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Jackie Weger

Jackie Weger

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eNovel Authors at Work founder and  award-winning author, Jackie Weger has been writing romance novels off and on for thirty years. When she’s writing, she’s anchored in a tiny room with a desk, a chair and a cat. When not writing, blogging or chatting with fans, she’s traipsing around the Internet searching for recipes, but much prefers to travel the good earth by foot, bus, canoe, sloop, mule, train, plane or pickup–and let somebody else do the cooking.

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Lorrie Farrelly

Lorrie Farrelly

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A Navy brat and graduate of the University of California, Santa Cruz, Lorrie is proud to be a Fightin’ Banana Slug. Following graduate school at Northwestern University, she began a career in education that included teaching art to 4th graders, drama to 8th graders, and finally, math to high school students. She’s a three-time winner on “Jeopardy!”, has shepherded wide-eyed foreign exchange students along Hollywood Blvd, and has happily curried and shoveled as a ranch hand at Disneyland’s Circle D Ranch. And always, she writes.

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Linda Lee Williams

Linda Lee Williams

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Linda Lee Williams writes “contemporary romances with a paranormal twist.” After moving to Denver from Chicago, she taught writing classes at Arapahoe Community College and formed a writers group. Recently, she teamed up with her husband Tim–the artist that illustrated her book covers–to publish her novels on Amazon. An outdoor enthusiast, Linda enjoys hiking, biking, and birding. She loves critters of all kinds, domestic or wild. During her journeys, Linda’s called Maryland, Virginia, Illinois, Missouri, and Colorado home. Wherever she roams, she finds inspiration in her surroundings.

Julie Frayn

Meet Julie on Amazon

Meet Julie on Amazon

Bean counter by day, novelist by night – Julie Frayn is the award winning author of It Isn’t Cheating if He’s Dead, Suicide City, a Love Story, and A Trilogy of Unrelated Shorts. Julie’s third novel, Mazie Baby will be available in May 2014. Her fourth novel, the story she’s been wanting to tell for years, a fictionalized account of her parents love affair entitled The Orphan and the Rose, will hit the virtual shelves by 2015. Julie pens short stories and writes for her blog as mental floss between novels. She is mother to two wonderful adults, and Chief Financial Officer for the largest living history museum in Canada.

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Dianne Greenlay

Dianne Greenlay

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Living on the Canadian prairies, Dianne Greenlay is the author of QUINTSPINNER – A PIRATE’S QUEST and DEADLY MISFORTUNE, Books One and Two in a fast-paced award – winning adventure series, set in the 1700’s, in the pirate-infested waters of the West Indies. Straying into the humor genre, she has also written THE CAMPING GUY. Greenlay is also a playwright, producer, and Creative Director of the long-running community theater group, Darkhorse Theatre. She is fluent in at least her mother tongue and she thanks her fierce English teachers for that.

More of her thoughts on life can be found at her website.

Carolyn Steele

Carolyn Steele

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Carolyn has been a psychologist, a paramedic, a proof reader and several other things, not all of them beginning with P. A trucker, for example. She began writing the day she decided to try and see the world…doing both just to find out if she could. When excerpts from her first travelogue were published by the Rough Guides she decided to keep on doing both. It made a change from teaching CPR to nightclub bouncers and designing wedding cakes.

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Mary Smith

Mary Smith

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Mary Smith lives in south west Scotland where she grew up. In between she spent ten years working on various health projects in Pakistan and Afghanistan, which has been hugely influential on her writing. On her return to Scotland she did a Masters degree in Creative Writing at Glasgow University. Her first novel, No More Mulberries, is set in Afghanistan. As well as fiction, she writes narrative non-fiction and is also a published poet. As a freelance journalist she writes features on the arts, local history and interesting people. She wants to travel more – maybe when her son graduates!

