place for the Hawley clan. But! Gage Morgan has a bruised ego, a tight fist on his land and an iron fist on his heart, and is the unlikeliest man in the universe to  lend a hand. Phoebe wields all of the pride, backbone, and country smarts she owns to claim his home, plow his land, and pilfer his heart. Nothing works. With time running against her family, she plies one last inducement – her scarce feminine wiles. And those are not a sure thing.  390 Reviews on Amazon.

Just days after Josie is the last-minute bridesmaid at a massive Boston Brahmin wedding, the lovely bride dies on her honeymoon at an exclusive Arizona resort. The mother of the bride thinks Josie, with her… unique people skills, can find out what really happened. Josie discovers the dead bride may not have been the first dead girl. And to Josie’s horror, the killer has set his sights on her next. 129 Reviews on Amazon.

When she was a poor country girl in a hand-me-down dress, Rosamund saved the Duke of Swanhaven from the brink of despair, only to fall in love with him. Now a celebrated mannequin for an exclusive London dressmaker, her glamorous life is empty without the man to whom she gave her heart. Can a beastly duke and a beautiful mannequin ever find a fairy tale ending? 499 Reviews on Amazon.

Art teacher Daniel Benedetto has cystic fibrosis. At thirty-four, he’s already outlived his doctor’s “expiration date,” but that doesn’t stop him from giving all he can to his students. When he takes on Caitlin, his landlady’s daughter, as a private student, the budding teen painter watches in torment as other people, especially women, treat Daniel like a freak because of his condition. To Caitlin, Daniel is not a disease, not someone to pity or take care of but someone to care for, a friend, and her first real crush. Convinced one of those women is about to hurt him, Caitlin makes one very bad decision. 83 Reviews on Amazon.

That’s a wrap for your listening pleasure to Feed your Fiction addition this week.  While this blog is for our fans, I always like to remind authors the best way to gather organic reviews is to put this sweet gem of a plea at the end of your book:

Thank you for taking time to read [title]. If you enjoyed it, please consider telling your friends or posting a short review.  Word of mouth is an author’s best friend and much appreciated.  Thank you again, (author name).

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Have you checked your Book Description Recently?

Written By: Jackie Weger - Sep• 24•18

Have you checked your book description, referred to as your blurb–recently. If not Do!

Today on Amazon. Soon available on all Sales Venues.

Did you know that every time you change price, do any clean up on your book, add back matter, or change key words, the original book descriptions pops up on your book.  It’s Amazon’s default blurb on your book. If there were errors, there they are again. If you revised your description–it’s gone.  This is annoying as heck.

Since we’ve moved my books from Create Space to KDP print, up popped the earlier descriptions. And a couple got mangled. I was checking descriptions, not only on my books, but some books we’re promoting in Accent on Romance cooperative promotions. I found the first letter in one description dropped. I found some descriptions tripled spaced. I found descriptions that read like a proposal to an agent~the whole darn story laid out. Nothing left to the imagination but the last line in the book.

Absolutely it is Author Choice how one designs and posts a description. But tighter is better. Keep in mind, we are not composing an essay for an English Class. When moving from the first main Character to the second, one may keep all in the same paragraph. To highlight the change, all one must do is bold the character name. I bold my entire blurb. It’s all about one book. I’m not adding space breaks or white space.

Here’s a book with a description in which the author does it her way. It works, because the book is stunning. And the author knows her stuff. Check out the book description.

I spent hours ridding my blurbs of rhetorical questions to declarative sentences. The rhetorical questions at the end are back. Revising those again as time permits. You must check those blurbs, because a blurb with errors can get a book rejected for a promotion.  A badly composed blurb can also get a book rejected. It happens more often than you think.  In a recent cooperative promotion with a commercial promoter, one book was rejected because the promoter considered the blurb did not convey the essence of the story. And hey! I own the book. I love it. It’s well-written. Not a word out of place and the story is smooth as satin from start to finish. Who knew?

Sharing this: It’s just not commercial promoters. Those of us who support our sister authors and promote their books find the same thing. Over-written book descriptions. We have to edit for space, lest our newsletters look like a story board. There are three things that get a book bought or downloaded:

The Cover. The Blurb. The Price. 

That is the triptych of success. If you want repeat customers, the story has to resonate with your audience. Targeting the right audience is another whole blog. Others can tell you about audience connections far better than I. But! To get book buyer eyes on it’s the Cover, the Blurb, the Price. So take a  moment to check your book page inside and outside Author Central. Especially since Amazon is going through some changes. For an earlier blog on Book descriptions and your Amazon Author page go HERE. Some smart folks had a few good things to tell us. 

Now I always like to share with you some promoters eNovel Members favor and who we consider do right by authors.  Here’s a short list. eBookBetty. KindleBookReview. HiddenGems. BookCave. BookAngel. ENT. fkbt. JustContemporaryRomance. Robin Reads.  Fussy Librarian.  Keep in mind your mileage may vary. We find it does even for us when there are events like hurricanes, fires and floods that our fans and readers must cope with.

@2018 by Jackie Weger, Founder of eNovel Authors at Work ~ a Resource for Indie Authors. Here’s a resource for you: If you need help moving your books from Create Space to KDP Print, Hire Nicholas Rossis. $30 to move your list whether it’s 10 or fifty books. Nick is fast, efficient and knows his stuff. Just click on his name and make your move worry free. I did. Lastly, I’d like to give a shout out to Linda and Caleb Pirtle III, down home Texas Folks who talk about our indie books as if they are golden.  We love these people. Pop over and say hello.


Where Have all the Reviews Gone? Amazon Picked Them Every One…

Written By: Jackie Weger - Aug• 04•18


Authors and reviewers can visit any forum and if the topic is reviews, you will see a thread of dozens upon dozens of comments, all of which will dis Amazon for removing reviews.  Mercy, if it is a Five Star review that got removed, the vitriol flow could compete with the Styx River. Before we go any further here’s where you can find the guideline that causes the most distress for authors: Anti-Manipulation Policy for Customer Reviews.

We most often get those notices that tells us Amazon has detected author or review behavior that is against their guidelines, along with a scary threat that Amazon can and will seize our royalties, remove our books and shut down our accounts if we continue to manipulate reviews or Terms of Service. That is a SOP notice.  Amazon is NEVER going to tell us the who, what, or where it discovered the offence.

This book has 585 organic reviews on .com and 104 organic reviews on .uk ranked 4.6/5.0. Julie has the suggested gentle review plea in back-of-book matter. It works. Audible edition: $7.49. eBook Free with Kindle Unlimited.

What to do if you get a notice of any sort from Amazon: Always respond to the email ASAP, blind copy yourself. Say “Thank you for alerting me. I follow Amazon guidelines to the letter. I will try to run this troubling occurrence down.” I always ask for my response to be bumped up to a second tier responder, where I can explain that I have Amazon guidelines and TOS in hand and I don’t have a clue who or what may be manipulating my reviews or whatever the problem may be.  Courtesy counts.

This book has 389 organic reviews on .com. Meme and Cover by Alexa Dare. Read FREE with Kindle Unlimited. Also available on Audible.

Losing reviews often has nothing whatsoever to do with the author. If an author has an ARC team, the members of that team may also be reviewing for more than a dozen authors. If any member of an ARC team has ever received a gift from an author and Amazon discovers that, all of the reviewer’s reviews  may be removed from whatever product, books or otherwise.  A reviewer may not monetize a review blog and post those reviews on Amazon. Top 1000 Amazon and Goodreads reviewers keep their blogs ‘pure’. They don’t have affiliate accounts. Read THIS by , a TOP 1000 Amazon Reviewer.  Julie tells you straight.

The best advice I got from a colleague when starting my indie author career is: Don’t review books on Amazon. So I don’t.  I may blog about a book that touched me. I often Tweet and comment on colleague’s books. I buy their books. I rate them on Goodreads and Bookbub. Nor do I trade reviews. Another suggestion: I encourage every author to know who you’re talking to, listening to, or Friending on the Internet. Be cautious.

You can mess up your book life in a nanosecond by making a decision based on a post in a forum, only to discover weeks later the post was rumor or facts were skewed.  Remember, everybody has an agenda. Do your homework.

From a kitchen disaster reality show into a time swept path to destiny on the high seas.

 Indie authors have total control over back-of-book matter.  If you put a gentle plea for a review at The End of your story, you won’t need an ARC team. We’ve learned Amazon bots grab your reader once The End is on the page, sending them on to sponsored books. Alexa Dare, a member of eNovel suggests instead of writing THE END, use a swisher or text separator so you reader isn’t co-opted by Amazon before engaging your back-of book matter such as a note from the author, or an excerpt of another book. I like this text separator.  It needs to be larger than chapter separators.

Thank you for taking time to read [title]. If you enjoyed it, please consider telling your friends or posting a short review.  Word of mouth is an author’s best friend and much appreciated.  Thank you again, (author name).

NOTE: If your fan or reviewer complains that she can’t get her review posted, all is not lost. Ask to have the review emailed to you. YOU can post it in Editorial via Author Central on your book page. You can use it in Tweets and on your blog and web page. You can use it in back-of-book matter under a header: What readers are saying about [title].

©2018 I’m Jackie Weger, romance author, mother, grandmother and great grandmother. That means I’m O.L.D. Also, I’m the Founder of eNovel Authors at Work~A Resource for Indie Authors. We’re a group of like-minded writers who support one another. We got together because we all needed help to learn how to market our books. Some sell books every day of the year. Some of us sell when we promote a unit.  You can find all of our members and books HERE.  Check us out. We’re an eclectic group writing across the spectrum of genres.

P.S.  Visit our Useful Links page to find list of reviewers. 

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Are You Marketing Your First Book? If Not~Why Not?

Written By: Jackie Weger - Aug• 04•18

Well, by golly, the Gurus have Spoken…

Telling you up front I like The Digital Reader. But a recent blog 8 Ways For Authors to Waste Their Their Money leads with the advice that an author should not start marketing until that author has published three books.  Not all of this advice is from the big guys. You know ’em…David Gaughran, Joel Friedlander, Victoria Strauss,  Jane Friedman, Hugh Howey and a couple of others. Most of their suggestions are sound. I subscribe to a couple of their blogs and newsletters and admire them all.

My first indie published book. Named by Caleb Pirtle III one of the five books to read before you die. Otherwise just fun book filled with wit, grit and humor. Love in a Junk Yard. Who knew?

Here’s where I think the arrogance comes in: Just because one observes a particular behavior of one person in a narrow hallway–or one author’s experience does not make it a universal truth.  The second tidbit of arrogance is believing any author can publish enough books to satisfy every reader and book buyer out there in any particular genre. Whether it’s one book, three or ten.

I’m a little  guy and most indie authors are paddling in the same canoe I am. So are some contracted authors.  I would never suggest an indie author publish a book and let it sit idle on a virtual shelf until one had three books or more. This supposes a writer is prolific. Some writers produce a book a year, some every two or three years, some authors like Margaret Mitchell only produced one book.  I only recall two books by Wilson Rawls, the most famous, Where The Red Fern Grows. and right this minute a #1 Best Seller in Y/A with more than 2900 Reviews Ranked 4.7/5.0.  Then there’s Marjorie Kinnan Rawlings, The Yearling and the spate of books about Cross Creek. I have to stop right here for a second and tell you I’ve been to Cross Creek. Sat in the very chair at the table where Marjorie typed her books on a screened in porch and sat on the wooden steps to soak up the magic she put in her books.

The absolute all-around best Romantic Adventure. Charlie Allnut is a magnificent hero. Skinny, unshaven, smelly, loved his gin–not a tattoo on his ropy arms. Rose made him into a hero for all time.

Next come the contemporary authors I love, like Dave Barry and Carl Hiaasen and Fannie Flagg…I’ll wait months and years between these author’s books…love ’em, but meanwhile, I’m reading other books. Don’t you? I also reread my favorites, like The African Queen–which I consider the best romantic adventure ever published in my lifetime.  I paid 35 cents for my print edition back in the day. Still have it.

I recall contracted authors being told by their publishers, the Big Five and others, they would not publish more than one book a year or every two years, so as not to saturate the market.  First came the hardback, next the Trade paperback, then the print edition…honey, those publishers milked that first book for every dollar they could get out of the reading public before a second book was a thought in the author’s brain.

Thus, telling an indie author to wait until he or she has three books before marketing goes against my common sense.

Here’s the way I think: If I write it, I publish it, I’m gonna sell it. For damned sure I’m gonna sell enough copies to pay for my investment in the book. Then I’m gonna keep marketing the thing until I’ve earned enough to pay my investment in a second book. BECAUSE, we indie authors must pay for every darn bit of production, to include our equipment, programs like MS Word, hiring editors, proof readers, cover artists and formatting services. Then there’s Web pages and domain names. One person’s observation does not an expert make. Nor is it scientific. One person’s observation “that readers don’t just buy a book by an author they like, they buy as many of that author’s books as they can afford. If an author only [has] a single book out, they can only make one sale per reader, which is why they should wait until they have several books to sell.”  So after the reader buys those three books, what’re they gonna do? Sit around on their thumbs and stare out a window?  Mercy me. There are millions of books on Amazon. They’ll find a book to read. I do, and so do you.

What’s so wrong about a Guru saying: Author choice and your mileage may vary? 

Get this: I am so not interested in hearing how a best selling author got to the top.  Here’s why: I can’t mimic that author’s success.  Those authors started at a different time or perhaps write in a different genre or connected with an audience hungry for something new. Or were smarter than the rest of us–or smarter than me anyway.  All of which is honorable. For certain many Indies made best seller status and $$$ before Amazon changed algorithms that a free unit no longer counted as whole sale when returned to priced. Now it’s one-tenth. I adore Martin Crosbie, but I can’t mimic his success. Neither can you. Neither can he, and honest guy that he is, he revised the book so he doesn’t lead indies astray. His books are among my favorites. Bottom line: We have to find our own path to success in today’s market.

Don’t miss this little tidbit: All had Day jobs or somebody in their family did, until that author wrote a book, spent years badgering agents and publishers until finally getting a contract OR giving up and publishing indie–discovering they’ve written a book that resonated with readers and found an audience. Kudos to every one. I say Author Choice if you want to promote your first book or wait until you have a whole list.

Yep. The author needs to learn the ropes of indie authorship.  One needs  to master marketing and keep up with changes.  I’m not ashamed to admit when I started on the path to indie publishing I was Eating Stupid for Breakfast. You bet I got scammed. Part of my learning experience.  I connected with other authors and promoters. I asked questions. I still ask questions.  I’m up to Frosted Flakes these days.

Don’t miss this: Some of those wonderful gurus earn every dime writing non-fiction books telling fiction authors ehow to publish and market while their own fiction books lie fallow.  I don’t know if you own a telephone book these days, but if you do, look in the Yellow Pages…Not a single heading: Guru or Expert.

I appreciate wisdom, smart advice and suggestions.  IMO, there isn’t another author who explains how Amazon works better than David Gaughran in Let’s Get Visible. That book smartened me up. But David has moved all of the info into Let’s Get Digital. My suggestion for newbies is start there. Above all, Think for yourself.  I know this much for a fact. If I do right by my book, it will do right by me.  So far, that’s working out.

One hot topic among indies is reviews. I don’t have an ARC Team or a Street Team. How I gather organic reviews is by putting this small gentle gem at the end of my books.  One of our clever eNovel members suggests using a swisher or text separator instead of text: The End. So my next book and books that I revise will have this swisher before the review plea:

Thank you for taking time to read [title]. If you enjoyed it, please consider telling your friends or posting a short review.  Word of mouth is an author’s best friend and much appreciated.  Thank you again, (author name).

Perhaps the Swisher keeps Amazon bots from grabbing your reader before she’s read your back-of-book matter and shunting readers onto sponsored books.  Use Google to find: FREE text separators. That’s about it.  I blogged on marketing your first book because I have a dog in this hunt. And I don’t like folks in this business or on the periphery of it making pronouncements without facts and stats to back ’em up that could easily confuse or lead astray a new indie author.  We have enough to cope with without being told how we should NOT make money.

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#Indie Authors~ Finally! A Library for your Print Editions

Written By: Jackie Weger - Jul• 03•18

Finally! A Library that won’t refuse your book…

Yep, all across America and Canada are Little Free Libraries~Take a book. Return a book. I first learned of these tiny street kiosks of books from a granddaughter, Jennifer,  who lives and works in Philadelphia. I gave her a few of my print editions to put in the Little Library in her neighborhood. Two weeks ago, granddaughter Courtney introduced me to Uber to get me off of my tush and out into the world–or at least to her home. Once there we piled into her car and she took me to a Little Library in the Woodlands. Texas. We put a few of my sweet romance print editions in the kiosk.

I mentioned Little Library in our eNovel Forum and la…encouraged members to find a Little Library in their neighborhood. Julie Frayn, author of the amazing Mazie Baby, found one near her in Calgary. Now, I learned Free Little Library(s) are all over the world.

Here’s the great news. You can sponsor a Free Little Library in your neighborhood. The kiosk come in a kit. Want to know more? Keep up with Free Little Library on Facebook:

This one is in Philadelphia.

I love Free Little Libraries. For me they fall under paying-it-forward. I have sent above 100 books to libraries around the USA, donated my books to my local library and nary a word of thanks. They’re prolly being used for doorstops. But our books for all ages are welcome in Free Little Libraries.

Find a Free Little Library near you using the Map/Search Tool:  Don’t find one? Get a few writers together in your community and install one, perhaps where you have your chapter meetings or where you meet for lunch. A Free Little Library is family friendly. No porn or explicit erotica.

Where else can you donate your books? My granddaughter and hubby rented a vacation house in Hawaii. Every beach vacation house has a book shelf. She was kind enough to add a couple of my books to a shelf in a cottage on Kihei Beach in Maui, right there next to a James Patterson. When my nurse, Noreen, vacationed on Padre Island, Texas, she left behind two of my print editions in the motel library.

There’s more: You can register to donate books to Operation Paperback which provides books to Veterans and their families, Wounded Warriors and  VA Hospitals. It’s tax deductible.  So are the books you donate to a Little Library under promotion/public relations. True, we are not making sales when we donate a book. But, we are touching lives, entertaining readers and participating in our communities. You can’t go wrong paying-it-forward however much or little you do.

©2018. I’m Jackie Weger, Founder of eNovel Authors at Work~A resource for Indie Authors. Is there a Little Library near you?

Is Your Newsletter Doing Its Job? Here’s What Subscribers Say

Written By: Jackie Weger - Jun• 02•18


Authors are told the instant they step into our Indie Universe that we must have a newsletter whether we have a few dozen or a few thousand subscribers. My first newsletter in January 2014 went out to 58 fans. In 2018 my subscriber list has grown to above 15K. Yet, composing the perfect newsletter can be like searching for the alchemist’s philosophical stone. Indie gurus tell us the ehow of producing newsletters and offer bucketfuls of advice on how to snag those subscribers. BUT! I wanted to hear from my subscribers and fans. They are not gurus, but readers and they are plenty smart. I asked my subscribers to answer a survey about what appeals in an author-generated newsletter and and what doesn’t. Many thanks to each and every one who took the time to respond.  And, Wow! These fans told it like it is.

The survey gave us the statistics.  They are what they are. Telling you upfront I had help sorting comments. I’ve made a few conclusions,  but I’m leaving some answers open and you may draw your own conclusions.

Subscribers say use Content that appeals to readers…

  • Keep it friendly and use humor. Readers appreciate when an author is open, honest, and friendly. A little humor goes a long way toward a subscriber enjoying an author’s newsletter.
  • Talk about your new releases. A new or upcoming book is by far what readers want to know about. Most of us don’t have a new release every dang month. I sure don’t. However, mentioning a work in progress or background on existing books is good.
  • Include offers, deals, or freebies.  Subscribers adore a good deal, i.e. discounted or free books and swag.
  • According to the survey results, 73% of  subscribers prefer newsletters offering giveaways.

89% of my subscribers also subscribe to Bookbub.

In the survey comments, about 1% of the participants noted that they prefer free print editions instead of e-books. They also want these deals to be available to subscribers and readers outside the USA.  I hear them, but authors can’t do that legally. Rafflecopters are USA-only. Even Amazon cannot offer or engage in giveaways in many of its global venues because of a particular country’s laws. Authors do on occasion give away a limited number of print editions, but we cannot make a print edition FREE. We must purchase it the same as any buyer. I once honored a random winner for a print edition and discovered she lived in South Africa. Book and postage cost $65. Not doing that again. Not being unkind, but that was grocery $$ for a week.

  • Subscribers want to know about signature events, ARCs, and cover selection. Dedicated fans say they love to interact with authors.  The high participation in this survey proves it.  Consider giving your subscribers the opportunity to meet you every now and then, or perhaps get involved in the edition of your next book. I appreciate my subscriber’s wishes on these things, but I don’t offer ARCs for review.

Things that turn readers off

  • Too long and disorganized: This is the most common complaint about newsletters. Readers receive many newsletters from a variety of sources and have limited time to read them (see figures 1 and 2 above). They appreciate a newsletter no longer than one page at maximum, clean, and easy to read. Consider that short excerpts, teasers, and sneak-peeks of upcoming books are appealing to readers, but long ones have the opposite effect.
  • Too frequent newsletters: Daily back-to-back newsletters or more than two newsletters per month is considered overkill. Content repetition is also a pet-peeve for readers, which is connected to high frequency. Subscribers prefer newsletter content they have not read before. While the vast majority of readers—98% of the survey participants—are comfortable with receiving a newsletter once or twice a month, this number is halved (56%) when the newsletter becomes weekly.
  • Too pushy. Newsletter subscribers know that our newsletters are a marketing tool, however they don’t appreciate when it is too much “in their face.” They expect a friendly, informational communication. Survey respondents were adamant the authors avoid plastering “BUY NOW” buttons all over the place. Subscribers consider this ‘desperate to sell’.
  • Small or weird fonts, bad grammar, too many CAPS, acronyms, and !!!: People want to be able to read your newsletter. If you use a tiny font to keep it short in size, you might reconsider. Use readable, clean fonts and easy to the eye colors. Avoid sensationalism.
  • Text only, uninteresting, and ugly layouts: readers will be discouraged by a long newsletter that is all text. Make your newsletter visually appealing by including a nice layout and some book-covers or an interesting photo. Make sure that the photos load quickly enough by optimizing them for size (for the technically inclined among us, anything over 1000 pixels and 100 dpi is too much).
  • Sex and profanity: Respondents reminded us they might open a newsletter in an environment where other people are present. Keep it clean.
  • Negativity: Your newsletter is not the place to score points against a bad review or a fellow author who gets on your nerves. Subscribers do not like that kind of drama or public spats.
  • Too many links and clicks: Subscribers will follow a link, but despise Rafflecopters and giveaways that require a raft of tasks to enter a giveaway.  Pet peeve of subscribers: links to books or otherwise that don’t work.

Suggestion: Strike the right balance

  • The personal approach: A vast majority of readers love not only books but their authors, too. Many told us they enjoy hearing about an author’s life, a work in progress, what inspires the author, and some personal information. Being friendly and providing some interesting backstage information figures among the top features that readers appreciate in a newsletter. However, if you go overboard and provide too much information, you may turn this big “do” into a big “don’t”.  So go ahead and write a short personal greeting, but:
  • Keep it short and pleasant.
  • Keep the personal life update on family and children sparse.
  • Don’t brag about your achievements or your wonderful life. Avoid information that might be provocative for readers of lower income.
  • Never, ever, whine or rant about low sales, other authors being undeservedly successful, bad reviews etc. Keep your newsletter drama-free.
  • Opinions about photos of your pets are mixed—some love them and some hate them.
  • Recommending other authors: Here is another fine balance to achieve. According to the survey results, 85% of the participants actually enjoy having an array of books by selected authors to choose from in a newsletter. Readers love it when you recommend other authors because a) they see it as a sign of humility and fair play on your part, and b) they like what you write so they trust that they will also like what you read or recommend.

There were also specific complaints about the above, namely:

  • Readers do want to know that you have read what you recommend. If you recommend too many books from other authors, they will consider it as advertisement and they may not care about it.
  • Many don’t like it when you recommend too many titles, especially if they are outside of your genre.
  • Pricey books or pushy sales from other authors are not appreciated.
  • Yes to contests, but…: Although many readers like contests as a means to interact with you, they appreciate them less when participation rules are too complicated. Subscribers report disdain when contest entrant tasks involve visiting two or more social media, click like, leave a comment on each, report back on the link of a tweet or ‘sacrifice a virgin goat’.

The Survey got some funny answers, some irate answers, but all were considered in composing the Survey Results. Keep in mind, this Survey was to Accent on Romance subscribers. Your mileage may differ. My newsletter has always promoted eNovel members and a wide genre spectrum, but no erotica. I keep it family- and workplace-friendly.  I have always advocated no more than two one-click entrant tasks in a contest or Rafflecopter. The Survey also turned up complaints book covers are often in-your-face too large and take forever to open. Most newsletters allow for thumbnail sizing.

We considered the wish for free print editions might come from a reader who doesn’t own an eReader or a subscriber with a preference for print, or perhaps a non-subscriber since the Survey got some coverage on Twitter. We were impressed that 89% of survey respondents also subscribe to Bookbub… which tells us that a Rafflecopter with an entry task of ‘follow on Bookbub’ can be a very popular entry task and easily accomplished by those who already subscribe. Those subscribers know the ropes. The comment about ‘too many books’ in a newsletter is relative. We didn’t get a number. I usually promote eight books and a giveaway in my monthly newsletter. Once or twice a year I add a text box with perma-free member titles with a live link to each book on Amazon.  Those units always get downloads. Of course, if your blog/books are animal-related, the caveat about pets does not apply.

Keep up with the good stuff. Follow Jackie Weger on Twitter

©Jackie Weger 2018, Founder of eNovel Authors at Work ~ A Resource for Indie Authors, a grand way of saying I rounded up a group of like-minded writers willing to support one another. Find all of us in the drop down menu: Our Authors. All Author pages are interactive. Say hello.

Comments Welcome. Add to the discussion. Happy for you to share your own newsletter experiences. We love to learn.


Today is the Day~ GDPR and Newsletter Compliance.

Written By: Jackie Weger - May• 25•18

GDPR ~  General Data Protection Regulation  and You.

The brouhaha is all but over. May 25, 2018, which was yesterday in the European Union saw the GDPR go into effect. For those of us in the USA, it actually doesn’t go into effect until mid June, 2018.  The best blog and information by an author for authors and lives in the EU is by Nicholas Rossis. Read it HERE.  If you don’t have a clue and want to be assured of compliance, you can hire Nicholas for an inexpensive fee to check your site and newsletter out.  Just letting you know I did, so happy to recommend Nick and his know-how. Moving on…

This is happening. I’m getting notices from those authors and sites to which I subscribe asking me to resubscribe. If  the notice comes from an eNovel author, I did the second opt in. All others, I unsubscribed. Not fooling with ’em.  But get this: I have unsubscribed and blocked a few promotion sites out of the UK and the dang people keep changing their name and links. I continue to get cold ‘calls’ to put my books on a site or add them to a publishing unit in Euro states. So what I want to know is: Where the heck do I file a complaint?  And to whom? I don’t know these people and I don’t want to do business with them.

Last year those of us with newsletters were notified by our newsletter services that we had to get in compliance with  the FTC’s Can-Spam Act privacy laws or our newsletters would not go out. It was a simple follow instructions procedure and most of us got it done. Every newsletter has to have a simple, single unsubscribe. Do that and you are fine. Find out what you need to know HERE.  If you publish adult content or sexually oriented material, you must state that so your subscribers know so.  That rule is speaking to porn and extreme erotica. Nobody is saying you can’t publish it~you just have to inform your subscribers and keep it ‘behind a wall’ as opposed to family friendly.

I despise sites that ask me to sign in to unsubscribe. Not doing it. I’m just going to tag those sites as spam and forget it.

What can you do now? Keep on writing. Stick to the good basics. Keep up with the changes in our indie industry and go with the flow. Indie authors are still selling books, making best seller lists and cultivating their subscribers.  Along this avenue of keeping up with changes I suggest authors join Author Support Network. The Network was formed by Marie Force and focuses on solving author problems and situations with Amazon. Guidelines can be found HERE. The discussion are lively and on point. Free to join.

I’m Jackie Weger, Founder of eNovel Authors at Work ~ a Resource for Indie Authors. Thank you for stopping by. Comments welcome. Be nice, If you can’t be nice, be articulate and add to the discussion. We love to learn.

@JackieWeger 2018


Guest Post: Random Thoughts about being a Luddite

Written By: Jackie Weger - May• 12•18


Luddite: a person opposed to increased industrialization or new technology.

Guest Post by AB Plum, but we in eNovel just call her Barbara.

Samsung’s Family Hub 2.0 smart fridge. It doesn’t cook.

Living and writing in the shadow of Google in Silicon Valley, it’s tough being a Luddite. No smart phone or AI fridge or self-driving car. But. I’m definitely aware I’m not a puritan-Luddite. I would give up my firstborn child to keep my computer. Which leads me to think—a painful state at times—how computer technology has changed my writing process over the past couple of decades.

