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Loretta Jackson and Vickie Britton, sisters and co-authors, are drawn to out-of-the-way places, old mining towns, and vast range lands where the legends and history of the past live on. Inspired by the rugged mountains of Wyoming and Colorado, they find the lonely, high country region a perfect setting for the High Country Mystery Series, which features Wyoming sheriff, Jeff McQuede. In addition to this series, they are authors of over forty novels, including the eight-book Ardis Cole Mystery Series, and many single title mysteries and romantic suspense novels. Both writers live in Kansas; Loretta in Junction City, Vickie in Hutchinson.

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Murder in Black and White

“By any measure, the book is enjoyable and the characters thoroughly loveable.”Karen Pirnot, Readers’ Favorite 

Sheriff Jeff McQuede becomes suspicious when a robber breaks into the Coal County Museum and steals only one item – a black-and-white class photograph. Under the name Jerome Slade the photographer had printed two ominous words: never graduated.

When a body is unearthed beneath the newly demolished school, McQuede realizes Slade had not left Black Mountain the night of the spring dance. McQuede soon uncovers hidden rivalries between Slade and his classmates. When he discovers that Heather Kenwell and the woman of his dreams, Loris Conner, were rivals for Slade’s affection, McQuede fears finding out the truth.
Theft, blackmail, and another brutal killing lead back to photographs taken by Black Mountain’s eccentric photographer, Bruce Fenton. While others see an innocent collection, McQuede sees murder in black and white.


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Whispers of the Stones 

“Whispers of the Stones” is a multi-layered mystery that should prove a strong addition for genre fans-Midwest Book Review 

Sheriff Jeff McQuede finds ‘Bartering Bill’ Garr murdered at his rural antique store. Only one item is missing — a rare artifact believed to be the Pedro Mummy. First discovered in a cave in Wyoming, the Pedro Mummy was reported missing in the 1950s. Dr. Seth Talbot, newly arrived in town, has put out a fifteen-thousand-dollar reward for any information on the mummy, hoping that modern technology will prove his theory that a tiny race of people actually existed: one the Shoshones call the Nimerigar, or Little People.

McQuede is astounded to find the mummy in the trunk of Seth Talbot’s car. Talbot swears he;s being set up by rival co-workers — Dr. Arden Reed, in particular — who plans to benefit from his research. McQuede suspects the theft of the mummy is a red herring used to cover up the true motive for the crime. The closer he comes to the truth, the deeper McQuede is drawn into an elaborate hoax that threatens his career and places him in grave danger.


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Stealer of Horses

“Their descriptions of the characters and the places are extremely vivid and the plot is cleverly thought-out…. I am now a converted fan….”
Nicola Davies, Readers Favorite

The famous Carlo painting Stealer of Horses sells for cash in a small Wyoming town and gallery owner Sheldon Spence gives the $200,000 to his wife, who walks over to the bank to make the deposit…and never returns.

A witness claims to have seen a frightened-looking Susan Spence in a battered old Chevy, speeding out of town. And each succeeding clue reveals a different angle on her disappearance. Sheriff Jeff McQuede begins to wonder if this is more than a simple case of kidnapping and robbery. Was Sheldon involved in Susan’s disappearance? Or did Susan and a lover fake the scheme, planning to run off with the money they stole from Sheldon? The identity of a victim found shot behind the wheel of the Chevy holds the key to one ominous question: Is Susan Spence a kidnap victim—or is she part of some sinister ploy?


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The Executioner’s Hood

“McQuede is a character that would make anybody feel safe and secure.” Sandra Murphy – King’s River Life Magazine

An ominous black hood, a murdered judge.

When Sheriff Jeff McQuede finds Durmont’s highly respected judge, Phil Grayson, bludgeoned to death in his study, a black executioner’s hood shoved over his head. Behind him on walls and in display cases is his Old West outlaw collection that includes a death mask, a hangman’s noose, and a Peacemaker. The judge has many enemies, one, Darin Keefe, just released from prison after serving seven years for a crime involving a city scandal. Judge Grayson’s best friend, John Harwood, was believed to have taken a bribe from Keefe Construction and to have committed suicide rather than face conviction. Has the killer singled out some rare item in this macabre collection to steal and left the rest behind, or is this a modern-day example of vigilante justice?


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An Icy Death

“The cold, brutal Wyoming winter is the perfect setting for a book that you want to curl up in front of the fire with and never stop reading.” Janelle Fila – Readers’ Favorite

In the heart of a raging blizzard Sheriff Jeff McQuede discovers a woman frozen to death in her car. At first he believes her death to be an unfortunate accident–until he finds clues that point to cold-blooded murder. Margaret’s husband, Arthur, left her in the stalled vehicle to brave the storm and manages to reach Joe Trevino’s isolated ranch. The case becomes more complicated because of the recent warehouse robberies at Trevino’s store. McQueede finds that Trevino is Margaret Burnell’s business partner, and that she has traveled from their Casper store to conduct a company audit. In addition, Margaret has planned to meet with her only child, a run-away daughter she hasn’t seen in years. Trevino, the missing daughter, and Arthur Burnell would all profit financially from Margaret’s demise. Did Arthur simply abandon his wife for his share of the money, leaving her to die an icy death?


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Crying Woman Bridge

“Lots of exciting scenarios, with several twists/turns & a huge set of very unique/colorful characters to keep track of. This could also make another great crime mystery movie, or mini TV series.”  Tony Parsons

Haunted bride. Crying woman. Missing baby.

While returning from Professor Dawson’s lecture on haunted places, the last thing Sheriff Jeff McQuede and Dawson expect to encounter is a terrified woman clinging to the railing of Mirabella’s Bridge, crying for her lost baby. It looks as if Rae Harris has thrown the infant over the bridge in a fit of despair, but she claims he has been stolen by a ghostly figure she calls Mirabella. Similar to the La Llorona legend Dawson just spoke about, Mirabella was a local pioneer woman who was rumored to have drowned her infant after being abandoned by a lover. At first McQuede believes Rae was driven by madness, but he soon finds evidence that her story may be true, and the perfectly timed kidnapping of her child may be in some way related to lecture attendee and local celebrity, Jim Royce, and his vast fortune.


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The Vanished Lady

“I loved The Vanished Lady. It reminded me a lot of a classic “whodunit” where there is one person you know for certain is innocent and everyone else is guilty of something.” C. Biby

Dana Lawrence doesn’t imagine when she buys the quaint Victorian house in the remote mountains of Colorado that her life will soon be in danger. She has heard the legend of Lelia Glenn and how she vanished in the 1800’s, but no one told her about the more recent disappearance of Amy Walden two years ago.

On the night of her arrival, Dana spies someone digging on her land. The sheriff tells her that on the day Amy disappeared Glenndale’s jewelry store was robbed. Amy’s boyfriend, Donnie Thorpe, is still on the run, and his accomplice, Jed Hoyt, has just been released from prison. Bennett believes a third party masterminded the robbery–her handsome neighbor, Logan Rand. While Dana tries to beat the thieves to the stolen goods, she uncovers a grave. Threats and attempts on her life follow in rapid succession. Dana must identify the killer before she becomes the next vanished lady.


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