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Linda Lee Williams

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Linda Lee Williams writes “contemporary romances with a paranormal twist.” After moving to Denver from Chicago, she taught writing classes at Arapahoe Community College and formed a writers group. Recently, she teamed up with her husband Tim–the artist that illustrated her book covers–to publish her novels on Amazon. An outdoor enthusiast, Linda enjoys hiking, biking, and birding. She loves critters of all kinds, domestic or wild. During her journeys, Linda’s called Maryland, Virginia, Illinois, Missouri, and Colorado home. Wherever she roams, she finds inspiration in her surroundings.


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The Ascent of the Heart – Faith, Hope, & Love Series, Book 3

Lorena exists in the confines of her troubled past.  When her nephew, Braedon, comes along, he frees her from her suffocating life.

Then Artie arrives with a few liberating tricks of his own—good food, good company, and a not-so-deaf ear.  In the wings, someone else watches and listens.  Someone who bears Lorena’s and Artie’s most painful secrets and deepest wounds.

Will the couple need a little heavenly help?

Only Kayla knows for sure…



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The Breadth of the Soul – Faith, Hope, & Love Series, Book 2

She doesn’t know who she is or why she’s come to Colorado Springs.

Dustin has no idea why he’s met her.

Kayla whispers that her name is Ruby—if he can believe the voice of a spirit in the night.

Separate tragedies, years apart, form an invisible bond between Ruby and him.

A chance encounter over the Holidays? Or a match made in Heaven?

Only Kayla knows for sure…


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The Depth of the Spirit – Faith, Hope, & Love Series, Book 1

When an accident leaves Thomas crippled and in a wheelchair, he resigns himself to life as a bachelor–not an easy thing for a young man to accept.

Then fate drops Margot in his lap.

Margot understands the frustrations and challenges of Thomas’ disability. She knows the pain of loss.

Has serendipity brought Thomas and Margot together? Or has his dead friend’s prophecy come true?

Only Kayla knows for sure…



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Brothers of the Night – Blood & Company Series, Book 4

“I’ve been waiting for this one. It did not disappoint. If this is the wrap on the series, it is an excellent job. The choices and tragedies the family has endured are laid bare. New insights and fresh beginnings for several characters make this a great read.” Amazon Reviewer

Herschel Kohler harbors a terrible secret…and simmering resentment. Although he hides the knowledge from his wife, Trudy, she senses the darkness within her vampire husband. Hundreds of miles away, Stefan Slater receives cryptic notes in the mail. His brother Ambrose’s daughter experiences strange dreams and ghostly visits. Can a six-year-old girl, two brothers, and a group of friends solve a tragic mystery dating back twenty-five years? Will Stefan and Ambrose find closure? Or will the shocking truth shatter the Slater family?



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New England Nights – Blood & Company Series, Book 3

All is not what it seems to be on the eastern seaboard…

Abandoned late at night, Norah Sheridan shows up on Geoff Hammond’s doorstep, leaving him no choice but to take her in. Attracted to Norah, Geoff risks breaking every promise he’s made to his dying mother. Will Norah care that the handsome, renowned painter and his other artistic friends are vampire-human hybrids, pursuing their talents in Bridgeport, Connecticut? Or will she fall in love with Geoff despite herself?

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Sisters of the Night

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Sisters of the Night – Blood & Company Series, Book 2

“Once again, author Linda Lee Williams kept me enthralled and turning the pages. I started Sisters of the Night and finished it the same night. I just couldn’t put it down.” Kelly Cozzone AVP

Emaline Hoffbrau is a beautiful, confident vampire. After losing the vampire man she loved, she doubts that her soul mate exists. When the charming Garrett Thompson comes along, he turns her world upside-down. Can Garrett accept what Emaline is? Or will he break her heart in a different way?

Juliana Slater is a gorgeous, manipulative vampire. She’s married to Chad Browning, a “regular man.” Although Chad loves Juliana, he’s not sure he wants to be her husband anymore. Will a tragedy decide their fate? Or can the two of them forgive each other and learn to trust again?

Gretchen Eberhardt is living with Bertram Fulbright, a sexy vampire and “ladies’ man.” To complicate matters, he’s slept with her best fang friends. Can a vampire couple find lasting love together? Or will Bert abandon Gretchen for another woman one day?