For the record, I owned one of the earliest IBM PCs. Wow! I was a technological innovator—an early adapter. I used the PC exactly as I’d used my IBM Selectric. Using floppies and learning anything about DOS gave me hives. The cost for that PC verged on astronomical. My husband worked for IBM and received a 10% discount on the retail price. Logic demanded using the damn thing to justify the outlay of dollars. If it had been smaller, I might’ve gone to bed with it—like “smart”phone users do in 2018.

1946 Olympia Typewriter

One of my first PC projects? Co-authoring a romance novel with a friend living 3,000 miles away. She typed every word on her 1946 Olympia—a typewriter she inherited from her father after his stint as Commandant at West Point. The Internet was not even a glint in anyone’s mind in the mid 80’s. So, I sent her my printed chapters, and she sent me hers by snail mail. Word count was tedious—especially since I wrote out my scenes in longhand and subsequently transcribed them into that amazing PC. It took me five years of using computers to track customer calls to graduate from writing fiction in longhand to inputting content directly without notes.

Quite often I read about three or four or hundreds of writers claiming they write 10K words and more a day. That’s probably more times than I breathe 24/7.  These mega-writers then turn out a book a month. Why not? They type faster than the speed of light. They also say they have their books proofed and edited multiple times. Somewhere, in the back of my Thomasina mind, doubts lurk.

Read all of Barbara’s book FREE with Kindle Unlimited

My writing output falls short of 10K words daily. Why? Simple. I no longer have to produce at such high levels. When I worked in the fast lane and created marketing materials for AI and multimedia technologies, I often had to turn out many documents in hours. Without a computer, I’d never have survived. Now, I can decide if the world continues or falls off its axis if I write at a slower pace. I don’t live in the past or swear life was better in the past. Admittedly, I miss going to the public library, but I love the portal of hundreds of libraries via the Internet. At least I’m not surfing the net on my smartphone. Yet.

Barbara Plum writes dark, twisted psychological thrillers as AB Plum. She lives off the fast-lane exit in Silicon Valley, where she indulges in low-tech walking and aerobic dancing to offset hours of butt-in-chair syndrome.  Read all Barbara wants you to know about her HERE.


Thank you Barbara Plum for this guest post. Many writers will relate because some of us create slow and type at the pace of a turtle. Or in my case, a slug.

© 2018. Jackie Weger says:  Comments Welcome. Be nice.  If you can’t be nice, be articulate. We love for you to add to the discussion. Here’s a bit of sass: I always say that to authors because author complaints are rampant about one or two word reviews. Next an author takes the time to compose a blog, and guess what: Two word responses. La.


Written By: Jackie Weger - May• 05•18

Donna Fasano, USA Today and Amazon bestselling author. Follow Donna on Amazon and never miss a new release.


Internet safety~How To Disable Apps on Facebook

This morning I watched an interview with Facebook Founder Mark Zuckerberg and learned that there was a huge breach of information back in 2015 in which the personal information of millions of Facebook users was handed over to third party app developers. Due to this mega-breach of personal information, I decided to check out which apps were connected to my Facebook account. OH, WOW! That’s all I can say. I found dozens of apps attached to my account…apps that I don’t even remember ever using. I deleted 90% of them. Here’s how you can do the same.

1. Log into your Facebook account and click on the small triangle icon located in the blue bar across the top (pictured below).

2. In the box that appears, choose “settings.”

3. On the settings page, look at the list on the left hand side. Find and click “Apps.”

4. Hover the cursor over each app to see: a) a small pencil icon with allows editing of settings and b) an “x” that, when clicked, will delete the app.

We have to do whatever we can to protect our personal information. Any time you use one of those fun apps—you know, the ones that entice you with “how old do you look?” or “what kind of friend are you?” or “can you pass this history quiz?” etc.—you are agreeing to allow the app developers access to your Facebook information. All of us need to periodically delete these apps. Stay safe on the internet!

Added Note: The Better Business Bureau offers this:  Scam Alert: That Facebook Quiz Might Be a Big Data Company Mining Your Personal Information.  In light of the recent revelation that Cambridge Analytica allegedly mined personal information from more than 50 million Facebook users, the Better Business Bureau is again reminding consumers that what they share online can be used for illegal or unethical reasons. Social media quizzes – especially popular on Facebook – seem innocent enough. But taking the quiz might mean you are giving away more about yourself than you originally thought, and may extend to your Friends, as well. These quizzes ask seemingly silly or useless questions, but hackers can use that information to penetrate your social accounts and gain access to your personal information or the information of your friends and family. Some quizzes are designed to steal your data in an outright scam. So think twice before you engage in a Facebook quiz.

About the author: Donna Fasano is a USA Today Bestselling Author whose books have won awards and have been published in nearly 2 dozen languages. Her latest release is Dangerous Memories.

When Keira Rhodes awakens in the hospital with amnesia she learns two men claim to be her baby’s father. The truth is hidden in Keira’s lost memory—and in the tender touch of one special man.

About the book: What kind of woman am I?

The question haunts Keira Rhodes when she awakens in the hospital with amnesia and learns that two men claim to be her baby’s father. Logan claims he is her loving husband. Although Keira feels drawn to this quiet man, she senses that their marriage has been far from perfect. For Logan’s own brother, Kyle, staunchly maintains that Keira’s baby and her heart are his…The truth lays hidden in Keira’s lost memory—and in the tender touch of one special man.

If you enjoy the Hallmark Mystery movies, you will love Dangerous Memories.

Follow Donna on BookBub. Follow Donna on Amazon. 

©2018 by JackieWeger ~Founder eNovel Authors at Work  ~ A Resource for Indie Authors. Comment Welcome. Have you ever taken one of those innocent quizzes? I have. Never again.


8 Tips to Kick Start Your Writing

Written By: Jackie Weger - Apr• 23•18


eNovel welcomes this guest post from super star, sweet romance author Donna Fasano who produces new works consistently. Read all about Donna here.

8 Tips To Kick Start Your Motivation

Even the King of Just-Do-It, Tony Robbins, must have days where he feels unmotivated. It’s only natural to find yourself in a slump now and then—suffering through days where you just don’t feel like doing anything productive, or anything at all for that matter. If you find yourself feeling this way, take heart. You’re not alone. I’ve felt the same way. I have found that, if I allow one day to pass where I don’t write, it easily turns into two, and then three. But I have discovered a few ways to kick-start my motivation. I hope these suggestions help you get off your duff and get moving in the right direction.

Persistence really is key to being productive.

  1. Stir Your Inspiration– The best way I have found to find inspiration as a writer is to read good books. When I get lost in a great story, I always find myself wanting to create stories and characters of my own. Reading good books is never a waste of time for writers.
  2. Daydream– As a writer, I spend a lot of time in my head, visiting my characters, my plot, my story location. Daydreaming about your book is a wonderful way to churn up the kind of excitement you need to finish that first draft.
  3. Make Lists– I don’t know about you, but I am always more productive when I make a To-Do List and check off the items as I accomplish each goal or task.
  4. Find Support– Finding a group of like-minded authors that you trust is important when you’re in need of motivation. Challenge each other to reach the day’s goals and hold each other accountable. Taking a razzing from your author friends might be the push you need to get those pages written.
  5. Keep Your Duff in the Chair– I have found this is half the battle. If I force myself to sit at my desk, even if I’m not feeling motivated, I will eventually begin to write.
  6. Eat the Elephant One Bite at a Time– Break any chore down into small jobs. Don’t say, “I’m going to write a chapter.” Don’t even say, “I’m going to write a scene.” Do say, “I’m going to write one page.” Once you write that one page, you can build on that small success and confidently dive into the second. This works! Try it.
  7. Focus on the Goal, not the Difficulty– Become very aware of your thoughts. Do not allow yourself to think negatively. This is so hard! I’ll never finish this book! These thoughts will only further squash your creativity and your motivation. Instead, ponder how good you’ll feel when you finish that one page, that one scene, that one chapter. Think about how wonderful it will be when you complete that book, when you upload it for Kindle, Nook, Kobo, iBooks. Think about how great it will be to read those 5-star reviews.
  8. Celebrate Your Creativity– Writing is hard work, there’s no doubt about it. Give yourself a pat on the back when you reach a goal or task for the day.  You’ve earned the right to feel good about what you’ve accomplished. But don’t party too hard or too long. Remember, there are always more pages to be written.

Motivation is like the great ocean tide; it swells and ebbs. Take full advantage of those times when your excitement to work is strong. Get those pages written! But when the inclination to create seems nowhere to be found, I hope you’ll re-read the list above, get off your duff, and kick-start your motivation! Remember this: Books get written one word at time.  ~ Wishing you all good writing days~ Donna Fasano.

Find all of Donna’s wonderful books on Amazon


@JackieWeger 2018.  Thank you Donna Faz for these top-notch tips. All of which I need to use. Comments welcome. By all means add to the discussion. If you have a tip, share it. We’d love to use it because there isn’t a day in the life of an indie author that we don’t need help of some sort.  And while you’re here, do visit our informative blogs–all designed to help indies with publishing and promoting.


#New Indie Authors~ 5 Tips To Look Like a Pro

Written By: Jackie Weger - Feb• 24•18

How Savvy Indie Authors Know You’re Not~ The “Tells”

My favorite small isle in the Pacific Ocean. Rent: $75 US for a private room in a native’s house w/Kitchen privileges. Sole water source: Rainwater. Ancient sea glass from sunken galleons peppered the beaches. Loved my life there.

First, sharing this: I was reminded in a recent forum how dumb I seemed to indie authors and editors more experienced and savvier than I when I first stepped in the Digital Universe.

The ‘necessary’ room on an island in the Atlantic Ocean. At low tide, we could wade from island to island. High tide, we had to swim.

I asked what I considered smart questions about ehow and got snark: “What? Have you been living under a rock?” No, but I had been living in tiny jungle villages and off-islands where we had no electricity or running water a few hours a day, or not at all. No Internet, no phone service or cell phones. Nope. No grocery stores, no mail service, no garbage pick up. No public restrooms. And often not even a tiny cinder block or bamboo jail room because of no police presence.  No Amazon, Facebook or Twitter. Didn’t need a single one of those things to enjoy my laid back life.  I had a hammock, a thatched roof over my head, my companion dog, an outhouse, native food and a native stove to cook on,  books to read and a machete to dispatch vipers.  Life was good.

Moving on. There’s an entire confusing language for our indie world. Take “blog.” That word is both a verb and a noun. You have a blog  connected to a Web page  and you write a blog and post it on your blog.  I’m not even going to speak to the alphabet soup of acronyms, #hashtags, ASINs, urls and links. So. The reminder hit when in a chat room a new indie spoke up that she has a Twitter Account, but didn’t know where to get a Tweet, how to compose a Tweet or even what a Tweet is supposed to do.  My heart heard her because I had to beg writers to compose  tweets for me. I learn by example and “show me.”

Here’s Tip # 1:  You can Tweet your book or a colleague’s book from the Amazon Book page: Here’s how: Go to your Amazon book page. On the lower right you will see these icons:  

Tick the envelop and copy the link. It look like this: Close the envelop (x). Now tick on the Tweetie bird:  This Tweet comes up: [Now, you can Tweet it just as it is, but I revise it.]

To Revise: Delete that long url: Insert the link you copied from the envelop: Next add a hashtag: #Free w/KindleUnlimited or just #KindleLovers.  Tick the Tweetie bird and your tweet lands in your Twitter stream.  Done. Not only that, your cover will populate/show on the Tweet. url = address of site to find a book or anything else.

#Free w/KindleUnlimited Finding Home by Jackie Weger via @amazon 

Once more skilled you can populate your Tweet with reader comments  such as below. avp = Amazon Verified Purchase.

Finding Home: “…a clever, funny, romantic and heartwarming story.” ~ avp. via @amazon ReTweet Please @retweet_groups.

Here’s Tip # 2: Pin a clever meme/Tweet about your book to the TOP of your Twitter.  The little down arrow: ∨ at the top of your Tweet is a drop down menu. Tick “Pin to my profile” …that is the top of your Twitter feed.  Go here to see my pinned Tweet: You can change it anytime. Why sure—you are so welcome to follow me and Retweet that pinned tweet. Much appreciated.

Here’s Tip # 3: Your Tweet won’t reach an audience unless you add #hashtags that get retweets. I like:  ReTweet Please @4FreeKindleBookYou have to follow these folks on Twitter before you use their hash tag. Another I like: . Hashtag: #IARTG.   Use these hash tags at the start of your Tweet: #Amazon, #Kindle, #KindleUnlimited and #bookclub alert book buyers interested in indie books. These few Hashtags will get you started. 

Here’s Tip #4:  When a promoter asks for the Amazon link/url to your book,  this is what they want: Nothing after that last slash. If a site asks for the ASIN to your book: It’s a 10 digit number: B073V4C216. I highlighted it in the url. Hopefully, you already know how to copy and paste. If not, you right click your mouse and drag it over the link to highlight it, then left click copy to paste the text elsewhere.

Here’s Tip # 5: Editors, cover artists and formatters are NOT contributors to your book. Those folks are service providers. You do NOT add their names in the Author slot when uploading your book! You may or may not acknowledge those service providers on your copyright page. I often have them on the same page as my copyright. It is a courtesy.  But since I change covers and other data, I’ve started to list providers on eNovel’s Useful Links page.

Notice: Many indie authors add service providers as contributors in hopes readers will consider the book is professionally produced. Some indies use

Photofunia graphic for Count the Roses. I used MS Word Snipit to grab the section of the cover I wanted to use. The first icon in the list below your Tweet is to add a photo/book cover or meme.

trickery–adding a maiden name or a beta reader as a contributor. Readers don’t fall for that. They know the instant they read a blurb or the Look Inside if a book has had a professional touch. Yes they do! And the snark will come when a reader gives the book a low starred review out of annoyance. I respect indie authorship. THINK.  There would be a dearth of books for Kindle, Nook, Smashwords or iBooks.

Warning:  Before you follow anyone on Facebook or Twitter, look at their page or Twitter stream, Note the date of the last post or Tweet. If weeks or even months ago, do NOT follow. Those folks are not active, a waste of your time. Now let’s visit memes. It’s kind of cartoon or picture/graphics editor to feature your book. Tech savvy authors use Canva and other apps. I use Photofunia. It’s FREE and easy and not above my pay grade or tech talent.

For fun and to expand your ehow, visit the Amazon Global venues below, type in your name or book title. By all means, Tweet your book from those venues. Use Google translate to translate a word or two  in your Tweet such as Read FREE. 無料で読む is Read Free in Japanese.

If you are serious about writing and becoming a successful indie author you must study the industry. Successful does not mean becoming a best seller or a sensation over night. Yes, you can read all the suggestions, interviews and tell-all by authors highlighting all they did to become best sellers. Telling you straight: You cannot mimic their success because they started earlier than you or me. They have written more books. Perhaps they had more $$$, a great support group or were in the right place at the right time. They’re made. Your path to success starts today, one book at a time.

As for the lament, “I can’t afford to promote,” or the myriad other complaints an indie might have about the cost involved in becoming successful, I say: If you are good to your book, it will be good to you. None of the above suggestions cost so much as a nickel and will give your book some nice exposure. For more resources visit these eNovel pages: Useful Links & Resources.

Comments Welcome. Be nice. Add to the discussion. If you can’t be nice, be articulate.  Thanks for visiting.

Get this: I’m gonna be sassy here and add to the discussion of my own post. 1) Notice that © ~ copyright symbol.  Use it on all of your blogs. In MS Word, you’ll find it via this path: Insert, Symbols. 2) There are live links in all of my blogs.  To truly learn the ropes, the savvy indie clicks on the links in informative blogs. They have value and information you may one day need. 3) Live link every cover and title to your book(s) to a buy page.




You Just Published Your First Book~What’s Next?

Written By: Jackie Weger - Jan• 21•18

What you need to know…

I shortened the title of this blog but usually the question we see in Forums and Facebook pages is: “I just published my first book. What do I do now? How do I sell it?” eNovel Authors at Work often gets emails:  “I love your site, how can I join?”

The first thing I do is look at that writer’s Amazon Author page. No, I’m not an expert. I look at the cover, I look inside the book, I read the bio and the book description.  With few exceptions all need work. The Amazon bio reads at best like job’s resume and at worst, like an obit.  Holy smokes! The book description is all over the place, reads like an 8th grade book report.

I’m not shy about telling the writer what needs to be done if the author wants to be a member–or not.  Author Choice to do the work or not. Most get ego-annoyed and wander off.  Telling you up front: You can’t sell your ego to a reader. Six months later that same author is making the rounds…“My book’s not selling. What can I do?”  Guess what? For a start, you can read all of the tips Amazon provides for bios and book descriptions. Here’s an oddity I’ve discovered: Most authors have never scrolled to the bottom of their book page on Amazon.  Go do it and you’ll find a new way to market your book.

A good book for new authors to learn the ropes.

Here’s why I don’t beat around the bush: In eNovel we support one another. We have NYT and USA Today and Amazon best selling authors. [I’m not one of them]. We have editors and ghost writers, Virtual Assistants and cover designers.  We have authors who have launched businesses to help indie authors. And they ain’t gonna get behind a book that is sloppy. Plus, I’m not going to ask them to do so. Not fair to those authors who work hard to improve their craft, covers, descriptions, bios and nurture their subscribers.

The single most important thing I learned from Martin Crosbie who recently launched BookDoggy and is a good friend of eNovel is this: Newbies will come to you and want to be spoon fed. You can point them in the right direction and they will circle right back to you with a dozen questions, the answers of which can often be gleaned from a simple Google search.  Next the authors ask: “But how do I sell my book?”  

The ebook is FREE with K/U but just buy it. You’ll refer to it time and again.

My best answer is promote the thing. That’s what we do in eNovel. We tweet our books. We submit to paid and free sites. We engage in coordinated promotions and Rafflecopters. In any given month we have twenty or so authors in promotion, launching a new release, taking a book on tour, scheduling tweets in Hootsuite, or  ask.David.   Adding this caveat: We first produce the best book we can.

Here’s another book I recommend highlyThe BadRedhead Media 30-Day Book Marketing Challenge by Rachel Thompson.  It’s a #must read for both newbies and established indies. Rachel says nicely what I get testy about: “…a poorly written book packaged and marketed beautifully is still a poorly written book. Readers are discriminating and will crucify you in reviews.”  Go here to read snark about reviews. A top 1000+ Amazon and Goodreads reviewer tells it like it is.

Here’s a great thing about being an indie author: We’re not up against a time line. We can market our books a little or a lot at a time.  We don’t have to be best selling authors to enjoy what we do and earn a bit of cash along the way. Plus, you don’t have to reinvent the wheel. What will help you are blogs like this and books I’ve mentioned.

@Jackie Weger, Founder of eNovel Authors at Work.  When time permits, do browse our blogs, check out Useful links if you need an editor, formatter or cover artist. Comments and questions welcome. Be nice. If you can’t be nice, be articulate.


Indie Authors: What’s Your Plan to Sell Books in 2018?

Written By: Jackie Weger - Dec• 08•17

In eNovel Authors at Work we’re looking at what has worked for us and what has not in 2017.

The past in review counts. Since mid 2014 promotions have not been as successful in the past.  Yes, our members have sold books. But we’ve also noticed our favorite promoters are not moving books as they did in earlier years. Part of this slow down is that indie authors are actively building their own newsletters and subscriber lists, and I believe siphoning subscribers. Read about it HERE.

Still in the $$$ after 3 weeks. 269,840 KENP pages Read. Over 250 sales. Earning about $100 a day. 57 new reviews ranked 4.8/5.0. Offer: Read Free with K/U.

Then there’s this: Authors, indie or contracted have stepped into the sales arena. I have right this minute an email offer from an author who promises to put my books in front of 5 million readers. You read that right: Five million–for a nice bit of change of course. I say, honey, sell your own books to those five million so I can track your stats in KND ebook tracker and I might believe you.  The author has two fiction books–the rest are ehow to sell books–info crabbed from other sites and blogs, because with a track record of two fiction books–neither  in best seller status. I ain’t buying.  The ehow units are sucking mud in stats. The author is making her money off of indie authors.  Telling you, I did one early promo with this author on the suggestion of a colleague and it was a magnificent DUD.

KND ebook tracker is free. Smart authors use it.  When in a forum and an author is spouting off about sales, or how awful Amazon. I can track that author’s books. Learned this: When we’re all in promotion, my units often out sell their’s. So much for best selling know-it-alls–which I ain’t. And don’t pretend to be. Who cares? My books earn enough to pay my investment in them and a little extra. Dog, food, cat food, a new sofa. Hello #Wayfair!

Still selling at a nice clip. 99c. Eleven new Reviews Ranked 4.7/5.0

Start up promoters appear to be over charging. I came across a new promo site touting  it will put your book in front of 9,000 readers/subscribers for $20. Huh? I have 9,000 + newsletter subscribers. Some eNovel members have 30,000 subscribers. They’ve been working hard at growing their subscriber list, not to mention nurturing their fans. Many of us bought into those grow your subscriber list for a fee–newsletter swaps. What I discovered: Authors lie about subscriber numbers. Some don’t have newsletters–they simply send out a notice to their email contacts.  We live to learn and above all be cautious.

Here is what eNovel is doing: We’re engaging in coordinated newsletter sends.  A dozen of us did our first coordinated newsletter send November 15-19, 2017.  We found we had an aggregate of 92,000 subscribers among us. Next, I got a flaming idea and asked Michael Gallagher if he would consider promoting our books at N/C in exchange for eNovel promoting his Monthly fkbt Rafflecopter. Plus members offered six signed print editions.  We provided above above 15k entrants to fkbt Rafflecopter.  We also invited Bookdoggy to join us. That’s Martin Crosbie, another great friend of indie authors. He did and we pumped his giveaway, too. All together we put our books in front of 242,000 readers. We sent out Tweets that reached an aggregate of 400K + followers.

Yep, we were putting our subscribers in the way of fkbt and Bookdoggy, but indie authors need our fav promoters with a healthy list of subscribers. I consider it a fair exchange.  How did this work? It was a grand success. Every single author moved books.  Some saw the best sales and downloads since published. List of eNovel authors below.  Those of us,  who in addition to the Send, stacked a few promo slots, free and paid, did exceptionally well. We also had help from authorsXP.comPeople Reads owned by Van Heerling, a promoter eNovel has adored since our beginning.  Plus our good colleague, Carmen DeSousa  lent us a hand. As an aside, sharing this: Networking and lending a hand to another author or a promoter can pay big dividends. We like fkbt because his prices are steady on. Hasn’t raised them in years. Same with People Reads. 

eNovel Authors at Work is  doing another coordinated send December 13-17, 2017.  Watch for us! We’re breaking new ground.

Here is a list of our hard-working eNovel participating Authors who made this promotion a success: Aurora Springer. Jerri Hines. Traci Hall. Patricia Zick. Piper Templeton. E M Kaplan. Amy Vansant. A.J. Lape. Rebecca Dahlke. Alexa Dare. Donna Fasano.  All of these authors are interesting beyond measure. Just click on their name to meet them on Amazon. Their books are wonderful.

We’re plotting a coordinated send for January, too. This one with our own spectacular Giveaways to build and add to our own subscribers lists. These sends are work and must be planned far in advance. Most of us are  seasoned indies. Some in our  group are not, but everyone pitches in to do something; send out the tweets, post the Rafflecopter on blogs, and we all create well-designed newsletters to interest our fans. That’s the key.

Thank you for being here. We wish all of you a safe and pleasant Holiday, which ever one you celebrate with family and warm friends, good food and lively conversations.

@Jackie Weger, 2017

Comments welcome. We’d love to hear what you’re doing, what plans you have to market your books. As always, How can we help?Ask us in comments. We’re glad to answer your questions.  Wishing you and yours the best life has to offer. Don’t take any chances. Save all of your pennies in a kitchen jar for good luck all year.


2017 Coming to an end. What’s next?

Written By: Jackie Weger - Nov• 09•17



This is a really tough blog to write because just when I think I’ve learned a few things, I find I’m eating Stupid for Breakfast again. When I first stepped into the indie publishing arena, I did what every newbie did and does. I joined dozens of Facebook groups and plugged my book right behind hundreds others. Never saw so much as a single download. Three years ago, I unplugged from those Facebook pages. In 2016 and 2017 we saw new kinds of Facebook groups. Usually genre specific, or authors looking for newsletter swaps or just pages that authors could share tips. I joined a few of those in late 2017 and this week, I left all but two. I even dropped out of the romance groups.

Here’s what I found: In genre specific rooms predator online publishers are scouting newsletter swaps. I only do coordinated newsletter sends now because I discovered in no time flat many authors may mention a book title, no link, no cover in an email. That’s the swap. And they lie about the number of subscribers. Many are not abiding by the Can-Scam Act. All are searching for free newsletter servers. Huh?

  • Ask about open and click through rates and you get dead silence.
  • Ask for a preview of the newsletter.  It never arrives which makes one wonder if the author even has a newsletter.

About those online publishers scouting for swaps. One approached me. I’ve never heard of a publisher promoting books outside their own stable of authors. And most online publishers don’t have a decent subscriber list. So, I told the publisher, if you promote all twelve eNovel author books in our newsletter on your site and in your newsletter, we can work something out. Gone Baby!  Not a peep.


Giveaway live November 13 to November 27, 201

In the romance groups, authors are setting up group promos for a fee. Not doing that. Figure this: An author charges $20 and signs up 50 authors for the promo.  That $1000 straight into that author’s wallet and that author is doing those promos every dang week.  Which bring me to this:

Complaints that our best promoters are not moving books like they used to are filling forums. IMO group author promotions to sign up subscribers using Instafreebie and Bookfunnel or promos offering mega gift cards to winners are siphoning off subscribers. I can tell you early on I joined one of those mega events, saw 5K subscribers and 4900 unsubscribed in my next send. Oops. Not doing that any more.

BookDoggy’s Rafflecopter live right now. Enter Today!

What this tells me is we have an underground community that enters giveaways, signs up for newsletters and once the giveaway is over, unsubscribes so he/she can enter giveaways again and again.  I liken them to folks who engage in extreme couponing. The difference is, the corporations have a budget and vast right-offs for promotion. And every grocer who accepts a coupon gets an 8c handling fee. It is win-win. Most indie authors don’t have enough of a promo budget to cover right-offs. I like to offer my subscribers a Rafflecopter now and again. But I’ve stopped doing that every month.

eNovel Authors at work is trying something new.  We’re beta testing coordinated newsletter sends 5 days a month. We’re pumping the giveaways of our favorite promoters. Yes, we’re sending our subscribers their way. In return the promoter is giving our books some coverage. It’s a win-win for us, because we cannot feed readers every day. We have to write our books, take care of our families and cope with life events. Our fav promoters of integrity do and can feed readers every day. Both ways help to build an avid readership for all indie authors. Plus, we’re giving back to promoters who have served us well in years past. It is up to indie authors to keep our industry healthy. Nobody is going to do it for us.

We’re excited because while only 10 to a dozen eNovelers may engage in the coordinated newsletter send, many  eNovel members are supporting the send, and promoting our sponsors on their blogs, or sending out dozens of Tweets. In our first coordinated send members have an aggregate of 97K subscribers and about 400K Twitter followers. With the addition of our sponsors, we’re reaching another 150K readers. So meet our Sponsors. We love ’em. You will, too. And if you are a sweet or cozy romance author willing to work to sell your books and want to join eNovel, email us: enovaaw@gmail dot com.

Wishing you all a super fine Thanksgiving with friends, family and comfort food. It’s time now to start ordering print editions for your Mom, Dad and shut-ins. Amazon gift wraps and delivers right to their doors.

@JackieWeger 2017

eNovel Authors at Work also salutes these fine and trustworthy promoters: Carmen DeSousa. ReadersGazette  People Reads.  

Hype and more Hype. What’s real?

Written By: Jackie Weger - Oct• 25•17

 Indie author Alert:  How the heck do you sort the Wheat from the Chaff?

Winter Wheat, mid Spring

Gonna tell you something. I’ve lived on a wheat farm and I know how to sort the wheat from the chaff. Sorting the good from the just plain awful in our indie universe is more difficult. The reason: We want to believe the hype. We want to believe if we just fork over $49 here or $100 there,  our books are gonna be best sellers. Sadly, it is not gonna happen.  I beta test a bunch of promos. Some I stick with for 30 days–others smell as high as road kill after a couple days. I’m gone.

Right this minute, I am super angry and trying to keep a lid on it. Twitter has been in an uproar…blocking and suspending dozens upon dozens of our Twitter Accounts. We no more than get our accounts unlocked and five minutes later, suspended again.  I have a Twitter account that has been suspended since June 20. It was phished/hacked. Something. I spent 10 days trying to get it squared away and gave up. I’m finding ghoulish promoters sprinkling promises with a kind of hype that smells sweet until you hand over your $$$, then the stink starts. Might as well lift up the tail of a skunk and be done with it.

Published July 2017. Organic reviews are slowly coming in. 80 so far with a nice rank of 4.8/5.0.

Bad Actors Sell Snake Oil ~ Looks good, sounds good–Bites!