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Donna Fasano

Meet Donna on Amazon

Meet Donna on Amazon

USA TODAY BESTSELLING AUTHOR DONNA FASANO is a three time winner of the HOLT Medallion, a CataRomance Reviewers Choice Award winner for Best Single Title, a Desert Rose Golden Quill Award finalist, and a Golden Heart finalist. Her books have sold nearly 4 million copies worldwide and have been published in nearly two dozen languages. Her books have made the Kindle Top 100 Paid List numerous times, climbing as high as #5.

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Mike Markel

Mike Markel

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Mike Markel teaches writing at Boise State University and is the author of many articles and eight books about writing and literature. He also writes the Detectives Seagate and Miner Mystery series, which is set in the fictional small city of Rawlings, Montana, home of Central Montana State University. That university is somewhat like Boise State University, but in Rawlings the weather is colder, the football team less successful, and the serious crime rate much, much higher. Mike lives with his wife in Boise.

Jenny Harper

Jenny Harper

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Jenny Harper lives in Edinburgh, Scotland, though she was born in India and grew up in England. She has been a non-fiction editor, a journalist and a businesswoman and has written a children’s novel and several books about Scotland. Her short story, ‘The Eighth Promise’ was recently published in the Mills & Boon anthology, Truly, Madly, Deeply. Jenny writes contemporary women’s fiction with bite – complex characters facing serious issues.

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Dale Furse

DaleFurse crop(166x340)

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Dale Furse lives in North Queensland, Australia. When she isn’t staring through a window dreaming of far-flung worlds and people, she’s writing magical tales labeled Fantasy, Science Fiction and once in a while, a little Horror.

A university dropout, Dale follows her passion, one she cannot live without: Writing. She holds a Diploma of Professional Writing (Children’s Writing and Publishing). She has completed more writing courses than she can count to produce short stories, plays, songs and books.

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Mimi Barbour


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Author, Mimi Barbour, has five romance series at this time. The Vicarage Bench, a Spirit-travel, Time-travel Series / Angels with Attitude Series – Angels Love Romance /The Vegas Series—fast-paced, thrillingand loved by readers / Elvis Series—make an Elvis Song a book, and her latest suspense series with gritty characters, constant conflicts and emotional highs and lows sharing humor on every page,The Undercover FBI series.

Mimi says –“I’ve taken early retirement on Vancouver Island to spend my days and many nights, hovering over my computer and spinning the stories that have been vying for my attention over the years.

My husband is supportive, drags me out to feed me and plans occasional forays into the outside world. I have a son who makes me happy I was born a woman so I could be his mom, and a niece whose family adds to my full cup of happiness.

Gardening lights my inner fires, and I need no urging to get out into the yard when the weather dictates. I do have many hobbies such as stain glass, cross-stitch, quilting, crocheting, but alas – no time.”

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Amy Vansant


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Amy Vansant is the author of the urban fantasy Angeli – The Pirate, the Angel & the Irishman, the first in a series which will continue in December 2014, assuming Amy gets over this whole “need to sleep” hang-up.

Currently, she is finishing the romantic comedy Slightly Stalky.

Amy also served as the editor and one of the 26 authors of the humor anthology Moms are Nuts, which has been on Amazon’s best-sellers lists since its publication in April 2014.

Amy the former East Coast Editor of SURFER Magazine and freelance writer published in Modern Maturity, Caribbean Travel and Life, Yankee, Chesapeake Bay Magazine, McSweeney’s Internet Tendencies, Barnes and Noble Review and others. Long ago she wrote The Surfer’s Guide to Florida, which is currently out of print because the urge to drive up and down the coast interviewing surfers has long since left her.

Amy is a nerd and Labradoodle mommy.