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Old Town Nights – Blood & Company Series, Book 1

“The agony of true love is the focus of this very special vampire story. This tender romance puts vampires in a whole new light. Old Town Nights isn’t one you want to miss.” Aubree Lane AVP

Addicted to love…

When Abby Lawrence shows a house to Ambrose Slater, she’s unable to resist the handsome, sensitive hybrid-vampire, who is a powerful mortal. As she witnesses the deterioration of his brother’s marriage to a regular woman, Abby must decide if she can embrace the vampire lifestyle or give up the only man she’s ever loved. Ambrose must choose whether to risk losing Abby’s love or setting her free, even if it kills him…

Can Abby and Ambrose make their relationship work? Or is their love affair doomed?



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“Ms Williams has written complex characters with very real flaws and it is delightful to follow their story and watch them overcome the huge obstacles they face.” Amanda on Amazon

When Errol Fleming moves in across the hall from Andie McNaughton, her life takes another unforeseen and perilous turn. Sweet, shy, and a bit reclusive, Andie has enough phobias to confirm that she’s “crazy.” Beautiful but imperfect, Errol bears his own disability. Despite the challenges their relationship faces, they decide to take a chance on each other.

Then Andie starts hearing a voice and dreaming about “Noah.” The handsome stranger dismays her at first, and then fascinates her. She begins having visions of Noah and traveling in her mind to a mystical tropical island, where she discovers unexpected connections. Errol’s haunting dreams about the island and Noah’s obsession with Andie only add to the mystery of what’s happening…

Is Noah a figment of Andie’s imagination? Or does he exist in an alternate reality? More important, can Errol save Andie from Noah and the idyllic world she’s escaped to? Or will he lose her to her phantom lover?



  1. Donna Fasano says:

    Welcome to eNovel Authors at Work!

  2. Mary Smith says:

    Your books sound really intriguing,Linda. i have to admit I’ve never read any vampire books (or even heard of hybrid vampires) but after reading about your books on here, I’ll be trying them, starting, I think, with Old Town Nights.

    • Thanks, Mary. My vampires are not “conventional,” by any stretch of the imagination. They’re part-human and mortal, which presents its own set of problems. Also, there are no werewolves, shifters, or any violence in my novels. Basically, these are romance stories with a paranormal twist.

  3. Julie Frayn says:

    I’ll tell my sister and daughter about your books, Linda. They love the vampires 🙂

  4. Jackie Weger says:

    I have a question about vampires. If a Vampire was an EMT and sucked the blood out of snakebite victim–would he die?
    Linda, I am so glad to have you in eNovel Authors at Work–you really pay it forward. I know I can always count on you. I appreciate it lot.

    Jackie Weger

    • ROFL, Jackie! Well, an immortal vampire–who could only be an EMT at night–would not die. A mortal vampire, such as my own, would probably “bite it”!

      Seriously, I’m proud and pleased to be here…and am always happy to pay it forward. Authors need to support one another, in whatever ways we can.

  5. Linda, your work gives me chills – of the very best kind! Your books are so imaginative, deeply felt, and gripping!

    All the best,

    • Wow, thanks for the compliments, Lorrie. Truthfully, the stories are not “scary.” My novels are about the power of love and overcoming obstacles on our paths to happiness…no matter who or what we are.

  6. Linda, your book blurbs sound so intriguing. Complications throughout the character’s relationships like this are so interesting!

  7. Thanks, all of you, for your wonderful comments! I’m honored to be part of this group and always happy to “pay it forward.”

  8. Joanne Hill says:

    Welcome to eNovel Authors. It’s great to meet such diverse authors!!

  9. Pete Barber says:

    Hi Linda,

    As the newest member of eNovelAuthorsatWork, I just wanted to stop by and say hi! I look forward to working with you to spread the word about your stories.


  10. Sarah Lane says:

    Looking forward to discovering your books! They look like fun reads.

  11. Hi Linda
    I keep spotting you in social media – you seem to be ubiquitous.

  12. KJD says:

    Hi Linda,

    Ace book covers. Look forward to working with you and the rest of this excellent and vibrant group.


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