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Piper Templeton was born in a New Orleans subdivision in 1964.  A Liberal Arts graduate from the University of New Orleans, Piper earns a living in the Louisiana Judiciary System while pursuing her passion for writing.  Her first book, “Rain Clouds and Waterfalls,” was published on Kindle and CreateSpace in May 2014.  Inspired by the music of The Beatles, each chapter in the book is framed by a Beatles song or real life Beatles event.

Combining her love of children and books, Piper volunteers for a reading program for second graders, hoping to instill a love of reading in them.  She continues to reside in the New Orleans area with her three feathered friends.

You can also meet Piper at her website:  Fiction from the Heart

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Told with subtle drama, humor, and a hint of irony, this collection of short stories scrapes beneath the surface of facades and explores human nature, moral dilemmas, and people trying to connect with one another. The collection includes a father trying to reconnect with his son through John Lennon; a young woman returning to her hometown to face an incident that’s plagued her conscience since she left; a dissatisfied woman who imagines an eye-catching bag in a storefront window will fill her void; a chance meeting between two strangers at a train station; an elderly woman awaiting a friend’s visit as she reflects on a life that’s winding down; and an introverted man’s desire to visit a farm from childhood.


Beneath the Shady Tree

“I loved this book. Once I started reading, it was hard to put down.” ~ avp

“A wonderful and intriguing paranormal. Loved the setting.” ~ avp

Payton Montgomery wishes she could remember her early childhood; Joel McIntyre wishes he could forget. Payton is excited about restarting life in New Orleans, but she is plagued by sketchy nightmares and two child abductions that pervade the community and her inner psyche.

As she tries to cobble her life together after a string of bad choices, she falls hard for Joel, a veterinarian struggling with his own memories. Could their shared early past reveal secrets that will set them free?


Rain Clouds & Waterfalls

“This coming-of-age story is a quick read, tersely and sparingly written, with no wasted space. Each chapter is predicated upon a Beatles song, and in many cases a chapter reads almost like a short story, a technique I really like.”   avp

Ellen injects insight, wisdom in hindsight, and humor into these slice of life stories. A novel told in short stories, follow young protagonist Ellen as she narrates each story of love, loss, longing, friendship, and entrapment. Inspired by the artistry of the Beatles, each story is framed by a Beatles song or actual Beatles event. Follow Ellen’s journey from 1976 to 1990: Her beloved brothers’ disappearance from the family when she is 11, an event she carries with her throughout the whole book; her navigation through high school as she searches for friendship and love (and a musical instrument), loses her innocence in more ways than one, and is scarred by John’s death; her challenges in the 1980’s workplace as she confronts sexual harassment; her growth as a young woman taking charge of her life.


  1. Jackie Weger says:

    Welcome! Piper Templeton to eNovel Authors at Work. We are so happy to have you and your wonderful book. Looking forward to working with you.
    Best, Jackie Weger

  2. Hi Piper,
    Welcome to this awesome group. I love New Orleans!

  3. TJ Shortt says:

    Welcome Piper! You’ve found a great group here.

  4. Piper Templeton says:

    Thanks so much, Jackie, Lois, and T.J. I am loving it here so far, and I look forward to being a part of this great group.

  5. Mary Smith says:

    Welcome, Piper. This is an amazing – truly supportive – group. Hope you’ll enjoy being part of it.
    Mary Smith

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    Hi Piper,
    Welcome aboard.

  7. Piper Templeton says:

    Thank you, Mary and KJD!

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