You can also meet Amy at her website


Bronwyn Elsmore

DaleFurse crop(166x340)

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When Bronwyn was ten, she wrote to Author Enid Blyton telling her she was going to be a writer too. She kept to her plan and that has been her occupation since – she admits it’s a fair while now. Over that time she has been an advertising copywriter, freelancer, contract writer, editor, education writer, academic writer, playwright, writing mentor and tutor. Of the genres she has written – fiction, non-fiction, radio stories, articles, humour, books, short stories, plays, novels – she now most enjoys writing fiction. Short stories have always been a favourite, but currently she is having a renewed love affair with the form of the novel.

Bronwyn’s keyboard is usually in Auckland, the stunning New Zealand ‘City of Sails’, but sometimes travels elsewhere with her. She may also be found feeding stray cats, or gazing in an abstract way as she plots the next script or tries to calculate how many million words she has produced over her career.

You can also meet Bronwyn at her website

Laurie Boris

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Laurie Boris is a freelance writer, editor, proofreader, and former graphic designer. She has been writing fiction for over twenty-five years and is the award-winning author of five novels: The Joke’s on Me, Drawing Breath, Don’t Tell Anyone, Sliding Past Vertical, and Playing Charlie Cool. When not hanging out with the universe of imaginary people in her head, she enjoys baseball, cooking, reading, and helping aspiring novelists as a contributing writer and editor for IndiesUnlimited.com. She lives in New York’s lovely Hudson Valley.

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Jerri Hines

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Winds of Betrayal series was inspired by Jerri Hines’ fascination with a revolution filled with intrigue, spies, betrayal and romance. The American Revolutionary War Series-Winds of Betrayal is a family saga that follows the lives of two siblings, Jonathan and Hannah Corbett, and their path to freedom. The series includes The Cry For Freedom, Embrace of the Enemy, Kiss of Deceit, the Heavens Shall Fall and coming in 2015, the conclusion to the series, Set Fire to the Rain. Jerri Hines also has a historical romance series, Tides of Charleston, also set during the American Revolution: The Judas Kiss, The Promise and Another Night Falls.
Jerri Hines also writes under other pen names including Colleen Connally. Under Colleen Connally, she has written a historical romance series, Secret Lives, which is riddled with romantic suspense and a touch of paranormal. The Secret Lives Series consists of Seductive Secrets, Broken Legacy, and Seductive Lies. Fragmented, Book One Boston’s Crimes of Passion, marks Ms Connally’s first contemporary suspense thriller.
She began using a pen name, Carrie James Haynes, when she released the fantasy saga, Whispers of a Legend. Shadows of the Past is the first in the series. She is excited about Whispers of a Legend, a sweeping epic fantasy saga filled with adventure and romance. Whispers of a Legend, Part One-Shadows of the Past and Part Two- The Path Now Turned, Part Three- Vision of Destiny, and Part Four-Time of the Nuxvenom has been released in this series. She also has released a paranormal suspense, Dreamscape.

You can also meet Jerri at her website

Effrosyni Moschoudi

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Effrosyni Moschoudi was born and raised in Athens, Greece. Having spent twenty years doing office work in Greece and England, she’s gained precious insights into human behavior—the good, the wonderful and the just plain awful—that often finds its way into her novels. She’s been writing since childhood and is passionate about books and movies. She lives in a quaint seaside town near Athens with her husband Andy and a naughty cat called Felix.

Her debut novel, The Necklace of Goddess Athena, is an urban fantasy of Greek myths and time travel that’s suitable for all ages. In 2014, it made the shortlist for the “50 Best Self-Published Books Worth Reading” from Indie Author Land.

Her paranormal romance, The Lady of the Pier – The Ebb, is an ABNA Quarter-Finalist. The Ebb is the first part of a trilogy. The other two volumes will be published in 2015.

You can also meet Effrosyni at her website

RP Dahlke

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I’m President of Sisters in Crime, Tucson, AZ.

Frequent speaker at Writers conferences and I publish JUMP START YOUR BOOK PROMOTIONS. 99cents on Kindle but I give it away to anyone who wants a copy.

