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Phoebe Matthews


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Urban fantasy is Phoebe Matthews’s favorite reading. She likes a mixture of current events and fantasy.

Her Mudflat Magic series combines sword and sorcery with a neighborhood in Seattle where old magic runs amuck through the families. The first book, Tyrant Trouble, won the EPPIE for Best Fantasy of the year. Book seven, Jimmyed Coffin, was published October 21, 2014.

Vampire Career, first novel of the Turning Vampire series, is set in vampire country (the Olympic Peninsula) and features suspense plus a bizarre romance. The fourth novel was released in January, 2015. About the boyfriend, a fan wrote, “Cute guy. He reminds me of my DH.” Now Phoebe wants to meet that DH.

Demonspell is the first novel of the Sunspinner series and is set in a neighborhood across town from Mudflat. The heroine would like a lovelife but that is hard to do when the family is being attacked by demons. So far no fan thinks the demons are cute.



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 Turning Vampire Series

Last fall I found a kindly vampire to turn me. It was that or die of an incurable heart defect at eighteen. Personally, I thought death at eighteen was premature and unacceptable. What I wanted was a long life.
What I got was immortality, unless somebody drives a stake through my heart or leaves me out in the sun. A few tried. I managed to escape.

I also met Justin and gained a very human boyfriend. I would like to say all the disasters of my life are now over, but you know they aren’t.
A couple of kidnappers.
A card carrying slayer.
A creepy stalker.

The life of a vampire is full of surprises. The bad kind


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A new vampire…
A gnawing hunger…
A friendly guy…
Disaster…just a heartbeat away.

Newly turned vampire Georgia can deal with the “dead all day” part, but she wishes the rest of her new lifestyle came with a training manual.

Despite all the legends, she cannot turn into a bat at night. And finding a vein to suck doesn’t come easy.
Luckily, she has a new boyfriend willing to help her.
Unluckily, a vampire hunter with a stake may prove at least one myth true: how to kill an undead girl.
A new offbeat urban fantasy series from award-winning author Phoebe Matthews.



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An undead vampire… A lively boyfriend… A deadly future…

Why does trying to do what’s right always turn out going so wrong?

Newly turned vampire Georgia wishes her romance could imitate novels and end with an HEA. But she knows it is more likely to end with a dead boyfriend.

A new offbeat urban fantasy novel from award-winning author Phoebe Matthews.





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Who’s been sleeping under the vampire’s bed? A vampire in a tux, an ex girlfriend in a snit, and a secret in Georgia’s life complicate her undead existence. Now a crossbow-carrying vampire hunter schemes to remove the ‘un’ from ‘undead.’

Book 4 of the Turning Vampire series

Reviews VAMPIRE CAREER is book one in Phoebe Matthews’s Turning Vampire series.

Read it…read it…read it.

If you’re a fan of vampire books, or if you’re not a fan, or it you’re up to your eyes in vampire stories, this one is worth the time. Reader, B&N This is a fantastic book that will appeal to teens and adults alike!

Reviewed by Brenda C. for Readers Favorite


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“…Mudflat series is a supernatural comic romp full of non-stop action, fantastic characters and a hero you’ll love…” 4.5 rating, RT Book Reviews

Claire flees from a Seattle crook to an Otherworld barbarian tyrant. Not a whole lot of improvement there. One threatens with a gun, the other swings a broadsword.
This novel won the EPPIE for Best Fantasy of the Year.

… a delightful read. Phoebe Matthews creates her own secret world fraught with unknown dangers and magic.
Debra Gaynor for

Phoebe Matthews is currently writing three urban fantasy series. Her novels have been published by Avon, Dark Quest, Dell, Holt, Putnam, Silhouette, and Scholastic.

  1. Tyrant Trouble
  2. Barbarian Toy Boy
  3. Welcome to Mayhem, Baby
  4. Spice and Sorcery
  5. Goldlocks Hits Town
  6. Beastly Week
  7. Jimmyed Coffin


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Demonspell,, or Curse of the Everlasting Relatives. is the first novel in the Sunspinners series.
Along with a big house and income, Elaine inherits five immortal relatives who need constant attention. Try keeping a husband with that set of in-laws. Yes, she has tried. Twice. And failed. Now, just when she meets a new guy, a band of demons demands that Elaine and her family leave Seattle immediately, alive or dead.
From the author of the award-winning fantasy Mudflat series, here is another series set in contemporary Seattle, across town. Matthews has been published by Avon, Dell, Holt, Putnam and Silhouette.





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