Next, David Gaughran blogs about an author whose sale stats were stripped from her book because of suspected activity to manipulate sales. Read it HERE.  Kinda scary.  The author is well known on Kboards.  I used to enjoy Kboards, but I got scammed out of over $500 by an author on Kboards. I reported it to Amazon. Amazon caught up with the scam and the author, but I never did get my $$$ back. Kboards does not vet the folks who join and post. All are welcome and there are some bad actors. Those same bad actors populate Amazon Community Forums and Facebook groups, too. We have to be alert. We have to watch our backs and our wallets.  I’ve said from the get go: Know who you’re talking to on the Web.  I give it a good shot, but even then I see one of my blog posts on another site bylined by an author I know. No ping back. Pffft.

A colleague, whom I know well and trust, told me the story of an author who promoted with a site and also had his books stripped of stats. Moreover, Amazon detected credit card fraud and refused to pay the author for the sales. Oops. The promoter is still in business.  The author got punished.  This happened. I tried to sign up for Pluggio today and learned some fool is using my name and email for a Pluggio account. Now I have to prove who I am. Is that slick or what? If I have a guardian angel I want her to zap that guy with a serious prostate problem. Failing that, painful priapism will do.

Now, there is a huge discussion again! across indie forums about going wide or staying in Amazon Select.  We keep being told Bookbub won’t accept an indie unless that indie is published wide. Here’s what I know: Publishing wide is not a guarantee of a Bookbub slot. So I’m sticking with Amazon Select. Mostly because even after four years, I’m still learning the ehow of our indie universe.

It is Author Choice to go wide or not. I network with dozens of authors. If one goes wide, you really have to own a barrel of patience while your books find an audience. It helps if you have a backup cash flow or a decent slush fund to keep afloat. Also, the know-how to plot and plan promotions.  Going wide because another author does so is not a reason for YOU to go wide–unless it is the best decision for your books.

Hey! Be my new BFF: Tick this icon to sign up for my newsletter.

I’ve started designing coordinated newsletter sends.  Eight or a dozen of us of us agree to a newsletter send over a span of five days and each newsletter promotes all author participant’s books.  This is different from newsletter swaps. Tried that. Promoted books for authors who never reciprocated. My gosh. Some of the authors in the swaps insist their book be the only one in MY newsletter. HUH? I pass.  I often know one or two authors who are in a boxed set. I’m asked to promote the set in my newsletter. I’m ornery. Not doing it, unless every author in the set will promote one of my books. They won’t. I’m happy to tweet it, but not putting it in front of my newsletter audience without a ping back. This is a tough business. I may be short-sighted. I’ll live with it. Maybe buy new eye glasses. My subscriber list is golden. I’m gonna take care of it as best I can.

Now, if you are interested in coordinated newsletter sends, do comment below. I’ll contact you.  No erotica. Well-edited books. If newsletters are not your thing, I can recommended some promoters. I use them and trust them, or my colleagues do. I beta test every site. No Promoter gets on eNovel’s list unless they perform for an ROI or great exposure for the fee charged. Here’s a short list to get you started:

fkbt. bookdoggy. GoodKindles. fussylibrarian. ManybookseReaderIQ. frugal freebies. BookBasset. Bookangel. mybookcave. ebookshabit. Book scream. RedRosesRomanceyournewbooks. peoplereads. contentmo. Booksends. eReaderCafe.

Because I’m fueled by angst this blog is little bit all over the place. I know it.  Last thing, in every dang forum I visit the chats turn to Reviews. Wholly boring. Believe it or not, the best way to gather organic reviews is to put this gentle plea right after THE END in your book. Same page as THE END, otherwise Amazon bots are gonna snag your reader towards sponsored books. Thus far the plea has been good for 2000+ reviews on my books.

Thank you for taking time to read [title]. If you enjoyed it, please consider telling your friends or posting a short review.  Word of mouth is an author’s best friend and much appreciated.  Thank you again, (author name).

I’m @Jackie Weger, 2017, founder of eNovel Authors at Work. We’re a group of  extraordinary indie authors who support one another day in and day out.  Our goal is to sell books and most of the time, we do.  Visit our Author pages and see for your self.

 Comments Welcome. Be nice. If you can be nice, be articulate and add to the discussion. Please.  Okay. I’m done. Y’all have a good one. 

Book Reviews: The Good ~ The Bad ~ The Ugly

Written By: Jackie Weger - Oct• 16•17
Julie Whiteley

See Julie’s Reviews on Facebook. DO! Like, Follow and Share.

Julie Whiteley is a highly rated Goodreads and Amazon Reviewer with  one thousand+ Reviews posted on Amazon and Goodreads. Julie has gone upmarket with her blog with a new design: The Book ReviewShe also reviews for NetGalley.  Here’s Julie with part Two of  her series on Book Reviews.

Hello, again, eNovel Authors. Here is part two of What Do Reviewers Want? I mentioned earlier that I’m  a blogger, reader and reviewer. This post concerns issues between authors and reviewers. Like anything else we do, there is a

Weger’s newest Release. Waiting patiently for organic reviews by readers.

downside to a good thing. With independent authors having to hit the pavement in order to get their books noticed, reviewers and authors are in direct contact. It can turn ugly.

Here is a recent Facebook comment:

“REVIEWS SUCK. All writers know this. Some pretend they love to get reviews. Pisses me off when reviewers think they are God. Grrr.”

Response from another author:

“Take heart. Not everyone is going to like your stuff but like XXX said, you are PUBLISHED and the reviewer isn’t.”

That author is so wrong. It is true that I am not a published author, however, many reviewers ARE published authors. Here is what I notice: Because authors know every facet of producing a book they are often far more critical than a reviewer. Reviewers read first for pleasure and content. We often overlook small imperfections. Your colleagues seldom will. How often have you agreed to read a sister author’s book, done so, then hung your head, thinking: ‘Oh my God! What am I gonna say?’ Now I sometimes think: I feel more like an enemy. It is also true that I’ve posted more than one thousand reviews.

Some authors who ask me for a review do not give a fig if  I read the book. She just wants me to slap a five star on it and be done with it. Excuse me? If you don’t care any more about your work than that, don’t waste my time. Yes, I get rude emails, flavored like this:

“I haven’t heard back from you bitch. Don’t you know the world revolves around me?”

Whoa! As an aside, one of the reasons I was delighted by an invitation to eNovel Authors at Work is Jackie Weger’s mantra: It is all about THE BOOK. Keep in mind that when  I or any reviewer settles in to read your book, say in a dentist’s office or stuck in traffic, we don’t take author ego out of our purse. We grab our Kindle.

Like most of you, my world revolves around my family. I’m remodeling my kitchen. I have animals—one of which is my husband. I like him as much as I do my cats and dogs. I have to feed him and pet him and do his laundry. It may take me some time to get to your book in my TBR pile. If I agreed to review it, I will. On my time—not yours. That is just the way it is.

The book has above 600 organic reviews, but it sinks into oblivion if I don’t promote it. FACT: We have to keep our books visible and in front of book buyers. It’s called promotion.

This happens: Authors take offense if their books don’t get a four or a five star review. A three star rating is nothing to be ashamed of. Did you really think you were the next Harper Lee? Did you really just write a novel that comes anywhere close to To Kill a Mockingbird? When you write a novel of that caliber, I will give it a five star review.

You should be concerned with one and two star ratings IF the reviews speak to plot failures, grammar, punctuation and ill formatting. Authors ignore these kinds of ratings/reviews at the peril of their career. Yes, some reviewers are cruel and take things too far sometimes. You can’t please everyone. You need elephant hide to survive out there. I review your work. I am not mean spirited when I suggest something did not quite work for me. I don’t review your book to make you mad or hurt your feelings. The smart author will fix those problems. And once done, give a tip of the hat to the reviewer. [Jackie Weger is tipping her hat to Julie Whiteley].

Even if the reviewer left a statement like, ‘This author is a big fat pig’, or if the reviewer made a major gaffe with facts—do not ask the reviewer to edit or remove the review. Never argue with a reviewer! My review belongs to me. It is my intellectual property. Don’t try to put words in my mouth or tell me what to write. Most reviewers don’t get paid one red cent. I don’t. I don’t get flowers or invited for coffee or boxes of chocolate. I do appreciate a thank you.

Above all, don’t complain about less than stellar reviews on Social Media. Don’t advertise it! If you complain about a review or a reviewer, I’m gonna go have a look. So will every other reviewer. Moreover, if you ask me to review your book, I will decline. So will other savvy reviewers. One author whose book I reviewed hit the best seller list. Soon after he wrote blog post thanking by name all of us who had reviewed his book.  That author can count on me and other reviewers to read and review every book he creates.

The very last thing you NEVER want to do is gather a bunch of friends to tick your unfavorable reviews as ‘unhelpful’ on Amazon. We notice. If you insist on a ‘tickfest’, tick your three, four and five star reviews as ‘helpful’. Otherwise, leave your reviews alone. They don’t belong to you.

You are the author. Yes, you will one day read a review that makes you see red. Rant if you must, but DO SO IN PRIVATE. Here is Jackie’s suggestion for reviews. I concur: Put this gentle plea right after THE END in your books. [Note: Review plea must be on the same page as The End. Otherwise Amazon algorithms grab your reader and send her onto sponsored ad books.]

Thank you for taking the time to read [title]. If you enjoyed it, please consider telling your friends or posting a short review. Word of mouth is an author’s best friend and much appreciated. Thank you. [author name].

What do you think? Any questions?

For a complete list of above 200 active reviewers visit The Indie View

To submit your book to reviewers, do check out Amy Vansant’s

JackieWeger-BioHeadShot (1)

Would love it if you shared this page on your social media to get the word out so indie authors can make smart choices. Blessings.

Posted by Jackie Weger, Founder, eNovel Authors at Work.

@All rights reserved 2017. Sharing allowed. Pingback, please.

Comments Welcome. Be nice. If you can’t be nice, be articulate. That works for us.

The Numbers Game. How Are you Playing It?

Written By: Jackie Weger - Aug• 06•17

What’s your Number?

Find out the Best Numbers Here

eNovel Authors at Work…a group of indie authors sharing our experiences and ehow.

This happened: I lost my domain carrier for eNovel June of 2017. I could not convince those folks I owned this site. Luckily, my WordPress administrator saved all of my posts and I bought a domain elsewhere. But eNovel of old had 50K visitors a month. Very easy for the site to be sold. Next, eNovel Twitter was hacked and suspended. About 35-40K followers. My Twitter guru and I did everything we could to convince Twitter I owned that account. It is still suspended. Do I miss it? No, I don’t. Guess what? Less Work. I still have my personal Twitter. And yes, I work it. I have some nice folks who retweet. And I often Tweet my books from all Amazon global venues. That’s fun. Hello China! 你好中國!

Here another tidy note:  Those folk following eNovel did not buy books. It was fine for exposure. And all about being popular. Same with Facebook followers. Popularity. FACT. Being popular and having thousands of followers does not sell books. I wish. The only successful path to marketing books is promotion to get one’s books in the hands of readers.  Book buyers live on Amazon. That’s where I try to drive readers. Not Twitter. Not Facebook. Not my blogs. Those are for exposure, pass throughs and sharing helpful information.

New Release. 99c ’til September 5, 2017

One of my colleagues has above 35,000 followers to her blog.  She posts books on sale and new releases every dang day.  I comment on her blog often…but sometimes not even the authors she promotes for free comment on the blog. Where the heck are those 35,000 followers? They sure ain’t popping in to say hello.  Like me, she has to discount her books and engage in promotions to move books. That’s just the way it is.

I’m going to tell you the two most powerful follows in our indie industry. The first is Follow the Author on Amazon. The second is Follow the Author on Bookbub. Here’s why: When an author has a new release, both Amazon and Bookbub send out dedicated notices to your followers~not on the same day. That is not coordinated. Don’t expect it to be.

Here are some results:

Released May 2016. 2.99 or Read FREE w/KU

When I released Count The Roses at 99c in May 2106, Amazon sent out the dedicated notice to my Amazon followers. That notice and my newsletter subscribers downloaded 1044 units the day the notice went out and more trickled in during a few paid promos. Count The Roses landed in the #1 slot in Hot New Releases and stayed on the list for more than five days.  I released The Sheriff’s Woman at 99c without a lot of fanfare in early July 2017. It was not the lead book in my July newsletter. Both Amazon and Bookbub sent out the dedicated notices. I saw 526 hard sales plus 113,000 KENP between July 18 -31. That is money in the bank.  Yes, my books are in Select.

I’m lucky to release a book a year, but I’m always focused on building those followers on Bookbub and Amazon. I use Amazon Giveaways that you can find at the bottom of your book page to build those followers. I use Rafflecopters or buy promotion on the Kindle Book Review to build followers on Bookbub. You do need to make your free author profile page on Bookbub, whether you ever promote with Bookbub or not.

Since we are speaking to promotion, here is a list of promoters eNovel members are currently using. They may mention other favs in comments. Book Doggy.  fkbt. BookScream. eReaderIQ. eReader Cafe. PeopleReads. DigitalBookToday.  This list will get you started.  You can find an in depth list put together by eNovel member effrosyniwrites.

@2017. I’m Jackie Weger, Founder of eNovel Authors at Work.  That’s a high falutin’ way to say, I network with a group of  sixty savvy authors.  Comments Welcome. Be nice. If you can’t be nice, be articulate.

How Do I Get Visible & Sell Books?

Written By: Jackie Weger - Jul• 26•17

Not a day goes by that this question is posted in community Forums and Facebook rooms…

How do I get visible and sell books?

You know, and every savvy indie author knows the above is a post from a new author. We also see: “I published my book this week on Amazon. Now what do I do?

Donna’s hot New Release. One of her best books yet.

I hear that lament. We were all new at indie authorship at one time. I asked so many stupid questions I was sneered at by an editor who was actually publishing my book. Woot.  I read a blog on indie authorship by Donna Fasano.  I noticed we had both shared the same publisher so I emailed her and Donna very kindly put me on the right path. She recommended Let’s Get Visible by David Gaughran. I did NOT understand half of what I read. I’ve since reread the book a half-dozen times. Now I get it.  Donna also got on Skype and walked me through uploading my first ebook.  Yes, I thanked her and have since supported all of her books. And Donna supports my books.  We network.

On Amazon and all other sales venues

As I’ve learned our indie industry, I’ve called on others far savvier than I am. Melinda Clayton has saved my neck by repairing a cover, plus recommending a formatter. [see eNovel’s Useful links].  When learning to promote and how, I downloaded Martin Crosbie’s list from Indies Unlimited, always a wealth of indie author information–all FREE. I also devoured Martin’s How I Sold 30,000 eBooks on Amazon’s Kindle

Not to be unkind, but there is no way I or any savvy author can mentor the authors who posted: “How do I get visible and sell books:” or  “…now what do I do?” We don’t have the time to teach them the industry.  We can direct them to paths~books, promo lists, blogs on ehow.  We have to learn to do it ourselves or hire it done. What I don’t know, I hire.  Just to start: New indie authors must network with authors in their genres. And read everything inside Amazon KDP. Click on every thing that surrounds your book. You can’t kill it!

Now, I’m gonna answer those two questions that opened this blog:

  1. Price a book at 99c and engage in an Amazon giveaway. You can giveaway up to 50 books.  You get the royalty. I use “follow me on Amazon.” Here’s why: When you have a new release Amazon sends out a dedicated notice to your followers. That moves books. Amazon also sends a notice to those who have bought one of your books in the past.  This is new and I am only certain of that happening in
  2. Engage in an Amazon sponsored ad campaign. Find the link in Reports on your  KDP Dashboard. Keep it simple and inexpensive $3 a day limit until you learn the ropes. Google Amazon ad Campaigns and read all about it. Here’s an active Giveaway:   Click on the link. See how it works.  Try your luck.
  3.  Your book is listed on all 10 Amazon book venues. U.S., Canada, UK,  Germany, France, Italy, Spain, Japan, China, India.  Tweet your book using that venue.  Yep, I used Google Translate. Click on the link just for fun! Once there, type your name into the search bar. i.e:
    #Xīnlàng cháo. Yīngwén bǎn 售价: ¥118.60 #eNovAaW #asmsg
  4. Use these starter inexpensive sites to promote your book: BookDoggy. AwesomeGang. BookScream. ebookaddict. BookLoversHeaven.  There are hundreds more sites, I like and use: But as I said, these are  terrific starter sites for a new indie.

Find Me on Amazon

@2017 ‘Til next time. I’m Jackie Weger, Founder of eNovel Authors at Work. We pay it forward. Want to know an inexpensive way to get your books visible?  Read these marketing tips on eNovel and the surprising comments from authors who have used them.

Comments Welcome. Would love to hear from new indie authors. What do you want to know?  Ask your question in the comment section. If we know the answer, we’ll tell you. If not–we can suggest others who do. And Good Luck with your books.  P.S. The savvy indie will click on all of the links in this blog. Tick the back arrow in the task bar to come right back here.



MASTERING AMAZON ~ Second in the Series

Written By: Jackie Weger - May• 27•17

Getting the Most out of  Amazon


Like most indie authors, I’m always searching for ways to get my books visible. Over the past four years changes in our digital industry seem moment-to-moment, but for certain changes move in cycles. When I stepped into the indie universe Romance was at the top of Bookbub’s pricing list. Now it is eighth–even  below Cooking. Crime fiction now hold the number one slot.  However you can do one or two small things to help your books to success. Keep reading for a wee bit of inspiration.

Amazon is where bookbuyers and readers live and that is where we must drive our fans and readers. Before we get started I’d like to share this: I usually sign off my blogs with a gentle review plea that I encourage indie authors to put right after THE END. Here it is:

Thank you for taking the time to read [title]. If you enjoyed it, please consider telling your friends or posting a short review. Word of mouth is an author’s best friend and much appreciated. Thank you. [author name].


110 New reviews since January 16, 2016. Not all 4 & 5 star, but hey! I’m happy to have ’em all. Thank you readers and fans and those who ain’t. I appreciate every one of you.

I’m starting with that because many indies just don’t want to revisit their files and update the thing.  If you don’t have that gentle review plea in the back of your book right after The End before you engage in small or large promotions, you are shooting yourself in the foot.  Here’s the guy who will format that gem at the back of your book where it needs to go for $25. If you have more than one book–he’s open to negotiation. Caleb Clayton.

Does it work? Yes. A promotion on The Reluctant Hero has netted above 110 new reviews in less than 20 days.  Julie Frayn’s Mazie Baby  saw above 500 reviews on a free promo in the USA and above 100 in the UK.  Okay, moving on…

eNovel Authors at Work…a group of indie authors sharing our experiences and ehow. Always FREE….

Amazon has given indie authors a new way to reach book buyers when we have a new release.  If you have a print edition, you may engage in an Amazon Giveaway and have entrants FOLLOW you on Amazon. Once you release a new ebook or print edition, Amazon sends out a dedicated email to all of  your followers.  eNovel members love this. We choose Lucky number winners, say one in 30 or one in 57 or one in 254 or one in 500. We mix up our Lucky numbers. In three giveaways, I already see almost 2000 followers on Amazon. Even if the dedicated email only generates two or three sales and or handful of borrows, I’m good. And Amazon does all of the work! To learn if you have a print edition eligible for a Giveaway scroll down your print edition book page: You will see:

Snipit amazon Giveaway- House

Just click the “Set up a giveaway” and follow instructions.  TIP: Read the rules first. You may NOT insert reviews.  Amazon will even set up the Tweets for you. Neat.  Amazon will ask you to compose a Winner comment and a Loser Comment. Here are a couple of examples.

Winner: Yay! You won a copy of The House on Persimmon Road by Jackie Weger. Tuck it in your beach bag & enjoy romance at its best!

Loser: Uh Oh ~ How could an awesome you not win No Perfect Fate. Next Time! Thanks for the follow.

FACT: Every author will not see the same results. Some will do better, some not. Giveaway print books may end up being sold as new by 3rd parties on Amazon or eBay. That suits me just fine–because eventually the books will find a reader. I’m happy if the print editions get traded in used book stores, because those folks talk about books, and if they want more Weger books than the one or two that end up in a used book store, they are gonna have to shop on Amazon.

I often run  ebook giveaways when I have a unit at 99c. I encourage you to do the same to build those followers on Amazon to snag that notice Amazon sends to your followers upon a new release. I price my new releases at 99c for the first 30 days. Between the Amazon notice and my newsletter my most recent release on may 23, 2016, Count The Roses  snagged the #1 Slot in Hot New Releases for five days before it slipped. I sold books.  I don’t always have a unit at 99c, but many of my  colleagues, do, so I use their titles in a Giveaway. I can engage a giveaway for a bit over $5 for five ebooks and easily rack up 300 followers. This is a budget-friendly promotion with long range results.

All authors may  engage in an Amazon ad campaigns.  Look for this inside KDP.  Go to your Bookshelf. Look for this on the right side of each book: Run your cursor over the ellipses and a menu pops up. Choose Advertise.  I no longer engage in product campaigns. I instead choose SPONSORED. Amazon is showing these ads on Kindles to my target audience–romance readers. I love that.  And now, those ads oft times show up beneath Also Bought. You may not see any sales…but WATCH your KENP pages read. Borrows don’t show as sales. When I run these campaigns I see an uptick in pages read. Patience counts! Here are the results to date on a sponsored ad I have on Finding Home running since June 8, 2016.

Impressions: 2,214,140.  Clicks: 2,421. Bid: 13c per click. Spent: $302.89. Sales: $837.89. I’m so not gonna stop that ad. 


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I’m Jackie Weger, Founder of eNovel Authors at Work. We share what we learn. We don’t do rumors. We don’t exaggerate. We tell it like it happens. We also encourage indie authors to make the best decision you can for your books, because no one else will do it for you.  While you’re here, do visit our author pages. eNovel members offer a stunning array of books across the spectrum, from sweet romance to thrillers.

@Jackie Weger, 2017. Comments always welcome. Be nice, If you can’t be nice, be articulate. Share your promotion experiences. We are always open to learning.

Results on Bookbub Ads

Written By: Jackie Weger - Feb• 10•17

Talking about Bookbub, the indie author’s premier ebook promoter


eNovel Authors at Work...a group of indie authors sharing our experiences and ehow.

eNovel Authors at Work~ a group of indie authors sharing our experiences and ehow. Membership is FREE

Hello, and welcome back to eNovel Authors at Work.  Snagging a Bookbub slot appears to be getting more and more difficult. IMO, many of us who used to snag those slots are now being turned away. But recently we get those rejections with a plug to engage in a CPM ad on Bookbub.

I will tell you I have been on the fence with these ads. Mostly because I didn’t understand how they work, and I saw comments that one has to bid exorbitant amounts of $$$ to see traction and results per 1000 impressions.  Several of our members have engaged in Bookbub Ads and are sharing their experiences with you. First up is Amy Vansant . She’s engaged two of the CPM ads.

meme for bookbub ad pinapple port

Off Sale now, but you can read FREE with Kindle Unlimited.

Amy ran a BookBub ad September 15, 2016 with audience “cozy mystery” AND 6-7 specific cozy authors. Over night she discovered only $5 of her $100 budget spent  with 175 books sold, including crossover sales.  Some readers also  bought the 1st/3rd book in the series which resulted in an  ROI of $170.  She complimented the ad with a newsletter to her 6K subscribers. Amy adjusted her ad to just “cozy mystery fans” and blew the rest of the budget in a few hours with fewer downloads. Amy’s take: Stick with promoting to like authors in your genre.  All best selling authors have had a Bookbub slots. Pop the author’s name in and up it comes. You may change the listing anytime during your ad.

Meme Kilty as charged

Read FREE Today with Kindle Unlimited

The second ad was for a new release, priced FREE. Within a few minutes Amy saw above 200 downloads.  Budget for this ad was $200. Amy considers it well spent, but overall did not see an ROI.  Would she do it again?  Yes, because all of her books saw action and she had a rise in KENP. Plus reviews are being posted.

Snip Dim Sum 'Bookbub ad meme

$4.99 or Read FREE with Kindle Unlimited.

E.M. Kaplan [Emily] ran a Bookbub 99c ad campaign September 07 to September 30, 2016 on  Dim Sum, Dead Some. Emily’s budget for the month-long campaign was $500. The ad sold 718 books in September with a tail of 25 units sold at  full price of $2.99 in early October.  KENP for September/October  on these two units totaled 27372. Emily also saw 52 sales of the audio edition of  Dim Sum, Dead Some plus 89 crossover sales at $2.99 on The Bride Wore Dead. CPM or bid per 1000 impressions surfaced at $7.84. The last week in September she boosted the promo with slots on Book Gorilla~$50. ENT ~$50. Bargain Booksy~$50. The Books Machine~ $20.  Total spent: $670.   Emily estimates an ROI of $250. I’m not a math nerd, but I think she’s miscalculating her ROI too low.


In speaking with each of these authors, I heard the same lament: “We’re still learning how best to engage these ads for a return on investment.”  Bookbub ad promos do not have the tail of a regular promo slot on Bookbub. The CPM cost per 1000 impressions depends upon the category/genre of one’s book. That cost is higher for thrillers, cozy mysteries and romance novels. The better returns appear to use author targeting i.e. those who write in similar genres. Your ad is marketed to readers who either follow or show a strong interest in the authors you name. I call it piggy-backing on their popularity and fans. Notice we must create an ad meme. The better one’s meme, perhaps the better one’s results. For more comments, thoughts and results on Bookbub CPM Ads check out Nicholas Rossis‘ blog HERE.

While I’m considering a Bookbub ad, I’d make a rule not to budget more than a regular slot for a free or 99c book. I also notice that Bookbub prices have risen again. Check the cost of a slot for your book HERE.

I am rethinking and critiquing my promotions. As our market changes and matures we need to keep an open mind to new ways to engage book buyers and readers.  While the ROI reported above are not  spectacular, they are positive. All of the books garnered some exceptional visibility and improved their best seller stats. Two are finding their way onto the ‘also bought’ streams and one is tagged a best seller. That’s not at all shabby.

It cost Amy Vansant only $5 of her budget to sell 175 books. There isn’t a promoter on my lists who moves 175/99c units for $5. She’s the first to admit she then tweaked the ad, changing the target from authors to like category and lost momentum.  She could also have stopped the campaign and with $95 of her budget intact, scheduled another. It’s all a learning curve. We can always expand our basics. Bookbub is a known quality. That counts, because we are too often approached by promoters with no track record  or slammed by scams.  That’s it for today. Hope everyone along the Eastern Seaboard is safe and snug.

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@JackieWeger 2017. I’m Jackie Weger, Founder of eNovel Authors at Work. So happy to have you stop by. Comments welcome. Would love it if you briefly shared your own promo experience with us.

FOOTNOTE: eNovel Authors at Work has five membership slots open for romance authors. If interested in membership please contact Jackie Weger  with your full name and link to your Amazon Author page. 


COWBUNGA! Report: Newsletter vs Newsletter

Written By: Jackie Weger - Nov• 18•16
eNovel Authors at Work...a group of indie authors sharing our experiences and ehow.

eNovel Authors at Work…a group of indie authors sharing our experiences and ehow.

More About Newsletters

Good morning all of you awesome authors.  Are you wondering what the heck Newsletter vs Newsletter means? You know me. I’m gonna tell you.  It’s something specific I discovered by accident. My blog topic was gonna be about my most recent promotion, because we in eNovel often report results. But this happened: I tried out Book Report. Loved it. Subscribed. This is an analytic app that rides on your task bar and once inside Amazon KDP it  tells you how many books were bought and borrowed [KENP] and the $$$ value. Book Report tells me the number of  sales/borrows on a each title every day, or I can also set it to tell me an aggregate. More on that in minute.

My most recent promo was a beta test to see where a FREE unit in a campaign might land in paid sans a Bookbub, because those Bookbub slots are getting harder to come by.  I promoted the FREE unit in my newsletter along with 12 paid promo slots.  I also had six comp or free N/C promo slots. Downloads ran to 15,664 units. It ranked #18 in TOP 100 Free. And when returned to paid

New Release. Read FREE with Kindle Unlimited

FREE in newsletter 11/2 to 11/6, 2016. Downloads 15,649. Accent on Romance subscribers downloaded 4204 units. No single paid promo site did as well.

it landed for a nano second 39 in TOP 100 Paid and then slipped to 1,894 in Paid. Wow. Eleven days later it is holding it’s own: Amazon Best Sellers Rank: #2,776 Paid in Kindle Store. I did not expect such a nice tail on the promo. That is $100 a day in sales and borrows. Way beyond my expectations. Total cost of promotion: $164.

coveralmostperfect-xmas-for-pomoAlso in my newsletter I promoted another unit I put a Holiday cover on, selling it for 99c. It was not a featured book. I’ve bought less than a half dozen promo slots for the unit scattered between now and mid December. But now I can check exact downloads via Book Report and also unique clicks in my newsletter. Surprise! One of my fav promoter newsletters produced 19 downloads of a 99c boxed set. My newsletter produced 77 downloads.

What’s wrong with this picture? 

The promoter has above 100K subscribers. My newsletter has 13K, and I ran my promo in the run-up to the election. Grand distraction. Two other authors have since told me they’re seeing miserable results with the same promoter. I chatted up a dozen other authors and visited some forums and it appears that commercial promoter-generated newsletters across the board are not producing a return on investment (ROI). One author saw only Two (2) downloads of a 99c book for a $40 slot. That’s an owie a Band-aid won’t fix.