I’m creator and publisher of DIRT CHEAP MYSTERY READS

I write a humorous mysteries about an annoyingly tenacious tall, blonde and beautiful, ex-model turned crop-duster.

Beginning with #4 in the series, A Dead Red Alibi, Lalla and her family will reside in South East Arizona where she will divide her time between a fledgling P.I. business with cousin, Pearlie Bains, and volunteering as a team member withCochise County Search and Rescue.

I also write a romantic sailing mystery trilogy based on sailing our Hylas 47 in Mexico for four years: 1st:A Dangerous Harbor and 2nd: Hurricane Hole.

You can also meet RP at her website

Rosie Dean

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I write romantic fiction with a sense of humour and, sometimes, a sense of the ridiculous. Because we all know life and love aren’t exactly how we’d like them to be.

Most of my books are set in Europe, with sassy British heroines.

When not writing, I love to cook and to read, I even read in the car (talking books) and have notched up countless unnecessary miles as a result.

You can also meet Rosie at her website


David Wind


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David Wind loves to write Sci-Fi Fantasy and Suspense Thrillers and has published thirty-five novels.  He lives and writes in a small village outside NYC, and shares his house with his wife, Bonnie and dog Alfie. When he’s not writing, he’s either cooking, researching or meeting his readers via social media.

David’s novel, Angels In Mourningwon the Amazon Reader’s Choice Book Award for book of the month.  Queen of Knights, a historical Fantasy, reached #2 on the Amazon Historical Fantasy and Medieval Fantasy best seller lists. His 36th novel and the first in a series, Born To Magic, will be released in February 2015.

You can also meet David at his website


Ellie Campbell


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Ellie Campbell is a pseudonym for sisters, Pam Burks and Lorraine Campbell who collaborate across the mighty Atlantic, finding writing together the perfect excuse for endless phone conversations.  They are equally passionate about travel, animals and the great outdoors. Although Pam lives near London, with husband, three children and a dog, while Lorraine is on a Colorado ranch near wild and wonderful Boulder with husband, five horses, five cats, one dog and four chickens – they both believe in enjoying life to the fullest, be it discovering new remote locations or going on trail rides in the beautiful Rocky Mountains.

You can also find them on their website


Traci Hall


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With an impressive bibliography in an array of genres and boasting #1 bestseller status on Amazon.com, Traci Hall has garnered a notable fan base. She pens stories guaranteed to touch the heart while transporting the reader to another time and place. Her belief in happily ever after shines through, whether it’s a romantic glimpse into history or a love affair for today.


A.J. Lape


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A. J. Lape is the author of the Darcy Walker Series which has stayed on Amazon’s teen’s mysteries and thrillers bestseller’s lists since its debut in 2012. She lives in Cincinnati with her husband, two daughters, an ADD dog, a spoiled hamster, and an unapologetic and unrepentant addiction to Coca-Cola–plus a lifelong love affair with bacon she has no plans to sever. A graduate of Morehead State University with a Master’s degree in Communications, she’s a PI wannabe and recently joined the Citizen’s Police Academy in her hometown but daily stops crime through the fictional ADHD character of Darcy Walker. If the FBI ever checks her computer, she’ll be wearing prison-orange due to the graphic and disgusting “wiki” articles she looks up…all in the name of career research, of course.

Susan Tarr

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As a New Zealand author, I’ve been writing for 25 years.

I often draw from diaries I wrote during my international travels, including Kenya, East Africa, where I began my family.

Although I write mostly from personal experience, I also use anecdotal conversations and cafe chats, resulting in my characters taking on a life of their own. As I write their stories, they will often lead me to places I couldn’t imagine. So I relax and let them form as they will.

I’m passionate about my writing, and usually have three books on the go at any one time.


