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Mia Fox is a Los Angeles-based romance novelist who writes Contemporary and Paranormal Romance, Chick Lit, and Satire. She received her Bachelor of Arts Degree from U.S.C. and a Masters Degree in Professional Writing also from U.S.C.

Before writing full time, she worked as an entertainment publicist, a career she chronicles in her novel, “Alert the Media.” However, she is happy to leave that world behind her, preferring that any drama in her life is only that which she creates for her characters. She lives in Los Angeles with her husband and their three teenagers, along with their “fur children,” Bean and Oliver.


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A romantic ghost story and love triangle tied to one woman’s need to…Believe.Nate survived countless attacks on his Marine platoon while in Afghanistan, but one undying thought kept him safe — the knowledge that Ella was waiting for him. Ella marked off the days until Nate’s return by writing letters to him, knowing that once he was safely home, they would fulfill their promise to live each day to its fullest. Theirs was a love that would endure separation…even in the wake of a tragic accident.Although now apart, Ella is given reason to believe in ghosts when Nate’s presence visits her and remains her lover. But when another man enters her life, Ella struggles to give herself over to a new love and maintain her bond to Nate’s ghost. Find out if true love knows no boundaries.


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A Much Younger Man

Is being with a much younger man wrong or oh-so-right?

I met Cole when he tackled the thief who stole my purse. He didn’t have to get involved, but he did. I didn’t have to respond to his flirtation, but I couldn’t help myself. I was cold and hurt. He was kind and reassuring. Even without his help I would have noticed him. His strong thighs and ripped abs have become the source of endless fantasies.

I work for a blog and the post about my forbidden fantasy went viral instantly. Now my boss wants me to continue writing about this taboo romance — the older woman and younger man. More to the point, she wants me to see Cole again for inspiration. He may be half my age, but the way he acts is all man. He makes me feel alive and beautiful for the first time since my cheating ex left me with a mountain of debt.

Whatever this is…lust, attraction, desire, a tryst? Maybe I should stop, but when Cole looks at me I’m powerless to do anything but what he wants.

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Malibu Angel

“Baywatch” meets “Touched by an Angel” in a romantic, paranormal must-read!

All Sam wants is to serve out his time as a guardian angel so that he can return as a human. But his sentence becomes more complicated when he finds himself falling in love with Angeline, his current assignment.

When Angeline begins surf lessons at the same beach where Sam is assigned to work as a lifeguard, a connection forms and the rules of angels, which state Sam may not get romantically involved, collide with the laws of attraction. After all, even guardian angels must follow their heart.


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A Genie who has travelled throughout time…
Two Demon Gypsies with an insatiable quest for power…
And the teen girls whose existence threatens them all.

Charlotte and Samantha appear to be average high school teens. In fact, as far as the popular girls are concerned, they’re a little below average. But when they accidentally release Suki from her genie’s bottle, they trigger a series of events that place them in grave danger.

Now, it’s up to Suki to protect the girls from the unwanted attention of Raven and Phineas, two demon gypsies who will stop at nothing — even murder — to possess the mysterious amulet that Suki’s releasors receive.

While the girls innocently expect to use their wishes to find boyfriends, Suki knows that her job requires steering them clear of danger. Coming to Suki’s assistance is James, a handsome supernatural and her own lover and protector throughout the ages. The one thing that Suki can’t safeguard…her own heart.

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Alert the Media

When you’re an entertainment publicist, there’s no better cure for a broken heart than to Alert the Media.

April and Ryan Monahan are the perfect Hollywood couple…or so it seems. He’s a handsome actor; she’s his high-powered publicist. However, her job becomes more demanding when Ryan announces he is gay and April’s boss insists she maintain Ryan’s status as a Hollywood heartthrob. As she picks up the pieces of her destroyed marriage, April is determined to compete with Ryan for power, publicity, and true love.

To save her sanity, her corner office, and her two dogs from becoming caught up in an ugly custody battle, April constructs a plan to use her media savvy skills to her advantage.

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