Have you checked your Book Description Recently?

Written By: Jackie Weger - Sep• 24•18

Have you checked your book description, referred to as your blurb–recently. If not Do!

Today on Amazon. Soon available on all Sales Venues.

Did you know that every time you change price, do any clean up on your book, add back matter, or change key words, the original book descriptions pops up on your book.  It’s Amazon’s default blurb on your book. If there were errors, there they are again. If you revised your description–it’s gone.  This is annoying as heck.

Since we’ve moved my books from Create Space to KDP print, up popped the earlier descriptions. And a couple got mangled. I was checking descriptions, not only on my books, but some books we’re promoting in Accent on Romance cooperative promotions. I found the first letter in one description dropped. I found some descriptions tripled spaced. I found descriptions that read like a proposal to an agent~the whole darn story laid out. Nothing left to the imagination but the last line in the book.

Absolutely it is Author Choice how one designs and posts a description. But tighter is better. Keep in mind, we are not composing an essay for an English Class. When moving from the first main Character to the second, one may keep all in the same paragraph. To highlight the change, all one must do is bold the character name. I bold my entire blurb. It’s all about one book. I’m not adding space breaks or white space.

Here’s a book with a description in which the author does it her way. It works, because the book is stunning. And the author knows her stuff. Check out the book description.

I spent hours ridding my blurbs of rhetorical questions to declarative sentences. The rhetorical questions at the end are back. Revising those again as time permits. You must check those blurbs, because a blurb with errors can get a book rejected for a promotion.  A badly composed blurb can also get a book rejected. It happens more often than you think.  In a recent cooperative promotion with a commercial promoter, one book was rejected because the promoter considered the blurb did not convey the essence of the story. And hey! I own the book. I love it. It’s well-written. Not a word out of place and the story is smooth as satin from start to finish. Who knew?

Sharing this: It’s just not commercial promoters. Those of us who support our sister authors and promote their books find the same thing. Over-written book descriptions. We have to edit for space, lest our newsletters look like a story board. There are three things that get a book bought or downloaded:

The Cover. The Blurb. The Price. 

That is the triptych of success. If you want repeat customers, the story has to resonate with your audience. Targeting the right audience is another whole blog. Others can tell you about audience connections far better than I. But! To get book buyer eyes on it’s the Cover, the Blurb, the Price. So take a  moment to check your book page inside and outside Author Central. Especially since Amazon is going through some changes. For an earlier blog on Book descriptions and your Amazon Author page go HERE. Some smart folks had a few good things to tell us. 

Now I always like to share with you some promoters eNovel Members favor and who we consider do right by authors.  Here’s a short list. eBookBetty. KindleBookReview. HiddenGems. BookCave. BookAngel. ENT. fkbt. JustContemporaryRomance. Robin Reads.  Fussy Librarian.  Keep in mind your mileage may vary. We find it does even for us when there are events like hurricanes, fires and floods that our fans and readers must cope with.

@2018 by Jackie Weger, Founder of eNovel Authors at Work ~ a Resource for Indie Authors. Here’s a resource for you: If you need help moving your books from Create Space to KDP Print, Hire Nicholas Rossis. $30 to move your list whether it’s 10 or fifty books. Nick is fast, efficient and knows his stuff. Just click on his name and make your move worry free. I did. Lastly, I’d like to give a shout out to Linda and Caleb Pirtle III, down home Texas Folks who talk about our indie books as if they are golden.  We love these people. Pop over and say hello.


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  1. Robyn M Ryan says:

    What a great message, Jackie—updated Book Blurbs are top of my list now (plus moving CS to KDP). I guess everyone should check bios, too—I keep wondering the first bio keeps reappearing; now I know why. Thank you, as always for valuable advice.

    ~ Robyn Ryan
    Author of The Clearing the Ice Series

  2. Thanks for the advice. I just checked mine and they’re okay but I’ll keep it in mind and recheck from time to time. Appreciated! 🙂
    Bronwyn Elsmore
    Author of Backwards Into the Future; Every Five Minutes; Seventeen Seas.

  3. Gah! I had no idea about this. Thanks for raising it.

    I did receive an email from Amazon about their plans to move my existing books from CS to KDP, so I’ll keep my eye on that.

  4. Alexa Dare says:

    Great info!

    Lots to learn and implement… So much better with awesome guidance.

  5. So, no rhetorical questions in blurbs? Guess that one answers itself. *wink* Thanks for this post, Jackie.

  6. Donna Fasano (@DonnaFaz) says:

    Jackie! I am stunned and elated to see that you’ve featured Two Hearts in Winter! I love you, woman!

  7. Thanks Jackie. Great advice as always. Checking my blurbs now ?

  8. I can only hope to write as good blurbs as you some day. Let’s hope these tips help! Also, many thanks for the kind shoutout ?

  9. laurieboris says:

    Yep. I look at them every once in a while. Thanks for the reminder!

  10. This is great advice! I’m off to check my blurbs now 🙂

  11. Oh, the blurbs… Big problem, but a weird one for me. Mine are fine, but in Amazon UK and only for the paperbacks they are all over the place…even though they’re supposed to mirror the kindles and the ones in the US too. Amazon told me last week they’ll try to fix it and get back to me and I’m still waiting… I am guessing I am not the only one who has this problem…

  12. Linda Lee says:

    Well, if I revise mine, guess I’ll get rid of those “rhetorical questions” we were encouraged to use in our blurbs “good hooks” five years ago. Things just keep changing, don’t they? In another five years, rhetorical questions could be popular again. LOL. Thanks for the heads-up, Jackie.

  13. Wow, Jackie, I just found this, went and checked, and yes, old blurbs on the moved paperbacks. Thank so much for the heads-up!

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