I am not going to name the promoters because this is a miasma they created themselves. I cannot point to one without pointing to them all. Here is what is happening. Indie authors are engaging in subscriber signup promotions and siphoning active subscribers from promoters. I predicted this would happen when savvy authors started upping our game. We had to do something because promo slots are either booked or too costly. Read about it here. In July 2016 I had about 3K subscribers. I’ve been growing my subscriber list. It is scrubbed and cleansed. 100% acceptance rate and in my last mail out to 13K–not a single subscriber checked spam.

I produced one new release this year in late May and could not get a decent promo slot. So, I promoted it my newsletter. Amazon sent out a dedicated notice to those who follow me on Amazon and the book moved to the #1 slot in HOT New Releases for five days. It’s been in the $$$ since.

Another thing savvy indies are doing is reaching out and co-promoting one another’s books. I’m doing it. And my early November newsletter moved an aggregate of 1000 units for my colleagues. Doesn’t cost five cents.  Yes, our newsletter carrier costs. I use Mad Mimi and I am happy to pay the fee because my newsletter pays for itself.

Let’s talk about Tweeting: One site wants $29 to tweet a book for 30 days. Well Gosh, I can buy 30 Tweets from ask.David for $10 and schedule one a day, plus tweet to fans in French, German, Hindi, Spanish or Dutch. I can also get together with ten authors and we each produce two tweets, schedule in Hootsuite to our followers and reach not less than 400,000. I can trade Tweets with one other author and reach 80,000 romance fans. Fool, me if I pop for $29.

Adding this: We need our promoters, large and small. I’m not dissing ’em. I love every one you find on this site. But somewhere along the way, our promoters are gonna have to evaluate their product to engage their subscribers and at the same time, give authors a return on investment.

Want to grow your subscriber list? Here are a few sites: Mega Mailing List Promotion.  For Science Fiction and Fantasy, eNovel resident sci-fi authors love Patty Jansen’s SFF Promotions.

JackieWeger-BioHeadShot (1)I’m Jackie Weger, Founder of eNovel Authors at Work. @2016. Thanks for visiting. Comments welcome. Add to the discussion. Be nice. If you can’t be nice, be articulate. Romance authors: If you would like to consider co-promoting email Sorry, no erotica. Accent on Romance is work-place safe and family friendly.


Is Amazon Really Stupid?

Written By: Jackie Weger - Oct• 17•16
eNovel Authors at Work...a group of indie authors sharing our experiences and ehow.

eNovel Authors at Work…a group of indie authors sharing our experiences and ehow.

What do you think?

Folks, I am in no way a spokesperson for Amazon. I doubt Amazon even knows I exist outside of books I upload. Amazon previews cover art and text for publication, says yea or nae and Amazon is done with me.

In the past ten days since Amazon posted new review policies authors are in an uproar.  Across the spectrum reader and blogger reviews are being pulled or not allowed. Here’s the skinny: Amazon has a TOS for authors, publishers and reviewers. Yes it does. But few read those things. Amazon explains what no compensation means. Amazon explains what a friend is or is not.

These comments are rife in forums: Amazon is out to ruin me. Amazon doesn’t like me. Amazon is stupid.

Really? A  billion dollar company that is a global entity has you or me in its sights and wants us to fail?  I don’t think so.  The fail is authors  and bloggers do not follow Amazon’s guidelines either innocently or by snubbing their noses at the rules. A blogger/reviewer in the UK complains that she is not allowed to post reviews on She can post on That works for me.

Brilliant dialogue, realistic and likable characters. ~ Bad Doggy Reviews AVP

Brilliant dialogue, realistic and likable characters. ~ Bad Doggy Reviews AVP

Count The Roses Final MEDIUM

“Fantastic…Just a job well done.” ~ Amazon Verified Purchase

Here is where the real problem lies: A contracted author is given a PR package that says : Go forth and build a platform. Yep, because after the first splash on publication, the ebooks founder and sink to China in sales. Authors start beggin’ for Friend me or Like me on Facebook in hopes of building a fan base and sales. Authors then engage in Facebook parties, Rafflecopters and giveaways. Compensation. If a fan has won a gift card or swag. That is compensation. If that winner is connected to the author in any way…the review does not meet Amazon guidelines.

The people selling those PR Platforms to indie authors don’t give a fig about Amazon’s guidelines. They don’t know them. It is doubtful any editor knows them. They want in your wallet. Paid reviews may be posted in Editorial. 

Get this: I have looked at the books of every single contracted and indie author who is posting with righteous indignation how stupid Amazon to disallow one of their reviews.  Their books ain’t selling. Nope. The contracted author has no control. If the publisher doesn’t hype the book, it is dead in the water. The indie author sneering at Amazon isn’t promoting his/her books. Most are desperate for reviews and sales. In my experience reviews don’t sell books. I have units with 300 to 600 reviews. Unless promoted somehow, someway, they limp along out of the $$ in stats. I know for a fact there are more than 12 million books on Amazon: Here’s a stat: Amazon Best Sellers Rank: #12,877,728. That stat means there are 12,877,727 books selling more than that book.

It is utter arrogance to think Amazon is singling out an author. You or I may be the most important person in our tiny universe, but we ain’t when it comes to Amazon. As far as I can tell, Amazon bots treat us all alike. If you drive on an Interstate highway, the traffic rules/laws are the same for every driver. Doesn’t matter if you drive a Porsche or a twenty-year old, beat up Ford pickup. If you have a fender bender, do you blame the law? With Amazon the rules are the same for every publisher and author. Those Amazon bots and algorithms are Amazon’s highway patrol. The quality control enforcers of the law and guidelines.

Amazon is not the only indie book shelf that has guidelines. An indie author who publishes wide had a suggestion to post reviews on Goodreads and Amazon. iTunes pulled those books. It told the author no mention of a competitor is allowed in back of book matter. She had to revise and republish her list. The author did not spew righteous indignation. She said: “Ugh,” fixed the problem and went on about her book life.

Amazon gives contracted and indie authors opportunities to promote books. Every published author can scroll to the bottom of a book page to see if a book is eligible to engage in a Giveaway. Easy as pie to set one of those up. I love ’em. Those authors in Amazon Select may engage in sponsored ad or product ad campaigns. The sponsored ads are shown on Kindles. The product ads show on Amazon on the left side bar. I keep several of the sponsored ads going with no termination dates. They cost pennies a day.

This just showed up today on the link to my author bio on Amazon. Amazon added the note about Best Selling Books. I sure didn’t. But at one time or another, those titles snagged one of  those Amazon Best Seller tags, or snagged the #1 slot in Hot New Releases.  I suggest bots are doing the work. Beta testing. Amazon sure isn’t sprinkling me with fairy dust.

snipit-amazon-addThose are not the books I would have chosen. Two have the least amount of reviews. Who knew? But this does not smack of Amazon out to ruin any author. The long and short of it: We are responsible for our books and behavior once we tick publish. Mimicking what the next author does may not be the right thing to do. Remember what your mommy said when you were a teenager and you were yelling: “Everybody does it!” Mommy’s house. Mommy’s rules. Abide by curfew or whatever the rule or find yourself in a world of hurt. Pouting and indignation did not change the rule. Same with Amazon.

As for reviews, organic reviews are best. Here’s how to get them. Put this perfect simple and elegant gem right after THE END in your books. Next, promote the things to the best of your budget.

Thank you for taking time to read [title]. If you enjoyed it, please consider telling your friends or posting a short review.  Word of mouth is an author’s best friend and much appreciated. 

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Comments welcome. Add to the discussion. Be nice. If you can’t be nice, be articulate.  I’m Jackie Weger, Founder of eNovel Authors at Work. We’re a group of indie authors supporting one another and trying to keep in the game and inside the rules. @October 2016.

Writers and readers are invited to eNovel’s Book Tavern and Fiction Bar to meet and chat with one another. NO overt promotion as in BUY MY BOOK allowed. No erotica. It is a family friendly page. Do not ask for reviews or to exchange reviews. Lurk a bit and scroll down the page. Sharing posts you like with your fans and friends makes for happy writers and guests.


Now I know why

Written By: Jackie Weger - Oct• 12•16

Savvy authors distance themselves from those less savvy

eNovel Authors at Work…A group of indie authors sharing our experiences and ehow. …..ALWAYS FREE…..

Listen up. I was dumb as rock when I entered our digital universe. I signed a seven book contract with an online publisher that was the pits. They did not move sweet romance books. I went to the publisher’s Skype forums and was told SEX SELLS. So? The other authors sneered at me because I wrote sweet romance. I wanted out. Took two years.  A senior editor moved on to open her own business. She was gonna help me to the tune of $1000. Paid her. Later, I learned she had been fired. I won’t go into everything that happened, but I will tell you this: I had the common sense to know I was getting scammed. My bad. I was easy prey. I stopped on a dime and learned this indie publishing business. eNovel Authors At Work is the result of that dime.

Yes, we all need help. I asked a colleague whose name I recognized as having been with the same trad publisher as I had, and she directed me to a pair of books.  I bought and read those books. I’ve read them several times over, because I did NOT know the language. Blog? Oh, you mean an article?  Next I figured out blog is both a noun and verb. What the heck is a bot?  An ASIN?  Where the heck do I find those suckers? I never heard of an algorithm, even in Physics class. Each step of my learning experience, I reread the books and discovered I understood more and more. Now, I understand every blamed word in those books. Yes. I do. My experience also turned me into a skeptic. Not a day goes by that I don’t question  some feature of a promotion, or a promoter–or an author’s agenda. I’m not tech savvy so I still run into snags. But! A service provider such as a formatter, editor or cover artist or indie author who is dishonest has a short shelf life in my tiny sphere of this business.

Yes, I still ask for help from savvier colleagues

but I’ve learned to give value in return. I promote their books. I send business their way. I send a small Thank You gift. I buy their books.

Which brings me to my topic. I spend time in associate forums and lend a hand where I can. I know how to write a book. I know how to promote a book. I know how to sell a book.  In one forum there was clarion call for a list of free and inexpensive promoters. I posted the link to a site that had such a list. Next an author said she could not find the list on the site I posted and asked me to download and email her the list.

Uh. No. Honey, I ain’t your personal assistant.

And therein lies the reason I’m having a South Alabama redneck hissy fit. That kind of author can suck you dry. They want to be spoon fed. At some point each of us has to get down in the trenches and learn how to get the job done. We learn from mistakes, mishaps and misdirection. That does not mean we cannot seek advice from a colleague. Hey! First Ask Google. Ask Wikipedia. Ask Amazon.

Entitlement. We are not entitled to the next author’s skill, craft, ehow or time. All of which is a valuable commodity. Everything I learn is on this site or a sister site is in PLAIN ENGLISH. Misinformation and rumor is rife in the indie universe, especially about Amazon and Bookbub and Reviews. Read the TOS. If you don’t understand it ASK and keep asking until the question is sorted and you get it.  I see trad pubbed and indie authors in business for themselves every day. Here’s why: They want to get paid for their knowledge. They ain’t giving it away for free. I do, because I know my limitations and I don’t want to go into business. I’m good right where I’m at.

An author I trusted referred me to site as wonderful for creating covers. Worst experience with a cover artist I ever had. Cost me $300. Plus, I had to ask a colleague to step in and repair the cover so I could use it. So! I revisited the Author Resources and Useful Links pages on eNovel. NO service gets on those pages now unless a member has used it successfully.

I preach know who you’re talking to and listening to in this business. I recently saw a post in which an author was praising a promotion site. The author gave a thumbs up to the site saying it moved books. I looked at her books. All of ’em. Honey, her books are so low in stats they could sell Gorilla Glue because they’re stuck at the bottom. I know books sink in stats.  Mine do when I’m not in promotion. So, I put the author’s books in an ebook tracker to check the stats for the past six months. Ranked in the millions for months. I also checked the site. It gives you a little bit free and next starts trying to get into your wallet.

JackieWeger-BioHeadShot (1)

Jackie Weger. Indie Author.

Usually when I post a blog, I fill it with live links…Not doing so today. Here’s why: You won’t click on those links to learn our industry. Nope. Not my problem. You can find the books I read in Author Resources.  Adding this: I adore indie authorship. I love Amazon and Kindles. We are living and publishing in historic times. It can be ugly or good. It is what we make of it.  And that is a wrap of this rant. Y’all have a good one.

@JackieWeger 2016.

Comments Welcome. Be nice. If you can’t be nice, be articulate. Add to the discussion.

MASTERING AMAZON 4th in The Series

Written By: Jackie Weger - Sep• 29•16


genre…We learn that helps us to success as we hone our indie authorship skills.  You can take all sorts of virtual courses, hire as many PR experts as your wallet can handle and not one will tell you the little things that work. Here’s why: They don’t know them. So let’s just look at a couple or three features on Amazon that you can use today to benefit your book. Won’t cost you five cents.

Here is what you’re gonna get rid of: All of the white space in your book description/blurb and the double spacing between sentences. Now, I know there is some expert out there in indie land telling you to put that white space in your blurb because it is easier to read. Send that fool a 10 cent Alpo dog food coupon and tell ’em to have lunch on me.  Even if you are trad pubbed, or contracted with a online publisher, you can clean up your book description from inside Author Central. If you can manage it, you want every bit of your book description above this: Snipit read more, because below the Read more is your punch line. Oops.  To get this done, log into your Author Central Account and tick the book you want to work on. Click on edit. It may take you several revisions to get that book description completely above the Read more. Work it! I’m still working on mine to capture the essence of the story and still tease the reader to buy the thing.

However, if you can’t quite manage to get all of the description above Read more, do this to make your description stand out: Use html to bold the text. Easily done. Type: <b> before the first word and after the last period in the blurb, this: </b>  After an hour or so, go check your book page on Amazon. Go back to Author Central to revise again if necessary, especially if you only have a word or two hanging beneath Read more.

Footnote to the above: Did you know you can log into your Author Central Accounts on other Amazon sites?  Here’s a list compliments of Grant W. Cook.  Snip that list and keep it in file. Do visit Grant’s blog. Great tips and ehow. Okay, got that done. Moving on…

While in Author Central have a look at your reviews. Grab a few four and five star reviews and post them in Editorial. Now, listen up. You do want a space break between the reviews. You put <p> after the period on each review quote. Preview it. Play with it. You may have to add <p> twiceGo here and scroll down the page to see how the reviews should appear. Yes, you may edit reviews–but carefully. I preface the Editorial review content with: What readers are saying about [title].  I cut and paste the essence of the review and I clean up misspelled words and punctuation.

NOTE: Each time you make a correction on a unit inside KDP or change a cover, and sometimes even when you change the price on a unit, Amazon reverts to the original book description. So! Save those blurbs in a file and revisit Author Central as soon as the unit is live again.

TIP from a non-expert: Me. When you visit your book pages on other Amazon venues, Tweet your books from those sites. Google translate a word or two. It helps to build a rapport with the natives of those countries. Did you know you can revise those Amazon-generated tweets? Yes, you can. I grab the short link from the email envelop, delete that long string Amazon puts in and insert the short link–which also shows your book in thumbnail on the tweet. And this leaves room for a hashtag or two. All of your reviews show up on Don’t take my word for it. Go look.

Gonna leave you with this: Amazon does this nice thing for us. It sends our books in fab cardboard boxes we can use to ship presents and books to fans and which our cats adore. And all of the brown paper packaging inside is so useful. I use it to make my own parchment paper when called for in baking. I cut it to shape the pan and paint it with olive oil with an ordinary nylon paint brush. 99c. Ain’t paying $6 for a pastry brush.  Works like a charm. I also layer bacon between sheets of it to cook in the microwave. Bacon doesn’t stick to it like it does paper towels. Okay. If that homespun tip doesn’t work for you, here’s another: Toss dead bananas and banana peels at the roots of your rose bushes and magnolia trees. It makes the bloom scents stronger.

Now, if you read this blog and think: Great ideas, but don’t act, that is fine with me. Less competition for my books. I’m good with it. But, if you’re serious about your book, explore and get to know Amazon. It dang sure knows you.

JackieWeger-BioHeadShot (1)

Become my newest BFF. Follow me on Bookbub.

I’m Jackie Weger. Romance writer. Founder of eNovel Authors at Work. @Copyright 2016.

As always, comments welcome. Add to the discussion. Appreciate it much if you share the page or the ready-made Tweet. Be nice. If you can’t be nice, be articulate. 


Newsletter Mania~Round Three

Written By: Jackie Weger - Sep• 25•16
eNovel Authors at Work...a group of indie authors sharing our experiences and ehow. Always FREE

eNovel Authors at Work…a group of indie authors sharing our experiences and ehow. Always FREE

A couple of months ago we talked about marketing our books via our newsletter, and more recently, gathering subscribers.

Today, I’m updating because as usual, changes are in the air. Most authors I know love the idea of a newsletter and having a subscriber list in the thousands. I hear you.  But composing a newsletter does not happen by magic. Moreover, building a subscriber list just got more difficult. 90 days ago, we could engage in unlimited cross promotions, the administrator of the promo collected the subscriber email addresses in an excel sheet, sent the list along to all author participants to upload  to MailChimp or Mad Mimi or whomever we had our newsletter service. Those lists are termed third party generated. Mad Mimi tells me it is now disallowing  third party generated subscriber lists.  A subscriber must now opt directly into your newsletter. Don’t take my word for it. Check with your newsletter carrier.

Almost Perfect: Three Volume Collection

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Every state and every country has its own laws  governing email solicitation. Does not matter the product one is hoping to sell.  The mechanism for a Giveaway is the Rafflecopter. A Rafflecopter is designed as a Sweepstakes. No Purchase necessary. No  one under the age of 18  may enter my Sweepstakes. All of us must abide the The CAN-SPAM Act of 2003. That’s the link. Read it. Because YOU are the responsible party when you create the Rafflecopter Giveaway/Sweepstakes. Not trying to scare you because it is easy to stay within the law.  Greg Goodson, Co-founder of Rafflecopter explains it clear as bell. Read his blog.

I often see a Rafflecopter with one of the entrant tasks to download a 99c book. Extra points. Guess what? That is not a Sweepstakes. That is a lottery–and a whole different set of laws must be met. A Rafflecopter/Sweepstakes in Canada must be licensed. Yep. Canadian laws allow contests, but not sweepstakes. What does that mean? I now add USA residents only. No Purchase necessary. Must be 18 years old or older to enter/participate.

snipit-newsletter-memeOkay, I’ve prolly bored you beyond measure. How about some of the shoddy details of mega promos in which we hope to collect thousands of subscribers.  Let’s say 50 authors participate. Rafflecopter offers one winner $100 plus a basket of all 50 books. Wow. Entrants number 5K in the Rafflecopter. Next thing, all 50 authors are slamming out newsletters to all 5K subscribers.  I awoke one recent morning to above 100 newsletters in my inbox. I didn’t subscribe, but somehow my email address got mixed in with the entrants in a giveaway. Horrid. I looked at each before I kindly unsubscribed instead of marking each spam. Of those 100 newsletters, only three were well composed and hit all cylinders. Many were sloppy and all were beggin’ letters offering the subscriber no value. Some were offering free short stories or novellas, but those were already free on Amazon or other sales venues or from the author’s website. This not the first time my inbox has been slammed and spammed.

Only one of those newsletters promoted colleague’s book.  Erotica. Golly. I did not subscribe. Networking is so key to our success. I love promoting my colleague’s new releases, free and discounted books. And hey! If you want to see how I put together a newsletter sign up here. It is not the greatest, but it gets the job done and is respectful of my subscribers. To read earlier blogs on newsletters go here and here. Some good tips in those blogs that will generate downloads. Remember! Downloads are the goal of a newsletter.

Sharing this promotion to drive subscribers because the promotion is done right. E.B. Brown [Beth] sets up the Mega Mailing List Promotion so that entrants must subscribe directly to the individual author’s newsletter. That avoids 3rd party generated lists–which are useless for some carriers–NOT ALL. Even if you have a newsletter carrier that accepts 3rd party generated list, beware of spam. No carrier likes to see spam running at 5%. Industry standards for hard and soft bounces is between 2% – 5%.  Mad Mimi culls hard bounces automatically and allows soft bounces up to five sends. After that, the subscriber is culled from the subscriber list. A soft bounce is perhaps Wi-fi service is down.

JackieWeger-BioHeadShot (1)

@2016, Jackie Weger

I’m Jackie Weger, founder of eNovel Authors at Work. Fabulous group of networking indie authors. Here is a heads up. Don’t take my word as gospel. Do your own research. Check things out. Do NOT assume anything.

Comment always welcome. Add to the discussion. Be nice. If you can’t be nice, be articulate. We love to learn and appreciate different viewpoints.



Newsletter Mania~Do You Have One?

Written By: Jackie Weger - Aug• 05•16

Indie authors are in manic mode to gather subscribers and generate newsletters…

eNovel Authors at Work...a group of indie authors sharing our experiences and ehow. Always FREE

Click on icon for more on Newsletters

IMO, that is not a bad thing. From the moment  we step into the indie author arena we are told to have a newsletter. Marketing experts and gurus insist that for success a newsletter is the single top-ranked item one needs in an indie marketing toolbox. I’m convinced. But here is what the experts don’t tell you:

  • Divide your subscribers into two or more audiences. The value of this explained below.
  • Stagger your newsletter delivery by time and days to discover the best window of acceptance and open rates.
  • Critical! Every mention of a title and every cover must be live-linked to a buy page.
  • Review the Performance of every live-link in the newsletter for unique clicks. Unique clicks tell you destination hits and number of
    Count The Roses Final MEDIUM

    NEW! Read FREE w/Kindle Unlimited.


  • Cleanse your subscriber lists at least twice a year.  Decide parameters i.e. Move subscribers who have not opened perhaps 3 of  the last 5 newsletters into a separate Outlier audience.  Design or edit a cloned/copy  newsletter for this group. If two or more newsletters go unopened, drop the subscriber.
  • Third party generated newsletters must abide by Gmail’s DMARC. Now also extended to Yahoo and AOL. You don’t have to understand DMARC. You just have to abide by the rule. Mad Mimi and MailChimp are third party. I used GoDaddy for my domain name and email address:
  • Tell your subscribers in the first module/paragraph about how often to expect your newsletter.
  • Insert the Unsubscribe link in the first module/paragraph to avoid having your newsletter ticked as Spam.
  • If you have something really hot or a special event to promote between scheduled newsletters, label it: Special  Edition.
  • Do This: Once emailed to your subscribers, grab the newsletter share link/url, tweet it, post it on Facebook and Google+ so non-subscribers can read it online. I sometimes have a secret Rafflecopter for my subscribers in my newsletter. I delete that from the clone that I share publicly.

Are you with me so far? Okay. Why divide your subscribers into two or more audiences? I do it because I want to stagger book buys and downloads to generate a slow climb up the the Amazon bestseller stats in my genre or work towards landing a book in TOP 100 FREE. I’m using my newsletter to bracket promotions on other sales venues such as Bookbub, eBookDaily, ENT, eBook Betty,  Digital Book Today or booktastik.  By scheduling the newsletter on successive days at different times, I can evaluate acceptance, open, viewed and unique click performance.  I’ve discovered Saturday evening delivery is less than stellar. Open and click through rates sink to China. Not doing that time frame again. Sunday evening is only a little less awful.

Mad Mimi shows performance for every live link in a newsletter including the percentage and actual number of unique clicks on book covers, book titles, plus words and phrases such as: On Amazon,  Amazon Exclusive and 99c for a limited time. From my very first newsletter issued January 2014, I’ve promoted my colleague’s books across most genres when FREE or discounted.  I ask around who has a new release or a book on sale for the dates I’ve scheduled Accent on Romance. I share with my subscribers Rafflecopters and Giveaways. My newsletter is workplace and family friendly. I don’t promote erotica. All of my newsletters are readercentric, offering value to the subscriber. Not saying it’s perfect, but I try.

Sharing this: Over the past few months I’ve subscribed to dozens of author newsletters. A very few are dead on. Some are epic fails. No live links on covers or book titles. Or no links to a book buy page at all. A few feature the same 500 word author bio that reads like a jobs resume in every newsletter. A few are filled with badly formatted book excerpts in desperate need of editorial input and proofreading. Many are rife with misspelled words and book descriptions that read like a sixth grade book report. Telling you this: You might consider your newsletter subscribers as guests in your home. You’re inviting them, you neaten your house, you say welcome at the front door, you offer refreshment. If you want them to return, you must nurture the relationship. Get this: Many newsletters do not even introduce the author. Nope. Unless I look at the name on the book cover, I don’t have a clue about whose newsletter I’m reading. Your newsletter is introducing your craft, talent and product to readers–many for the first time. It is not a grocery list. 

You get one chance to lose a subscriber and zero chances to recapture the subscriber once lost.

Here is another way to look at it: How utterly arrogant is it of us to present a flawed and sloppy newsletter to a prospective book buyer and expect that reader to snap up our books FREE or Paid? Or to follow us on Twitter? Like us on Facebook?  Enter our Giveaways? To see an example of a recent issue of Accent on Romance Newsletter click HERE. It is a work in progress, but all together the three audience editions moved above 1000 books, FREE/Paid/Borrowed. The same number + of subscribers entered the Rafflecopter. No fewer than 40 subscribers visited eNovel Author pages.

I’m just about done. Asking you: This blog is full of live links that will give you more information and data you can use–if you will. Do you click on the links? Smart you if you do.

Keep up with the good stuff. Follow eNovel on Twitter

Keep up with all good things. Follow eNovel on Twitter

I’m Jackie Weger, Founder of eNovel Authors at Work. Our members have astonishing talents inside and out of indie authorship. They’ve produced not less than 500 well-written books to entertain you across many genres. Check ’em out. @JackieWeger 2016. Comments always welcome. Add to the discussion.



The REAL Skinny on Newsletters

Written By: Jackie Weger - Jul• 10•16

Marketing your books via newsletters…How does yours measure up?

eNovel Authors at Work...a group of indie authors sharing our experiences and ehow. Always FREE

eNovel Authors at Work…a group of indie authors sharing our experiences and ehow. Always FREE

Indie Author newsletters have suddenly become front and center in our indie universe.  Suggestions about mailing lists have always hovered in the background like white noise:  Authors need a newsletter/mailing list so when we have a new release, we shout it to our followers. Got it. The snag for me is I don’t produce a book a month or even every six months. I generated my first newsletter via Mad Mimi January 2014. I flogged my book and a few colleague’s books. I pump other author titles because I want to give value and keep my subscribers interested between my own releases and promotions. I kept a loose mailing schedule of once a month or once every six weeks. I did not pay much attention to performance, such as open and click through rate. Now I do. What an eye opener.

I have several subscriber lists in Mad Mimi so that I can stagger my newsletters over a 24 or 36 hour period. This happened in my most recent mailout. On one list of 2800 subscribers I pumped my new release, Count the Roses 99c. Within

New Release. Read FREE with Kindle Unlimited

New Release. Read FREE with Kindle Unlimited or Amazon Prime

a few hours Amazon reported 144 downloads. Wow. Of those 2800 subscribers, 950 opened and clicked through to my books, other author books I promoted and a Giveaway. A task in the Giveaway was to Follow the authors on Bookbub. After 12 hours I saw a jump of above 200 new followers on my Bookbub author page. Over the next 72 hours, more subscribers opened the newsletters…I saw a spike in KENP borrows. All together my newsletter moved 1023 units of my new release + crossover sales and I ended June 2016 with above 138,000 KENP.

Why are these figures so significant?

Because we indies buy promotion from promoters who tell us they have 100,000 to 300,000 subscribers. Yet! A $70 slot 10 days earlier on  Count The Roses priced 99c did not generate even 100 downloads. Whoa. Promoters don’t like to tell us their open rates or click through rates. To learn if the promo is successful we have to watch the graph inside KDP which is updated hourly. Here is something else I’ve learned: Thus far, for every 5000 subscribers I see an attrition loss of 400. They unsubscribe. I have all of these stats available immediately. So do promoters who charge to put our books in newsletters.

Folks…it is time to come clean and share those performance rates with authors. We are happy to support a respected promoter. We’re giving you our trade. We need value for our promo $$, not hype. One reason we all love Bookbub and pray to the indie gods to snag a slot is on Bookbub’s pricing page we see cost/the download spread from lowest to highest in our genre. We know what we’re paying for. We can make an informed decision. Is that too much to ask? I don’t think so. In three years I’ve never heard of a Bookbub promo fail. One indie author disaster and you can read about it here. Even so, 22,000 Bookbub subscribers downloaded the book.

Here  is another item of annoyance. Promoters want authors to subscribe. That is an artificial inflation of a subscriber list. Authors are not my audience or yours. We are all using the service to sell our books to readers. Some promoters are top heavy with authors. They do NOT move our books. In eNovel we know who they are and we don’t promote with them. Some give value for $10. But next have those add ons for Facebook and/or Twitter and the value sinks to China. Hey! I have two Twitter accounts with above 35,000 followers. I ain’t paying you to Tweet to your 6000 Followers. Get real. And after charging $10 for a Twitter boost, the promoter has the nerve to ask an author to share the promoter’s landing page with his or her Followers on Facebook/Google+/Twitter and Pinterest. The promoter wants ME to send my 35,000 Twitter followers to his/her site for FREE. What’s wrong with this picture? The answer: Offer a subscription to an Author only Newsletter. We love those.

