The Numbers Game. How Are you Playing It?

Written By: Jackie Weger - Aug• 06•17

What’s your Number?

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This happened: I lost my domain carrier for eNovel June of 2017. I could not convince those folks I owned this site. Luckily, my WordPress administrator saved all of my posts and I bought a domain elsewhere. But eNovel of old had 50K visitors a month. Very easy for the site to be sold. Next, eNovel Twitter was hacked and suspended. About 35-40K followers. My Twitter guru and I did everything we could to convince Twitter I owned that account. It is still suspended. Do I miss it? No, I don’t. Guess what? Less Work. I still have my personal Twitter. And yes, I work it. I have some nice folks who retweet. And I often Tweet my books from all Amazon global venues. That’s fun. Hello China! 你好中國!

Here another tidy note:  Those folk following eNovel did not buy books. It was fine for exposure. And all about being popular. Same with Facebook followers. Popularity. FACT. Being popular and having thousands of followers does not sell books. I wish. The only successful path to marketing books is promotion to get one’s books in the hands of readers.  Book buyers live on Amazon. That’s where I try to drive readers. Not Twitter. Not Facebook. Not my blogs. Those are for exposure, pass throughs and sharing helpful information.

New Release. 99c ’til September 5, 2017

One of my colleagues has above 35,000 followers to her blog.  She posts books on sale and new releases every dang day.  I comment on her blog often…but sometimes not even the authors she promotes for free comment on the blog. Where the heck are those 35,000 followers? They sure ain’t popping in to say hello.  Like me, she has to discount her books and engage in promotions to move books. That’s just the way it is.

I’m going to tell you the two most powerful follows in our indie industry. The first is Follow the Author on Amazon. The second is Follow the Author on Bookbub. Here’s why: When an author has a new release, both Amazon and Bookbub send out dedicated notices to your followers~not on the same day. That is not coordinated. Don’t expect it to be.

Here are some results:

Released May 2016. 2.99 or Read FREE w/KU

When I released Count The Roses at 99c in May 2106, Amazon sent out the dedicated notice to my Amazon followers. That notice and my newsletter subscribers downloaded 1044 units the day the notice went out and more trickled in during a few paid promos. Count The Roses landed in the #1 slot in Hot New Releases and stayed on the list for more than five days.  I released The Sheriff’s Woman at 99c without a lot of fanfare in early July 2017. It was not the lead book in my July newsletter. Both Amazon and Bookbub sent out the dedicated notices. I saw 526 hard sales plus 113,000 KENP between July 18 -31. That is money in the bank.  Yes, my books are in Select.

I’m lucky to release a book a year, but I’m always focused on building those followers on Bookbub and Amazon. I use Amazon Giveaways that you can find at the bottom of your book page to build those followers. I use Rafflecopters or buy promotion on the Kindle Book Review to build followers on Bookbub. You do need to make your free author profile page on Bookbub, whether you ever promote with Bookbub or not.

Since we are speaking to promotion, here is a list of promoters eNovel members are currently using. They may mention other favs in comments. Book Doggy.  fkbt. BookScream. eReaderIQ. eReader Cafe. PeopleReads. DigitalBookToday.  This list will get you started.  You can find an in depth list put together by eNovel member effrosyniwrites.

@2017. I’m Jackie Weger, Founder of eNovel Authors at Work.  That’s a high falutin’ way to say, I network with a group of  sixty savvy authors.  Comments Welcome. Be nice. If you can’t be nice, be articulate.

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  1. Great post, Jackie. I agree with you. I’m always trying to build my following on Bookbub and Amazon.

  2. Thanks for the info, Jackie. You work so hard at it, you deserve all the success you get. Best wishes.

  3. Rosie Dean says:

    All useful info, as ever. We have to work hard and smart to help readers find our books.

  4. dalefurse says:

    Wow, those hackers are so bad. I just don’t understand the mentality of people who do stuff like this. Ugh. All that work to build up a site to have someone come along and zap it. Glad you were able to keep all your posts. Twitter isn’t prob so much a loss, lol. Thanks for the tips about Amazon and Bookbub followers. 🙂

    • Jackie Weger says:

      I guess ‘bad’ is relative. When I was growing up we had to watch out for the flim-flam man or the encyclopedia salesmen…face-to-face enocouters. If they didn’t move on, you could shoot ’em with a snake gun. I don’t have a clue in Hades how to run down and stop a hacker. It’s kind of like cleaning up after a hurricane. Salvage what you can and move on.

