Mary D. Brooks

A geek with too many imaginary friends who speak different languages (knew those language classes would come in handy). Historical romance and urban fantasy storyteller and addicted to stories and song about strength and courage. I play well with others (for an introvert) but then retreat to talk and write about my imaginary friends. Passionate about lots of things that inspire the mind (art/design, psychology, science and tech) that sets my muse on fire (she’s a busy lady!). 


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In the Blood of the Greeks

“Mary D. Brooks has written a novel that is not only superb, but the plot, the development of the characters, and the setting are perfect. It is an emotional roller coaster ride, but a good one. The story is gripping, the protagonists are amazing and well formed, the setting is realistic, and their friendship is wonderful.”  Rabia Tanveer for Readers’ Favorite

It’s 1942 in German Occupied Greece during World War II, two women, one Greek, the other German must work together to help Jews escape. They have to put aside their mutual antipathy to each other to accomplish their clandestine operation. They know that one wrong move will put an end to their lives.

Fourteen year old Zoe Lambros’ faith in God is shattered after her mother’s death at the hands of the German Commander. She determines to defy the enemy in every way she can–including a festering urge to kill the German Commander’s daughter, Eva Muller.

Eva Muller has a tortured past, and a secret, if revealed, will lead to certain death at the hands of her father. Despite knowing the risk, Eva is working with the village priest to help the Jews escape. With her activities closely observed, Eva needs help to continue the clandestine operation. Zoe is not who Eva has in mind but they have to find a way to work as a team.


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Where Shadows Linger

“Once again, Mary D. Brooks proves that she masters the art of writing emotion. Her unique narrative voice never wavers, her elegant writing style is flawless, and her talent for writing smart, flowing dialogue is extraordinary.” Rosa Alonso, Amazon review

Eva Muller and Zoe Lambros return in the award winning second novel of the Intertwined Souls Series. Eva and Zoe migrate to Australia seek refuge and a new life at the end of World War II in the ‘Land of Milk and Honey’. They try to fit into a society marred by prejudice and must hide their love for each other. Eva struggles with the ramification of her tortured past as she tries to overcome the mental constraints forced upon her. Zoe’s dream of being an artist is just a dream but Eva has a plan to make that happen even if means working at a menial job.

Shadows from their past and machinations of old enemies plunge them into mortal danger. They are about to find out the hard way that moving thousands of miles away does not protect them from those that wish them harm.



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Hidden Truths

“Brooks has managed to invent a set of characters that are strong women who do not need a man at their sides to help them in situations. Instead, they rely on their own strengths and their intelligence to survive and live a happy life. Eva and Zoe are true companions in every sense, and they know each other very well. They know that their love can only thrive if they fight and let go of the past. This is exactly what they did, but they did it together. No hypocrisy here and no deceptions. Another nice, clean romance that fills your heart. A wonderful novel!” Readers’ Favorite

Eva and Zoe have found peace in a world that doesn’t understand or tolerate their love. It’s 1950 and the end of the Greek Civil War brings unwelcome news for Zoe. She must return home to Greece to reclaim her property or lose her inheritance. Zoe is reluctant to expose Eva to the pain of revisiting Larissa, the town that almost killed her. Eva is adamant that Zoe should go back and rightly claim what is hers.

While at an impasse of what is to be done, the decision is made to not only go back to Greece but also back to Germany. They are aware that the journey back home will be filled with painful memories that have haunted them for years.

What awaits them in Larissa, the town where they first met?

What secrets will be revealed that will alter their lives forever?



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“Thought provoking with thematic moral undertones, Brooks has created astute, honest, and most notably, believable characters that quickly materialize in the mind and bring an undeniable sense of authenticity to her tale that will leave many of her readers reflecting upon the fettered boundaries of forbidden romance in bygone times.” Book Viral

Eva and Zoe come full circle as they are back in Larissa, Greece, where it all began during World War II. It’s now 1950 and once again Larissa will alter their lives in ways neither of them expect in the award winning Intertwined Souls Urban Fantasy Series Book Two.

Eva not only has to deal with her wartime memories in the place that despised her and almost destroyed her, but she also has to contend with a woman from the past, Theresa Mitsos, the quiet, gentle soul with extraordinary paranormal powers of visions through time. Who really is this woman and how could she foretell what is to be decades before they happened?

Faced with a physical reminder of her tortured past, Eva’s courage, strength and resilience are brought to the fore. Zoe contends with her own harrowing memories and relives a day that shattered her soul but out of that dark memory there is light.

In Germany they discover Eva’s haunted dreams are far more than they realized and an awakening of Eva’s paranormal abilities begin to surface. Shocking family secrets are revealed and an unexpected visitor will test Eva and Zoe’s strength and courage. Unexpectedly they are given a rare glimpse into their future.



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No Good Deed

“Well-written, impeccably researched and absorbing. I was most impressed by the author’s ability to weave the women’s story in with the historical backdrop of the war and the Nuremberg Trials. No Good Deed is a family saga that will delight fantasy and historical novel buffs alike. It’s highly recommended.” Jack Magnus for Readers’ Favorite

Eva and Zoe Lambros return in the third novel of the award winning Intertwined Souls Urban Fantasy Series. They have left Greece and Germany behind, taking their secrets of new paranormal abilities, visions of the future and their love back to Australia to finally settle down for that sought after family life they so desire.

Their plans unravel when Eva is involved in a shocking accident that reveals misguided good intentions from the past will have repercussions for her future. Zoe is overjoyed to learn that their wish for children will finally be realized when she finds out she’s pregnant but she has to contend with the possibility of losing the woman that she loves.

The truth about the origins of Eva’s gifts are revealed but is it too late to save Eva’s life?

Secrets from the past, visions of the future and supernatural mentors takes Eva and Zoe’s lives out of ordinary and uneventful. Truly, No Good Deed goes unpunished.



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