S.R. Mallery

S. R. Mallery has worn various hats in her life. Starting out as a classical/pop singer/composer, she worked in clubs and churches while composing for educational filmstrips. From there, she moved on to having her own calligraphy company, a twenty-year quilting and craft business, and teaching English as a Second Language/Reading. Finally, she tried her hand at fiction writing and it was like an all-consuming drug. She’s been happily writing ever since.



Stacy Juba

Stacy Juba loves to write about Characters at a Crossroads: individuals who are finding themselves and getting on the right life path after overcoming obstacles. Her goals are to entertain readers of all ages as well as inspire them through her mystery, romance and contemporary fiction books for adults, teens and children. She has written about ice hockey, sibling rivalry and sportsmanship, teen psychics, U.S. flag etiquette for kids, and determined women sleuths solving mysteries. Her latest novel Fooling Around With Cinderella (the first in the Storybook Valley chick lit sweet romance series) is coming soon. Stacy is always happy to hear from readers.

Polly Iyer


Polly Iyer, a former commercial illustrator, importer, and home furnishing store owner, is the author of seven suspense novels: Hooked, InSight, Murder Déjà Vu, and Threads, plus three books in the Diana Racine Psychic Suspense series, Mind Games, Goddess of the Moon, and Backlash. Born in a coastal city north of Boston, she now makes her home in the beautiful upstate region of South Carolina. Learn more at www.PollyIyer.com or connect with her on Facebook and Twitter.



P.C. Zick

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P.C. Zick writes contemporary fiction and romances. She describes herself as a “storyteller” no matter the genre.
Having lived in Florida for more than thirty years, she finds the people and the environment of the Sunshine State to be a rich base for her storytelling. Florida’s quirky and abundant wildlife—both human and animal—supply her fiction with tales almost too weird to be believable.
All of her novels contain strong female heroines who live by their convictions and love with passion. Her heroes find themselves unable to resist the allure of intelligence wrapped in beautiful packages.


Nicholas C. Rossis

nickAvid reader. Web developer. Architect by training, he holds a PhD from the University of Edinburgh. Now, award-winning author, whose books have repeatedly reached number one on various Amazon categories.  Nicholas loves to write. Except for his epic fantasy series, Pearseus, he has also published The Power of Six, a collection of short sci-fi stories, and Runaway Smile, a finalist in the 2015 International Book Awards. He lives in Athens, Greece, at the edge of a forest, with his wife, dog and two very silly cats, one of whom is always sitting on his lap, so please excuse any typos in his blog posts: typing with one hand can be hard. Mercifully, all his books are professionally edited.


Lorena Angell

Lorena Angell lives in the Pacific Northwest, USA. When she’s not writing, she enjoys reading, bar-b-queuing, exploring the Pacific coast, and hiking in the Cascade Mountain Range with her family. She has yet to run across Sasquatch.

Lorena writes young adult fantasy/science fiction/paranormal with a hint of romance.



Phoebe Matthews


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Urban fantasy is Phoebe Matthews’s favorite reading. She likes a mixture of current events and fantasy.

Her Mudflat Magic series combines sword and sorcery with a neighborhood in Seattle where old magic runs amuck through the families. The first book, Tyrant Trouble, won the EPPIE for Best Fantasy of the year. Book seven, Jimmyed Coffin, was published October 21, 2014.

Vampire Career, first novel of the Turning Vampire series, is set in vampire country (the Olympic Peninsula) and features suspense plus a bizarre romance. The fourth novel was released in January, 2015. About the boyfriend, a fan wrote, “Cute guy. He reminds me of my DH.” Now Phoebe wants to meet that DH.

Demonspell is the first novel of the Sunspinner series and is set in a neighborhood across town from Mudflat. The heroine would like a lovelife but that is hard to do when the family is being attacked by demons. So far no fan thinks the demons are cute.


