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Laurie Boris is a freelance writer and copyeditor. She has been writing fiction for almost thirty years and is the award-winning author of seven novels. When she’s not hanging out with the universe of imaginary people in her head, she enjoys baseball, reading, and avoiding housework.

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The Call: A Baseball Novel

As if being one of the first female umpires in professional baseball isn’t challenge enough, Margie faces a tough choice when she suspects a big-name slugger of cheating. Blowing the whistle could risk her career…and maybe her twin brother’s major-league prospects, too.

“The Call is a baseball novel and so much more. It’s a novel about family, relationships, friends and enemies, facing adversity, struggling with success, and still so much more. Laurie Boris deftly weaves a tale that is emotionally suspenseful, yet believable, and — most importantly — entertaining. Highly recommended for baseball fans, or anyone who’s part of a family or relationship, has friends or enemies, or has faced adversity or struggled with success. So yes, pretty much everyone.”



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A Sudden Gust of Gravity

 “An impressively well written novel from beginning to end, ‘A Sudden Gust of Gravity’ confirms author Laurie Boris as a master of the Contemporary Romantic genre. An inherently absorbing and entertaining read throughout, ‘A Sudden Gust of Gravity’ is very highly recommended…” Midwest Book Review
Christina had given up on a career in magic, until a charming street performer hires her to be his assistant. But when his dark side threatens, she questions if the opportunity for a second chance is worth the price of admission.


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Playing Charlie Cool

“A beautifully crafted novel, flawless in its execution, and with a heartwarming story… This is a book I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend to anyone, of any gender, of any orientation.”  Leland1234

Television producer Charlie Trager knows he’s lucky to have a successful career and good friends and family who support him. The man he loves, however, is not so lucky. Joshua Goldberg suffers the spite of an ex-wife gunning to keep him from their two children…and maybe Charlie. Determined not to let Joshua go, Charlie crafts a scheme that could remove the obstacles to their relationship…or destroy their love forever. (Note: May be read as a stand-alone story.)


The Picture of Cool

“Laurie Boris knows how to build a character and make you love him. I have had a schoolgirl crush on Charlie since his appearance in her amazon Bestseller ‘Don’t Tell Anyone.’ I know Charlie. I can picture him in my mind, I can hear his voice, I can almost smell his cologne. That, my dear children, is the mark of a great author.” Donna Dillon

Television producer Charlie Trager spends his days working with beautiful women on a daytime talk show. But underneath his cool façade, there’s a hollow spot in his heart, waiting for the right man to ease his loneliness. Then he meets the show’s next guest, a handsome young politician with a bad case of nerves—and a secret that could turn both their lives upside down. (Short novella: 14,000 words)


Sliding Past Vertical

“Without giving anything away, there are twists and turns and bits and pieces that I would never have wanted the characters to do or experience, and those are the very parts that make this such a rich story…well that and the fact that I feel like I actually knew the characters, like they were people I’d encountered (or, occasionally, had been). Loved this book start to finish, and, as always, I can hardly wait to see what Ms. Boris gives us next.” Laura Clark

Sarah Cohen doesn’t mean to hurt anyone. But lately every decision this twenty-nine-year-old graphic artist makes ends in varying degrees of disaster. Fortunately for her, nursing home orderly Emerson McCann is just a phone call away, ready to help clean up the mess. Years after their brief college romance, Emerson still longs for her. Even though she moved to Boston and left him behind in Syracuse. Even though he can only dream about being with her, stuck in the friend zone and offering comfort as guy after guy breaks her heart.

When her latest fling lands Sarah in deep trouble, she runs to Emerson yet again. Thinking a change of scene will change her luck, or at least give her the opportunity to make the right choices this time, she decides to return to Syracuse. Emerson is happy, at first, to accommodate her, and he sets her up in his rooming house. But with her history, an innocent graduate student living down the hall, and Emerson ready to boil over, Sarah may be too close for everyone’s comfort. And Emerson’s dream may become a nightmare.