What does this mean for promoters and indie authors? This: Indie authors are engaging in co-promotion and leaving out the middle man. We’re pitching in and engaging in Rafflecopters to grow our subscriber lists. We’re selling books. Moreover, we’re seeing a return on investment because our co-promotion costs are miniscule. We still promote with many of our fav small promoters. However, some are raising prices to offset the loss of affiliate fees and passing that expense onto the author with NO added value. That leaves us to evaluate each promotion again. On any given month not less than 20 eNovel members are in promotion. We gather a lot of stats and we share those in detail separating hype from reality.  As we mature as indie authors we are learning how best to promote our books and with whom.

Bottom line: Our books have to pay for themselves.  

Yes, they do. They have to pay the maintenance on our webpages and blogs and the cost of our newsletters. They have to pay our investment in cover artists, editors, copy editors, proofers, formatters. Here is a fun fact: When sitting at our keyboards writing our books we are not earning minimum wage~or any wage! Talk about which came first? The chicken or the egg…

Here is a new promoter just recently in the game.  Just Kindle Books. Look what he posts on his Author Corner. I asked him how much  time

Just Kindle Books. The owner knows these stats are accurate because he tracks books with

and trouble to post these stats. He said no trouble and takes a couple of minutes. He can update PDQ.  He shared his newsletter open rate, too. My open rate is better, but I nurture my subscribers by offering giveaways and swag and sometimes secret Rafflecopter just for my subscribers. I loosely schedule a newsletter every 22 days.  Just Kindle Books is an entirely commercial daily newsletter as are most promoter newsletters. But open and click through rates are critical. If subscribers are not opening a newsletter and clicking the link, it ain’t moving your books or mine. Huzzah!

When we in eNovel report a promo fail to some reputable owners, we are kindly refunded our $$$. We have also had site owners tell us: “Write a better book.” I got that remark on a book sitting on Amazon with above 600 reviews ranked 4.3/5.0. Here’s a recent Review by a reader: “Jackie blows away all other romance novels! The characters are vivid, the story intriguing, the humanity believable (even the ghost), and the experience a medicine for the soul. I read reviews that you couldn’t put this one down, believe it!”  I don’t know how much better I can write the thing. Bookbub subscribers downloaded it to the tune of 75,000+ and wrote all of those nice reviews. Okay. I’m done.

Click my photo to join my newsletter, Accent on Romance. @JackieWeger, 2016

I’m Jackie Weger, founder of eNovel Authors at Work. Our members don’t know it all…but collectively we know a lot and we know BS when we hear it. Comments Welcome. Be nice. If you can’t be nice, be articulate. Add to the discussion. Facts welcome. I shoot rumors with my snake gun.

Snag these eNovel Author books FREE right now: Tyrant Trouble. Grade A Stupid.  Gifts of Jangalore.  Belle of Charleston.

You awesome author! Pay it Forward. Please share this ready-made Tweet. Who knows? Maybe an indie god will sprinkle your book with fairy dust and it will soar to stardom. Thank you bunches.


PS: Just in from Christian Hupfeld: eReaderIQ is back in business and accepting submissions. Fees are just right. 


Written By: Jackie Weger - Jun• 27•16

Wanna know the best promotion site of all time?

I’m gonna tell you…right here, right now. It is under your nose: AMAZON.

eNovel Authors at Work...a group of indie authors sharing our experiences and ehow. Always FREE

eNovel Authors at Work…a group of indie authors sharing our experiences and ehow. Always FREE

Absolutely, we all hunger for a Bookbub slot. But snagging a Bookbub slot is not a sure thing. I collect more rejections from Bookbub than I once did scouting for an agent or a publisher. No lie. Meanwhile what can you do to get your book visible and make a few sales?

I love Amazon Ad campaigns. I keep five or six running at the same time, sometimes two on the same book. Open-ended because they are so inexpensive. Get to the Ad Campaign site from inside KDP. Click on Reports. On the left side of  the page will be the link. I despise having to tell you where to look…but most of you have NOT explored every facet of your KDP and Select pages. Do take 15 minutes to check out your book pages. You cannot kill Amazon. If you mess up or think you messed up, contact/email Amazon and a tech will help you PDQ. It is that easy. Back to the Ads…

You can run those ads for as little as $1 a day. I’ve learned to go for $3 a day and adjust that as necessary. I never spend that much. You choose key words and put a ‘bid’ on them. Amazon suggests 50c. I do 20c.  Here is what a small part of my ad campaign page looks like:

Snipit Ad page

I don’t like the way Count The Roses is doing, so I went in and upped my Daily budget to $4 and added some key words: best beach read, hot new release, storied louisiana, enchanting, and bid out those keywords at 30c. Anyway. NOTICE on No Perfect Secret I’ve only spent $3.30 for $31.92 in sales since June 10, 2016. My ad has popped up on Kindles 40,322 times. You may edit, pause or cancel the ads anytime. These are slow build ads…Patience counts.  Here’s what my ad for The House on Persimmon Road looks like when it shows up on a reader’s Kindle…

Snipit ad persimmon road

The ad has been running since May 05, 2016. Thus far it has cost $25.26 for $44.40 in sales.  The ad has been shown on Kindles 157,557 times. I count that a win all around. Notice Amazon tells the viewer the book is in Kindle Unlimited.  Borrows do NOT show up in Sales. But of those who clicked and did not buy outright, some downloaded the book because I see a spike in KENP. I ran two only small overt promotions in June on two other titles and Amazon shows 133,855 KENP pages read. $$$ in the bank.

Keep in mind I am not a best selling author. You don’t see all of that alphabet salad next to my name, do you? Pointing you to the number of reviews on The House on Persimmon Road. Not less than 591 of those are organic. Early on I joined that review frenzy. Hated it. Got out of that rat race by putting this gem right after THE END in my books.

Thank you for taking the time to read [title]. If you enjoyed it, please consider telling your friends or posting a short review. Word of mouth is an author’s best friend and very much appreciated. Thank you again. Jackie Weger.

JackieWeger-BioHeadShot (1)

Would love it if you followed me on Amazon. Next time, I’m gonna share with you why encouraging fans and readers to follow you on Amazon is fabulous.

@June 2016 I’m Jackie Weger, Founder of eNovel Authors at Work. If you are visiting for the first time, do check out a few of our blogs. We tell it true. We don’t do rumor. When we want to know how Amazon works~we ask Amazon. Have a question for us? Ask. Comments welcome. Add to the discussion. Be nice. If you can’t be nice, be articulate.




Is Your Amazon KDP Account in Jeopardy?

Written By: Jackie Weger - Jun• 22•16

It could be~if you don’t ask the right questions…

eNovel Authors at Work...a group of indie authors sharing our experiences and ehow. Always FREE

eNovel Authors at Work…a group of indie authors sharing our experiences and ehow. Always FREE

Last week was awash in high profile Amazon driven events. First, we saw Nate Hoffelder’s blog on The Digital Reader with the news that Amazon had pulled the Affiliate accounts of Fussy Librarian, eReaderIQ and Pixel of Ink. Fussy is staying on as a book promoter.  Christian Hupfeld who owns eReaderIQ and is mulling it over. Pixel of Ink closed shop. Booksends stopped using affiliate links. If you don’t know what an affiliate code is, read about it HERE.  If you are an author with an affiliate account, take note: Affiliate codes may not be used on any product in a mailer~i.e. Your newsletter or any type of email. If you have any question about how to use or NOT use your affiliate links: ASK AMAZON.

Next, on Kboards, Pauline Creeden reported that Amazon had closed her KDP Account and pulled all of her books~effectively shutting down her career as an indie author. Here is what Amazon wrote to Pauline:

“We are reaching out to you because we have detected that borrows for your books are originating from systematically generated accounts. While we support the legitimate efforts of our publishers to promote their books, attempting to manipulate the Kindle platform and/or Kindle programs is not permitted. As a result of the irregular borrow activity, we have removed your books from the KDP store and are terminating your KDP account and your KDP Agreement effective immediately.”

FYI: Systematically generated accounts are ‘illegal download farmers’, generally thought to be engaged/hired/setup by promoters who use the accounts to generate downloads of books it promotes. To build a reputation as a top notch promotion site that delivers downloads, the promoter may select a book submitted, put those farm accounts to work and next thing, the author is raving about the service. The promoter points to success, raises prices and collect more submissions, many that usually won’t do as well. The indie author whose book got the treatment may not even be aware of the promoter’s manipulation of Kindle platforms, to include Kindle Unlimited/KENP. Amazon makes it clear: It is up to the indie author to protect his/her book and career.

Amazon tagged Count The Roses a Hot New Release. I’ve been working on Follow me on Amazon. So Amazon sent notices to about 800-1000 followers. That helped. Love it.

We are seeing a shift in our indie industry to author cross-promotions and author generated promotions. There is the unproven suggestion that author-generated promotions may attract the unsavory who hijack a promo to slide beneath Amazon’s bots designed to catch irregularities. However, if an author-promoter tells you he or she can put your book in the path of 125,000 readers~pause. Here is why: It takes legitimate promoters, such as Fussy,  Free Booksy, fkbt and Choosy, years to grow an active subscriber list of 100,000 and above. And for every 3,000 new subscribers, most newsletters promoters will see an attrition of 200 subscribers who fall away, or cancel. ASK: Are those 125,000+ organic subscribers? ASK: What is the open rate of the newsletter? What is the click through rate? And make damned certain the author/promoter is not using affiliate codes on books in his or her newsletter.

All promoters come under the scrutiny of Amazon. Yes, they do. If you have any concerns about a promoter, ASK Amazon. You may get a standard reply: If it sounds too good to be true, it is. Or you may get: “We are aware of the name, author/promoter you mentioned.” You won’t get another word. But that is enough of a heads up to steer clear.

As for me. I love author-cross promotion. I think it is smart. I talk to the authors. I want to know their names. I want to look at their books. I want to see a recent newsletter. I’m happy to answer their questions. If they won’t answer mine, honey, I’m G.O.N.E.

All of the above is industry insider news. The vast majority of book buyers and readers don’t have a clue. Moreover they ain’t interested. My goal is to sell books. I’m doing it. Nothing magical. Just hard work. Until the question is answered of where Pauline Creeden got caught up by those systematically generated accounts, I’m staying with promoters I know and trust. That’s just plain old common sense.

One of the promotions I like a lot is Amazon sponsored ads. I have five running, open-ended. From June 1 to June 22, Amazon shows Spend: $30.67 for Sales of $81.57.  These campaigns do not reflect any KENP borrows. KDP report to date shows above 80,000 KENP.  $$$ in the bank.

JackieWeger-BioHeadShot (1)I’m Jackie Weger, Founder of eNovel Authors at Work. Comments welcome. Be nice. If you can’t be nice~be articulate. Have your FACTS straight. We don’t do rumor. Love it if you add to the discussion.  Do visit our other pages for ehow tips. Mastering Amazon is tops.

Jackie Weger @2016

P.S. Amy Vansant, eNovel member and WP Wizard and prime volunteer has set up a site for author cross promotion. Check it out. Ask questions. She’ll answer. Very easy to check the quality of authors you’ll be associated with right here in the drop down menu: Our Authors.

Snipit Authors Cross promotion

authorsxp Adheres to all Amazon TOS Guidelines. 

Plotting Your Book’s Life in 2017

Written By: Jackie Weger - Apr• 01•16


marketing-strategy-planThere are two laments we hear day in and day out from indie authors: How do I get reviews and how do I promote my book? The first complaint can be easily addressed.  Put this gentle plea for a review right after THE END of your story.  More details HERE. UPDATE: The review plea must be on the same page as your book text ends or Amazon will shunt the reader to its own review plea. If you have more back of book matter, be sure to add this call to action: Turn the page for more…

Thank you for taking the time to read [title]. If you enjoyed it, please consider telling your friends or posting a short review. Word of mouth is an author’s best friend and much appreciated. Thank you, again. [author name].

Moving on…Every author knows the value of our premier promoter, Bookbub. But snagging a slot is never a sure thing and some books don’t qualify. Plus, the slot is a costly up front, out-of-pocket expense.  In my experience and the experience of other indies I speak to, a Free unit in a Bookbub promotion can produce between $5K and $7K in royalties over a three to six week period. So. I beta tested a small-scale book promotion to learn how effective or not.  Telling you up front: I plotted the promotion twenty days in advance and submitted my book to a select group of promoters. All of my books are exclusive to Amazon.

Count The Roses Final MEDIUM

Promoted FREE in a scaled down promotion. 15,613 Downloads. Now: 2.99 or Read FREE with Kindle Unlimited

I wanted to learn if a FREE book in a scaled down promotion would:  1) earn out.  2) generate a halo i.e. continued sales/borrows/reviews and crossover sales for 21 to 30 days as does a Bookbub slot.  The answer is YES.

I tracked the promotion from November 02 to December 10, 2016.  FREE downloads during the five day FREE period Nov 02-06, 2016 allowed by Amazon Select: 15,613.  KENP pages posted in Reports to Dec 10: 427,314. Next,  I logged 608 hard sales to Dec 10, of which 344 were crossover sales.  The royalty value November 02 to December 10, 2016: $3102.92.  Cost of promotion: Under $200.  Approximately 30 new reviews.

Two things were instrumental in the promotion’s success. One, my newsletter. Two, staggering the newsletter delivery across five audiences and five days as well as staggering/stacking paid slots with commercial promoters across those five days. These efforts kept the book high in stats and #1 in Classic Romance for several days. I noticed where the unit was landing in stats, but more importantly–staggering those downloads snagged Amazon algorithms which kept the book visible. That is key.

Sites I promoted with: eReaderIQ. Book Bassett. ebookstage. Booktastik. People Reads. ENT. Digital Book Today.  ContentMo. eBook Hounds. eBooksoda. Book Zio. Love Kissed Books. eBookBetty. Many Books. Reading Deals. ask.David. KindleBookReview.

I submitted to several others but did not hear back or receive confirmation. Not counting those.  Caution: Please note that I planned and plotted this beta test. It is the first. I will try to duplicate it again in 2017.  I also have a healthy Mad Mimi newsletter organic subscriber list of 9,543. Suggesting this: Whether you have 200 or 2000 subscribers, divide your subscriber audience in to two or more and stagger those mail outs. I compose a nice newsletter, if you need tips. You can see the newsletter Here. Notice I promote my colleague’s books. They  Tweet and share the newsletter for more visibility. Always Tweet the link to your newsletter because non-subscribers are readers, too, and often will download books.

Building a healthy subscriber list and nurturing those subscribers by providing a reader-centric newsletter can help us keep our books in the $$$.  eNovel recommends Amy Vansant‘s to grow your mailing list. For a list of promoters,  Effroysini Moschoudi has compiled a huge list of more than 150. Go Here.

TRENDS: Downloads are shrinking across all commercial promoters. Three years ago, my first Bookbub garnered 97,278 downloads on a free romance unit. Today, Bookbub’s pricing list says 40,800 is the average number of downloads on a free  romance unit.

Note: Change is always in the air in our indie universe. Promo prices go up.  It is up to each of us to do the best we can for our books. Sharing: I’ve had some comments from authors saying Choosy Bookworm and Booksbutterfly are sluggish answering emails.  I’ve asked the authors to keep me in the loop. That’s all I know at the moment.


Here I am getting kissed by a camel. Love happens!

‘Til next time. I’m Jackie Weger, Founder of eNovel Authors at Work @2016. Comments welcome. Share your story. Be nice. If you can’t be nice, be articulate.



Written By: Jackie Weger - Mar• 23•16


marketing-strategy-planI have debated for months whether to blog on this topic or not. I just gave in. Sometimes when I read blogs by marketing

Donna Fasano, USA Today & Amazon bestselling author

Donna Fasano, USA Today & Amazon bestselling author. Click to visit Donna’s author page. She has a magnificent array of romance novels.

doyennes such Jane Friedman, I feel like a rank amateur. Next, I’ll visit a Facebook page and a new indie author is asking: “Should I publish with Amazon or KDP?” Somebody gave the answer, so I moved on. Believe me, when I was a newbie I Ate Stupid for Breakfast five days a week. I was intimidated by digital technology. Still am. Honey, I hire that stuff done. But! I know what the technology is supposed to do, because I see the end results. I asked indie authors, I asked Google, I asked editors and I asked Amazon. I didn’t know what a Tweet was. Didn’t know how to compose one. When I uploaded my first indie book, Donna Fasano, (bless her kindness) got on SKYPE with me and walked me through it.

I was bluntly told I didn’t know what I was doing. Okay. Nailed me. So I stopped and learned the industry. I read Let’s Get Visible by David Gaughran and another by Martin Crosbie. I’ve read them more than once. I read blogs and articles by the dozens…I came away with conflicting ideas and suggestions, good information and buckets of misinformation. I’ve since learned nobody knows it all.  Boo-ya.

So what’s my problem?  So few of the newest wave of indie authors are doing their homework. They want to be spoon fed ehow. It’s wearying. I must answer a half-dozen emails a day fielding questions and the answers are already all over the Web. Everything I’ve learned in the past three years is blogged on this site or

I have a huge amount of empathy for the new guys. I do because I know where they’re coming from. I answer their questions and emails.  Indie authorship is work.  There are no shortcuts. I wish. I encourage authors to read Amazon’s Terms of Service. Few do. Some have never explored

eNovel Authors at Work...a group of indie authors sharing our experiences and ehow. Always FREE

eNovel Authors at Work…a group of indie authors sharing our experiences and ehow. Always FREE. Follow us on Twitter and never miss a FREE or discounted book. We Tweet those like mad. Just tick our logo.

their Amazon book pages top to bottom or side to side.  Do I know it all? Heck No! I recently begged help for a basic MS Word setup.

What I notice most now is awful misinformation being bruited about.  Want to know the worst offenders? Legacy published authors who have never hired an editor, ordered a cover, formatted or uploaded a book, bought promotion or set up a Rafflecopter. These guys don’t have a clue how to track a book, check a site’s Alexa rank or read an Amazon royalty report. Last week I noticed a legacy pubbed author blogging about setting up a review exchange and trade. Moreover, the author asks the reviewers to buy one another’s legacy priced books. Wow! That is expensive. Doesn’t have a clue about ehow to Amazon Gift a book to a reviewer. It slipped past the guy that Amazon frowns on author-traded reviews.  A legacy-published author is not on the indie author’s side of the fence.

Here is another: A legacy published author wants 299$ to promote my books in a newsletter. I asked how many subscribers and click through rate. Way under 10,000 subscribers. Click through rate 1%. HUH? That ain’t worth 299$.  If the author knows how to sell books, how come his are sucking mud in bestseller ranks on two venues? If the author can’t sell his/her own books…how the heck is he/she/it gonna sell mine or yours?

Snake oil ~ Looks good, sounds good--Bites!

Snake oil ~ Looks good, sounds good–Bites!

Here is a fact: Snake Oil is made from both poisonous and non-poisonous snakes. When you cotton on to a viper, you know to get out of the way and sit on your wallet. But the benign snake can do just as much damage due to a serious lack of know-how.

Here is an example. 

One indie author is asking another about price-matching on Amazon. The author wants to price a book 99c on every sales venue, but wants to force Amazon to price match the unit currently at 2.99 on Amazon. When Amazon price matches at 99c the author earns 70% royalty instead of 35%.  But! After ten days or so, Amazon tells the author to price the unit at a straight 99c. The author who wants to engage the system says: “What if I just ignore Amazon?”

Well, boo-ya, honey. Ignore an email from Amazon KDP or Quality Control and you will find yourself in a world of hurt.  Amazon may do you a nice and return the price to 2.99. Or, Amazon may block the sale of the book. Or, in a snit, Amazon may and can remove all of your books from sale, and suspend your KDP account for up to a year. Amazon has been very good about price-matching a 99c unit while in promotion. It has been good about price-matching a first book in a series to perma-free. Lest you think otherwise, both price-matches are a courtesy to benefit the Amazon book buyer–not the author. I don’t know these facts first hand. I do know authors who have had these experiences.  They told me and others about them. I have had Quality Control notices from Amazon KDP and handled them in a timely and appropriate manner. No problems.

The real issue is: Know who you’re listening to on the Web and in the indie industry.  If you’re listening to somebody who wants to get into your wallet–think twice. Do your research. If an author is telling you ehow–get ALL of the facts. Every fact and event has an upside and a downside. Right this minute, I’m hearing “to get your indie print editions into bookstores and libraries, sign on with IngramSpark.” I’m digging now to find authors signed with IngramSpark to learn if they see sales to libraries and bookstores. I did look at the author testimonials on IngramSpark. I also looked at the author’s print book best seller ranks. Here are two: Amazon Best Sellers Rank: #5,092,508 in Books. Amazon Best Sellers Rank: #4,869,356 in Books. They ain’t selling. Woot. So I looked on Barnes and Noble. No book rank at all because not a single sale. Most recent review 2099 days ago. Here’s the scary part: It ain’t good business sense to post testimonials from authors who are not successfully using your product. Just sayin’…

Jane Friedman blogs about 4 Lessons for Authors. IMO, one of the best was presented by Rand Fishkin who said:  “…a lot of good content never gets seen because no one has thought through who will help it gain traction or how.”  In plain language that means if you ‘sit’ for an interview or write a guest post, who is gonna see it? The interviewed author/guest poster often has to tweet the interview and call up his/her followers to share it, because the blogger/interviewer has NO reach. Perhaps only 3 sites linking in, no active followers. So the author ends up ‘singing to the choir.’  I have a name for this: I call it hijacking, because the blogger is hijacking the author’s followers and supporters to bring traffic to his or her site. I don’t like it.

Here’s why: For three years I’ve worked like the dickens to build my two Twitter accounts. I registered a hashtag with Twubs. I pay a virtual assistant to help so I don’t fail to RT and say thank you my 30,000 followers. I have out-of-pocket expenses for Twitter ads and boosted Facebook posts. I’m not being selfish or egocentric.  It is simply not good business sense for me or any indie author to loan a hard won brand/reputation/platform–whatever those buzz words mean,  to a site that has no traction, which translates to no exposure. Rand Fishkin nailed it.

I believe in Author Choice.  If you enjoy those interviews and guest blogging, go for it. eNovel Authors at Work is designed around paying-it-forward. All all 50+ members do. We support one another. We network. Each and every member has helped to make the group successful. We exchange value. Our goal is to sell books. We do that, too. We learn from one another. It’s wonderful. Until I read Friedman and Fishkin, I thought I was becoming cynical and jaded. I felt guilty. Now, I realize my common sense was kicking in. Got it. I hope you do, too.

Would love it, if you take a few minutes to eyeball our author pages. eNovel members have above 400 stunning books for your reading pleasure.

Would love it, if you take a few minutes to eyeball our author pages. eNovel members have above 400 stunning books for your reading pleasure.

I’m Jackie Weger, founder of eNovel Authors at Work. We don’t sell anything here. We share what we learn. If you visit our other pages and blogs, you will see promoters mentioned, because we vet promoters. If a promoter is named on this site, we do business with ’em. Some are ace and above the fold. Some are ace, but smaller and below the fold. Some are just on our list because while the promoter may not move many books, the owner is honest and aboveboard and growing his/her site organically. That’s golden.  @JackieWeger 2016

Comments welcome. Love it, if you can add to the discussion. If you are an indie author, by all means, mention the title of your book after your comment/signature.


Psycho-Dynamic Book Suggestions

Written By: Jackie Weger - Mar• 02•16

Are You Throwing Your Book Under the Bus?

marketing-strategy-planSince the beginning of the year my mailbox has filled with stuff similar to: 100 Best Suggestions to Sell Your Book. 10 Tips for Success. Successful Authors Tell you How They did it–You can, too. Or,  Let us help build your platform. Learn how to engage your readers. Only $299.  Do you read those things? Sure you do. I do, too.  I enjoy reading them. But! I like to know who I’m listening to. So. I Google search the folks who write these things. The blogger/author of 100 Best Suggestions–ain’t.  Uh, oh. Never been published–not legacy nor indie. Doesn’t know the first thing about Amazon’s Terms of Service. Does not know Kindle Unlimited or KENP. Does not know how to upload a book to Smashwords, or ehow to design a promotion and pay for it because the blogger has never engaged in publishing a book. Hasn’t been through an editing process or hired an editor, formatter or cover artist.  And hey! If you write a series, put the first in the series FREE. That is a process.  The unit cannot be in Select and must be formatted and published on at least three or more sales venues. One then asks Amazon to price match. It is not a sure thing, especially in today’s climate. I don’t write series. I don’t know where the blogger cribbed the info in the article. Anyway, I cannot do 100 things. I can do three: Write. Publish. Promote. Not gonna get fancy. I pass.

No Perfect Destiny

ebook in an Amazon Ad Campaign. Very easy to set up. Tick the links in the article for ehow. Ads are good for exposure, a few borrows, a sale or two. Bonus if it pulls an organic review or two.

Moving on to 10 Tips for Success.  Same ones I’ve been hearing for thirty years. Make a list. Do the most difficult task first.  Set a goal to write 1000 words when you’re fresh. Set aside the same time each day for your writing. Etcetera. Men write those things. They must. No woman or mother in her right mind would suggest such a thing UNLESS they get paid for writing the stuff. We don’t get to set the same time for our writing–unless we get up two hours before our families do, or wait until the entire household is asleep. My kids are grown. The dog still needs to go to the vet and walked.  The cat litter box cleaned. Groceries bought, put away, food cooked. Dishes and clothes washed. Bills paid. Cars serviced, teeth cleaned, nails done, hair cut. Beds made, floors mopped. Pass.  P.S. Some days I don’t write at all. I go to Bingo, curl up with a good book or go crabbing.

Fake Amazon Best Seller logoSuccessful authors often have fab stories. First book out of the slot made bestseller lists. Boo-ya. Then we learn the author has a background in public relations working for legacy publishers and knows everybody…editors, agents, staff on USA Today and NYT Book Review. Next up: The successful author has published 25 books since 2013–very fast typist…was once a court reporter. Hey! My daughter was a court reporter. Types 200 words a minute.  My brain doesn’t even work at 200 wpm. Here is another fab story. A new young author has a great book, plus the money, the moxie, and support to take the book to stellar heights and did so. Love it. But I don’t have the $ or the support. Pass.

Here is what happens when you read all of these wonderful stories/blogs. You get depressed–because you KNOW and I know, we cannot do all of those things for our books.  You and I haven’t walked in their shoes, lived their lives, know the same people, or had the same opportunities as those writers. Some of us have days jobs to pay the rent. Some of us take care of our elderly parents or a handicapped child. Some of us, like me–type 30 wpm and are slow creators.

However, there are things each of us can do for our books.  My goal is to have my books pay for my investment in them within two years. I give it a shot.  Launching a new release:  I don’t launch. I publish. I don’t have enough followers to make a launch successful. So, I don’t. I do promote inside Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP). My books are exclusive to Amazon. The rule. We must wait 30 days after a book is live to run a Kindle Countdown Deal. Patience counts. I wait.  I have seven books, six in English and one in Spanish, published since mid-2013.  Three of the books have yet to be in a major promotion.  I do Amazon Giveaways on the print editions to increase my followers. I’m beta testing Amazon ad campaigns on my ebook editions. I engage in group Rafflecopters for book exposure and tours to increase Twitter and Facebook followers.  If a book isn’t performing well, I change the cover, revise the book description, perhaps revise the file. Once a month or so, I visit every Amazon venue that offers Kindle Unlimited to subscribers and I tweet my books from those venues. I use Google to translate a word or two into the foreign language.

What I consider a book’s success won’t be yours. And yours won’t be mine.  On this site you will find ehow to promote wisely.  What I want to happen when I promote my book is to see a nice return on investment (ROI). I usually do. Don’t be disappointed in yourself or your book when you cannot match another’s success. Stick to the basics. Writing a book is an accomplishment. Indie publishing your own creation is a major technical event. You got that. Now learn to promote smart. Be accountable. You were intelligent enough to write a book and publish it. Now, use your brain and sort through the hype to make the best decision you can for your book.  That is a kind of success in its own right–because nobody else will do it for you. Every single person in our industry has his or her own agenda.

Would love it, if you take a few minutes to eyeball our author pages. eNovel members have above 400 stunning books for your reading pleasure.

I’m Jackie Weger, Founder of eNovel Authors at Work. I’m not best selling author.  I love what I do and I’m learning to do it step-by-small step. That suits me just fine. the live links in this blog will take you to more info that you may or may not use. If you have done one or two activities that helped your book to sales, tell us. We love to learn. Comments welcome.  Be nice. If you can’t be nice, be articulate.

@JackieWeger 2016


eBook Promoters ~ The Best & The Worst

Written By: Jackie Weger - Feb• 21•16

eHow to choose a book promoter

You have done everything right for your book. You wrote it, you had it edited and proofed, the cover is sensational. Now you have to sell it, or at the very least, drum up some exposure and get it in front readers.  For exposure, we have discovered and love Amazon Ad campaigns for ebooks.