Aurora Springer


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Aurora Springer was born in the U.K. of Irish and Polish parents, which makes her a good American. She lives in Atlanta with her husband, one dog and two cats. She is an avid reader and has been composing Science Fiction and Fantasy stories since childhood. She has a doctorate in molecular biophysics and has a day job in academia where she works with crystals. Her ambition is to boldly discover the secrets of life and create new worlds. In her spare time, she enjoys hiking, boating and painting.

You can also find her on her website.

TJ Shortt


TJ Shortt, a perpetual teenager, has been fascinated by the supernatural her entire life. She spends her days dispatching trucks and plotting out how to kill people… on paper. In 2010 she attended the Borderlands Press Writer’s Bootcamp. She enjoys participating in local and on-line writing groups improving her craft. She lives in the suburbs of Toronto with her husband and four-legged children.

Anne Kennison


With more than 30 years of lawyering under her belt, and now retired from the practice of law, Anne describes herself as a “recovering attorney.” Anne’s unique plot twists, however, come from a fertile imagination honed by those years of experience. When Anne’s not writing, she dabbles in photography, makes scrapbooks for her two granddaughters, travels with her husband, and spends time with the grandkids. Anne lives in Richmond, Virginia, with her husband Dale and two Ragdoll cats Grady and Elliott.

Piper Templeton

Piper Templeton was born in a New Orleans subdivision in 1964.  A Liberal Arts graduate from the University of New Orleans, Piper earns a living in the Louisiana Judiciary System while pursuing her passion for writing.  Her first book, “Rain Clouds and Waterfalls,” was published on Kindle and CreateSpace in May 2014.  Inspired by the music of The Beatles, each chapter in the book is framed by a Beatles son or real life Beatles event.Combining her love of children and books, Piper volunteers for a reading program for second graders, hoping to instill a love of reading in them.  She continues to reside in the New Orleans area with her three feathered friends.

EM Kaplan

em_neck_sigAward-winning author, EM Kaplan, was an 80s kid, spoonfed on six channels of a VHF dial TV. She grew up reading Agatha Christie and Edgar Rice Burroughs in rural Arizona where there were no sidewalks but plenty of tumbleweeds. A former wannabe spy, trombonist, toilet-cleaner, beginner ninja, and subversive marketeer, she currently lives in the frozen north with her husband, author JD Kaplan, kids, and dog.

You can also meet EM at her website

Mary D. Brooks


A geek with too many imaginary friends who speak different languages (knew those language classes would come in handy). Historical romance and urban fantasy storyteller and addicted to stories and song about strength and courage. I play well with others (for an introvert) but then retreat to talk and write about my imaginary friends. Passionate about lots of things that inspire the mind (art/design, psychology, science and tech) that sets my muse on fire (she’s a busy lady!).


Roberta Kagan

RobertaKaganI write Historical Fiction, most of it is set during the Holocaust. My parents were of Jewish and Romany decent, so I grew up with a dark cloud of  their Holocaust memories always hovering over us.  I’ve spent years researching and writing about the subject in order to try and make some sense of what happened. I cannot say that I have answers to all of the questions that plague my mind. But what I have learned is to be grateful for every day that I am alive, to appreciate all of the beauty and goodness in the world. I have even learned to forgive , because I know that hatred will never abolish hatred, only love has the power to do that.  It is my greatest wish that my work brings you light and hope and helps you to know that even in the darkest hour there is always a flicker of light.

L. Donsky-Levine

LDLlarger2L. DONSKY-LEVINE is an accomplished essayist, poetess and writer of all things fiction, born and raised in New York where according to her mother, she was writing before she even walked, telling those stories with a twig in the dirt. But it would take a lifetime and the raising of a family first before that career as storyteller would come to fruition. In her trademark witty and wise fashion, she crafts stories crossing all genres, all emotional landscapes of the heart about characters dealing with all the things life could possibly throw their way. The Bad Girl is her debut novella. She currently lives in South Florida with her family. And when not writing she can be found in the kitchen pretending she’s a pastry chef.