Don’t Tell Anyone

“Once in a while, a book comes along that you don’t want to put down. You think to yourself, just one more chapter, or one more section, then I’ll stop for a while and do what I have to do. Such was the case with Don’t Tell Anyone by Laurie Boris.” Amazon Customer

Liza’s mother-in-law once called her a godless hippie raised by wolves. Now, after five years of marriage to her elder son, five years of disapproval and spite, the family accidentally learns that Estelle has a fatal illness. And Estelle comes to her with an impossible request. A horrified Liza refuses but keeps the question from her husband and his brother. As the three children urge Estelle to consider treatment, their complicated weave of family secrets and lies begins to unravel. Can they hold their own lives together long enough to help Estelle with hers?

(Reader note: Although it’s Book Two in the Trager Family Secrets Series, Don’t Tell Anyone is a stand-alone story.)


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Drawing Breath

“An achingly beautiful story of friendship and growing pains, and ultimately, of love – specifically the lengths a girl on the cusp of womanhood is willing to go to prove her love and fix a terrible mistake she’s made before it’s too late. Vivid, realistic characters in all-too-real situations drew me in, while the even pace held me in a firm yet tender grip all the way to the end. It got me in the guts and left me breathless.” Jennifer D.

Art teacher Daniel Benedetto has cystic fibrosis. At thirty-four, he’s already outlived his doctor’s “expiration date,” but that doesn’t stop him from giving all he can to his students and his work. When he takes on Caitlin, his landlady’s daughter, as a private student, the budding teen painter watches in torment as other people, especially women, treat Daniel like a freak because of his condition. To Caitlin, Daniel is not a disease, not someone to pity or take care of but someone to care for, a friend, and her first real crush. Convinced one of those women is about to hurt him, Caitlin makes one very bad decision.


  1. Jackie Weger says:

    Laurie! Welcome to eNovel Authors at Work. We are thrilled to have you aboard. We are so looking forward to your books.
    Jackie Weger

  2. A very warm welcome, Laurie! Pleased to have you as a member.

  3. Hi Laurie and welcome to the group. A peek at your books on Amazon piqued my interest. I look forward to reading them. Nice to see another writer of contemporary fiction here. Many happy sales and keep paying it forward!

  4. Hi, Laurie! Welcome to the group! I’m very glad you’re here, and I love the “godless hippie raised by wolves!” 😀

  5. Mike Markel says:

    Welcome to eNovelists. I’ve learned a lot about marketing already from many of the successful authors here, especially Jackie Weger. I try to do what she says because she really knows what she’s doing. Plus she routinely threatens to come after us with a snake gun. I don’t what that is, and I hope not to find out.

  6. Dale Furse says:

    Hi Laurie. Great to see you here.
    What a great selection of books you have. Lol, sounds like something from Little Red Riding Hood.

  7. Welcome aboard, Laurie. Congrats on the new book!

  8. Mary Smith says:

    Welcome, Laurie. I often ‘meet’ you – and Lois – over on IU. You will enjoy this group, too, as everyone is great at supporting each other.

  9. Laurie Boris says:

    Hi, everyone! For those who live in New York’s Hudson Valley, I’ll be talking about and reading from Playing Charlie Cool at the Golden Notebook Bookstore in Woodstock on Saturday, November 8 at 6 p.m. Would love to see you there!

  10. Getting n a bit late (as usual) but welcome to eNovel, Laurie!

    Sharon Pennington

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  12. […] Laurie Boris is a freelance writer, editor, proofreader, and former graphic designer. She has been writing fiction for over twenty-five years and is the award-winning author of five novels: The Joke’s on Me, Drawing Breath, Don’t Tell Anyone, Sliding Past Vertical, and Playing Charlie Cool. When not hanging out with the universe of imaginary people in her head, she enjoys baseball, cooking, reading, and helping aspiring novelists as a contributing writer and editor for She lives in New York’s lovely Hudson Valley. —Amazon Author Bio * Follow Laurie on Facebook * Keep up with Laurie’s blog * Follow Laurie on Twitter * Check out Laurie and other award-winning authors at and see her page there at […]

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