Here at eNovel Authors at Work we rate promoters.

eNovel keeps a Preferred List and on the Preferred List, we have Above the Fold and Below the Fold.  On Above the Fold are promoters to whom we always submit. Below the Fold are promoters we like and trust, but have smaller subscriber lists or sometimes do not deliver as well as hoped. If a single author reports dreadful results with a promoter, we note it. However, at least three or more authors have to report less than stellar results for a promoter to drop below the fold, or drop off the list all together. When that happens, we look at everything: Weather. Was the Northeast blanketed in snow and sleet?  Events. Was there a disaster somewhere in the world that kept everybody glued to their televisions?  What about the book description? Did it capture the essence of the book? Did the author promote the book in the wrong category? We also evaluate author expectation. A best-selling author may see 800 downloads with a particular promoter. A newish indie author with only one or two books and no following may only see 80 downloads. Also, the BestSelling author may have bought the featured slot. The new indie author may be on a tight budget. Placement is everything. You cannot fault the promoter for that. So, we don’t.

What makes a good promoter?

The single most important caveat eNovel insists upon is knowing who we are doing business with. If a promoter won’t tell us his or her name, we

Nothing but fac.s #eNovAaW

Nothing but facts

don’t do business with them.  We check Alexa. You can go right here and put the analytic on your toolbar for free.  Every time you visit a site, tick the Alexa Logo on your toolbar. If a promoter only has a newsletter Alexa won’t rank it.  That is when you contact the site administrator and ask if the subscribers are organic? How many subscribers are authors? Readers? What is the newsletter’s click through rate. The site owner knows.

Here is the type of promoter that does NOT get on eNovel’s Preferred list:

Fake button on a book. Actual Amazon Best Sellers Rank: #1,537,537

Fake button on a book. Actual Amazon Best Sellers Rank: #1,537,537

At **** we are proud to be one of the most popular book marketers. Our background is in the book industry, so we have a real love of books and a knowledge of what authors and readers want. Our social media promotions, newsletters and book trailers can help to drive sales and generate buzz for a book or eBook. We have a combined audience of over 130,000 people but we have kept our promotions affordable as we know that many authors don’t have a large marketing budget. Twitter followers 136K.

Sounds great. But is it, really?

Let me check. Whoa! Neither of the two books the site is promoting and are in the newsletter have an Amazon sales rank. Oops. Not a single sale. One title is 21 pages long, priced at 2.99.  The other, 77 pages priced at 4.99. And that “we are proud” line. Who the heck is “we?” because they ain’t saying.  The Facebook banner features two best selling books, but those authors are NOT clients of the site. And the site is NOT among the most popular book marketers. That is pure hype. Second, it is Bait and Switch to lure a less than savvy indie author to part with $$$. The Alexa rank is awful and books page has only 19 sites linking in. Compare that to eNovel: 167 sites linking in. And we don’t sell anything on this site.  We share information. That is it. Too, notice that the audience is ‘people’ NOT readers. NOT subscribers. Twitter follower lists can be bought.

Here are just a few Above the Fold promoters on our Preferred List: We know them. We talk to them. They work with us to help us reach our goals.

Choosy Bookworm.  The Fussy Librarian.  Free & Bargain Booksy. People Reads. eBook Soda. Butterfly. Bookstastik. fkbt. We have added Robin Reads to Above the Fold and eBookHounds has just slipped onto our list. You will find more listings on our Useful Links pages.  eNovel will name more of our Preferred Promoters next time. And, share more ehow so you can decide if a promoter is right for you and your book. Also next time: What we have learned about Goodreads and Amazon Campaigns so that you can do two things:

  1. Make the best possible decisions for your books.
  2. Get the best results for your promotion budget $$$.

Of course we love Bookbub and Digital Books Today. Here are the results of an eNoveller’s first promo on Bookbub: Cost: $220. Promo April 19-22, 2015.  76,769  downloads on a book priced FREE.  Sales after the title returned to priced [2.99]: 1,475 units.

Way Out-house

Way Out-house

Plus 344 crossover sales on the author’s other titles. Figures to April 30. If you browse our author pages, very often in comments you will see promotion results. Here is one on a KCD.

Founder, eNovel Authors at Work

Founder, eNovel Authors at Work

I’m Jackie Weger. I don’t know it all, but I know what I know. I learn something new every day.

I don’t have wisdom. I own something better: Perseverance. Lest you think I jest, I once outwitted

a bushmaster curled up in an outhouse. I did not move for two hours. Not an eyelash. Moving on. I never like to leave you without encouraging indie authors to install this little gem RIGHT after THE END in your book:

Thank you for taking the time to read [title]. If you enjoyed it, please consider telling your friends or posting a short review. Word of mouth is an author’s best friend and much appreciated. Thank you, [author name].

Does it work? Yep. Readers posted above 2000 reviews on my titles since my first full year of indie authorship–2014.

Comments Welcome. Be nice. If you cannot be nice, be articulate. That works for me.


Written By: Jackie Weger - Feb• 11•16

Amazon is Flat Out on a Roll…

eNovel Authors at Work...a group of indie authors sharing our experiences and ehow. Always FREE

eNovel Authors at Work…a group of indie authors sharing our experiences and ehow. …..Always FREE…. Always Author Choice

New updates to Amazon Terms of Service and techie stuff just keeps on coming.  In eNovel Authors at Work we have jumped on Amazon Giveaways to build our follow list. We do this to snag the email Amazon sends out to one’s followers upon a new release. That’s huge. IMO, that Amazon email fits the bill for those of us who are newbies without a huge personal following. Pre-order doesn’t work for those of us still trying to get a foothold and get our books visible among the five million ebooks available to readers.  It’s a short leg up. But every little bit helps.

FINDING HOME final cover

Covered three times. Four revisions. Five proofs. Found two errors in ‘Look inside’. Repaired. Most recent 2016 review: “I loved every page of this book! First, I want to brag on the Author! She did an awesome job with the Southern lingo!”

Now this: Amazon has revealed a new firmware update  blogged by The Verge that’ll hit its Kindle e-readers later this month.  Add these updates to the  New Features for Kindle E-Readers Amazon announced November 14, 2014.

Listen folks, this girl is not a techie. I own four Kindles of varying description. I know how to buy and download books and word games. I know to keep the things charged so when I cosy up to the fire, or sit on the porch at a beach house, I’m nose in a book I’m anxious to read. That is it.

But! I have enough sense to figure out what the new firmware means to me and you as indie authors.

Guess what? Readers and book buyers  can now be traveling cross county or sitting in a dentist’s office while deciding which books might appeal. Yep. The update will allow Kindle owners to view our “look inside” preview pages on our books.  It will allow the reader to see the cover and the book description. And the Kindle owner will not have to log into Amazon to access the new features or buy our books. There is much more. But this single feature is critical.

Here is why: Gonna ask you this question: Once your book went live on Amazon, did you access the ‘look inside’ feature?  Bet not. Few indie authors do. Have you visited your book description to repair missing commas, a misspelled word, or misuse of verb tenses? Few do. Is the book description in present tense? With few exceptions, book descriptions need to be in present tense to convey immediacy. As in: Read me! Find out what happens next.

Do you use the online tools Amazon provides in KDP and CreateSpace to proof your book a final time before you hit publish? Few do. Many indie authors just won’t take the time. I get it. It takes hours. Just remember, it takes hours for the reader to enjoy your book, too. I have yet to get through that proofing process without finding a dropped period, an article such as ‘the’ or an ‘s’ left off  ‘she’.  Hey! I still miss stuff. I hear about it, too, either from a reader or Amazon.

Once your book is live, do you download the first copy of both digital and print? Nope. Because I see indie books often with no sales rank. A book won’t have a sales rank until it has been downloaded. Is your author bio short and aimed at readers, or a job description?  I discovered an author bio today that went on for 2000 words. Took me longer to plow through the thing than the sample book feature. Author bio suggestions HERE.

You will have to visit Sam Byford’s blog on The Verge for a far better explanation than I can manage. Amazon has a  Press Room. Go there  for up dates and information.  If you have any questions, ASK AMAZON.

The bottom line: Our books showcased on Amazon need to be pristine–at the very least perfectly rendered in the ‘look inside’ feature. Many of us in eNovel are engaging in sponsored Ad Campaigns for our ebooks. Amazon is showcasing those on Kindle screens now. That’s huge, too. The book buyer has had the option to order a book via the Kindle for a year or more, but now the book buyer has access to far more features before making that almighty decision of which book to download–mine or yours.

On my Kindle Fire, ‘also boughts’ are now streaming across the bottom. Do you  know this feature? When I buy a book or another item this pops up: “Frequently Bought Together”, or “customers also bought”…and below that note is a stream of similar titles in the genre I’m browsing. My romance books often show up in that stream right next to best selling romance books. Amazon is targeting impulse buyers.  Readers can now tap a cover and impulse buy our books without having to sign in to Amazon. Read what Fortune has to say about this killer feature.

If you are a savvy indie author you may not need any information in this article. But, if you are not certain how your books and bios and descriptions measure up, do follow the live links. It only takes a few minutes to decide if an article or suggestion is worth your time. Do have a glance at your low starred reviews. If any raise questions about grammar, verb usage or misspelled words, do review your book. Use the ‘look inside’ feature. Use the proofing tool inside Amazon KDP. If you were taught as I was to put your best foot forward in any new circumstances, just know that your bio, book description and book preview falls in the realm of putting your best foot forward. The reader turned off because of easily repaired errors left to reside in your book description or preview, may never buy one of your books.

Because we often find mishaps in legacy published books is no excuse the leave them in ours. 

Would love it, if you take a few minutes to eyeball our author pages. eNovel members have above 400 stunning books for your reading pleasure.

Would love it, if you take a few minutes to eyeball our author pages. eNovel members have above 400 stunning books for your reading pleasure.

@Copyright 2016. I’m Jackie Weger, Founder of eNovel Authors at Work. Comments welcome. Please add to the discussion. Techies welcome to educate us further on Amazon’s updates. P.S. After proofing and posting and revising this blog, 24 hours later I looked at it again and found two errors. Repaired ’em.

Mastering Amazon~Gloves Off

Written By: Jackie Weger - Jan• 28•16

Getting to Know Amazon…

eNovel Authors at Work...a group of indie authors sharing our experiences and ehow. Always FREE

eNovel Authors at Work~a group of indie authors sharing our experiences and ehow. We moan & groan & lick our wounds in private, but we always tell it straight. If something works, we say so. If it doesn’t, we tell you and why. We don’t pretend to know it all–but collectively, we know a lot. We don’t sell a damned thing from this site. Would love to have you follow us on Twitter.

The  brouhaha about Amazon and the Quality Control messages is still on simmer. We won’t know the shakeout until we cruise Amazon in early February and see those books with the Flags–if any. Meanwhile, we still have a lot to learn and we still have to sell our books. Amazon is a global market. For months I’ve been trying to connect with book bloggers and promoters of English language books in foreign countries. I found a couple and you will find their links at the foot of this article. I found few sites in Canada and Australia. The UK has promo sites we like, but few bloggers with any reach or traffic to make a stop worthwhile. I’m going to tell you straight up: All but one blogger on the Australian Continent was closed to American authors. Canadian sites prefer literary. I ain’t. Scottish sites pump literary or legacy published. Found not a single blogger in Ireland.  If you know of any, share the links in the comments, Please. Okay. Moving on…

Cover HouseOnPersimmonRoad 8-2-15

“A most refreshing, realistic and original romantic plot I’ve come across in such a long time. Brilliant!” Organic reader review, one of 575+ reviews globally.

Here is what I did instead: I visited every Amazon global site, found my books on the sites and Tweeted from the site. I used Google to translate at least one word, such as Free or Discounted or Free with Kindle Unlimited, and added that to the Tweet. Blow me over with a feather. I’ve reached some readers and sold a few books or snagged some borrows from every country I tweeted from. Go Here to see the House on Persimmon Road on  Do me the kindness of tweeting  the book from Spain, and then just type your name in the search bar–all of your books will come up.  Go to work.  See these icons on the lower right of your book page:

Snipit Amazon Spain

Use those. Remember you may add to the Tweet. #Gratis. #Kindle ilimitado.  #Hola, mis amigas. Click the envelope and a very nice short link to your book comes up. I copy and paste that as the link in Hootsuite or Twitter and add my cover to the tweet.

I love tweeting and sharing from Here’s one of my Tweets: 素晴らしいロマンス のみ ¥ 311.  Bet you did not know this: Most of your reviews on books on are posted on books on Yes, you may tick translate this page and it will come up in your native language. How nice is that? 

Another Amazon feature we are using is the Create Space Amazon Giveaway. I did not like the giveaway when our only entrant task was follow on Twitter or Nothing. I emailed Amazon and told them I spend hundreds of dollars to drive readers to my book page, and Amazon’s marketing director serves up a giveaway that drives readers to Twitter.  Tweeting doesn’t sell books. Fire that guy! I want entrants to follow me on Amazon. One, because they are less likely to unfollow and two: Amazon sends out a dedicated email to followers when we have a new release. So! Now we have that choice.     A two book giveaway (1 winner every 299) generates not less than 500 followers. One giveaway a month generates about 6000 followers on Amazon every twelves months. IMO, that beats pre-release orders to heck and back. The author has to do all of the promoting to gather those pre-release orders and many won’t buy the book. Busy work. Find out if your print edition is eligible for a Giveaway.

Scroll to the bottom of your book page just below the first page of reviews to find this:  

 Snipit amazon Giveaway- House

You only pay for books claimed.  Amazon does all the work. Even composes the Tweet. Nice. Giveaway books often end up in used book stores or sold by 3rd parties on Amazon. That is fine with me, because most of us made our reputations by word-of-mouth in used bookstores. The owners and readers talk books in used bookstores.  In 30 years, I’ve never been approached in a Barnes & Noble by anyone talking up a book. Have you?


New Release. Do you read in Spanish? if so, message me on Facebook for a gift book. Thanks, Jackie Weger

Last note. I published a book in Spanish. I haven’t a clue yet, how to market the thing. But Tweeting and Facebooking from Spain, Brazil and Mexico has generated some sales and KENP pages read. I also tweet in Spanish from Yes, I had a Spanish editor/translator. Okay, as promised some links: Michael C. Smith owns BeeZeeBooks, New Zealand:  One of our fav bloggers and promoters in India is: Nikita Johri. She owns Her blog is rated #1 in India.

All right. I’m ending with a wee rant: Over the past few days I read bits by guest authors on blogs I like and follow–all about how to get reviews. Moreover,  two or three reviews is all the books have after a year or more. No sales. I just am not gonna listen to an author who doesn’t sell books. Sorry, if that hurts an ego. Jump through those hoops for reviews if you prefer. Author choice. But nobody tells you the easiest way to gather those organic reviews. Here it is: Put this small and gentle plea for a review right after THE END in your books.

Thank you for taking the time to read [title]. If you enjoyed it, please consider telling your friends or posting a short review. Word of mouth is an author’s best friend and much appreciated. Thank you. [author name].

Those 38 words have generated more than 14,000 reviews on eNovel Author’s at Work member books.  Seventy-seven that I know of in the past 3 days. The caveat is you must put your books in the hands of readers to get those reviews. So. We do. It’s called promotion.

JackieWeger-BioHeadShot (1)

Jackie Weger. @copyright 2016

Take care. Thanks for stopping by. Comments welcome. Add to the discussion. Share what you know. No rumors as in: “a friend said”…  I shoot those things with my snake gun. I’m Jackie Weger, Founder of eNovel Authors at Work. I tell you who I am because you ought to know who you’re talking to and listening to on the Internet.

Blogging ~ A Call to Action? Or Not…

Written By: Jackie Weger - Jan• 25•16

Blogging Off-Topic

marketing-strategy-planSince I first stepped into indie authorship, advice has poured into my mailbox that I must blog. And recently suggestions are piling up telling me to blog about anything other than my books.  Blog about cooking or recipes or crystals or knitting… And once foodies, new age aficionados or knitters are following my blog, they might also notice I write romance novels and buy one. HUH?

Not to put too fine a point on it, but those folks who are telling me and you how to generate sales by blogging off-topic are

 Where some author advice belongs

Where some author advice belongs

NOT Madison Avenue Ad Agencies. Notice when Sears wants to sell you a washing machine, it talks about the thing.  The ad does not hint around by telling you the store is air-conditioned, or on the way to the washing machines you’re gonna pass the shoe department. What about Every Kiss begins with Kay. Great tag line…Kay Jewelers has been using it for 40 years at least. Those ads are calls to action and they don’t beat around the bush. When I promote my books, those promotions are calls to action…I want  readers or folks interested in romance to pop on over to Amazon and download one of my books.

We indies are also told we must build a platform and build a relationship with readers.


Read FREE with Kindle Unlimited

Dang! Everytime I hear “platform” I think of a diving board. Who the heck thinks up this stuff? Here is my relationship with readers: I write books that entertain. That’s my job. If a reader enjoys it, posts a review and said she did so–or not, I’m done. If a reader messages me with a kind word, I say thank you.  I appreciate beyond measure every reader who takes moment out of his or her busy life to message or email me. All are answered. Plus, I often Amazon gift the fan with another of my books. The reader goes on with her life and I get on with writing and my life.  Moreover, I give away thousands of units to introduce my work to readers. I pay $$ for those promo slots. That is enough. I ain’t inviting a reader who lives in Oregon to Texas for coffee or a bar-b-cue.  I will chat with a reader at a book signing. Happy to meet and greet–whether she buys a book or not.

Here is what I have learned:

The only thing that sells ebooks is smart promotion.

Networking helps. When any member of eNovel has a book in promotion, we get behind it and spread the word. But if an ebook is not put in front of readers and subscribers to newsletters, it ain’t gonna sell. Yes, there are indies who started early in the Kindle era who have 6,000 followers on Facebook, 35,000 followers on a webpage or blog. Guess what? Those followers are not active every day or even every week. No ma’am.  Yes, groups of authors get together and publish their fav recipes. Those are giveaways and all have hopeful calls to action. I enjoy those recipes, but they don’t make me want to buy a book.  They make me hungry and I head to the kitchen and start cooking….Just sayin’…

Here is another thing I’ve noticed…

Many of eNovel members participate in interviews…and seldom will followers of the host blog read or comment or share the post. A dozen of us will pop over and comment and share…but the blogger’s folks/followers are often absent–not interested. And many blogs don’t have any reach. No Alexa ranking and perhaps only 3 sites linking in. Sitting for an interview feels good, a lovely ego hype. I enjoy reading them. But they don’t sell a raft of books. Moreover, few of those interviews are calls to action–of any kind.

Now, this is a blog. Subject is blogging and indie authorship. I’m sharing my opinion and perhaps clueing you in. I’m giving myself permission to blog when I have something to say and when I don’t, I won’t. When I want to sell books, I’m gonna promote ’em. That is my call to action.

What can you do with Finding Home? Read it. Now that is a call to action. Plus, you can read it FREE with your Kindle Unlimited subscription.

JackieWeger-BioHeadShot (1)

Here’s a Call to Action! Please Follow Jackie Weger on Amazon. Promise you, it won’t hurt.  @JackieWeger

I’m Jackie Weger, Founder of eNovel Authors at Work. Comments welcome and do take a moment to scan our Author Pages for a fantastic array of books.  I never like to sign off without encouraging indie authors to add this gentle gem of a plea right after THE END of your books:

Thank you for taking the time to read [title]. If you enjoyed it, please consider telling your friends or posting a short review. Word of mouth is an author’s best friend and much appreciated. Thank you. [author name].

Yes, it works. Readers have now posted above 14,000 reviews on eNovel Authors at Work member books. To name just a few: A Dead Red Cadillac: 717 reviews. The House on Persimmon Road: 574 Reviews. Mazie Baby: 404 Reviews. The list goes on…but each has that gentle review plea. Just keep in mind, we are not entitled to reviews. Read this terrific Blog by TOP 1000 Amazon Reviewer, Julie Whiteley. That is another Call to Action.

Amazon’s New Rules for Kindle Authors in February!

Written By: Jackie Weger - Jan• 22•16

Mastering Amazon

Yep! New rules!  For all authors…Beginning February 03, 2016, Amazon will start posting a little message on all Kindle books not up to snuff. Doesn’t matter if the book  is by an indie author, small press, online publisher or boutique publisher. But this will most assuredly affect indie authors the most.  Here is the notice that will show up on your book if errors are discovered or Amazon has received complaints, courtesy of Michael Kozlowski, Good E Reader on January 21, 2016.

Snipit amazon warning


Perhaps you overlooked this in Amazon’s Content Guidelines:

Poor Customer Experience:  We don’t accept books that provide a poor customer experience. We reserve the right to determine whether content provides a poor customer experience. See the Guide to Kindle Content Quality for examples of content that’s typically disappointing to customers.

Since the innovation of the Kindle, Amazon has been very kind to indie authors, among others. Some of us have published books with grammar snafus, misspelled words, misused punctuation and formatting mishaps. Legacy publishers often scan print editions and publish the digital edition sans a proof. I recently downloaded one such title from Bookbub. Formatted double spacing between all paragraphs. Absolute horrid experience to read. I gave up. Won’t mention the author because it wasn’t his fault.

Proofing a book is a witch hunt for those errors. I pay a very good editor  and a professional formatter. I also pay for a beta reader. We all miss something. Because our indie author landscape is changing and Amazon sold bucket loads of Kindles and Kindle Unlimited subscriptions over the 2015 holidays, I predicted the market will tighten. I also said new Kindle readers and new KU subscribers have been reading print editions. They did not ‘grow up’ on digital readers with our early ebook efforts. Indie authors and publishers were all learning the new game in town. That’s over. The market has matured on every front.

The 2016 audience and beyond will expect our books to be pristine. And this audience will be far more vocal than the early Kindle audience. I have spent the past couple of months encouraging eNovel Authors at Work members to proof their already published books in the online proofer Amazon provides. And if an error is discovered, repair it ASAP. I do know this: Before Amazon tags a book with that warning, it will alert and inquire of the author. Amazon once queried me on errors it found. They were foreign words or the French names of paintings. Fine, Good to go. A annoyed reader complained to Amazon of three misspelled words in one of my books. Amazon emailed me. I emailed right back and said the repairs would be made within 24 hours. Thank you for alerting me. Repairs made. Good to go. Thus, it will be critical for indie authors to respond to those emails. Ignore them at your peril. Because Amazon will take the book off line.

How else will these flags impact the author? Imagine:  You snag a Bookbub slot, pay a mint, schedule the promo and the day before the promo goes live, Amazon pulls it. If  Amazon takes your book off line, you can’t promote it. The premium book promoters such as Bookbub, FreeBooksy, Choosy Bookworm and Fussy Librarian and an entire host of lesser promoters, will refuse your submissions–because Hey! It ain’t on Amazon.  And if it is already scheduled, you are in a world of hurt to get the promo pulled and refunds. It takes at least 24 hours to sort and respond to emails, repair and upload the new file.

This happens. Some  sly indie authors claim as an editor their maiden names or the names of family members or a beta reader–and publish a less than stellar book. Some set themselves up as publishers, so the book does not appear as indie authored.  If the book is not well-edited,  and Amazon gets a complaint, and it only takes one, you are gonna hear about it.

The next item is before we hire an editor, we look at the books of that editor’s clients. We look inside. We look at those one and two starred reviews. Ignore one starred reviews such as:  “Eww, terrible. Not for me.”  Or: “Stop. Bickering. I. Can’t. Bear. Any More.” Those are legitimate reader opinions. You want to look for this: “…huge plot holes, poorly edited, and just terribly written.” Or this: “Lots of errors in grammar, tense and punctuation.”  Do NOT hire the editor of those books. There  are rafts of pseudo editors crawling on the Web and hoping for your $$$. Here’s the skinny. Now we must hold our editors and formatters to Amazon’s standards. Which means making good use of that online proofer.

The good news is Amazon will point you to the specific mishaps which makes the repair an easy fix. If you get right on it, the turnaround is about eight hours or less. Correcting formatting errors may take a bit longer. Standard for digital and print editions is 3 character paragraph indents. Not five, as in a business letter. Don’t believe me? Pick up the nearest print book handy and look. No double spacing between paragraphs…that includes a single line of dialogue.  Always use some sort of divider for change of scenes or change of POV.  You skip right over when reading, but your brain registers and prepares you for the break.

JackieWeger-BioHeadShot (1)

Would love it if you follow me on Amazon…Amazon will alert you of new releases. Put ’em on your wish list or read FREE with Kindle Unlimited. I do.

Next time. Updates on Amazon giveaways and other tips to help you master Amazon. I’m Jackie Weger, Founder of eNovel Authors at Work. I am not a best selling author, but when I promote, I sell books. That’s the goal.  Reviews are always nice. I never like to sign off without sharing with you the gentle plea most of us in eNovel put at THE END in our books:

Thank you for taking the time to read [title]. If you enjoyed it, please consider telling your friends or posting a short review. Word of mouth is an author’s best friend and much appreciated. Thank you. [author name].

Yes, it works. In the past two years or so readers have kindly posted above 14,000 reviews on eNovel Author at Work member’s titles.

The Road to Glory

Written By: Jackie Weger - Jan• 13•16

No matter what anybody tells you, there ain’t a road map to Success…

eNovel Authors at Work...a group of indie authors sharing our experiences and ehow. Always FREE

eNovel Authors at Work…a group of indie authors sharing our experiences and ehow. Always FREE

So you read a book or an advert landed in your mailbox that tells you the ten things the most successful authors do. Honey, those authors did not do those ten items overnight. And if the successful author is a man, he ain’t ironing his own shirts, cooking his own dinner, changing diapers or caregiver to his aging parents, one of whom suffers Alzheimer’s. Often as not, he isn’t even typing his own manuscript. Nope, he has paid help–for all of it, and he didn’t make that start up $$$ writing and selling ebooks.

Snake oil ~ Looks good, sounds good--Bites!

Snake oil ~ Looks good, sounds good–Bites!

There is a wealth of grand hype all over our digital industry by people who will tell you all about their road to Glory–if only you will pay for the services they sell, buy their non-fiction ehow books, and attend their Webinars that end with: For more, sign up! Only $299. If they are so dang successful, how come they aren’t living in a villa in the South of France? Why do they want your money and mine?

There is an email in my inbox right now offering to sell me the names and email addresses of 20,000 Reader’s Digest subscribers.

It is NOT illegal to sell names and addresses.

The Texas Department of Safety–Driver’s License Division sells the name and address of every single person who owns a license. Most states do. However, there are stringent laws against spamming. Fines up to $17,000 per complaint. Yep. Google the laws–every country has them. When you send an email to those folks, you have to give them a way to instantly unsubscribe. You must have your real name and mailing address in the body  of the email–somewhere. Not a post office box. That’s the law. Moreover, Mailchimp and Mad Mimi newsletters services are gonna ask you where those lists came from–and most will refuse to allow you to use them because those names are not organic. And the laws include fines against such services that do not monitor their client’s subscriber lists. Notice the offer to sell me that Reader’s Digest subscriber list doesn’t mention FTC spamming laws. Nope. If I’m dumb enough to buy the list, I’m the only one with a dog in that hunt. And If I use it, I’m in a world of hurt. One complaint is all it takes.

UPDATE: To learn more about the site that sent me the offer to buy those 20,000 Reader’s Digest subscriber’s name and emails, read David Gaughran‘s experience with the guy Here.  It is a must read for indie authors. David is the author of Let’s Get Visible, my indie author bible.

Every contract an indie author signs with an online public relations firm that suggests in hype it can take a book to stellar heights has this disclaimer: No Guarantee in some fashion or another. Here is why: Your book may NOT be ready for prime time–but those firms will take your $$$ anyway.  Or, there is nothing behind the hype–only a scam. They make their money by feeding your dream–not telling you what your book needs, i.e. editing, a decent cover, or that your book description reads like an 8th grade book report. Why do they care? they are not gonna sell it anyway.

How do you protect yourself?


It often takes time to get a cover and book description right. Hero is on its 5th cover. The book is professionally edited, formatted & covered. Next on–setting up a promotion. I wrote it. I’m gonna sell it–somehow.

Read the testimonials and check out the authors and books on Amazon and B&N. Load the book into Kindle Nation Book Tracker. It’s free. You can check the history of the book, its price, and sales stats for a year or more. FREE books in a short promotion often rise to #1 TOP FREE on Amazon. That ain’t a sale. Look at the stats once the book is back to paid. That is the tell. ebook online public relation firms DO NOT pay for promo slots for your book.  The author buys those slots. I hate to tell you this, but there is no easy road to best sellerdom.  It is work and it is fleeting. A book cover has to capture the essence of the tale.  The book description has to be tight: Name the protagonist, the protagonist’s mission, the conflict, the landscape, the era,  if it is critical to the story arc. The book description is the hook. That is what snags you a reader, or not.

Once in a while, Amazon will tag a book I have in promotion as a best seller…but that is only when the book is in promotion. Once the sales drop off…so does that cute little BestSeller icon. Nanosecond Glory. It is nice while it lasts and I move on.

Find on Amazon

Member book published one year ago. It has 695 organic reviews. None bought. None traded. That is rocking it!

It is author choice to buy any kind of promotional package. I’m not suggesting you don’t. But! Know what you are buying and what you are paying for. Educate yourself about our indie industry.  Ask the right questions and get the answers in writing. Yes, I know you need reviews. In eNovel Authors at Work we don’t trade reviews. We put this gem right after The End:

Thank you for taking the time to read [title]. If you enjoyed it, please consider telling your friends or posting a short review. Word of mouth is an author’s best friend and much appreciated. Thank you. [author name].