Loretta Jackson and Vickie Britton

Loretta Jackson and Vickie Britton, sisters and co-authors, are drawn to out-of-the-way places, old mining towns, and vast rangelands where the legends and history of the past live on. Inspired by the rugged mountains of Wyoming and Colorado, they find the lonely, high country region a perfect setting for the High Country Mystery Series, which features Wyoming sheriff, Jeff McQuede.
In addition to this series, they are authors of over forty novels, including the eight-book Ardis Cole Mystery Series, and many single title mysteries and romantic suspense novels. Both writers live in Kansas; Loretta in Junction City, Vickie in Hutchinson.

Chris Lowrie

611N6XBqgFL._UX250_Chris Lowrie was born in the middle of a blizzard on December 21, 1948 in Albany, New York. She’s been living a novel ever since.

She was published for the first time at age eight. It was an award winning poem called, “The Cowboy” and it was published in the Herald Journal newspaper in Syracuse. Her first fiction story, written a year later, was the story of an alien invasion. She’s now created a new genre she calls “true fiction”; that is, stories that read like fiction but are straight out of her life experience.

After graduating from Hobart and William Smith College in New York’s Finger Lakes region with a degree in English and creative writing, Chris trained in marketing management with the Sheraton Corporation and moved to the Boston area. After 15 years in the for-profit industry, graduate studies in social work changed her perspective on the world, and she has spent the last 25 years as the executive director of various nonprofit organizations that offer assistance and resources to low and moderate income families.


C.B. Pratt

C.B. Pratt moved to Orlando, Florida two years ago after living in every quarter of the USA. A life-long interest in fantasy fiction has flowered into the adventures of Eno the Thracian, Hero for Hire. So far, she’s had careers in fine jewelry sales, politics, writing professionally, and motherhood. “One of the best things about life is that you never know what’s coming next.”

Melinda Clayton

melindaMelinda Clayton is the author of two series: The Cedar Hollow Series, which includes novels Appalachian Justice, Return to Crutcher Mountain, Entangled Thorns, and Shadow Days, and The Tennessee Delta Series, which includes Blessed Are the Wholly Broken and the soon-to-be released Breaking the Fifth Commandment. Clayton also authored Making Amends, a novel of psychological suspense.

In addition to writing, Clayton has an Ed.D. in Special Education Administration and is a licensed psychotherapist in the states of Florida and Colorado.

Barbara Plum (aka AB Plum)

Barbara Plum (aka AB Plum) thanks her extended family of grandparents, aunts, uncles, cousins, and out-laws for their endless ghost stories and family gossip. They definitely fueled her childhood imagination and contemporary romance and mystery/thriller novels. Reading qualified her for her first important job as a library assistant in her hometown. She will never forget the three high school teachers who recommended her and the librarian who took a chance on letting her do more than shelve books. Living in Bolivia and Buenos Aires improved her Spanish. She broke four toes several years ago and gave up Zumba, but she walks five miles every day. Although she retains a slight Southern drawl, she lives with her husband in the middle of Silicon Valley and no longer thinks of the “Gateway to the Ozarks” as home.

You can also meet AB Plum on her website.


Jacquie Biggar

Jacquie Biggar is a USA Today bestselling author of Romance who writes about smart, sassy females and tough, alpha males who learn the true power is love. Jacquie lives on Vancouver Island with her husband and loves to hear from readers all over the world!

You can also meet Jacquie at her website.

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A Proud Texan, wife, mom, and animal lover. It goes without saying that I am a book enthusiast. I read, review, blog, promote and repeat. I spend 5 to 6 hours a day working with books in one way or the other.  In my free time, I devote myself to my family, my five pets, and to calling attention to the prevention of animal cruelty, violence against women and illiteracy.  I read many genres and would love for you to contact me if you need a review.  I also love doing promotions on my blog such as tours, interviews with authors and characters and doing spotlights along with the review post.  I am so happy to be a part of your team!

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