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Livia Quinn is a DC native who was inspired by the culture and weather of Louisiana to write military contemporary romance novels about sexy military men, and urban fantasy paranormals full of supernatural creatures—storm witches, dragons, fae and vampires. A lifelong lover of romance, her inspiration was Nora Roberts who wrote in different genres. Her experiences as mail lady, performer, plant manager, and salesman have left her with a backlog of fodder to share with her readers.

She lives on the bayou with her husband and their Cajun husky (a feisty Pom who thinks he’s the Ididarod pack leader), Dusty. Her mantra, “Keep believing. Love happens, like magic, when you least expect it!”

You can also find Livia on her website


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Destiny Paramortals Boxed Set, Books 1-3

“Enter Middle Earth. You won’t want to leave.” “Destiny is like a mini-vacation from the real world!” Run don’t walk to the buy button.”

Welcome to Destiny, or should I say Middle Earth
Ages ago a pact was made between all the supernatural species – shifters, djinn, dragons, vampires and fae – to protect humans. Just don’t tell the humans…

I’m Jack Lang sheriff and former Navy pilot. To say Destiny wasn’t what I expected was like saying Wolverine’s fingernails were long enough for a manicure. I’d been looking for Mayberry, a quaint little safe town to raise my daughter but that ship sailed when I met Tempest Pomeroy, mail lady, storm witch, and trouble magnet.


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Blood Moon

#6 in the Destiny Paramortals available in the Moonlight Magic Paranormal collection.

“A must-read and highly-recommend!”

There’s a new red leather clad warrior in town, who says she’s a dragonhunter … hunter. But River knows she’s more than that—she’s trouble— especially after the meeting he just took with the scarred man, who blew his worldview to hell.

Blood Moon will be available in all stores in April 2018.


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Men of Honour – Book 3: Nick

For love and country …

“Best romantic suspense of the year!” 

Could his past get her killed?

He’d been dodging the lightning, fighting the wind and rain, looking for a place to hide…when he’d seen the faint glow in the distance. There was no answer at the door so he’d broken in, entered… and there she was, a beautiful Valkyrie. Wielding her sword, she screamed as she struck him—for no good reason—and then everything went black. Everything.

Books 1 through 4 and the boxed set available in all stores:

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He’ll cross the globe to reclaim her heart

“I loved this book!! Exciting, sexy and sit on the edge of your seat kind of book!!! Ms. Quinn, I could see the love from the very first page. This book is worth 10 stars!”

One year ago, Antiquities dealer Elektra Charpentier lost the rarest opal she’d ever almost owned, and the only man she’d ever loved. Now he’s back.

Aussie gem hunter Cass McKay spent the last year searching for Elektra’s Blood Opal and a way back into her life and her heart. Now he has it. And he doesn’t intend to lose her again, because without her, he’s — U n d o n e

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