Does it work? Yes, it does. eNovel members have above 400 published ebooks across all sales venues. Organic readers have now posted about 15,000 reviews on our books over the past three years or so. In three promotions over a 20 month period, organic readers have kindly posted above 550 reviews on The House on Persimmon Road.

Would love it, if you followed me on Amazon

Would love it, if you followed me on Amazon

I’m Jackie Weger, Founder of eNovel Authors at Work. We share what we learn right here. We don’t offer gossip or rumor–only F.A.C.T. and we check those nine ways to Sunday.  We beta test and vet promoters.  These promoters are on our Approved List Above the Fold because more than a dozen members using the sites see a Return on Investment on every promotion: Bookbub. ENT. Booksends. fkbt. ebooksoda. Digital Book Today. Fussy Librarian, and Choosy Bookworm. We also promote with: BookZio, booktastik, eBookBooster, Reading Deals, It’s Write Now. Many Books. Book Praiser. We like the latter list because the owners are organically growing their subscriber lists, we know who they are, they answer our questions and work with us.  And each sites does move books.

Please note: We have removed The Midlist from our promo lists. It was sold and is no more. 

@JackieWeger, eNovel Authors at Work

Comments always Welcome.


What is the Number One Task Indie Authors Fail To Do?

Written By: Jackie Weger - Jan• 07•16

What is the number one task indie authors fail to do?

We are a week into the New Year and if your mail box is like mine, it is in a frenzy with indie service providers and promoters begging for your $$$. This before we have even earned five cents in 2016. Hand over your money, honey and we’ll show you how to get more readers, more reviews and spy on your competition. None of which will actually sell books.

Here is a list of tasks many indie authors don’t do. Not in any particular order but none is the number one overlooked task.

  • Fail to link book covers to a buy page.
  • Fail to make at least two mentions of a title in a blog a live link to a buy page.
  • Fail to allow comments on blog pages.
  • Fail to have visible Share buttons on blogs and webpages.
  • Fail to network with like-minded authors.
  • Fail to use bitly or another short book link when posting on Facebook pages.
  • Fail to use Hootsuite or another twitter helper to schedule tweets or auto retweet.
  • Fail to promote wisely.
  • Fail to hire professional editors or cover artists.
  • Fail to correct minor mishaps in their books.

The NUMBER ONE  task most indie authors fail to do is: Master Amazon.

Visit any Facebook page supporting indie authors and you will see a raft of questions about Amazon…Golly! ASK AMAZON. Most indie authors don’t study, check out or even read their Amazon book pages. Some sites are still encouraging ‘Like my bio page’  on Amazon. ‘Like’ an Amazon author page was replaced last year with ‘Follow’ beneath the author’s photo. If a reader follows an author on Amazon, when the author launches a new title, Amazon sends a dedicated email to those followers. That is huge.

On your print edition book page below the first page of reviews is this:  Set Up an Amazon Giveaway.

Cover No Perfect Destiny

Amazon Giveaway~ January 2016. Four units–every 35th entrant won the print edition. Snagged 168 new followers on Amazon. Happy Dance.

Until a month or so ago, entrants were asked to follow the author on Twitter. I emailed Amazon and said: Hey! I spend hundreds and thousands of dollars to send readers to my book buy pages on Amazon…and Amazon offers a giveaway that sends the entrant to Twitter? Are you kidding me? That marketing director eats stupid for breakfast! Fire the sucker. Somebody listened. Now authors have a choice–entrants can follow on Twitter or Amazon. IMO Tweets don’t sell books–very nice for exposure. Also, an entrant is less likely to unfollow on Amazon.

Here’s the thing: You can’t kill Amazon by exploring everything on your book page inside KDP.  You will hear: Amazon is vague about the new rules for reviews. No, it is not. It is clear as a bell. Reviews garnered via a paid book blog tour may not be posted except in Editorial. Paid and traded reviews may be posted in Editorial on the book page via Author Central. Read Amazon’s Terms of Service. If you don’t understand anything…ask Amazon to clarify. You can alway ask that your query be booted to a second tier responder. I do.

Once you upload a book on Amazon, use the proofing tool right there on line. You can see if your book is formatted correctly and find those misspelled words or dropped articles such as of, the, a or an. Often overlooked: Their/There/they’re. If Amazon tells you it found errors, check to see if so. Sometimes Amazon does not recognize a foreign word. If it is an error, repair it ASAP.

Do not ignore emails from Amazon. This happened recently. An indie author moved all of her books into Select. She failed to remove a few from another sales venue. Amazon pulled her account and all of her books. The author now has to wait an entire year to reinstate her account. Oops.  Tip: If you are removing books from other sales venues to enroll in Select, double-check the books are NOT on those venues before enrolling the books in Amazon Select.

Few indie authors use the Share buttons on their Amazon book pages. When  eNovel members have a new title, or a book in promotion, I always tick those share buttons on Amazon. Here is a tip: You can edit those Tweets. Add #FREE, add SALE! Add Superb! Add a hashtag. Easily done.

Snipit Amazon envelop

Find the Share buttons on the lower right hand side of your book page. See that envelope? Open it and a nice short link for your book appears. So easy to use. Copy and paste when you are promoting your book on Facebook pages. There are now one million books available for Kindle Unlimited and Prime subscribers. For success in 2016 we must use all of the tools we can to get our books visible.  Start with Amazon. Promote Wisely. Review your book description. Tweak it. Consider a new cover. Keep those reviews coming in: Put this gem right after THE END in your book…

Thank you for taking the time to read [title]. If you enjoyed it, please consider telling your friends or posting a short review. Word of mouth is an author’s best friend and much appreciated. Thank you. [author name].

Inside Author Central, build an interesting Author bio page. A wealth of tips here. The do’s and don’t’s. Here is what I know: Only one percent of indie authors reading this blog will tick the links to learn ehow. For a blog on Amazon Select and KENP,  go here.  Yep, it is time consuming to read this stuff…but it is the only way to become a savvy indie author. Did I mention that there are now one million books enrolled in Kindle Unlimited? That is a nice selection of books for readers. It is up to the us to use every tool available to get the reader’s eyes on our books. The best place to start is learning to use all the tools Amazon provides for an indie author.

JackieWeger-BioHeadShot (1)

Be my new BFF–follow me on Amazon. Just tick my picture. Thank you! Next tick the back arrow top left corner on the TAB bar and you will come right back here. That is the way links are supposed to work.

Wishing you and yours a prosperous and successful New Year.  For extra good luck or to ward off bad luck or no luck at all, save all of your pennies and spare change in the kitchen. Works for me.  A savvy indie author told me I need to add something to my posts so readers find me human and engaging. Okay. I despise doing interviews. Here is why: I don’t ride in rodeos, I don’t bungee jump, I don’t sing or dance or act in community theatre. I was once a Go-Go girl…and filled in for Jayne Mansfield when she couldn’t make the show in the nightclub I cleaned for extra $$$. I was so skinny I looked like a leafless twig. Past glory. I wash clothes, take out the trash, cook when I’m hungry. Boring.  I write romance books. That is all I do.

Comments welcome and if you have a tip for indie authors, please share it. We learn from one another.  When time permits, do visit our author pages. We have some stunning books for your reading pleasure.  Sign up for our newsletter. It is always full of FREE and discounted books and new releases. Sometimes special events and Rafflecopters. No spamming. It will land in your mailbox 9 or 10 times a year.

@Copyright 2016 by Jackie Weger




UPDATED! UH OH! Your books Aren’t Selling. NOW WHAT?

Written By: Jackie Weger - Dec• 16•15

Perhaps the following will help…

Nothing but THE FACTS

eNovAaW ~ Nothing but THE FACTS

Since Amazon introduced Kindle Unlimited, a subscription service  for downloading  books onto  eReaders in mid-July 2014, those of us in Amazon Select saw some serious fluctuation in our royalties. My colleagues, who have in the past had successful Kindle Countdown Deals in which they saw 500+ downloads, often now see less than one hundred. Some, less than fifty.  Book sales for those of us not bestselling authors were down the later part of 2014. Mine were down because I did very little promotion in November and December. I did not have a holiday book. That is not Amazon’s fault.  Still, the sales I did have did not earn 70% because Kindle Unlimited only paid about $1.39 per borrow (December 2014) as opposed to $2.09 for a straight sale on a 2.99 book.

For 2018, I’m rethinking everything and sorting what works and what doesn’t in our current indie climate. to learn what eNovel members are doing in 2018 read this post.

One author insists the lack of sales is because the market is saturated with an explosion of indie books. Another insists promotion sites are pumping sub-par books. The best promoters do no such thing. If they did, they’d lose subscribers.

Coming Soon ACX audio edition of Finding Home.

ACX audio edition of Finding Home.

I don’t know what saturation means in our literary world. Book buyers who step into a Barnes and Noble where often more than 200,000 books are shelved, don’t think the market is saturated. They just see miles of bookshelves from which to choose a book. Readers who use libraries don’t think the market is saturated. I have to tell you, I have heard this same lament about saturation from authors for thirty-five years. Walden Books died. Books-a-Million died. Publishing houses went under. There is less physical shelving, but virtual shelving is infinite. We hear the innovation of the eReader killed bookstores. You think? IMO the honchos of those companies were not hot-wired into progress. My local used book dealers tell me eReaders have hurt their business because digital books cannot be traded. I get it. But! I never earned a dime on a used book sale.  No author has–ever! The savvy used book dealer is now a NEW and Used sales venue. They are moving to better traffic areas. My local new and used book dealer did not have a clue indie authors  produce trade-sized paperbacks. If a book doesn’t show up on Ingram, it doesn’t exist for her. I tried educating her to no avail. The only way to get my print editions on her shelves is to trade them in for other books. Geez.

Badly written books have always been with us.

Books are a human endeavor. We  find good ones and bad ones. I have  read books by trad publishers that were horribly edited, filled with printer errors and sagging story arcs. It happens across the board. Publishers who continually produce faulty books or failed to pay royalties, folded.  So have digital publishers.  Those of us who promote often notice that some of our fav promo sites have shut down.  We are always updating our list of promoters because successful promotions are scheduled and planned up to 30 days in advance.

Wise up! 

"All three of these books have original and unique plots, great dialogue, sweet romance, and wildly funny characters. Highly recommended!" - Amazon Reviewer

“All three of these books have original and unique plots, great dialogue, sweet romance, and wildly funny characters.”

Even now, at almost the close of 2017, I do NOT  believe the indie book market is saturated. Authors whose books are selling are smart-marketing their books.  I write stand alone romance novels. I noticed three of my titles had themes of  searching for a place to be, a home. I put those three novels in a bundle, had a professional cover built and a professional formatter create the set. Now, instead of three units to promote, I have a fourth. In a 2015 KCD promo, it sold 3115 units,  a vast improvement over mid to late 2014. Happy dance. I noticed another three of of my titles had the words, fate, destiny and secret. To tie those together, I retitled and recovered. No Perfect Secret, No Perfect Fate and No Perfect Destiny. Now I have a 2nd bundle: Almost Perfect.

Almost Perfect: Three Volume Collection

Almost Perfect: Three Volume Collectio

International urls.   Savvy indie authors do not overlook promoting their English language books on Amazon Global sites.  Here’s the list to make it easy for you:  Find your books, grab the links and Tweet, Facebook and Google+ . Or use an international url. Here is an ehow for one:  It is FREE.

What  must you do to jack up your sales?

 Promotional Posters

Useless Promotional Posters

Book signings. I jumped the gun and ordered posters made for a set of six book signings. Next, I decided to freshen my book covers. Now those posters are D.E.A.D.  I did have one successful book signing–until my extended family showed up and took over the book store. Lesson learned. Zip my lips.

I also learned the expense of a book signing for a less than well-known writer often does not return an ROI. Besides, I hate traffic-clogged highways to get to a site, loading and unloading boxes of books, then discovering my table set up at the back of a bookstore and worse, my posters didn’t get posted or the store owner forgot to advertise. Not doing them any more. My time is better spent promoting and selling my units online. Author Choice to do these things.

eNovel in the past scheduled group tours and Rafflecopters. A group of three or ten authors generates more excitement in a Rafflecopter/Tour.  But our fav Tour Guide left the business, because since 2016 and 2017 Book Tours and bloggers have lost their cachet. Moreover, many bloggers don’t have a following or have lost interest. Join with a colleague or two to set up a Rafflecopter. Shared expenses make it budget friendly. There is a FREE trial. It’s user friendly. Check it out.

The basic rule of thumb for success is Write. Publish. Promote.

Finally, keep this in mind: You won’t master every facet of promoting your books all at once. Take baby steps. Create a file for each of your titles with links to include the international urls, a selection of book descriptions and composed tweets. Do one book at a time. Take a day off. Refresh yourself. Focus on what is best for your BOOK.  Network with other authors and do not spread yourself too thin.

When time permits read the articles on eNovel Authors at Work. We tell it true. No rumors, no gossip. Just F.A.C.T.S. Some eNovel authors sell books all of the time. All of the time some of our authors sell books. That’s what we do. Now for a mention of KENP, the companion to Kindle Unlimited subscriptions.  Those of us in Select, which means our book are sold on Amazon and no other venue, like KENP.  Authors who are active promoters of their books often see 300,000+ to one million pages read after a free or 99¢ campaign. But smaller promotions work, too. Selling fewer books, fewer pages read, but successful because each show a return on investment.  We promote our books for visibility, reviews and royalties.

Jackie Weger

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I’m Jackie Weger. The founder of eNovel Authors at Work. I don’t know it all. But! I know what I know, because I taught myself. You can’t go to school to become an indie author. It is a learning experience from idea to fruition. You are welcome to share your ideas and experiences in our comment section. We always learn from others.

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Dancin’ with the Flim-Flam Man

Written By: Jackie Weger - Nov• 15•15

Dancin’ with the Flim-Flam Man…

marketing-strategy-planNo, that is not the title of a book.  It is the name of a 1967 movie. A flim-flam  is a swindle or con artist trick.  It is designed to cheat people out of $$$. Those kinds of swindles are landing in my mailbox with regularity. I opened an email today from a man I suspect is a catfisher. An ebook catfisher is an indie author who hires workers to write his ehow non-fiction books on food or alcohol addiction, or ehow to learn a language in five days or less. The author will tout he has upwards of 50-100 books in print and ALL ARE BEST SELLERS. See this in the Washington Post: How an Industry of ‘Amazon entrepreneurs’ pulled off the Internet’s craftiest catfishing scheme.

Rabbits and eggs-02

Rabbits for Sale! Hatching soon. Preorder today.

These folks bait indie authors with a few articles cribbed from reliable sites and industry gurus…and next tell you they are earning above $5000 dollars every single month on three or four books… And by golly, if you will fork over $299 to attend a virtual conference or buy the video, they will name the books, name the aliases they use on the books and show you how to earn big bucks as an indie author.  Before you fork over $$$, ask this: Why the heck do I have to PAY money to learn the title of a best selling book? And the author’s alias?  Just so you, know, Amazon skins those catfish schemes. An author is allowed up to three aliases. That is it. Most of the schemes are about hiring a non- native English speaking ghostwriter for pennies on the dollar.

Happens in fiction, too. I accidentally bought one when downloading my first ebooks on my new Kindle. The author’s bio said between books he was climbing Mt. Everest, the highest mountains on the North American Continent in Alaska, diving for treasure in the Caribbean and hiking through a desert in Africa. The book was dreadful, full of  typos and grammar non-existent. The story arc also had a character running 100 miles through a jungle in a short amount of time. Oops. I’ve lived in jungles. One can hack one’s way through with a machete, but you ain’t gonna run. I said so, and wondered how a writer could go from one end of the earth to the other in a single lifetime and still find time to write. B.O.L.O. Catfish book.

The drivel that arrives in my mailbox promises $$$ and Glory. Got one today that says if I pay $59 the promoter will put my book in front of 400,000 global readers within a year. Hey! I’m old. I might be dead in a year. I want my books in promotion in front of those readers NOW.  The promoter is a 2015 startup. How the heck did the promoter acquire 400,000 subscribers in less than a year? Who are they? What countries? Do they read English? Do they own eReaders? Moreover, the promoter won’t say who he/she is. I keep asking. No name. He is also trying to snag me by offering to review Finding Home. No thank you. The book already has above 300 reviews. I’m good.

Here is another: For $1499 the promoter guarantees 700 downloads of a 99¢ book. I emailed the guy. Told him there’s no return on investment. And the author would be more than $700 in the red, if that slot was purchased.  He also sells promo for FREE units. Guarantees thousands of downloads…authors who have bought the free slot say the promo does not generate reviews…and the books don’t snag a nice slot in paid after the promo. The books drop to sucking mud in China once back to paid. Something is skewed.

It is always Author Choice to buy into these schemes. Not telling you not to. I look at it this way. If a guy knocks on my front door and promises me Glory if I hand over $300 cash, right then and there–I’m gonna ask the fool nicely to stand out by my rural mailbox so I can practice shooting my snake gun. I’ve said this before: If these folks are so dang successful, why do they need my $$$ and yours?

Almost Perfect: Three Volume Collection

Sold 471+ units in a recent 99¢ KCD

Indie authorship is not easy. It is work and time consuming. It is often frustrating. It is an adventure. We must invest in our books. That’s a given. Editors, Cover artists, Formatters, Beta readers.  It takes three times as many sales/borrows to recoup a single wasted dollar. Not to mention the angst one suffers knowing we ate Stupid for Breakfast and don’t dare admit it. My best suggestion for an indie author: Think for yourself. You had enough common sense to write a book and publish it, didn’t you? Don’t discard your good sense once you type THE END.

When I’m checking how effective a promoter, I put the books it is promoting in Kindle Nation Daily Book tracker. It is FREE. You can check a book’s sales rank for months in the past up to: Updated hourly–and at what price. Here are the stats for a title I had in a recent promotion:

Start of Promotion: Amazon Best Sellers Rank: #355,631 Paid in Kindle Store.

Three days into Promotion: Amazon Best Sellers Rank: #576 Paid in Kindle Store.

I had promo slots with: fkbt. DBT. It’sWriteNow. KBR. Choosy Bookworm. booktastik. So all of those sites performed nicely for the book. In addition I see 97 books moved in crossover sales and above 18,789 KENP pages read [borrows] during  three of the 6 day  promo.

JackieWeger-BioHeadShot (1)

@JackieWeger, eNovel Authors At Work

I’m Jackie Weger. I’m an indie author. I am not a best-selling author day-in and day-out. But when I take time to plan a campaign, large or small, my books sell. Amazon sometimes tags one of my books as #1 Best Selling in its category. That is nice. I enjoy it while it lasts, and move on. Thank you stopping by. Comments and questions always welcome.


eBook Promoters – The Best & The Worst Part VI

Written By: Jackie Weger - Aug• 31•15

 Snake oil is sold by the gallon in our indie Universe

How much are you buying?

Looks good, sounds good--Bites!

Looks good, sounds good–Bites!

When I started this series, I thought three parts would do it. Now, I know it could go on forever.  We indie authors need book promoters with active subscriber lists and media reach. We need site owners who tell us who they are and are transparent about download numbers. The following is not a new scam, but more of them have been popping up weekly.

It is not illegal to curate best selling books off of Amazon and post them on a promo site.   If the site owner states in its TOS, it curates best sellers to earn an affiliate fee, that is honest, and that the site also promotes indie books, usually for a fee. Appreciate it. That activity helps to build a readership and subscribers. The scam comes into play when the site infers the authors of those best selling books are clients and paid for promotion on the site. That is dishonest. I know, because I check the books, message the authors and, to an author, they have never heard of the site. New scam sites have NO Alexa ranking whatsoever. Perhaps one or two sites linking in. The fees to promote on those sites can be anywhere from $19 to $100.  They often boast 30,000+ subscribers.  Really? Who? I often see these sites with a Facebook page with less than 50 followers/likes. These sites are fake promoters. You won’t see a single sale or download.

I test sites. I spend a little money to find out what their game is.  I signed up on two promo sites that promised to tell me how to market my books. I bought a 90 day membership on one. Now it wants me to pay an extra $2.95 for a list of secret sites to promote my titles–because I’m only a temporary member. HUH? How does a promoter stay in business if it is secret? Another promoter just sends me to outdated blogs written by the owner–all of which have links to articles written by authors or other promoters. Most of which are outdated and in need of a serious proof.

I am not shy about telling a promoter he or she consistently over charges for what they deliver. It annoys me beyond measure when the response is, “I have to get something for my time.” Whoa. Most established sites promote at least 600 titles a month. At $135, which is what BookSends charges for a romance,  comes to 81,000$ a month.  That’s a little somethin’, ain’t it? And for another $150, Jason will promote your book on Pixel of Ink–which solves that mystery, because Pixel of Ink no longer accepts submissions. And golly, for $10 more, your book will be posted on a Facebook page.  Booksends is not a scam, but Booksends has  just about priced some of us indies out of  promoting with the site.

What scam artists do, is tell you what you want to hear.  Even testimonials are faked. You have to educate yourself. If you don’t, scam artists in this

eNovel Authors at Work...a group of indie authors sharing our experiences and ehow. Always FREE

eNovel Authors at Work…a group of indie authors sharing our experiences and ehow. Always FREE

business will take advantage of you. One of the best blogs to read and follow is Chris Syme’s Indie Author Book Marketing Blog.  For an introduction, read her guest post on Writer Beware. Chris is far more experienced and savvy than I am. I rant. Chris tells it like it is–no holds barred.

As usual, I never like to leave a blog without sharing with you how best to generate reviews. Put this gem right after THE END in your book.

Thank you for taking the time to read [title]. If you enjoyed it, please consider telling your friends or posting a short review. Word of mouth is an author’s best friend and much appreciated. Thank you. [author name].

eNovel Authors at Work is 50 members strong with more than 500 books published. Readers have posted more than 13,075 reviews on our titles.

Here are a few sites eNovel  promotes with consistently: The Books Machine.  Books Butterfly. Book Praiser. The Fussy Librarian. Many Books. Digital Book Today. eBook Booster.  Free Kindle Books & Tips. Here is why these sites are above the fold on our Preferred List: We know who they are, they are NOT overpriced for the services they provide AND we get the results we hope for.

JackieWeger-BioHeadShot (1)

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I’m Jackie Weger, Founder of eNovel Authors at Work. Comments are welcome. If you have a promo experience to share or a preference for a site, please tell us. And before you go, do visit our author pages where you will discover a wonderful array of books to fit any reader preference.

@eNovel Authors at Work. 2015. All Rights Reserved. Shares welcomed, Ping back credits required if any part of a post is quoted in any manner.

eBook Promoters ~ The Best & The Worst Part 4

Written By: Jackie Weger - Jun• 21•15

Putting the spotlight on Goodreads Ads and Campaigns…


eNovel Round Logo (2)This is the fourth in a series of articles about ebook promoters and indie author services. Have mercy! It may go on forever because every single day we indie authors are approached by new promoters entering our indie universe and asking for our $$$. In an earlier post, I promised I would share our promotion experiences on Goodreads and Goodreads leaves me confused.  I love Amazon. Amazon pays my bills.

I offer as a caveat: Indie authors who have mastered Goodreads may have wonderful success promoting with Goodreads. Ten of

us in eNovel Authors at Work did not. What we did: We each bought a promotion, coordinated the days of promotion and the cost of click throughs up to 75¢. Some of us popped for $100. Our titles were either FREE or 99¢. We saw lovely numbers on impressions in the 1000s–which is the number of times our ads were shown.

Follow Nicholas Rossis on Amazon

Follow Nicholas Rossis on Amazon

A few of us saw our titles put on TBR lists.  But! Not a single sale at  99¢.  And no downloads–even for a free book. FREE units were tagged on TBR lists, too. Many members on Goodreads block ads, so you may not reach the very audience who might like your book. I still have about $50 hanging fire on Goodreads because I cannot figure out how to get refund.  I did ask, and the reply from GRs was: “I don’t understand what you are asking?  HUH? What part of “I want my  money,” don’t you understand? I am sorry to tell you this, but as soon as  two of our ads started popping, we picked up a troll. Before the ad, we were under the radar.  Nicholas Rossis reports on his blog an author who spent $5000 for a Goodreads ad and reported NO SALES. Read the report here.

Let’s look at Amazon. com. Amazon in 2015 offers authors in KDP Select three campaigns to promote our books on Amazon.

FREE June 25 -27, 2015

The first campaign is shaped exactly as is a Goodreads’ ad with the exception one must commit $100, plus no hassle, automatic refunds if the $ is not used up. Click throughs to sales are charged against that $100 until the campaign ends in the time frame the author designated or the $$$ runs out.  The author ‘bids’ for impression slots. In my first Amazon Campaign from January 30 to March 30, 2015, I committed $200, placed my bids at 67¢. Amazon showed my ad 164,477 awesome times–which does not mean readers actually noticed it.  133 viewers clicked on the ad, 191 went to the book buy page and I sold $11.96 worth of books for a total cost to me of $89.13 of the $200 I committed. Not exactly a lovely return on investment. During two days of the campaign, No Perfect Secret was priced FREE. Because I am just learning ehow to promote wisely, I have booked another Campaign for three days June 25-27 when No Perfect Fate will be in its first major free run. I will report on that once completed.

I engaged two more campaigns on other titles. Impressions 132,158 and 16,511. But only 185 readers actually clicked through to the buy page. Thus cost to me was $110.57 to generate $17.92 in sales.  If you want to engage an Amazon Campaign for exposure. Do. For sales and a return on investment. Don’t. Instead, to actually see downloads on a FREE or discounted book,  hand your promo $$ to OHFB, or buy the $29.99 deal on KND, or check out Bargain Booksy, all of which are on eNovel Authors at Work‘s preferred list.

As we in eNovel engage in Amazon Giveaways, we will share our results. As for other indie author services, if you are looking for an editor and find this in a blog post… us indie authors” .. .run! If I have to tell you why–you do need a qualified editor.

Other sites we in eNovel prefer and use often: eBook Stage. Book Praiser. eBooklister. KindleBoards and in the UK for FREE romance novels, we like: eBook Deal of the Day.  Visit eNovel author Effrosyni Moschoudi for a fabulous list of sites FREE and paid. Without paying so much as a dime, Frossie

Follow Effrosyni on amazon

Follow Effrosyni on amazon

saw 5,000 downloads on one of her titles in a free promotion.

Would love it, if you Follow me on Amazon or subscribe to eNovel's newsletter.

Would love it, if you Follow me on Amazon or subscribe to eNovel’s newsletter.

I’m Jackie Weger, Founder of eNovel Authors at Work. If you are wondering why I am prompted to write this series on promoters, I’ll tell you…

As a newbie indie author, I listened to a promoter hype a promotion, paid good money for it and did not sell a single unit.

When I queried the promoter, I was told, “Well, you have to write a good book.” Whoa. So. I pulled the book. Paid for another round of edits. Paid for a new cover, changed the title, wrote another description. Paid to have it formatted again. Six months later, networking with other indies, there was discussion about that particular promo. Not one author saw any sales. Holy Smokes! Next we started getting emails offering the same promo at a 75% discount. Oops. It was not my book. The promo was a new endeavor by the promoter and it did not fly. NO subscribers.  That promoter did not deliver and blamed it on my book.  Well, I was new and Eating Stupid for Breakfast. Ain’t doin’ that again. I’m checking promoters out. I’m asking the tough questions. Promoters can give straight answers or not. Their choice. I got this response from a promoter just yesterday who says he has a vast network and thousands of subscribers. When I asked how many subscribers, he said he can’t reveal the number. Pffft. As for his vast network: Alexa says his site has 3 sites linked in. eNovel Authors at Work has 169 sites linked in; updated daily.


A roller coaster ride straddling the genres of science fiction and crime drama collected more than 350 reviews after it 1st FREE run.

For actual figures and results of recent campaigns, go Here and Here . Pete Barber reported on a free run on NanoStrike Here.   Read the results of one of Weger’s early campaigns Here. Why bother? Because we report actual figures and costs and it gives you a comparative idea if your campaigns are working for your book–or not. At the very least, you won’t take a promoter’s word as Gospel that: “Hey! It’s not us. Write a better book.”


Comments are welcome. If you have run a great campaign, tell us in comments. If not, tell us that, too. We have all been there.  It is fine to leave the link to your book. If you have a question, ask! If we don’t know the answer, we will find a reliable source who does.




eBook Promoters ~ The Best & The Worst Part 3

Written By: Jackie Weger - Jun• 09•15

ePromoter Hype

What to believe…or NOT

eNovel Round Logo (2)This is the third in a series of articles about ebook promoters and indie author services. One of the most difficult tasks we indies face is how to sort the gold from the glitter. Not a day goes by that we don’t get emails telling us what wonderful services the promoter can provide and how that promoter will take our books to glorious heights. Yep. And all we have to do is register and send $$$. I always ask: Who are you? What do you do? How much do you charge? One promoter responded:

“I’m a best selling author, my book sold 50,000 copies. I work with 4000 authors.”

The promoter is creating a private Facebook page and is going to share all that the promoter knows right there. Just Paypal $97 as the entrance fee to the Facebook page.  Well golly. I looked up the promoter’s book.  Let me share something here. If a book sells 50,000 copies, it makes a list: on Amazon,  on USA Today, on NYT. Did you know you can track the history of a book via  Kindle Nation Daily? Those 50,000 sales did NOT happen.