  5. jinxschwartz says:

    Thanks, Jackie. Didn’t know about your hacker problems, but wondered where you went. I have 22,000 twitter followers, and I belong to a group of writers who each retweet me to their twenty thousand every day, and to tell you the truth, I don’t know how effective it is. I will say, however, when I was unable to promote on Twitter and Facebook for several months, my sales took a dump. And, it looks like if you are Amazon KDPSelect, BookBub is not as willing to promote you as they used to be.

    • Jackie Weger says:

      I hear you, Jinx Schwartz. When we go through a bad patch and I’ve had one late 2016 into 2017…no way to concentrate on promoting and keeping in touch. It’s like taking your hand out of a bucket of water. Water levels out as if your hand was never there. Gosh. I was out of the market a dozen years. Nobody noticed! LOL. Re: Bookbub and Select. Were I younger, more driven and more tech savvy, I probably would consider publishing wide, perhaps a few books…but! As much as I adore Bookbub, I’m not passing on KENP on the off chance I’d snag a Bookbub slot. I try to market a book a month. Thus far, that is working for me. When it no longer does, I’ll look over the landscape and see what I might do. Not taking anything off the table. Good to hear from you.

  6. EM Kaplan says:

    I totally agree about Twitter. I took a break from it this summer and you know what happened? I got fewer pictures of naked men.

  7. Joseph Skinkis says:

    Thank you,

  8. Hi Jackie. Great post as ever. Sorry to hear you lost all that stuff. I’m never sure about twitter and have been using it less and less. Not great for selling books but can be great for connecting with people. Definitely Bookbub and Author follow sell books. Amazon giveaways are fab ?

    • Jackie Weger says:

      Hi, Ellie Campbell…That was eNovel Twitter. We had a volunteer to manage it. It was a huge amount of work. So, that frees our volunteer up. She’s been doing it three years. Give it a break. I don’t discount Twitter as a message machine, but I don’t have any grand messages to the masses. I’m on Twitter and hello! I hired a Twitter guru to keep my Twitter on focus, which is books and authors. And follow backs. And to retweet #eNovAaW hashtag because all of our member use it. The exposure is great. Love that.

  9. Once again, telling it as it is. Thank you, Jackie!

  10. I came upon your site via fkbt-I’ve promoted with them in the past. Now I have it marked, it’ll be easier to stop by. I have a question: How exactly do you use Kindle Book Review to build followers on BookBub?
    Hello: Edita: Kindle Book Review offers a promotion/a giveaway in which you can have follow on Bookbub as the entrant task.

    I have a BookBub author profile. Promoted with them once – great results; can’t afford it again. Yep. Bookbub is costly. We love it, though. On Bookbub’s pricing page, tick the down arrow on “all’ to submit to international only. It is much less expensive. Then you stack your promos for the USA market.

    And how do you ‘get’ Amazon followers? Go to the foot of your Amazon bookpage. You will see Set Up an Amazon giveaway. ehow is HERE.

    Yeah, I have an Amazon profile but I have yet to figure out how it ought to be utilized. Use your Amazon profile to engage your fans. Add a link to your Facebook page or you Webpage. Readers like to be able to fine an author they like.

    I’ve been doing paid promo mostly – I get very decent results with Robin Reads, ENT and – decent as in last month about 700 books sold. But Robin Reads and ENT will promote only once every 90 days (or 60 days) so that’s a once-a-year shot. Thank you for your informative posts.

    Those promoters you mention are some of our favs. You can find a list of other promoters on: It is a good idea to mix up your promoters so that your book is not always in front of the same audience. Which is why some sites have those 90 day restrictions.

    Nice to meet you. Don’t be a stranger! Best~ Jackie Weger

  11. I am very happy I read this post right now. I am preparing a promotion and I DO NEED all the info I can get. Besides, I also have a new release at the middle of the month and I need to improve my follower base (which, I must admit, is very very tiny). Thank you, Jackie for your continuous help.

    Roxana: You are very welcome. Follow all of the links in the blog to gather some great tips and links to promoters we trust. None will lead you astray. As for a tiny follower base. We all started with one–our very own self. Keep in mind, you have to have product…a book, then another…to build your followers. I love it that Amazon give us a way to gather followers via the Amazon Giveaway. That give you a leg up on those of us who did not have that program available when we started. Use it to your advantage. Good luck. You’ll do just fine. ~ Jackie

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