FREE Listen & Review promo codes on Choosy Bookworm June 27, 2015

FREE Listen & Review promo codes on Choosy Bookworm June 27, 2015

I checked the references sent me. None panned out.  There are people in this business who Eat Stupid for Breakfast. I’m not one of them. The promoter sent me an email insisting emails to me were private and telling me to cease and desist forwarding the promotion hype to people named in the hype. Folks, there is no such thing as cease and desist checking references.  NOTHING is private when you are selling a service. Not even if you stand on a street corner to do it. Indie authors need book promoters. We do. Just don’t promise what you cannot deliver. Tell us what you can do, and we can make the best decision for our book placement and promo dollars.

“When I first entered this indie universe, I was taken to my knees and my wallet flattened thinner than hair. I had to pick myself up out of the rubble and learn the industry.” ~ Jackie Weger

In eNovel Authors at Work we like promoters who listen to us, who engage their subscribers and are not building their subscribers lists on the backs of authors.  When we pay $$ to a promoter, every mention of our book and every cover needs to link to a book buy page, NOT to another page on the Website of the promoter. Here is a promoter eNovel found last month. Mike Smith, He works out of New Zealand He builds an author a nice books’ page. Tweets our promos and the site has a decent Alexa ranking. It is a FREE site and great for exposure on FREE and priced books. Here is the caveat:

No indie book sells unless promoted. 

If you know different, tell us! The single task an indie author can do to check out a site that asks us to upload our books for a fee, is to check the Amazon Best Seller stats of books already on the site. If you find books with stats like this: Amazon Best Sellers Rank: #1,400,295 or this: #1,439,644, do reconsider where you might best spend your promo budget for results. 

Here are a few more promoters that eNovel Authors at Work considers good value for our promotion $$$.

For promo results with BKnights see this entry on KBoards.

Would love it, if you Follow me on Amazon or subscribe to eNovel's newsletter.

Would love it, if you Follow me on Amazon or subscribe to eNovel’s newsletter.

I’m Jackie Weger, Founder of eNovel authors at Work. I don’t know it all, but I know what I know, and I learn something new every dang day. Comments are welcome. HTML is fine. Live links accepted. No erotica. I shoot it with my snake gun.

Fake Amazon Best Seller Logo found on a book on a website

Fake Amazon Best Seller Logo found on a book on a website

What a real  Amazon Best Seller logo looks like when a title was in promotion with sales of 3141 units @ 99¢

What a real Amazon Best Seller logo looks like when in title was in promotion with sales of 3141 units @ 99¢

eBook Promoters ~ The Best & The Worst Part 2

Written By: Jackie Weger - May• 25•15

What makes a good promotion service?

Here is the answer: Results.

This the second in a series of articles about book promoters and promotion services for indie books.  In eNovel Authors at Work we tell it like it is. marketing-strategy-planIf you see a book promotion or author service on this site–we like it. We know who administers the site, we talk to them and we engage with those owners. We rate our promoters. We have a Preferred list. Some promoters are Above the Fold. They consistently perform. Some are Below the Fold. That does not mean they are second tier. We promote with them when our budgets allow in small promotions and always when we are Shooting the Moon. Some promo sites are super for  books priced FREE. Some are less so for books priced 99¢ in Kindle Countdown deals. When we promote a book priced FREE, we are looking for exposure and volume downloads. When we promote 99¢, we expect a Return on Investment (ROI).

Some promoters arrive at the bottom of our list and then fall by the wayside. Here is why: A site may charge $15 for a promotion and we see results for that price. But if a few weeks later the promoter doubles the price to $30 and has not grown its subscriber list to warrant the increase, the site may slip off our list.  We let you know. A few of our members will run beta tests, promoting with a single site and track the downloads in our KDP accounts. Easily done.

In eNovel, we don’t listen to authors who say, “Oh, I used that promoter, I sold a ton of books.” Huh? How many is a ton? We report actual figures. Here is a recap of a recent successful promotion by eNovel member Mary Smith in her very first FREE run. She snagged a Bookbub slot the first time

No More Mulberries

You will feel you have really got to know these people and will want to know what happens in their lives long after you’ve read the last chapter. ~ Joseph King AVP

she submitted No More Mulberries. Category: Literary.

How successful was this promotion? Once it returned to priced, Amazon tagged No More Mulberries a #1 Best Seller. Woot!

Snip it No more Mulberries

So, how does an author earn $$$ when a title is in a FREE promotion? Kindle Unlimited subscribers start borrowing the book. Some Amazon readers opt to buy. Some subscribers even tick borrow while the title is on FREE. No More Mulberries is gathering dozens of borrows a day and reviews are coming in. Mary Smith told me today, she already sees enough borrows to pay for all of the promotion she bought. Since the book is #1 Paid in Kindle Store, readers will continue to download the book for several weeks. That equals profit and a tidy royalty check.

Are you wondering how those reviews are starting to be posted so soon? Because Mary has this gem at the foot of her book right after The End:

Thank you for taking the time to read No More Mulberries. If you enjoyed it, please consider telling your friends or posting a short review. Word of mouth is an author’s best friend. Thank you, [author name].

Now, we know very well there are indie authors who will not put a book on FREE. Their reasoning: A book is an intellectual property and it has value. Here is what I say: An author can price at book for 99¢  or $4.99 or even $10.99.  But the book has NO $$$ value until somebody buys the thing, however one values one’s intellect.  Most members in eNovel Authors at Work are exclusive to Amazon. Some are not. Established authors are often successful selling across all venues. But! No indie book sells unless promoted, somewhere, somehow at some cost and reaches a reading audience. At last count, Amazon has  278 million active accounts. Globally, Amazon sells to 65% of the reading public. Just sayin’…

Go Here to read the first article in this series.

Go Here to read a comparison of actual sales figures on a book  sold on all venues.

All of the book promotion sites mentioned in this blog are Above the Fold. 

Founder, eNovel Authors at Work

Follow Jackie Weger on Bookbub and never miss a FREE or discounted book.

I’m Jackie Weger, Founder of eNovel Authors at Work. @Copyright Jackie Weger. shares and pingbacks appreciated.

Membership in eNovel  is closed at the moment. We are all busy writing and promoting our books.

ehow tip: For the neatest and cleanest link to your Book’s buy page to post on FaceBook pages and submit to promoters, do this: Visit your book page on Amazon. On the far right hand side you will see SEO icons for Twitter, etc. One is an email icon. Tick it and a perfect short link pops up for you to copy and paste.

Comments are always welcome. We love for authors and promoters to add to the discussion and share your own experiences.

Review Plague ~ A Disease more Viral than Ebola

Written By: Jackie Weger - Nov• 14•14

“If I’m ever short of money, at least I know I can write this badly and still sell books to make extra cash. ” [11 readers agreed].

Jackie Weger

Jackie Weger

Those few word transmit the review plague. Every indie author is at risk of becoming infected and only the wisest avoid becoming a susceptible host. Not a day goes by that a review rant by an indie author somewhere does not land in my mailbox or my Google+ feed. My word! I recently ticked one of  those links and  discovered a 1000 word rant.  The indie author was incensed that a reader posted a one star review. Bless me, but the the blog was smokin’ hot. Moreover, all of the author’s pals were full of empathy and posted their own grievances in no less than 47 comments.  The reader had  posted a mild one star review that said: “The book isn’t what I thought it would be. ”

The author complained, “Why didn’t he read the #%$#@# blurb? Can’t people read any more? ”

Hey! If the cover sells a book or it was free or discounted, readers download the things. That is what we want them to do. That’s a sale!

Here is something else. When I was a newbie and Eating Stupid for Breakfast I put one of my titles in Literary Fiction, Family & Relationships. It started gathering a few one and two star reviews. One said: “Nothing is happening. It never does.” Well, golly, I write sweet, character-driven stories.

19 One & Two Star Reviews

19 One & Two Star Reviews

A relationship happened.  The book was in promotion and #1 in Kindle Store> Kindle eBooks> Literature & Fiction> Literary Fiction> Gay & Lesbian. Oops. That poor reader read the whole blamed book waiting for that grand passionate moment that never materialized. The reader had a legitimate complaint. My Fault. I went at once into Amazon and moved the book into a different category. Does it still pull low starred reviews. Yep. Got one sitting on it right now: “Meh, not for me.” And another two star: The reviewer complained that the mother character in the book didn’t provide her children with Gameboys and other electronic toys. She complained that the author must be from another century because she didn’t know anything about computers. Tell you what: She nailed me. I use my computer as a glorified typewriter and little else. How about these reviews, plucked randomly off of books on Amazon:

“If you want to pull your hair out in frustration, gnash your teeth and have your eyes roll to the back of your head in disbelief, then this book is for you. ” [67 readers agreed].

 “Wretched, Dreadful and Boring, I’ve never felt compelled to write a review. This book changed my mind.” [22 readers agreed].

“UGH!!!! Do I have to finish this book????!!! So bad. Can’t even describe this. There are no words.” [20+ readers agreed].


Here is what I know. People like to be spoon-fed information. They don’t like to read instructions. A book description in its own way is an instruction for a reader. Some will glance at the price, find it FREE and download it. Another may glance at the cover, a sentence or two in the  blurb, and download it. And the book will not be the kinds of story they are in the mood for or were hoping to read.

20 One & Two Star Reviews

20 One & Two Star Reviews


I have a ghost in one of my titles, but it is in no way a paranormal. Readers see ‘ghost’, download it and  dislike it. I do the very same thing. So, it is not fair that we expect a reader to do more than we would and often do. This happens, too: I have five star and 3 star reviews on my titles that ain’t for my books. Avid readers get confused. Muddled minds happen to the best of us.

Listen up. Amazon created the world of digital reviews. Yes it did, to help bring attention to ebooks, because Amazon needed authors,  readers and buyers for Kindle, a new innovation in the book universe. Prompting  readers to write reviews brings traffic to Amazon, where it tempts us to buy every dang product on the site. Everytime I finish a book on my Kindle Fire, Amazon messages me to write a review. Yep.  Early on writers leaped into the digital universe and often published unedited, badly formatted and terribly covered books.  Next, a raft of promoters arrived on the scene and  began demanding ebooks with 10 or more reviews with at least 4.0/5.0 review rank in order to accept a submission.  Reviews are getting better because ebook are getting better. They are beta read and edited and professionally formatted and covered. Indie authors are learning… We are maturing. So is our industry. Reviews are a tool. I liken reviews to a pair of pliers. You don’t eat them, you don’t sleep with them and you don’t hug ’em.  And you dang sure don’t blame the pliers when a rusted nut breaks off.  There is absolutely nothing you can take to avoid this plague. Your only immunity is intelligence. Lacking that–tolerance.

Reviews are lagniappe, a little something extra, a gift.

A book is not entitled  to sales, nor is it entitled to reviews. Sales happen when we promote our books and get them in front of readers. Appreciate your readers. Whatever you do, DO NOT gather a bevy of your fans and friends to go on Amazon and tick those one and two and three star reviews as unhelpful. Reviewers don’t like that. This happened a few weeks ago. An author dismayed with a review did just that to a three star review. The annoyed reviewer went in ticked the book a One Star and commenced to detail every flaw in the book. And said why.

To gather organic reviews from readers who enjoy your book, put this golden gem right after THE END:

Thank you for taking time to read [title]. If you enjoyed it, please consider telling your friends or posting a short review.  Word of mouth is an author’s best friend and much appreciated.  Thank you again. [author name]. 

For more on Reviews by a TOP 1000 Amazon and Goodreads Reviewer, Julie Whiteley, go Here. Read about the Good, the Bad & the Ugly.





Five Steps to an ImPerfect Book Blurb

Written By: Admin - Sep• 07•14

How to make certain your book blurb is the worst thing you have ever written.

Subtitled: After all, the last thing you want your blurb to do is represent your best writing.

Sub-subtitled: Jackie and Carolyn go searching Amazon…


  1. Compose run-on sentences
  2. Misspell words and use bad grammar
  3. Tell instead of show
  4. Confuse the reader
  5. And best of all…
    insert plenty of author intrusion/asides into your book blurb just in case the reader doesn’t get it. Because insulting them really works.

Here is an example of three out of the six, author intrusion, bad grammar and and misspelled words in a book blurb on Amazon:

NEVER JUDGE A BOOK BY ITS COVER. It does contain love scenes and fowl language since it portrays real events with authentic people.

Parental Guidance of 16 is advice.

The really nice thing about this one is that it wastes our time with a cliche too.

How to clutter your book description/blurbs with asides or author intrusion

XXXX is a cozy mystery/suspense novel that mixes fact with fiction.

Yeah, I know it’s a novel, and I know what genre I bought. And actually, um, most books mix fact with fiction. If it’s really important, tell me somewhere else–like in Author’s notes in the back of the book. By that time I might be impressed how the author wove fact and fiction to create a great story.

A novel of approximately 100,700 words.

No kidding, I couldn’t tell that from looking inside.

Have fun confusing the reader

XXX, a teenage orphan girl, has escaped the degradation of New York’s back alleys to live free in the glorious northern mountains. He hates all that is white…

If you’re going to tell instead of show

do add some extra annoyances in your blurb and mix verb tenses in a fabulous run on sentence.

XXXXX is a love story set in 18** about xxxx, the shy London born dress designer to the rich and royal who had her fortune stolen and is forced to move to America where she meets XXXX, a proud, handsome Lakota warrior who is torn between two worlds.

Lots of lovely passive case here too, I really want to hate this book.

And another thing

Do compose a blurb to tell readers how great your book and what to do to read it.

This book is a page turner. Set aside time to open a bottle of wine, sit in your favorite spot and dive into a world of long ago, a different place and time. Last sentence:  …a story and action that will keep you breathless.

Here is an AVP review on the above book:

I have NEVER read a book so poorly edited. I could barely read this book because of a lack of it. I’m not talking about a few misspelled or missing words. The entire book reads as a rough draft. There are numerous times where the character’s name changes back and forth i.e. XXX XXX changes to XXXX and Black XXXXX changes to Black XXXX. The author often uses commas as a period. Punctuation as a whole is incorrect or missing, excludes the “s” off of possessives.  Not to mention the constant misspelling or misuse of words, i.e. attacked/attached. There are spaces in the middle of words and no spaces between sentences. But don’t take my word for it, just do the “look inside” feature to see how poorly this piece was done-something I should have done first.

By Golly! That’s the kind annoyed reviewer you want to see. Bet she forgot to grab that bottle of wine. Honestly, some readers just won’t be told how to read.

What do you reckon? Did we miss some of your blurb pet peeves? What makes you dismiss a book before even ‘looking inside?’

Don’t hold back! Let us know in the comments…

(Next week, the Blurb Doctor will be IN with some tips on getting it right and hooking in readers.)


Book Talk. Good Reads for Lazy Spring Days.

Written By: Jackie Weger - Feb• 27•19

What I’m reading now. All time Favorites, and books piling up in my TBR list…

Click on our logo to visit eNovel’s Author pages. Read about our writers and browse their books. You won’t be disappointed.

Like many of you, I adore my eReader. I own four Kindles and recently was gifted with a fifth that I have yet to register.  Still, there are times I want to read a book that just screams to be read in print. Easter is coming, as well as Mother’s Day and Father’s Day. So, I’m sharing with you books that can be stuffed in Easter baskets or gifted to those special people in our lives. Too, print editions make nice ‘Thank yous’ and birthday gifts year round. In the past, I’ve often ordered flowers as a ‘thank you’ for a kindness shown to me.  But blooms droop and die. Books never die.  Not that I want to put a dollar value on a kindness, but books are more cost effective and with Amazon Prime, there’s never a delivery fee, making print editions budget friendly. Note to self: The flowers I sent as a ‘thank you’ last month cost $108.38 with taxes and delivery fee. Works out to seven print books @ $15 each. Wow.

I just finished reading Where the Crawdads Sing by Delia Owens. This book is stunning. I’m now rereading the last third of the book. A must to get my head round the perfect denouement. It’s also an Audible Pick. My granddaughter, Courtney, bought the Audible edition, and says the narrator rendered it perfectly. She loved it. While the book has above 5,000 5* reviews, it has it’s critics. Most of which say the story is unrealistic. So. Sharing this: I’ve spent time in the Okefenokee swamp in Georgia, part of a winter with trappers in Louisiana swampland and many years in a tiny jungle village. I related to how the author created the story and the character, Kya. Yes, Americans are well traveled via plane and Interstate highways, but seldom take those exits that deliver us into tiny communities where we often find time has stood still. In the mid-seventies, while the rest of America had push button phones, I had a wind-up battery powered phone and my phone number was 37.  When away from home, I could not convince even a phone operator that was my number.

Next, I recommend All My Love, Detrick by Roberta Kagan. The book is the first in the saga and is an excellent historical opening  to the pre-WWII era with the Holocaust as background.  History fans as well as romance fans will enjoy this saga. As a History major, I’m gonna step out on a limb and suggest this book is a must read for college students as a compliment to their curriculum. Thus, if you own one of those creatures, gift them with this book.  The writing is superlative and authentic. Roberta has first had knowledge of the era as her parents were of Jewish and Romany decent. She grew up with a dark cloud of  her parent’s Holocaust memories hovering over their everyday lives.  She’s spent years researching and writing about the subject in order to try and make some sense of what happened.  The book has above 1,250 well earned reviews. Also on Audible.

To lighten the mood a bit, add Unhappily Ever After ~ a Fairy Tale for Grown-ups by Lucinda E. Clark.  This hilarious satire is a must for your grandmother, because she, like me,  not only grew up on these fairy tales, we read them to our children and grandchildren.  Here’s a hint of what’s in store for you: Cinderella has had enough of Prince Charming and is desperate to get a divorce.  Snow White quarrels over Prince Charming’s philandering.  The Green Giant is tapped to foment a rebellion which falls on deaf ears.  This book is a sleeper and perfect for a grown-up Easter basket or Mother’s Day gift. Order it on Amazon.

I’m sharing this pirate and high seas tale, Deadly Misfortune by Dianne Greenlay because when I was young and mothering five babies my escape was reading every pirate adventure on the shelves of our mobile library~none of which were as well written as Deadly Misfortune. Nor did they have the kind of suspense that keeps you turning pages.  In addition, the story has a paranormal touch with the magic of three rings Tess Willoughby has acquired. The male lead, William Taylor does everything right to appeal to the guys. No wimp, he.  You can put this print edition in the hands of your teenager, girl or boy and each will be enthralled. It’s the perfect book for when your youngster outgrows Harry Potter. On Amazon.

The Man Who Invented Florida by Randy Wayne White is the single best book to give your guy for birthday, Father’s Day or that rainy day he can’t get out on the golf links. I guarantee you this book, my favorite and my own Keeper’s favorite of all the Doc Ford novels, will keep your man from grumbling about the weather, or anything else.  Here’s the blurb: “When solitary marine biologist Doc Ford focused his telescope on the woman in the white boat, he didn’t know his life was about to be capsized: that his conniving uncle, Tucker Gatrell, would discover the Fountain of Youth, that the National Enquirer would write about it, and that the law would beat down his door in search of three missing men.”  All of the Doc Ford novels start on the Gulf Coast of Florida, an area that hugs the Everglades and one with which I am familiar.  It used to be a poor man’s paradise and with five kids in tow, we used to take our cheap vacations on Cedar Key Island where we fished on a rickety pier and our entertainment was to watch the Portuguese sponge divers wash the sponge and hang their colorful clothes on boat rails and booms. Also on Audible.

Well, phooey. You didn’t think I was going to sign off without suggesting a couple of my own books did you? The problem is none of my books are equal to the exalted company of books above. Choosing a pair that might entertain as well as those I’ve recommended is scary as all get out.  The first one I’m gonna mention is Finding Home, about an out-of-work mill girl on a mission to find her family a home. Kind readers write the book is laugh-out-loud funny. The locale is Bayou La Batre, Alabama, a tiny fishing village on the Gulf Coast and one I know well. I crabbed many a day in the estuaries off Mobile Bay. Critics say: Bleh.  Nothing exotic about the book. No Billionaires, no glamour. A Southern story, a Southern heroine by a Southern writer.  Also on Audible.

Here’s my second offering: The Sheriff’s Woman. A small town romance that takes place in the hill country of Arkansas. I love that area and the friendly people. Drove through there often to visit once-upon-a-time in-laws. The story is about a widow with three small children who moves her family to the hard-scrabble homestead on which she grew up. She soon discovers the move from town to mountain to save her pride was not the right choice. The man who insists upon helping her is the man she blames for her fall from pride and livelihood. He won’t take ‘No’ for an answer. Again, no glamour, no billionaires, but drama, humor and, of course small town gossip. The characters in this book wrote the story for me. I was just along for the ride. It’s the first book I got up the courage to publish on all sales venues. So while I hope you’ll chose a print edition as a gift or for yourself,  I’ll mention it’s available as an ebook on your choice of venues.

@JackieWeger 2019. That’s all I have for you today. Except: Do bookmark this site:  We always have something going on that page. FREE and discounted books by your favorite authors, plus Giveaways that often include $100 Amazon Shopping Sprees, plus special gifts from our favorite promoters who sponsor our books.  Do stop in several times a month.  I talk about the promotion often in my Twitter Feed, so perhaps click to follow me on Twitter to stay abreast of what’s doin’.

As usual, Comments Welcome. Be nice. If you can’t be nice be articulate. Sharing appreciated. If you have a favorite book, tell us about it. Sure, put in the link to a buy page. Writers are always looking for good reads.  If you have a new release, by all mean share it. If you don’t know ehow to live link to a buy page, just put title. I’ll go into comments and add the live link. 



Holy Smokes! 2018 Almost Killed Me. 2019 ~ Survivor Mode.

Written By: Jackie Weger - Jan• 27•19

In 2018 Awful Things Happened. Some I Understand. Some I Don’t.

First up, I fell ill. We’d no more get one issue in hand and another would pop up. I spent time having sonar grams, MRIs. wearing heart monitors, swallowing cameras  and visiting one specialist after another.  I had so much blood drawn I could feed a hungry vampire  for a week.  I get being sick. Happens to all of us. Yet, through out the year, I designed monthly promotions, sent out my newsletter, arranged Tweet Fests, hired a Twitter guru and looked around for what else I might do.  While five and seven day promotions were successful, I still saw my sales flat-line, as well as KENP.  No more halo effects on promotions. Something changed. That’s what I couldn’t figure out. Still haven’t.

Coming soon in 99c Pre-order.

When I had everything in hand and under control and was preparing to publish a new book, along came Wells Fargo. I filed one complaint about fraud when I discovered recurring charges in my bank account. Wells Fargo went wild and filed complaints against thirty-five of my favorite vendors and service providers on Paypal. Worse, Wells Fargo penalized my vendors $20 or $25 for filing complaints against them with Paypal.  You can read the horror story here.  The snag was while the complaints were being sorted, I didn’t own the cover to my new book. I didn’t own the formatting. I didn’t own the editing because Paypal held all of their fees in limbo. I couldn’t publish. Took until January 8, 2019 to sort the snafu and get bank and Paypal back to normal.

But I discovered I’d been robbed of my spirit and motivation. Not my confidence because I own that. My energy on a scale of one to ten was a one.  Disgust prevailed. Because we rely on habit when all else fails, I muddled through. Kept moving forward, if only an inch at a time.  I kept thinking:  Do something! Amazon had changed something. Algorithms? Fact: A five or seven day promotion no longer created a halo effect or generated readers to buy down my list. Promoted books, even with 5K or 7K downloads did not keep good stats or stay in the public eye as had promotions I’d run in the past. Nope. Once the promo closed stats fell like stones.

Our monthly Accent on Romance cooperative promotions features a dozen books/authors. I monitored all and with few exceptions, discovered loss of stats and sale throughs were happening across the board. KENP pages read on borrows fell to hundreds or less per day.  Amazon introduced Page Flip and Scrolling, insisting those are only navigational tools, but some savvy authors did assays on their books and reported scrolling produced only one page read. Other indies report the exact opposite. I don’t disbelieve either author. But I see what I see and eNovel members are reporting sudden drop offs, too. Absolutely some author’s mileage varied. Soccer-themed and sports romances caught on. According to the authors, erotica books kept their audiences. Yet experienced and established indie authors were reporting new release promotions were not performing as in the past. One of my long time colleagues, a household name and every one of her books a best seller, told me during 2017-2018 her income dropped from five and six figures monthly to 2K$ and 3K$.  Moreover, her Bookbub acceptances dropped from seven or more a year 2013-2017 to one acceptance in 2018.  She’s as confused as I am.

Where did our readers go? Where did our sales go?

Nobody knows. We have more than sixty members in eNovel Authors at Work. All fine writers. Some of us are USA Today best sellers. Some NYTs. Some publish exclusive with Amazon. Some publish wide to all sales venues. Some of us were contracted authors for years and now are indie. We know the ropes. We know how to market our books.  We get behind and support one another’s promotions. Yet, we are not seeing the sales and successes our efforts generated in the past.

Find on Nook. Apple iBooks. Kobo. Google Play. Amazon.

Yet in review of 2018, I see some positives. First, my books earned enough to pay their expenses. I did something I never thought I would. I put Count The Roses and The Sheriff’s Woman wide and put both in back to back free promos to build an audience on all venues. I did a first cover reveal for All Tomorrow’s Memories. I’m scheduling it for a 30 day pre-order and publishing it wide at 99c. I’ll learn if I snagged a new audience. Starting in January 2019, I’m scheduling two newsletters a month. Both feature a 30 day Rafflecopters. One promotes free and 99c books, the second newsletter features up to six books, new releases and priced books, along with FREE and 99c. The goal is exposure and list building. Silverton Studios  published an audio and CD of The Reluctant Hero. I registered a new hashtag on Twubs for JackieWeger on Twitter: #bookbazaar and hired a Twitter guru to brand it in combo with #eNovAaW. A virtual Assistant is putting all my books in memes and posting them on Instagram.

I invite commercial promoters to join our monthly promotions. We feature and pump their newsletter sign up in exchange for promoting our books over  five or seven days at No Charge. eBookBetty has been one of our top sponsors. Michael Gallagher of fkbt is sponsoring our February 2019 cooperative promotion. It’s a win-win. We help build their subscriber lists and our books get featured to their audiences at no charge during our promotions.  Thus we increase the audience for our books from our own average aggregate of 125K+ subscribers to between another 50K to 100K.

3.95 on Downpour. $13.97 on Audible.

Years ago before there was such a thing as digital, I created a self-help, self-hypnosis  cassette, Fiction Focus. It was very popular and I sold thousands. I used it myself. It worked. No matter what was going on in my life, it drove me to my keyboard. A PhD in Psychology did the voice.  I still had the master tape and asked Silverton if it would be interested in publishing. Yes Silverton would,  and published it as an audio book and a MP3 CD. Reasonably priced at $3.95 on its Downpour site.  The irony is, I’d use it today to boost my motivation, except three years after I created the tape, I went deaf as a doorknob. I know the text by heart so I just ‘listen’ to it in my mind~bio feed back style.

I can’t tell anyone what to do to stay in the game. I know this much: Exposure is everything. I’m taking advantage of AMS sponsored promotions. I’m having memes designed for all of my books and using those on Twitter. I’m keeping a Tweet pinned to my Twitter bio. A good colleague designed a smashing Twitter banner. That’s up. I’m looking at every resource available to me and evaluating it. Using what I can and improving on it if possible.

What I know: We can’t go back to square one. Square one is gone~off the board. We need to continue to build our subscribers lists, nurture and appreciate them.  When one audience leaves us, my experience is that another steps in. I also think our reading audience is distracted. We’ve lost thousands to fires, floods, hurricanes, tornadoes, earthquakes and winter storms.  Affected people cannot put their lives back together overnight. We need to wait it out and hang in, keep doing what we know how best to do,  adjust to new market trends and try new avenues to success, whether that’s selling ten books or a hundred. Most of us promote our ebooks daily, weekly or monthly. We need to start promoting our print editions and audibles, too. Our newsletters are prime real estate for that. As well as back-of-book-matter. Readers do buy print editions. I bought four already this month.

I did not make any 2019 New Year’s resolutions because I didn’t think I’d be around to keep them. Surprised myself! Here I am.  What I’m going to do is work off my 2018 To Do list and all of the above. I’m so not as energetic as I would prefer, but I don’t need a wealth of energy to get tasks done.  Muddling along will do it for me.

I’ve been a writer since 1980 and every dime I’ve earned since has been by writing something. My experience is this: Some years are flush, some dry, some skimpy. Some of us have to stop our career for weeks or even years to take care of family issues. I did. Now, when I do all things right and it still doesn’t work out, I stop. I go play, do something I enjoy, make a garden, buy a trunk load of books and do a marathon read. Meanwhile my craft is still there waiting to be activated again. I don’t judge my writer self-worth by what the next author is achieving or not, because I can’t mimic another writer’s goals, life, craft. I can’t even get past typing thirty words a minute, and then I have to revise the dang things. My suggestion is to write, publish and promote on a path that works for you.

Do I think the indie publishing industry is in dismal shape? Nope. It think it’s in flux. It